The north side of the asylum compound houses the Chapel and a few other small buildings that probably used to be for groundskeeping.  The area is well kept, and there are several places to train here including a fully equipped archery range.  Most of this part of the grounds is flat and grassy, with no trees save for those grown along the back border as a sort of natural barrier.  (Chapel, Archery-Range, Angels-Home)

<Fiona>  comes out reading a book, but with one eye, she’s going half as fast as she normally would.

[Rakshasa] emerges from the shadows. He is coming from the direction of the forest. Blood stains his shirt and his mouth, mark of fresh feeding. His eyes are more feral today than usual, perhaps due to fresh blood rushing through his veins. He notices Fiona from the corner of his eye and gives a silent nod

<Fiona>  doesn’t look up

Christopher walks out to the training ground somewhat timidly. He has changed out of his typical attire into a haphazardly constructed padded outfit. He then spots Fiona and Rakshasa.”Hey… so this is the…” He gulps,”Training Grounds?”

Anne, from her increasingly-permanent position performing exercises in the front yard, notices Rakshasa’s bloodstained return from the forest. She raises an inquisitive eyebrow at his appearance.

<Fiona>  “Hm…?” She looks up at Christopher.

[Rakshasa] wipes his mouth with the back of his and shakes off the blood drops on the grass, the rush of fresh feeding has him energized. He looks up at Chris and his catlike pupils contract like the eyes of a viper, yet he stays silent

“Oh Hello Fiona, I see you have a book that you are reading. Perhaps you could share it with me sometime if you like it.” Chris then turns to Anne,”Do you use these training grounds often?”

<Fiona>  “Maybe. Don’t get your hopes up.”‘

“You…do realize there’s a whole library in here, right?” Anne asks Chris, jerking a thumb back up at the main building. “You could probably find quite a bit more reading material in there, if that’s your poison of choice.”

Chris shakes his head,”That’s not the point. The point was that perhaps Fiona and I could share enjoyment over the same work and it could provide talking points for conversation later in the future. I have read that in the human world they have cults based off the concept. I believe they are called ‘book clubs.'”

[Storyteller] Amazingly clear out.  There is a light breeze carrying a hint of cool with it.

[Rakshasa] the cool breeze soothes the gangrel as he appears satisfied from a good hunt. He breaks his silence with a greeting, as he licks the remaining blood off his extended fangs “Lovely night”

<Fiona>  “Right. Keep dreaming, kid.”

“Nah, I think he’s on to something.” Anne nods, smirking slightly at the mention of book clubs as cults. “It certainly puts how the old neighborhood societies acted in a whole new light. It’s a moot point though,” she adds with a languid stretch, “I think one cult’s the limit for me.”

<Fiona>  looks back to her book, continuing to read.

[Rakshasa] notices Chris outfit “What is that strange outfit?”

Chris smiles,”Oh this? I put this together to help me with my first day at the training grounds. It’s a bit impromptu I know, but it should help avoid or reduce nasty cuts from sparring. What do you think?

“I think it’s a whole lot of shite if you’re not going to be wearing it all the time.” Anne scowls at Chris’ attire. “The whole point of training is to familiarize you with what you’ll have on you in the field. Besides, pain’s the best teacher there is.”

<Kitt Bishop> wanders out from the main hall and heads toward the north courtyard, looking tired as she shuffles along the grass. She pauses as she hears people and walks closer, smiling weakly.

[Rakshasa] looks at the weird looking costume, despite it looking a bit funny he doesn’t smile, there is something off about him tonight, maybe its the weather or the moon “I think it looks ridiculous, hopefully it keeps you safe as you said”

[Rakshasa] his attention shifts to Kitt as she emerges “The girl is awake”

Chris frowns for a moment then nods,”I suppose you’re right… I was hoping that it would help me ease into it I suppose.” He then proceeds to tear the duct tape that is holding the phonebooks on his arms and pulls off the rest of the heavy stuff.”There I have reduced the weight and movement restrictions back to within normal parameters. I have retained the internal padding, and I do hope to improve upon that design in the future. I’m not sure it’s very functional currently, but in time I hope to reinforce it using alchemical compounds and various enchantments.”

“Hey, pup.” Anne shoots Kitt a fond smile as Kitt walks out into the courtyard, but quickly turns it back into her normal semi-smug smirk. “You’re looking a damn sight better. You sure you should be walking, though?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head weakly. “I’m okay. Appearently having something literally as old as dirt take you over can be very draining.”

Christopher runs over to Kitt,”Are you alright? Is there anything I can do for you? I am so pleased that you are yourself again.”

“Well, take it easy anyway.” Anne’s eye flickers with concern for a moment. “And let’s find a way to maybe stop that from happening in the future, yeah?”

[Rakshasa] turns to face Kitt. The blood on his shirt appears to dry as is some blood left on his mouth. He greets Kitt with a serious face “Good to see that you are better. So who..what possessed you?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks to each in turn. “I am okay, Christopher. Just tired.” She looks over at Anne, “Well, I was the idiot that decided to try and make contact with an ancient earth elemental.” Then she looks over toward Rakshasa. “An earth spirit that Zaluut says is not from here, which is why it was desperate to get out of that cave.”

[Rakshasa] his pupils dilate a bit as he folds his arms across his chest “Hmmm. Then I’m glad its out of your body. Did Zaluut manage to trap the spirit? Or did it escape?”

Chris nods,”An earth spirit that’s not from here? That is some useful information of itself. Did it give any impression of where it is from?”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head a little bit. “He didn’t have to trap it. He just talked to it. It stayed… he has a way with spirits that I don’t yet… but he’s had a few extra centuries to practice I imagine.”

Chris’ eyes open wide,”It stayed?! Excellent! He could narrow down more information… if he desires. We have a lead, and you are alright.” He then walks over and starts examining a piece of equipment as if it were some sort of alien specimen.

<Fiona>  wanders off, reading, but pauses, looking at Kitt.

“Heh. A couple centuries’d do it.” Anne chuckles once. “I’d probably pick up spirit speak after that long. Seems like one’d be starving for new material.”

<Fiona>  “About that cave, I did some research, and found out some interesting things. The symbols are from different mythologies. Norse, Celtic, and others, and the majority of them mean Death, Containment or Power.”

“Wait,” Anne looks puzzled, “how’d all those different mythologies wind up with their symbols in a cave across the world form where they originated?”

[Rakshasa] “I see. We found the basin in the bunker was gone, in fact the bunker was cleared out completely. The bunker also seems to have a drainage access that possibly leads to an underground cave or cavern. So our bunker buddies know about our actions and now they are playing more carefully.” saying that he stares towards the moon like some sort of lupine

<Fiona>  “Beats me. I’m going to have to do more research.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtful and shrugs, stumped. “Maybe they wanted to cover all their bases?”

“Most religions tend to frown on that kind of behaviour, yeah?” Anne responds with a slightly-raised eyebrow.

Chris nods,”Normally that’d be quite the conundrum, but whatever we are dealing with is probably immortal and european in origin. It doesn’t seem to be another Tzimicze yet it seems to have some form of need for dirt. It doesn’t appear to be a magical need however…” He tries to pick up a 15 lb weight, but cannot and eventually settles on the 5 lb dumbbell.

[Rakshasa] replies while still staring at the moon “Perhaps. Now it will be more difficult to understand who they are or what their motive is” He looks at Anne from the corner of his eye “Most modern religions. There are many forgotten religions that celebrate death. Religions that predate Abrahamic religions”

“I was in the Mujahideen. We celebrated soviet deaths. That count?” Anne retorts jokingly. she watches Chris try out weights, and slowly realized that this is what she has to work with. “(turkish) What is this weak shit doing alive?”

[Rakshasa] unwraps the string on prayer beads from his wrist and starts rolling is fingers through them. Its a disturbing sight that a blood stained undead holds a prayer bead “If that involved human sacrifices..” He turns his head away from the moon towards Kitt “Do you mind if I access the library and do some research on these symbols?”

<Fiona>  looks at Anne, blinking at her language

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtful and then shakes her head to Rakshasa. “Yeah, I don’t think anyone would bother you in the main library.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Kitt “Do you have a copy of the symbols?”

<Kitt Bishop> blinks. “Uhm… I… I don’t remember anything after I touched the wall.”

<Fiona>  looks back to her book. “You were possessed.”

[Rakshasa] “If I could get a rough impression of what the symbols looked like, I could take a look into it. As for the cave itself, if I can go and collect some rock samples from the wall, a simple carbon dating will reveal many secrets”

Chris does a whole set with one arm then switches and looks at his scrawny muscle with pride. He then spots a 2.5 pound dumbell, picks it up, sets it on the ground, and sits next to it. He then closes his eyes and starts focusing on it.

“Hey, scrawny.” Anne glances down at Chris. “I don’t want to burst your bubble, but you aren’t going to get anywhere meditating on the weights. Building mass takes weeks and months. Not five minutes with a few single-digit weights.”

<Fiona>  is oblivious to the idiot building muscle mass.

<Kitt Bishop> glances over at Chris and chuckles a little. “Mind over matter, Christopher.”

Christopher smiles almost drunkenly as the small dumbell slowly lifts into the air and floats by Christopher’s face,”You’re right, mind over matter. My mind is where my true strength lies my friends.”

“That’s wonderful.” Anne rolls her eye. “But the point of physical training is to bring your body up to par, yeah?”

Chris shakes his head,”Actually, I only intend on learning the technique and aim. I would much rather fight them with my mind once it gains the strength. I could use some cardio to improve my endurance though. I need to learn the motions so I can try to emulate them with my mind. The movement feels similar… in a way. It’s hard to explain.”

<Kitt Bishop> smirks. “She has a point. Pretty sure the old lady can out-lift you even without using her blood.”, she nudges Anne playfulyl before looking toward Rakshasa. “I can mark it for you on the map. But you need to steer clear of the city.”

“You hear that, Scrawny?” Anne smirk’s slightly at Kitt’s remark. “Nobody should lose to a grandmother at arm-wrestling.”

[Rakshasa] nods and hands Kitt his map while still going though the prayer beads, he wipes his fingertips to get rid of any blood “Yes, please mark them and don’t worry I will avoid the city.”

<Fiona>  finally closes the book and looks over to the group.

<Kitt Bishop> glances toward Fiona as she marks the site for Rakshasa. “Do you think you could work up something fiber optic to look down the drains int he bunker?”

Chris continues to meditate on lifting the weight with his mind,”Yes, I will continue to work on lifting with my muscles. I wonder if spending some blood to push myself just slightly beyond limits would get me anywhere any faster…”

<Fiona>  just looks at Chris, dumbfounded, then at the others. “Is he….is he actually fucking serious?

“No cheating.” Anne says insistently. “If you’re serious about training, you do it without crutches. Blood may be versatile for us, but we’re not always going to be able to rely on it. Maybe you’ll only be cornered once in your life, low on vitae and forced to run or fight. And for that day, you will damn well know how to cope without.”

Christopher nods,”This may be true I suppose, for the mental aspect. I wonder if using the blood makes any substantial impact for muscle growth though. The way I am envisioning it, is that it could be an effective stimulant to push to the bodies limiters so that I can gain mass first. I can worry about training for a fight after I get my body into a better condition. I have been a “lab rat” for the almost 17 or so years of my life.”

<Fiona>  “………How much goddamn TV have you been watching.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Chris with a serious expression. There also seems to be a hint of irritation, “To get stronger you must first know your own limits. Your limit is your mortality, son of Obertus. But perhaps you may ascend one day” His eyes appear to glow for a bit.

<Kitt Bishop> just looks a little confused and sits back, holding her head briefly.

Christopher nods,”Ah yes, perhaps someday Rakshasa. I would personally prefer to finish my research before then. Perhaps I can find a way to allow the ascended to walk in daylight unharmed before then?”

“Alright, punk.” Anne claps her hands together and rubs them slightly. A slightly-devious glint shines in her eye. “If you’re serious about this, then starting tomorrow, I’m going to run you through hell. Call it intensive daily training for two weeks, then regular PT afterwards. We’ll have you running marathons in no time.”

[Rakshasa] his pupils grow wider at what Chris said about walking in daylight “Impossible!”

Christopher smiles,”That would probably be for the best. If I have some distance between me and my opponents I could always have the upper hand.” He starts slowly moving the weight around the training ground pushing it out until it starts falling and then regaining control over it.

Chris smiles,”Would that not be a worthy goal? To even simply reduce the danger of the sun to us would be a massive boon. So many things to try, so many ways we might be improved upon. Some of these things may be aided by my mortality. Also beyond that, it is easier to improve one’s physical condition while mortal than it is while immortal is it not? I had believed that there was a sense of stasis when one has been embraced.”

“If it were that simple, I bet someone else would have done it by now.” Anne responds, ever the skeptic.

[Rakshasa] “Wrong! Despite our cellular structure largely frozen in time. Through time, effort and use of blood it is possible to improve the vampire physique”

<Fiona>  “Don’t give him any fucking ideas. Please. He’s already bad enough as it is.”

<Kitt Bishop> takes a couple of steps back, looking about the group.

[Rakshasa] “It is vital to push one’s body and mind to the limit, to experiment and learn. Only then can one understand the nature of the gift, only then can one move a step closer to the first one.”

Christopher,”My apologies for the confusion, I didn’t mean impossible, simply more difficult. Either way, I plan on becoming optimum condition in order to best serve my role here.” The weight returns to Christopher and he moves it back into place with his mind and picks up the other weights with his arms.

[Rakshasa] nods to Chris with a slightly evil smile “Good. Knowledge and power are one and the same. As you learn more you become stronger, as you become stronger you learn more about your body and the gift”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles slightly. “Or maybe he’s buffing up for that new Tzimisce. She seemed to think he looked fun to play with.”

“Ugh.” Anne fakes a gag. “I needed that mental image, thanks.”

<Kitt Bishop> smirks. “Hey, as long as she is keeping all his/her parts off me… that’s all I care about at this point.”

[Rakshasa] “ did a good job at the bunker. I should mention this”

“Well good for Sweet Polly Olliver, then.” Anne grunts. “Always a boon to have useful team members.”

[Rakshasa] actually laughs at that reference. breaking off from his grim look tonight

“Huh. Glad I’m not the only one who enjoys old British poems and irony.” Anne grins as Rakshasa laughs at her name for Chrys.

<Kitt Bishop> looks confused for a minute, like, she gets it… but not sure where it came from.

“I’ll tell you when you’re older, pup.” Anne says with a light chuckle at Kitt’s confusion.

<Fiona>  meanders off.

<Fiona>  heads back inside with her book, rather.

Christopher moves onto picking up a jump rope which he holds at arms length and seems to be struggling to discern its function.

[Rakshasa] takes a look at the marked location on his map for the cave “I think I’ll go take a look at this haunted cave tonight and maybe gather some samples”

[Rakshasa] saying that he turns around and starts walking, taking another look at the moon.