<ST> The group makes their way to Arrowroot Park, and Aaron was correct in that this tiny little park is located in the not-so-great part of town. It’s very run down, a few of the trees are completely dead, and where there was a basketball court at one time, the hoop has long since been taken off.

Aaron gets out of the car and looks around before taking the short spear out as well.  “Yeah, this totally doesn’t draw attention.  But you know, it might cause the local gangbangers to think twice.”

“Hey, if it means my friends on the force are free for drinks more nights, that’s an added bonus.” Kara retorts, sizing up the area. “Seems like the spirits really know how to pick their neighborhoods.”

Arthur,”Oh great Zirathur, please open for us the way to the Umbral so that we may find our friend lost in the dark! We beseech thee friend!”

<ST> They make their way through the sad little park to a hollowed out dead tree, the kind of tree that looks like a giant halloween decoration. It even looks like it has a face or two lodged in the wood around the opening.

Aaron frowns at the opening of the tree, “Awesome.  It’s going to eat us.”

“Like that’s the strangest thing to happen to you.” Kara rolls her eyes. “Come on. Let’s get in there. There’s so much to see!” Kara bounces on her feet once, excitedly, then adds; “er, and we have to rescue Jesse!”

Arthur,”Oh wonderous tree! It is much like the Old Druids used to cross into the otherworlds! It is perfect, I believe we have found our portal.”

Arthur waits for his friend to show them the way to open the portal.

<ST> There is a faint glow that comes from inside of the hollow tree, like moss that starts to light up and creep out from inside, slowly at first and then with greater intensity, boiling up and out of the opening. It gets heavier in the moonlight, and starts to cover the group, before drawing them all down… pulling them as if to bury them under the ground.

Everyone’s {Mental Echoes} Do not be afraid.

Out of the glow a small Dragon crawls out and flaps his wings, looking over Arthur and his companions.”Make haste” it says, then turns back inside. Arthur follows in after it crawling into the glowing light.

Aaron does not like that in the slightest, but does his best to maintain some sense of composure as they are pulled into the ground by the glowing moss.

Arthur,”As I foretold you, were all spirits, and are melted into air, into thin air.”

Kara looks torn between fear and absolute amazement. “Well, here goes everything.” She tries to step forward, despite the forces pulling her down.

Arthur slowly moves forward toward the light that Zirathur had already climbed through,”Soon we shall find ourselves amidst creatures of ancient days, legends, I can hardly contain my excitement.”

<ST> Eventually the glow overtakes them all to the point they can’t even see due to the brightness, and then when their eyes adjust… they see a world that looks very strange. Elements from the physical world are there, and landscape-wise, it seems to be the same. Except there are things present. A weird looking spider on the side of a building, a hazy something that seems to look at them from above a smouldering barrel…

Aaron takes a brief look around at the landscape, though he is used to the sights by now.  He starts to make his way in the direction of Sandalwood Park, carefully watching for any signs of danger on the way.

“You guys…” Kara looks around, completely awestruck, “you guys can see this all too, right? It’s glorious.” She spins slightly, taking in everything. “There’s so much here. So much information. I could spend weeks recording and categorizing it all.”

Zirathur appears to be bigger now than he was in the other world. He moves over to Aaron and a small light from his head shines upon him. He appears to almost be the size of a small pony. “We should move quickly,” it says in a booming voice,”I will protect your weak flesh.” And begins to move ahead of the group in the direction of Sandalwood Park. Arthur runs after him,”You’re so big Z! I’ve never seen you like this before!”

Aaron shakes his head softly, following as a slower pace, and he nods to Kara.  “I see it.  I look over now and then and watch the things just doing their thing sometimes…  but moving like this, and that thing’s size will draw attention.  It’s a long way to run headlong into anything.  A few miles of walking to go.”

Arthur,”We have big Z here and we are out of the mortal world. If anything attacks us Z will tear them to shreds! He’s fierce.”

Kara continues to stare at the world around her, semi-oblivious to the conversation.

<ST> Everything has a strange, surreal quality to it. It looks like what it is supposed to. Trees look like trees, etc… but at the same time, they don’t.

Kara’s {Mental Echoes} You can see it now, the way everything falls into place.

Aaron keeps watching as he follows along, not stopping but not running either, knowing he doesn’t want to be out of breath when they get to the other park… where the bane was located.

Arthur follows along behind Zirathur and pulls out his wand studying the command word as they go along, in case he needs to use it. Besides he likes his pretty new Talism an.

Kara walks after the two, her weapon in her hand, but largely forgotten. She more idles after them than actively follows, still absorbed in trying to analyze the surrounding world.

Aaron glances back over his shoulder once or twice, and tries to make sure that Kara stays close.  He does take a little time, studying the dragon… as that is certainly something he’s never seen before.

The small dragon surrounding them turns around and flies up into the air looking behind them,”Keep going, something is attempting to follow us. If it continues I will destroy it.”

Arthur continues moving forward although slower, as he doesn’t want to leave his friend behind.

<ST> Behind the group several hairless rat looking creatures dart in and out of the shadows cast by the buildings.

Zirathur,”Stay alert but keep moving. They are moving between the shadows, we must draw them out.”

Aaron glances up and then back, shaking his head as he nudges Kara to start picking up the pace.  “We might actually want to move just a weeeee bit faster.”

“W-what?” Kara starts slightly at the touch, then Zirathur’s statement registers. “Yes. Yes, we should. Sorry,” he says, pensively.

<ST> The creatures spread out, some going left and some going right, moving to keep pace with the group.

Aaron looks back and holds the spear up, pointing at the little dragon.  He calls out to the spirits in their own language:  “(spirit)  Unless you’d like some roasted rat-rump, you guys better get out of here.  Go, go on!”

Zirathur lets out a spirited dragon roar and dives at them. Arthur readies his wand so that he can give backup to his friend.

Zirathur swoops down to strike at one of the rats, the hit collides but fails to break its crusty skin.

Aaron blinks, looking around and then grabbing Kara.  “Run, just run or we’re dead.”  And he turns and starts to head toward the park as fast as he can manage.  “We have to get to the trees.”

Arthur nods and continues to run as well. Zirathur should be able to catch up when he needs to.

“Hey!” Kara protests as she’s grabbed, but runs herself to keep pace. “There’s no need for grabbing.”

Aaron turns and bum rushes through the squealing rats, his body warping and convulsing into that of something resembling a werewolf.  He howls, snarls, and pushes at them as he grabs the dragon to drag it away from them.  He comes carting Zir back over one shoulder, the other arm brandishing both claws and the spear.  “What kind of fucking dragon can’t breathe fire?”

“W-what Aaron, how?” Kara slows momentarily to stare at the sudden change, then speeds back up as she is pushed. “No, I understand: bad time for questions. ”

<ST> The creatures scatter at the threat of Werewolf attack, evidentily confusing him for one of those creatures and not too intelligent. They start screeching though from the shadows, looking like they might bge regrouping.

Aaron pushes the dragon at Arthur and then points with a clawed hand to the trees as he doesn’t look so good.  His muzzle drooling a little.  “Go, before they figure out I’m faking.”

Arthur grabs his dragon which curls up on his should familiarily, and takes off running. The young man with blonde hair appears to be comfortable with the weight of the small dragon as if he carries it on a regular basis.

Aaron looks at Arthur but doesn’t say anything to him and follows them, glancing back to make sure they aren’t being followed still.

Arthur doesn’t even bother responding yet, he just hurries along to the park that the were meant to go to.

Kara keeps running, with a few backward glances to make sure the others are still following. She does slow down occasionally, forcing herself not to get distracted by something or another.

<ST> There is a crackling sound up ahead… the kind of sound a fireplace makes.

Arthur,”Are we still heading in the direction of Sandalwood Park?”

Aaron nods after stopping to look around for just a moment.  “It should be up ahead, but this side of the park is here the Bane was located.”

“I’m more worried about Jesse,” Kara calls back. “She’s been in here for almost two days now.”

Arthur nods,”It’s a good thing that you have that backup portal Kara, we may not have enough time to enter the way we came in. Zirathur is in no shape to give any support right now and we will need all the strength we can get to leave…”

“I’m not going to say I told you so.” Kara says sweetly, though her grin says otherwise.

<ST> The crackling sound is coming from another of the foul smelling Banes that the fought the previous night. It is just ahead, black roots slithering all about it, skin burned and crackling… popping occasionally with a sick splatter of black ooze.

Arthur,”What say we… avoid it?”

Kara looks wistfully at the sight of the bane. “Oh, what I wouldn’t give for an autopsy table and a microscope right now…” she whispers, wistfully. “You’re probably right. We need a quick detour.”

Aaron sighs.  “This one is between us and Jesse.  And it is one of the ones Unicorn wanted us to remove in the first place.  We killed one already… and unlike the rats… there’s only one.  If you want to try to go around… you’ll need a distraction.  I can keep it busy till you guys go and get Jesse and maybe some help.”

Arthur whispers,”Danu please help me…” As he looks around for a way around it or to destroy it without having too many problems.

Arthur’s {Mental Echoes} Perhaps the wand?

Arthur whispering again,”Is the wand strong enough to destroy this Danu?”

Arthur,”Maybe we can destroy it with our new weapons. I have my wand and you guys have your things, maybe if we hit it with everything we got, we can just eradicate it?”

Aaron says  “That was sorta my plan… since kara’s gun made short work of the last one.”

Arthur nods,”Alright, all at once then.” Arthur charges in and says the command word to activate the wand,”INCINDERE!” Flames begins to pour forth from the wand as he reaches it.

Jesse stands up on a rock by the pond, looking out as far as she can across the landscape.  She watches them from a distance, seeing much further than a human should be able.

“Oh for the love of…” Kara mutters to herself as Arthur charges in prematurely. She levels her stun gun and moves forward into its effective range before shooting with a decisive statement of “shoot, I guess!”

<ST> In a very strange string of events, Arthur fires off a blast of flame by the creatures strange deer-like head but misses. As it lunges in response, Kara fires off the stun gun and with a loud popping and clicking noise it falls to the ground, twitching and convulsing.

“Woah.” Kara stares dumbstruck at her handiwork, and then at the weapon in her hands. “Working for the FBI? Best. Decision. Ever.”

Aaron holds the spear and just blinks, still all covered in fur and claws.  He pokes the thing a few times for good measure and to make himself feel better.

Arthur stares down at his wand and shakes it a few times.”I don’t get it. I didn’t even hit it. Good job Kara. It looks like we can carry on now.”

Aaron gives Arthur a nudge.  “if you shake it more than twice you’re playing with it.”  He chuckles briefly but then starts to head off toward where the tree should be on this side.

Arthur,”Maybe I like to play with it alright? It’s mine and I shall do with it as I like.” Arthur walks around the guck of the spirit carrying on in the direction of their lost comrade.”Let’s hurry and rejoin Jesse.”

“Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s still the bureau’s.” Kara mutters, but hurries after the other two.

Jesse spies them getting closer and takes off running to meet them.  Practically throwing herself at each and hugging them tightly.  “Oh sweet Athena!  You guys really made it!”

Arthur gives a smirk,”Danu actually, but yes we are here and we have not only one, but two ways out. Both of them may get us killed or worse though, and one is closing soon. Is the Unicorn still here?! I want to see it!”

Aaron hugs her back warmly, mindful of the claws.  “Unicorn could heal your dragon, Arthur.”, he says and then waves the others toward the willows.

Arthur blinks,”Well yes, of course, that would be the reason I want to see Unicorn… after the fact that it’s a friggin UNICORN!”

<ST> All around the pond it’s like a fairytail scene. There are blooming flowers, the willow trees, and a small pond where the Unicorn walks, with Coyote by her side.

“Hey!” Kara taps Arthur on the shoulder. “Eyes on the goal. We need to move. Besides, if I’m not allowed to gape, nobody is.”

Arthur’s {Mental Echoes} It’s so like home… we could have this again, all of it. If you trust me again.

Aaron walks over and sits down by the pond, sort of smiling through his muzzled face at Coyote.  “I know, I know.  I’ve looked better.”

Arthur walks over to the Unicorn and bows,”I am Arthur Maison. Son of Leanne the Sidhe and friend of Danu. We have cleared the land of its infestation and come to recover our friend.”

Jesse walks back with the others to the pond, and her gaze seems to be different somehow as she watches them.

“Jesse, are you alright?” Kara gives the woman a curious look. “You’ve been here a while.”

<ST> The Unicorn looks down at Arthur and then leans over, touching Zirathur with her horn and healing him somewhat, though not completely. She clops her hooves a bit back and forth, looking from one member of the group to the other.

Zirathur stirs somewhat from his rest,”I see we found the Unicorn. I… need more sleep…”

Aaron listens to Unicorn and nods his head.  “I know.  I can’t go into that lab like this either.  But we should probably rest here for a a little bit, perhaps clear our heads before we try to make the rest of the trip.  And yes, that too.  I understand.  I understand everything.”

Kara looks confusedly from Jesse to Aaron as one looks out of it and the other seems to be talking to themself. “What’s going on here?” She mutters to herself, beginning to see a pattern. She takes a few slow steps back.

Arthur,”Is it not enough to be here to understand the Unicorn? Is there some other trick required? I thought being a virgin was a part of it?”

“Arthur, if that were all it took, I’m pretty sure both of us would have talked to one before now.” Kara mutter, blushing slightly. “And I don’t know if talking with it is a good idea right now…”

Aaron blinks and decides he doesn’t want to join into that particular conversation.  “You need to be able to understand the language of spirits.  Some can talk though, kind of like your dragon friend.  These, don’t deal with humans enough to make it worth it to learn our language.”

Arthur nods and walks over to sit by the pond and starts feeding Zirathur who stirs and seems to be fully recovering as its wounds dissappear.

Arthur’s {Mental Echoes} You could… you know how… it’s always been there.

Jesse sighs and snaps out of it, shaking her head a bit.  “I just…  I have no words to explain right now.  I mean… All we’ve seen… Touched… Felt…”

“Yes; eyes have not seen, ears have not heard.” Kara quotes, glancing from Jesse to the unicorn and back, “but we really ought to move now.”

Kara’s {Mental Echoes} Each has it’s very own kind of patterns. Isn’t this interesting? We need to know more.

Arthur gets up,”Yes we should. Are we going to try to come out the way we came in? We may still have some time and we might be able to scare away those rats again.”

Kara seems extremely torn. A large part of her wants to stay and learn, but she also knows they need to move quickly. They’re on more than one timetable every moment they spend here.”

Aaron shakes his head softly as he gets up, it seeming to take a lot of concentration for him to return to normal again.  He wobbles a little bit, and holds his head before shaking it off.

Aaron reaches out and lightly touches Coyote’s fur with a nod before bowing his head to Unicorn and listening.  “Are you sure?”

Arthur gets up and dances around the Unicorn for a minute,”I found a Unicorn, I found a Unicorn! I found a Unicorn! I can’t wait to tell the courts! They will be so jealous! Yippeee!”

Jesse looks over toward Aaron and nods before looking at the pond again, trailing her fingers in the water.

“Arthur, I’m really, really happy for you,” Kara looks from Arthur, to Aaron, to Jesse, “but we really should be going. Please.”

Aaron sighs and glances toward the others.  “She says there is a path here we can use to go back.  But it can only be opened if we are.”\

Arthur continues his happy dance skipping around the pond and the Unicorn.

Jesse glances at Aaron and nods again, stepping into the pond and then looking at Kara and Arthur.  “I am so ready to go home guys.”

“Only be opened if we are what?” Kara asks, her curiosity getting the better of her for a moment.

Aaron nods and gets into the pool, frowning slightly at the waist deep water as he looks toward the others.  “Before I change my mind about this, maybe?  We open ourselves up to it, to everything.  But we can go home.  No spiders, no rats… home.”

Arthur continues his oblivious dance his hair whipping back as he enjoys his song, then stops as Aaron enters the water,”To what?”

Arthur’s {Mental Echoes} Come back to me, Arthur.

Aaron looks down, then at Arthur again.  “Do you want to take Zirathur through that lab’s portal?”

“It’s a nice lab!” Kara protests, then grumbles: “what did labs ever do to you?”

Arthur sits whispers,”Where do I go Danu? Where does this quest lead me?”

Aaron glances to Kara and chuckles.  “Sorry.  I am sure you find it very pleasent but it’s too…  confining for the likes of me.”

Arthur’s {Mental Echoes} Come back into the light, Arthur. Go with them, and then -see- me.

Arthur stands,”Are you the lady of the lake Danu…?” He starts slowly walking into the pond…

Jesse holds out a hand for Kara.  “You up for this?  It’s been a crazy ride.”

Arthur,”Danu! Are you here?”

“Well,” Kara looks off in the direction of her lab, in the direction of the park they came from, and back to Jesse. Finally, her curiosity wins out against her better judgement, ” alright. I do like crazy.” She offers a somewhat anxious grin.

Aaron sighs and moves, taking one of Arthur’s hands and nodding for Jesse to take the other.  He takes one of Kara’s hands as well, trying to get them into a circle within the pond.

Kara looks nervous, but tries to calm herself. After all, this is just for science.

Zirathur climbs down off of Arthur and swims lazily in the pool as if it knows what will happen. He seems to have some form of anticipation.”It is time.”

<ST> The group gathers together into the pond, and in the center it begins to glow. The light sweeps up, drawing them in. They feel as if they are underwater for a long time, seconds stretch into hours and yet they do not feel the need to breathe. It all comes at once, this feeling, this sudden surge that is both infinite and unexplainable. And with it, understanding begins. When they emerge from the pond they discover their clothes and items are at the bottom of the pond, but they are home. And yet it seems different somehow, not because it has changed, but because they have.

Kara’s {Mental Echoes} She gets an image of a woman who seems to go through the three aspects of Fate as she speaks to her with the voice she has been hearing. She sits and knits her threads, creating a pattern.

Jesse’s {Mental Echoes} sees the Mermaid again, and she nods as they surface.

Aaron’s {Mental Echoes} gets the image of himself, with Coyote transposed over it, both spirit and form before surfacing.

Arthur’s {Mental Echoes} sees Danu, in the glowing water… her wings flowing about her like clothing and her eyes reflecting an eternal flame.

Arthur reaches towards the image crying out,”DANU!” Then as everything fades he sees the familiar form of his Dragon comes into view and climbs up onto his shoulders. Arthur walks over to the edge of the pond and blinks twice. He feels strange… as if power literally flows through him.

Kara takes things calmly, but inside her spirit is buzzing. All her life it’s felt like she just had too much energy to burn, and never able to get it out quickly enough. The doctors once called it “anxiety” and “hyperactivity disorder,” but now it finally feels  like she has an outlet. Like she only need to reach out, and let the world be as it should.

Aaron stretches and looks at the others, seeming to just be basking in the revelations of it all at first and then he looks down and erupts in laugher, pure amusement as he reaches down and picks his clothing and stuff out from the bottom of the pond.  “Uh, guys…  someone lost their shorts.”, he says as he points out they are all naked.

Arthur looks down and smiles,”Oh that’s funny. I’ll get dressed in a minute I suppose. The sun feels nice…”

Kara looks decidedly unconcerned about her state of attire, but then, she never thinks much about her appearance anyway. She’s too busy taking the world in through new eyes, occasionally muttering to herself in German.

Jesse sighs and picks her stuff up out of the bottom of the pond.  She looks over at Arthur and chuckles as she climbs out herself, resting on the edge.

Aaron climbs out all the way and puts his hand on the willow tree, then pulls on his pants, wet as they are.  “I just realized that my car is at the other park>”

Aaron sighs.  “And that we should tell Cory we are safe.”

Arthur pulls out his wand and looks forlorn,”Can we ask if we can keep these? I like this wand… although I’m not sure that it’s actually very useful. It’s still important to me. I can’t believe he had it.”

Kara doesn’t respond, but she does finally notice her clothing lying on the side of the pull, and quickly dresses, appearing her usual haphazardly-adorned self within seconds.

Arthur slowly walks over to the water and grabs his own clothes and adorns them.

Kara then looks back up, continuing to look at her surroundings without a care int he world.

Jesse twirls her fingers through the greenery of the willow tree, still only half dressed.  “Thank you all for coming to get me.”

Arthur smiles,”Of course, I am glad that we all got home safely, and I believe we finished all of our Quests here.”

Aaron nods a bit himself and stretches again, staying with the others as the dawn arrives and washes over them all.

Arthur ponders for a moment,”Hey Jesse, would you like to see a suprise?  I have something you should see. I think we should all see it.”

Aaron glances toward Jesse and then to the others.  “Come on, we should get out of here.  We’ll gather up and talk more later.  Maybe after getting some sleep and dry clothes.  I can take anybody needing a ride, we’ll call Cory and catch up with him later?”

Arthur looks towards Aaron and Kara,”We should show Jesse the place. I think we should make it as a place for all of us. We can use that area to make a sort of Haven for ourselves.”

Jesse looks at Arthur and tilts her head.  “Uhm… okay?”

Kara snaps to as the group’s addressed. “Oh, no. I need to talk to Cory right now.” Kara says quickly, the words practically falling out of her mouth. “We need to have words about this portal, and why he didn’t send me through sooner. After that, I need caffeine and a chalkboard. A big chalkboard. And lots and lots of chalk.”

Arthur tilts his head back towards Aaron,”We need to walk that way to get your car regardless, and I think we should start developing plans. Perhaps we can stop by the Laboratory while we are headed that way as well?”

“I need to run, though.” Kara says excitedly, bouncing repeatedly on the balls of her feet. “I’ve got too much energy to burn.”

Arthur smiles then,”Alright, I’m game if everyone else is. Let’s see if we can try and keep up with you a little.”

Aaron chuckles and moves to run along with them, as they head off together down the street.

“I know back-roads. This won’t be a challenge!” Kara says as she darts off, taking as many alleys and side-roads as she needs to get to the lab quickly.

Jesse follows, groaning at having to run in wet pants.

Arthur follows along running with his hair down and his, currently invisible, familiar riding on his shoulder.

<Cornel> is standing outside of the lab when the group arrives, an unlit cigarette behind his ear as he leans against the wall of the building. “Took a shortcut?”

“Of course!” Kara barely refrains from shouting in reply, her words coming out no slower after the run. “I’d ask how you could tell, but I’m fairly certain it was an obvious induction to make.”

Arthur stops tired and out of breath,”We did. We have returned. The equipment you lent us was very useful… I find that I very much like that wand you handed me.”

Jesse catches up to the others and frowns a bit as she looks at the building.  “Well… Uhm… It’s… A nice shade a brick?”

Aaron glances toward Jesse and chuckles a bit before looking toward Cornel.  “You could say that.  I know you understand what would happen, but I doubt anyone would be truly angry with you.”  He hands him the short spear back.  “But we appreciate you having our back as it were.”

Arthur holds takes out the wand and turns it over in his hands,”Parting is such sweet sorrow but I do suppose you want this back.”

“I’m only upset you didn’t put me through sooner!” Kara starts bouncing again. “This feels incredible. I have so much I’ll need t do in the lab these next weeks, so many tests I need to run, theorems to attempt to resolve!” After a moment, she remembers to hand over the stun gun as well.

<Cornel> nods as he takes back the spear, then the wand, then the stun gun. “It would not have worked if you had gone sooner. You had to be mentally ready to take that step on your own.”

<Cornel> “More will be explained soon though, but your best guide is your own inner voice.”

“I took pills as a kid to stop superfluous voices, you know.” Kara says, only half-joking.

Jesse watches, chewing on her lip a bit as she listens.  “Thanks for the help.”

Arthur shudders,”They forced those god awful things down your throat? I do thank you again for lending me that wand Corny. I hope we can work together more in the future.”

<Cornel> looks to Arthur and tilts his head, then shakes it softly. “You still don’t remember, do you? That’s alright. It is good to have you back, anyway.”

Arthur shakes his head,”Not everything, but I remember some things. Enough to be guessing that I had been here before Kara brought me.”

Aaron nods gently to Jesse, reassuring her as he watches Cornel.  “I am quite sure we’ll all be seeing each other again.  But for now, I need to go get dry and sleep.  I feel hyper and drunk and sick all at once and I prefer to go clear my head elsewhere.”

Arthur nods,”We should go get changed and then meet up, I want to show Jesse the thing before we go to sleep.”

Jesse shakes her head.  “We can meet up tomorrow.  Aaron knows the way, right?  He can sleep on my couch tonight and we’ll both head over tomorrow… Well later today.  I have been awake for days.  I couldn’t sleep there.”

“Sleep, who needs sleep?” Kara continues to bound excitably. “I need something to write on and a lot of coffee.”

Arthur smiles,”So then let’s meet up at a local cafe and get some coffee then head to the suprise that I have for Jesse. We have a lot to discuss I believe.”

Jesse just looks at Arthur and then at Aaron and takes his arm.  “Come on, wookie.  You’re walking me home.”

Aaron laughs a bit as he looks off toward the others.  “You heard the lady.  I’ll catch you guys later.”

Arthur nods,”We’ll communicate via cellular phone for a meetup. Let’s just head home and get changed first. I’ll text you guys.” Arthur then calls for a ride to the University where he goes to change and tell his father about what happened.

“See you!” Kara gives a slight wave, then turns to Cory. “Seriously. Change of clothes, whiteboard, and a project to work on.”

<Cornel> chuckles and shows her inside. “Come on then. Lets go see what you’ve got.”