Jesse comes into her livingroom in her towel, digging all about for some clothes.  “Come on… Where did I put that?”, she grumbles to herself.

Aaron reaches into the cushions of the couch he is laying on and pulls out a shirt.  “This?”, he asks, smirking as he sits up fully and rubs his face a bit.

Jesse grabs it, looks at it.  “Yep!” She runs off for her room, grabbing a pair of pants off the back of a chair.

Arthur reaches the doors of the university, heads inside, gives his father a brief report, then heads back outside and sends a message to the others,”We will meet up at Willow and 10th from there we will begin working on the place. We need to have somewhere of our own.”

Aaron shakes his head a bit and pulls his long hair back, putting it up and then going into her bathroom to wash his face and use some mouthwash at least.  He comes out and looks around, then gives his shirt a sniff and frowns.  “Well, this is lovely.”

Jesse comes out of her room now dressed and moves past Aaron, digging in wicker basket and tossing him a shirt and jeans.  “These are my brother’s.  He drives a truck so he’s usually only here like once every couple of weeks to do laundry.  They are about your size.  And they smell better.”

Arthur gets dressed and walks to his Theater. It had been a few days since he was last here, but he lets out a long sigh of relief as he enters. Somehow as he feels different so does this place, as if buzzing with energy now. The work he put into it seems even more alive and he feels like he can pull back the tapestry of it… His familiar companion Zirathur is already there and sitting lazily upon the top of the chandelier as though a small cat. Arthur lets down his long blonde hair and steps unto the stage, he then shuts the curtain, turns off the lights, and waits for his friends to arrive.

Kara sits alone in her lab, running through a series of theoretical problems, chemical equations, and mental exercises. Most of them are mundane, and there only to provide an avenue to burn off the excess energy she feels buzzing through her. Empty coffee cups litter her desk.

Some time during the early morning, she made time for a chemical sanitation shower in lieu of a soap-and-water one. Technically, it had the same effect on sanitation, even if not on her smell and the appearance of her hair.

Aaron smiles and takes it, heading back off to the bathroom to change.  “Okay, thanks.  It’s been a hell of a week.”, he chuckles.  He comes back out a few minutes later, looking, and certainly at least smelling, more presentable.

Jesse nods and grabs her things, frowning at her very dead phone.  “Our phones are toast.  Oh well.  Want to go get your car first?”

Aaron nods as he thinks about it.  “That might be best, assuming it’s still there.  I want to get it out of that area and then we can drive over to the Theater.”

Jesse nods and lets him out first, then locks up behind them.  “Sounds like a plan to me.  I think we should grab some food too.  And I bet Kara would appreciate a coffee.  Maybe cupcakes or something for Arthur?”

Aaron nods in agreement, his stomach growling.  “Yeah, I don’t think I actually ate yesterday…  sounds good.”, he says as they head off to go get his car.  “After all the coffee Kara has had, we better put some food in her too.”

Jesse nods in agreement and stays close as they go to retrieve the car.  “Man, you were far out here.  And… Such a decorative part of town.”

Aaron looks around carefully before approaching the beat up little car.  “Well, at least it was still here.  Come on, lets go pick up some breakfast and stuff.”  Once she is in the car he pulls out of the the space near the park and heads off to someplace they can get some food and coffee to go.

Zirathur wakes up from his nap and stretches like a feline before flapping his wings and flying down to the stage floor. It then walks through the curtain and crawls up on top of Arthur’s shoulder and looks at him lazily. It speaks in a deep voice,”How long do you plan on waiting in the dark here silly child?” Arthur smiles at his friend,”Until my friends arrive of course, I mean to make a grand display!” Zirathur seems to roll his eyes,”Right, well you should try to get some food for me while you wait. Then when you are finished I have a quest to give you.”

Arthur sits down behind the curtain and prepares to meditate and draw in the spiritual essence of the tellurian tapestry while he awaits his friends arrival.

Jesse goes along with Aaron, picking up food for all of them before a thought occurs to her.  “You think we need to pick up Kara?  I don’t think she’d realize the time all couped up with no windows.”

Aaron nods and stops off at the lab… “Ugh.  Rock, Paper, Scissors for it?”

Jesse looks at the building and frowns.  “No way.  You owe me for the clothes…  You go in and get her.”

Aaron rolls his eyes and goes to the door, knocking before going inside and checking with security.  He waits for them to go and get her, or buzz her, or whatever while he looks very uncomfortable.

Kara comes bounding out a few minutes later, a large clutch of papers under one arm, and her clothes from last night in a sealed plastic bag under the other. Her purse is strung across the shoulder with papers below it, and bounces against her back as she runs. Her hair is an absolute mess, and she smells distinctly of chemicals.

“Oh, hey Aaron!” She bobs her head in greeting, unable to wave with her arms occupied. “What are you doing here so early in the morning? I wasn’t expecting anyone for another few hours at least.”

Aaron smirks.  “It’s not really that early…  come on.  We got breakfast and coffee in the car.”

“Okay.” She says, though she looks slightly puzzled at his statement. “Lead on, then?

Aaron heads back out to the car with Kara and gets in, letting her get in and settled before starting to drive off toward the theater.

Kara follows and sits herself in the back, greets Jesse warmly, then makes sure she is buckled in properly.

Jesse hands Kara a coffee and a pastry as she gets in and smiles before wrinkling her nose.  “What smells like a hospital room?  Oh… My bad.”

“Hey,” Kara protests weakly, “the chemical showers here are perfectly acceptable methods of sanitation.” She takes the preoffered pastry and coffee, and begins slowly and meticulously consuming.

“Thank you.” She says blissfully after her first sip of caffeinated beverage.

Aaron parks the car outside of the theather and gives a brief look around before getting out.  “Alright, here we are.  I promise it looks better on the inside than the outside.”

“It should.” Kara mutters slightly. “I’ve been using half my free time trying to help Arthur fix the place up.”

Jesse smirks as she walks up with the others.  “You have free time?”

Aaron laughs a little bit and gets the door for the ladies.  “I have been helping too.  Think either of them can lift a pallet?”

Arthur becomes very quiet as he hears people at the door. Zirathur moves in order to get the lights when they enter.

“I have free time like matter has electrons.” Kara responds to Jesse before sticking her tongue out at Aaron’s remark.

Jesse heads inside and blinks.  “So maybe one of you could pay the electric bill?”

Aaron frowns, looking into the dark of the room.  He refrains from going in further, putting one arm out.  “Hold on, I know that’s not right.”

“What’s awry?” Kara inquired, giving Aaron a puzzled look.

When the doors open and the group walks in the lights are out, but then come back on. The room almost seems glamourous in the light and the curtain draws back revealing their strange blonde-haired friend.

Arthur begins quoting shakespeare”As in the words of the great poet shakespeare,”What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel! In apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world, the paragon of animals!”

“Welcome to our new Chantry! This shall be our refuge and base of operations. The world is a hostile place to us, with people’s disbelief threatening to  undo us and everything we love.”

Arthur steps off the stage and slowly walks towards them,”Especially welcome our newest member Jesse, I hope we can all share this space. We should attempt to make plans as to how best to pool our resources here.”

Jesse raises an eyebrow, looking dubious.  “Uh-huh.  It’s… Nice.”

“That’s…a really nice sentiment, Arthur,” Kara begins hesitantly, “and I’m sure this place is nice to live in, but aren’t you exaggerating a bit about the state of creation’s hostility towards the four of us? In the past few months, it’s only really been supernatural stuff that’s been of any danger to me, at any rate.”

Aaron shakes his hed softly as he goes further in, handing Arthur a chocolate milk and some pastries.  “Here ya go, we brought breakfast.”  He pulls out a crate and takes a seat on it, arching his back to stretch.

Arthur smiles,”Milk and Cookies? Ho ho ho, that’s very merry of you all.” He grabs them, sits down and starts eating.

Jesse glances back at Kara and nods in agreement.  “Yeah. Though I have been picked on before from time to time.”

Aaron rolls his shoulders a bit, but glances toward Jesse and Kara while he first answers Arthur.  “They are fruit pastries, not cookies.  And you seemed to dislike the coffee last time.”  Then he looks thoughtfully at his hands as he flexes them a few times.  “I think that we all happened to bump into each other for a reason.  While not to singularly fantastic as Arthur’s imaginings on the subject, I am not opposed to working together for some sense of greater good.”

Arthur stands up,”Yes! Down with the establishment! Return us to the Golden Age when Dragons and Faeries walked amongst us!”

Jesse blinks at Arthur, then frowns.  “You can’t be serious.   Or maybe you can.  But how about no.  They serve up virgins as sacrifices to dragons you know.”

“I prefer not being sacrificed to dragons, thanks.” Kara says in a deadpan. “Besides, it’s hard to believe faeries and dragons disappeared simply because people stopped believing in them.”

Arthur laughs,”Zirathur wouldn’t want to eat any virgins. He eats a diet of ‘P-F-M’ on a regular basis. Also it is entirely true that Dragons and Faeries had to hide because people stopped believing in them. Our belief shapes what is real and if we start thinking something can’t happen it won’t. Just like if you believe you can’t jump from one building to another you will certainly fall.”

“Arthur, people don’t stop believing in things that they can see.” Kara retorts, refraining from rolling her eyes, “It’s only metaphysical concepts and the apparently the validity of vaccines that get second-guessed.”

“Correlation doesn’t imply causality.” Kara states simply. “Did you ever think that it’s the other way around? That maybe people stopped believing in them because they disappeared for a time?”

Jesse nods in agreement.  “Hiding and getting people to not believe would be a great defense from hunters.”

The small red dragon that is Zirathur climbs out from the shadows and up onto Arthur’s shoulders plainly visible. It speaks in it’s deep voice.”Belief was indeed one of the reasons we left. Us Dragons had other reasons we left as well, including dragon slayers.”

“In fact, my mere presence in front of ordinary mortals who do not believe could fracture reality… and basically cause an explosion.”

Aaron just listens, watching back and forth but keeps quiet.  “Speaking of… It’s about time we brought up the fact that I told you you had no experience in the Umbra, and you charged headlong into a swarm of Scab-Rats, nearly getting us all killed.”

Zirathur blinks,”That was simply a lucky strike… I also have underestimated my current condition. I am much weaker than I used to be. I only began to remember myself when I went into that world. Pieces of myself lay scattered throughout it and they called to me. My… pride got the better of me.”

Jesse makes a sour face and hides it with a bite of pastry.  “I am not going to ask what those are cause it sounds gross.  And Hubris is a common downfall.”, she says and then takes a swig of her coffee.

“Along with wrath, gluttony, avarice, sloth, lust, and envy.” Kara offers between sipping down the last of her coffee.

Zirathur climbs down off of Arthurs shoulder,”Unfortunately it has been the downfall of many of my kind. I shall need to exercise more caution until my full power has returned.” He then flaps his wings and flies off into the theater.

Arthur looks around the rest of the group,”So, I think we should channel the local leylines and power through the Chandelier. Seems like a good focal point for it. Kara would you like to build a labaratory downstairs? We can probably put a library upstairs then. Any ideas?”

“If you want me to set up lab in the basement, there’s going to need to be some really good ventilation.” Kara advises. “Between chemistry and witchcraft, you really won’t want any fumes leaking out.”

Aaron gives a deep laugh at that, but nods his head in understanding.  “I can work on some general repairs.  And Coyote and I can probably assist in making this place not attract attention.  He’s good at that sort of thing.”

“Who’s Coyote?” Kara asks, turning to Aaron with a look of slight puzzlement.

Arthur shakes his head,”You don’t remember the Coyote from the Umbral Kara?”

Jesse looks thoughtful, then nods.  “I actually have an extensive collection of materials like books and stuff.  My brother always brings me curios and stuff too, and extra weird books when he travels.”

Aaron smiles faintly.  “Coyote is considered a trickster, but we prefer ‘lesson teacher’.”

“(german) I’m sure he does.” Kara mutters with a slight roll of her eyes.

Arthur nods,”When we get this place up and running I intend on creating shows here in the theater. They will be dream shows. When people fall asleep some of them will travel here and watch performances of Shakespeare and other poets and authors. This should create a mystical sense of wonder. Scientists will discount it as some form of subliminal messaging and et cetera, but the effect will be the same. We will overlay powerful dreams right here and create a haven for the imagination to flourish.”

Kara looks rather skeptical, but holds her tongue.

Aaron glances over at Arthur and shakes his head.  “I don’t think so.  That does not sound like a good idea for where we are essentially hiding out at all.  besides… if I obscure this place, that won’t work.”

Arthur,”The idea is to create a dream or illusion that excites their imagination while they are here. They do not need to be able to find the place nor even remember it. It is important how we ward it. Faeries do this sort of thing all the time, it’s called Mists. It’s how they protect their forests as well.”

Jesse looks dubious.  “But we aren’t faeries.  And you’re using everyone’s power to do something for yourself.”

Arthur,”I intend on creating an ample power supply and a place for us to practice. I was thinking we could all benefit from that. That was what my plan to do with my power to the place. You are free to work on something else here. Claim an area, I just want to use the stage. Also you may not be faeries, but I am part faerie and I know fairies and I am doing it for them as well. I was hoping they could also help guard it here for us. Once it’s safe for them here they can help create more powerful wards so nobody even can find us.”

Aaron looks thoughtful as he looks around the place for a few minutes, then nods.  “Well, not everyone is going to get along all the time… but this place is plenty big enough.  Besides, it’s centralized…  and we’ve already put work into it.  There is also the fact that I feel like sticking together is the best option as far as what we can do and our areas of study.”

“Arthur, I certainly don’t mind you trying to pursue…” Kara pauses for a moment, searching for a charitable term, “your project, but I’m otherwise employed. Actually, considering last night, I’m probably going to have an even higher workload than before. I’m not going to be able to be much help outside of researching wardings.”

Aaron looks over at Kara.  “You realize you work in a plae like this, right?  Why does no one notice the building except for us?  Why do they have super crazy shit inside?  You might ask Cory, but I somehow think he expects you to be working with us… for what reason I haven’t figured out yet.”

Jesse hmms to herself, looking about the interior.  “It needs plants… And… Fish tanks.”

Arthur looks over at Aaron,”He probably already knows about this place, if he knows my father as close as I am lead to believe. In which case I am lead to believe that he is probably trustworthy… at least at some level. I’m not sure what their goals are over there though, but my father wouldn’t be working with them if they were destructive.”

“Aaron, I hate to say this, but I’m pretty sure 99% of the stuff in my workplace is classified. I really can’t give you details, even if I had them.” Kara smiles apologetically. “And I happen to like working there a great deal.”

Arthur smiles,”It’s the same way with my father, and I am lead to believe I may be able to get access if I wanted to. Which as cool as everything is over there, it’s also incredibly dull simultaneously. If he wants me to work with them like he said he’s going to need to let me decorate up the place… and possibly put some minor enchantments to make it just ‘feel’ less depressing. Put up some flowers and fish and crystals.

Aaron shakes his head softly, “Not what I meant.  I just don’t take well so someone trying to lead me around is all.  And I suspect that in some manner, that is exactly what is going on.”, he says before going over and taking another pastry from the bag and eating it in two bites.

Arthur nods,”I suppose the most important thing here is that I would like all of us to mutually use this space in order to meet in private. If we place enough warding we should be able to prevent anyone from spying on us. Also I hope that this can be a safe place for us to conduct our research and investigations. As I said, a headquarters of sorts.”

Jesse nods and snatches up the last one before Aaron can.  “Hey.  Leave me the lemon one.”

Arthur laughs and walks up unto the stage.”I really like your idea of flowers and fish Jesse. I think that could really add some intrigue to the interior of this place.”

“I fail to see how that would add ‘intrigue’ but as long as they aren’t cluttering up my workspace, I suppose I wouldn’t mind.” Kara says with a slight twitch of her less-burdened shoulder..

Arthur smiles,”Simple, we have them float around in magic bubbles in the air.”

Jesse frown and shakes her head.  “Uhm, no.  But it does need life in here.”

Arthur,”Well it doesn’t need to actually float, but I’m sure we can make the fish seem like they’re magically suspended. Whether they actually are, is an entirely seperate issue. For all the difference it makes, it can be mirrors.”

“Oh, if you want suspension, I can rig something up.” Kara pipes up. She quickly pulls forward the stack of papers under her arm, causing her bag full of clothing to fall to the floor from her other, and begins leafing through the pages. “I had the procedure for the process in my journal back home, but I believe I could modify the process.”

Arthur has a huge smile spread across his face and his green-gold eyes seem to almost glow,”That would be so wonderful! Just entering here should leave people in awe! It will make it so easy for us to bend reality when we are surrounded by things that appear to be defying it already!”

“Hey, I didn’t get four degrees for nothing.” Kara says, smiling somewhat bashfully at the implied praise.

Aaron tilts his head thoughtfully.  “I think we’re past bending anything, but…  it sounds nice.  It’s going to take some time but…  work is good for the soul.”, he says before he starts to head off.  “I need to go take care of some things…  I’ll be back later though.”

Arthur nods,”Of course! You are all welcome any time! Set yourselves up some space and make yourselves some rooms! Consider this place your second home.”

Arthur begins to walk around the Theater, searching for ways he can “improve the flow of imagination” in the space.

Jesse munches on her pastry as she looks over at Kara.  “So you do look a bit better than the last time.  You get any sleep?”

“What?” Kara looks somewhat aghast. “Sleep? Who can sleep after what we’ve seen. I’ve been killing myself just trying to get everything buzzing through my head down on paper!”

Jesse smiles at that.  “I think that would take longer than you should be awake.  Rest is good for the mind… Helps get things organized.”

Arthur smiles and then looks at Kara concerned,”Are you really that worried about it? I myself am wondering if I will see the majestic Danu again. It’s almost hard to believe we were saved by a goddess, even for me.”

Jesse glances at Arthur and grins.  “So… Not judging… But your inner self is a girl?”

Arthur,”Inner self? No, no. She’s my goddess! The divine mother of all faeries! Nonsense about inner self puh-lease.” He brushes back his long platinum blonde hair and whips it around.

Jesse can’t stifle her laughter, and she shakes her head.  “You work that angle, girl.”

Arthur looks at his hair and notices a knot, he pulls out a brush and starts brushing it not seeming to notice her.

Jesse shakes her head and looks over at Kara.  “Well.  Poor Aaron… No backup, eh?”

“Backup?” Kara looks confused.

Arthur finishes brushing his hair,”There all better! Fabulous! If I were any more beautiful I’d have a hard time pulling away from my reflection! I’m totally not narcissistic though, it’s just the truth I swear. What’s this about Aaron’s backup?”

Jesse shakes her head.  “Wow…  You guys are something else.  That’s for sure.  So… I too think I should get home.  I might bring a load of books by later or something.”

“Huh, yeah. I’ll probably bring my grim….journal,” Kara catches herself, “around later to. Maybe my chem shower as well. I’ll text you when, okay Arthur?”

Arthur smiles,”Ok then. I will see if I can bring by some books of my own. I at least have that one book about spirits, that could be helpful.”

Jesse nods.  “Sounds good to me.”, she then heads out.  And grumbles outside as she remembers her bike is at the park.  Crap.

Arthur begins to sew the draps a bit and fixes some other things before heading into the back of the theater and going to sleep.

Kara heads into what passes as the basement and starts trying to clear out a space for herself, but ends up writing in the layers of dust coating the various objects down there with a variety of topics ranging from incomprehensible jargon to vague questions, to deranged half-prophecies.

Eventually, Kara lies down and passes out in the center of her work, all her mad scribbling forming a series of circles around her.