Christopher begins to run down the field, making quick strides and pushing himself to as quick of a pace as he can. His stride appears awkward and short but he manages two laps before he appears to start slowing, his breathing now ragged and hoarse.

“Come on scrawny. Don’t make me get the dogs.” Anne shouts out. “If you feel like you’re dying, that means it’s working.”

He mutters as he focuses down on his run again,”Yes Ma’am! ” He then pushes himself harder and manages to push out another four laps without slowing any further, in fact he seems to be gaining in pace.

“Don’t get a swollen head yet, scrawny. Halfway there, and then we get to the real work.” Anne calls after Christopher as he runs, but suppresses a slight twinge of positivity towards the youngling. Perhaps he’s not entirely hopeless.

Christopher finishes another lap and seems to stagger for a moment his breathing coming very fast and shallow. He is now sweating profusely and appears very red in the face.

He then picks himself back up and tries again to finish the assigned laps with as much strength as he can muster.

“All right. Good first night.” Anne nods approvingly as Christopher finishes his last laps. “From now on, that’s the warm up each night. Now drop and give me twenty.”

Christopher flops on the ground into the pushup position and does a single pushup and collapses.

Anne walks over to Chris as he starts his single pushup, and gives him a solid kick in the ribs as soon as he drops. “Back up, and back at it. No-one ever did anything by lying around.”

Christopher gets back up and completes another pushup with struggling and manages to stay in the up position for a moment he then tries to do another

He then collapses onto the ground once more.”These… are… harder… than… I… expected…”

Anne watches him fall again, and her brow creases. “That’s the point. You ever hear about the positive correlation between pain and gain?” Anne gives Christopher another kick, this one more vicious than the last. “Here’s some gain.”

He lets out a loud,”Ouch!” as the blow lands and tries to continue with another repitition. He gets into position and tries again completing another pushup. Only three of twenty, he’s going to be out cold before he can get halfway…

Christopher continues back down,”Yes, Ma’am!” doing another repition for the second consecutive pushup.

Christopher murmurs and seems to be more or less twitching at this point, his eyes moving fairly lazily as he struggles to lift himself.

Anne kicks him again. when he stumbles. “You’re making it to ten if it kills you, Scrawny.”

Christopher lifts himself up and finishes two more pushups despite the shaking and heavy breathing.

Chistopher then falls down once more bracing for the inevitable impact of Anne’s foot on his damaged body.

[Rakshasa] emerges wearing a clean shirt and bathed. He makes his way to the training grounds to check up on Chris’ ordeal and sees his pitiful condition

Chris now twitches upon the ground. Unconscious from the beating given to him by his trainer.

“All right. We’ll call it ten laps and ten push-ups next time.” Anne declares just before kicking Chris one last time. As he flops unconscious, Anne turns and sees Rakshasa emerging into the courtyard. “Have a nice bath, Tiger?”

[Rakshasa] nods “Yes. I’m feeling a lot better after that disturbing dream last night.” he looks at Chris’ limp body covered in bruises “It looks like you went a  little too hard on the whelp. Think he’ll get better?”

“If he doesn’t he has more problems than underdeveloped muscles.” Anne says with a shrug. “You say you had a weird dream last night?”

[Rakshasa] “Yes. I dreamt of my own demise, trapped in my animal form, unable to fly as the sun fried me…When I woke up in the haunted cave, I was sweating blood”

“Huh. Shite, that sounds a lot like mine,” Anne grunts with a frown. “I was stuck in a building, unarmed. Soviets were outside and…’discussing’ what they were going to do with my body after they killed me.”

<Fiona>  comes downstairs, looking tired, looking around as she walks outside.

[Rakshasa] his pupils widen as Anne’s story confirms his suspicions “Then I was right, this is a shared experience. I am not sure if this is the result of whatever escaped that cave, pretty sure its more than that earth elemental. Or it could be related to our mysterious friends at the bunker. Either way something bad is coming this way” He pauses for a moment then mutters “Contain, Power, Death”

<Fiona>  “That shit I saw in the cave? Lucky fucking us.”

[Rakshasa] “Could be anything. I did not see the unseen terror that was chasing me. I could only feel it”

“I’m up for pummeling whatever’s doing this into a fine pulp.” Anne growls. “They made this a touch too personal.”

<Fiona>  gives Anne a terse nod of agreement, her jaw setting.

[Rakshasa] “Hopefully whatever is coming, has a tangible body so I can rip it to shreds. What I fear is the opposite, something from beyond this plane of existence”

“Then we find a gun that shoots it properly.” Anne shrugs. “Everything can get killed with the right tools.”

[Rakshasa] “Possibly. But if it does not have a body, we would need more esoteric weapons to fight it. But that is not the matter, we barely know anything about it or how its related to the cave or the bunker or IF its related at all. I have detailed sketched of the symbols on the cave wall and rock samples. I’ll probably have the dating results in a week so we’ll know when that wall was used to trap the spirit”

<Fiona>  “How are you actually dating it? Do you have the proper equipment?”

[Rakshasa] “Thankfully there is a good amount of equipment in Zaluut’s lab”

<Fiona>  “He actually lets people in there?”

[Rakshasa] “I asked Kitt about it. This data is essential for knowing what the fuck is going on. Speaking of which, I need to talk to Zaluut about this issue. Perhaps he can interrogate that earth spirit”

“Before you go around making demands and requests or whatever, Tiger,” Anne cautions, “how about you let somebody who’s gone through the joining rituals do the asking. Don’t know how well Zaluutd take you asking.”

[Rakshasa] ponders on that for a few seconds “Alright”

<Zaluut> makes his way out from the main hall, his eyes dark as he scans the yard before moving down the steps and walking slowly toward the hedge maze.

<Fiona>  looks to Zaluut, then toward the others around her.

“Not it.” Anne grins at Fiona. “Have fun, Firebrand.”

<Fiona>  just eyeballs Anne. “Yeah, yeah, grandma.”

<Zaluut> doesn’t look back, he slips into the maze and disappears around a corner.

<Fiona>  grumbles and moves toward the hedge maze.

[Rakshasa] waits patiently for Fiona and Zaluut to talk whatever they want to talk about

<Fiona>  makes her way into the maze, trying to find Zaluut.

<ST> The maze seems to change once she is inside, and the entrace she came in disappears… the branches closing together. The top mends as well, all growing together and making it dark as well as covered.

<Fiona>  “Fuck.”

<Fiona>  continues walking, refraining from letting loose a series of paint-blistering swears. “Zaluut?”

[Rakshasa] “Should we follow them inside? The maze, is it me or is the mage changing a little bit” he asks Anne

“I’ll let you in on a little secret I learned as a soldier of fortune, Tiger,” Anne responds with a wide grin, “life’s easier when you delegate. Learn who can do what needs to be done, and have them do it instead.”

[Rakshasa] nods and gives a sly smile “Hmm. I have to agree, wise words..wise words”

<Zaluut> is standing increadibly close when Fiona finally spots him, like within inches. “What do you want?”, he asks, with his usual polite tone.

<Fiona>  lets out a few swears before she calms down, clearly startled. “I was hoping to see if one of us could use your lab to date some stuff we found in a cave.”

[Rakshasa] sits down on the lawn and stares into the sky again, like he usually does

<Zaluut> tilts his head, letting his hair fall off to one side as he slowly walks around, circling Fiona in a predatory manner. “Well, I believe the lab is common use.”

<Fiona>  watches him circle around her, baring her teeth in a slight snarl in response to his predatory gait. “Good to know.”

<Zaluut> passes just a little closer, his gaze searching over her for a moment longer as if seeking weakness before he backs off, waving an arm and parting the thorns that make up the maze so she can exit.

<Fiona>  narrows her eye a bit, jaw setting as Zaluut stalks closer, nodding to him and stalking out of the maze when the entrance was opened. Anne gets a withering glare as she approaches the group. “Next time you do it, grandma.”

“Oh no. I’m not exactly the best people-person. You’re much brighter than I am, Firebrand.” Anne retorts, barely managing not to snicker.

<Fiona>  just mutters a few uncomplimentary words, looking grumpy.

[Rakshasa] “Good. Thanks for your help Fiona”

<Fiona>  “I didn’t say anything about you entering.”

<Fiona>  “To him, anyway.”

“Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.” Anne says with a grin, looking to Rakshasa. “Want to test that aphorism?”

[Rakshasa] calmly says “Very well, you do the tests then. Good luck”

<Fiona>  “Thanks.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Anne and smiles and shrugs “Less things for me to worry about”

“That’s what I do best. Bring peace of mind.” Anne’s grin turns somewhat mischievous.

[Rakshasa] reaches out and pulls out a ziplock bag with rock samples carefully chiseled out using practiced hands and hands it over to Fiona “I presume you know how to do a radiometric dating?”

“Because, of course, everyone does.” Anne says with a roll of her eye.

[Rakshasa] smiles and shrugs at Anne’s sarcasm

<Fiona>  “I can give it a try.”

[Rakshasa] “Give it a try? If you don’t know how, I think maybe read up a little. Use the tiniest amount of sample, that is all you would need”

[Rakshasa] “The lesser the amount of sample you use, the more accurate the results”

<Fiona>  “I’ll see what I can find in the library. Might as well go get started.” She nods to Rakshasa and glares at Anne before heading to the library for a bit to read up.

“I think I’m growing on her.” Anne chuckles slightly to Rakshasa as Fiona walks inside.

[Rakshasa] “Just look it up on the internet” he harks with a grin as Fiona leaves. He turns to Anne “She somewhat remind you of yourself?”

“More like my daughter.” Anne says, somewhat wistfully. “She always was a bit of a hot-head too.”

[Rakshasa] Ponders whether he should ask this question “Is she..still in Afghanistan?”

“What?” Anne blinks. “Oh, no. I had her right before I moved to this country. I wanted to build her a better life. Something I couldn’t give her as a mercenary.” Anne looks off into the forest, and her voice grows much softer than usual. “She’s in New York, last I heard. Made herself a family. Living well.”

[Rakshasa] “Good.” Despite him wanting to he finds hard to empathize with Anne. He just cant connect with his humanity anymore

[Rakshasa] “I guess its nice to have family around, even if you can’t visit them anymore” He says in a neutral tone lacking emotion but trying to empathize

“Yeah,” Anne sighs, “good for her.” After a few more moments, she shakes her head. “Anyway, that’s enough brooding on decades past. We’re demons now. Isn’t there something we should be out ruining?”

“It’s been like that for a while, Tiger. I haven’t seen her in going on ten years now.” Anne says with a shrug. “She found a husband and a kid. Didn’t need me ruining anything for her just when everything was working out.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Anne “Perhaps that is for the best. The undead should not meddle in the life of the living, it always ends in disaster. You once talked about hunting down rapists and murderers. If you are game, I’d way we can do that sometime; provided it does not cause too much trouble”

“Oh, that’d be grand.” Anne lets out a sigh of pent-up frustration. “Ever since that sandman, I’ve been dying to tear into something. All the better if we can find some deserving lowlifes.”

[Rakshasa] “Alright. Let me know when you are game”

“I’m game whenever. Let me know when you want to go.” Anne says with a roll of her shoulders. “I’ll need the stress relief after trying to train Scrawny.”

[Rakshasa] shrugs “I am always ready. Make sure, you get the permissions. I don’t want to cause a city wide panic or unnatural murders that lead a trail”

[Rakshasa] “Perhaps we can bring Kitt and Chris along. Sooner or later they will have to come to terms with killing”

Anne looks hesitant. “Maybe. Not for a while, though. Chris has a long way to go before he’s ready to hunt.”

[Rakshasa] “Very well, we’ll purge the city of some of its vilest filth”

[Rakshasa] “I’m assuming, the streets will be packed tonight”

“I like a challenge.” Anne retorts.

<Fiona>  comes back down after a little while in the library, stretching.

[Rakshasa] “Sounds good to me”

“Hey there, Firebrand.” Anne shoots Fiona a smirk. “How’s the science going?”

<Fiona>  “I had to look up some stuff in the library. Haven’t gotten around to actually hitting the lab yet.

[Rakshasa] smirks

“Let me get Scrawny back to his room.” Anne bends over and hefts up Christopher. “No sense leaving him here. Someone might trip.”

[Rakshasa] “Good idea. He might need some medical assistance as well”

“Let him finish a routine, and then we can talk about medical assistance.” Anne scoffs.

[Rakshasa] “Yes. But he’s still mortal and may have some difficulties recovering”

<Fiona>  looks at Christopher. “What do you have him doing, grandma?”

“What doesn’t kill him’ll make him stronger.” Anne says with a shrug, her muscled shoulder digging into Chrisopher’s solar plexus as she does so. “I was just putting him through his first day of physical exercise. Possibly his first ever, judging by his performance.”

<Fiona>  just looks at Chris. “…..You’re one sad sack of shit.”

[Rakshasa] “Alright lets drop him inside”

“I got it. Back in a sec.” Anne starts moving inside. Before opening the doors and stepping in, she turns to Christopher and mutters; “damn, Scrawny. Pup weighs more than you do.” Then she walk in and closes the door behind her.

<Fiona>  raises an eyebrow, shaking her head.

[Rakshasa] just stares at the comedic moment

<Fiona>  “Grandma’s going to have her work cut out for her.”

After a few minutes, Anne returns with a wide grin and slightly-dusty hands. She claps them together as she steps out, still smiling mischievously.

<Fiona>  looks at Anne suspiciously. “What are you planning, grandma….?”

“Me? Planning?” Anne ‘s grin widens, if anything. “I feel you are ascribing me an untoward tendency towards malicious plotting.”

<Fiona>  just looks even more suspicious.

Anne feigns a look of innocence in the way only someone who can’t remember being innocent does.

[Rakshasa] “We are going out for a bloodbath”

[Rakshasa] speaks plainly

<Fiona>  doesn’t believe Anne for a second, and looks over at Rakshasa. “Who’re we killing?”

[Rakshasa] “The dregs of society. Rapists, human traffickers, etc”

<Fiona>  “Fucking excellent.”

“I know, right? Let’s go break in the new year.” Anne engages in a brief, languid, stretch of her arms. “Start off on a high note.”

[Rakshasa] “People like that usually hang out in shoddy underground exclusive clubs. You know any dens?”

“Depends.” Anne shrugs. “If you’re talking about Baton Rouge, I can point you to a few places I may or may not have frequented that fit the description.”

<Fiona>  “Point the way, grandma.”

“Sure. I call Shotgun.” Anne grins, starting off in the direction of the cars.

<Fiona>  “….Fuck. Why do I have to drive?”

<Fiona>  looks at Rakshasa. “You’re driving.”

[Rakshasa] shrugs “I cant drive..I fly”

<Fiona>  stops. “Are you fucking kidding me? Gah.”

<Fiona>  “Two one-eyed women and someone who can’t drive.”

<Fiona>  looks at the other two. “Rock, paper, scissors, to see who drives?”

“Too late.” Anne calls back, already halfway to the cars. “Called it.”

<Fiona>  grumbles and follows, heading to the cars.

[Rakshasa] smirks and heads towards the cars as well “Hopefully, you guys are not too keen things like the masquerade, because I’m a walking breach”

<Fiona>  gets in the car and starts it up, looking back at Rakshasa. “And I’m not? Look at my fucking eye.” Her remaining eye is slitted like a cat’s. FYI.

“I lost half my face to napalm, and the other half to a grenade’s faulty fuse.” Anne shrugs. “I’m used to being a walking freakshow.”

[Rakshasa] pulls out a pair of shades to cover his eyes, just in case. Travel in certain Camarilla cities have taught him this much

<Fiona>  checks the glove compartment for something to cover her eyes too.

<Fiona>  starts the car and heads off!

[Rakshasa] “I haven’t been inside a car in..I don’t know how long”

Anne slides into the passenger seat. “It’s easy.” Anne says to Rakshasa. “Just sit down and wait. I’m sure you’ll manage.”

<Fiona>  “I won’t crash. And what grandma said.”

[Rakshasa] silently enjoys the ride

<Fiona>  looks to Anne for directions to wherever they’re going first.

“There’s an old place downtown a bit.” Anne says, her voice cold as she gives the directions. “Never figured out who was running it, but it was the closest thing you could come to a drug den. Not anything recreational. Date-rape stuff.”

<Fiona>  nods, following the given directions and finding a parking spot before shutting the car off and getting out.

[Rakshasa] “Good start, should be full tonight”

<Fiona>  cracks her knuckles and walks over to the door, checking it and drawing back a fist.

“Are we going to leave it empty, then?” Anne asks, cracking her knuckles.

[Rakshasa] “Are we just going to go in and kill things, without a word?”

<Fiona>  slams her fist into the door, pulling a repeat of what she did at the bunker and punching it clear off its’ hinges into the interior.

“What’d doors ever do to you?” Anne mutters as Fiona punches in another door.

<Fiona>  “They got in the way.”

“Fair enough.” Anne sighs.

<Fiona>  “Besides, an effective and scary entrance is its’ own weapon.”

[Rakshasa] nods

<Fiona>  walks inside, looking around to see who’s hanging out in the club tonight.

[Rakshasa] walks in too, sunglasses on and takes a good long look. He does not kill without reason but something feral stirs within him tonight, maybe its the moon

<ST> The room is full of sleeze tonight, any excuse to get drunk.

Anne strolls in, taking in the crowd with her sole eye. Her face bears its habitual smirk, but sadism rather than mirth lies behind it.

<Fiona>  murmurs. “Where to start…..”

[Rakshasa] takes a look at the pathetic junkies lying around, he almost feels sorry for them..almost

<Fiona>  murmurs again, gentler this time. “Claws out?”

“Gimme a sec.” Anne mutters back out of the corner of her mouth and surreptitiously sniffs the air a few times.

<Fiona>  nods to Anne.

“Three in the back, one at the bar.” Anne growls, pointing the individuals out. “Everyone else smells too much like sweat, cheap beer, and not bathing to tell.” She takes a step forward, then adds; “good rule of thumb. If they’re wearing a nice outfit, they’re here to buy more than piss-brew.”

<Fiona>  nods to Anne, balling her hands into fists. “Got it.”

[Rakshasa] decides not to use his claws for now, instead going for some old fashioned knuckle sandwich. He roars “Everyone who doesn’t own this place…out!!”

<Fiona>  chuckles at Rakshasa, waiting to see if the mentioned individuals make a break for it.

“Unless you want a free ride to the city morgue and a shared spot on tomorrow evening’s news, that is.” Anne adds in a low, menacing tone.

<Fiona>  “We’re game if you are.”

<Storyteller> Guy by the bar reaches behind it and pulls out a shotgun. “What the fuck? Look at these stupid bitches.”

[Rakshasa] rushes and attempts a punch to the face, to stun and disorient the guy by the bar

<Storyteller> The three other guys get up as well, all brandishing firearms of their own.

[Rakshasa] tells Fiona to lock the door from the outside

<Fiona>  just grins savagely and takes off her shades, moving in toward the guy who spoke.

<Fiona>  activates claws and slashes at shotgun guy with them, if he’s still up.

[Rakshasa] moves forward and unleashes a cracking reverse kick to the shotgun goon’s neck. He could head something crack

Anne rushes forward alongside Rakshasa, and wrenches the barkeep’s gun from his hands as Rakshasa delivers a kick to his neck.

<Storyteller> Goon 1 takes a shot at Rak, and doesn’t look happy when it doesn’t do an much as he thought it should.

[Rakshasa] feels the sting of the bullet. He turns and looks at the goon. Now he changes his balled up fist to a clawed hand. Shit just got serious

<Storyteller> The second guy decides Fiona might be easier, besides, she’s creepy. He fires and it’s a solid shot, but doesn’t do a whole lot.

<Fiona>  growls and changes targets, moving toward the guy who’d shot her, letting claws appear. If she’s close enough, she’ll slash at him.

<Fiona>  rips deeply into the goon that shot her, her claws snagging on bone with the viciousness and brutality of the attack.

<Storyteller> The other guy over there panics and just starts unloading into Fiona as she eats his buddy right next to him. He keeps just pulling the trigger, frozen even after she stops moving, half her head missing.

Anne takes the stolen gun, spins, and fires it just as Fiona drops. The first shot goes slightly wide, wounding the goon who shot her. The second round catches him in the upper torso, pulping it.

[Rakshasa] looks at Fiona going into torpor and he flies into a feral fury. He rushes at the other guard and unleashes a fury of claw swipes, with the discipline of martial arts

[Rakshasa] As the man falls to the ground. He bares his fangs and drains all the blood he can

[Rakshasa] As he savagely drains the blood of his victim. Memories of the savagery and massacre in the mountain cave. Tonight he’s no better than his sire. A savage beast out for blood, has he gone this far? He snaps out of his bloodlust and wipes his mouth. He looks over at Fiona’s near headless corpse “Is she dead? NO..there is life left. But I am not strong enough to revive her”

“Get her in the car. Now.” Anne growls. She bends over and takes a quick bite out of the barkeep, then blasts his neck open with her new shotgun. She then quickly strides over and unloads rounds into the other two goons, obliterating their wounds. She then lifts their guns and any spare ammo she can spot.

Finally, she dips a finger in blood and writes the word “sinners” on the wall in an approximation of crazy-person spelling. “We’ll worry about that later. Car now. I’m driving.”

[Rakshasa] lifts Fiona in her arms and rushes her to the car. He places her in the back seat and puts his shirt under hear half missing head to keep the blood flow in check “Lets go”

Anne hops into the car seat and quickly ignites the engine. She puts the petal to the metal for the first block, then drives responsibly until they’re out of the city, taking care to avoid places the police tend to frequently patrol.

[Rakshasa] “She’s in torpor. We need potent blood to revive her or she’ll stay like that for a month at least”

“That’d teach her for charging someone with a bead on her.” Anne growls, keeping her eyes firmly on the road.

<Fiona>  ….bleeds.

[Rakshasa] “Aye. Bullets are only weak as long as they travel a good distance before hitting us, up close they are nasty. Thats why I went for the shotgun dude first. Good thing you disarmed him”

“Naturally,” Anne nods, “biggest threat taken out, and I got a new shotgun out of the deal. Nice kick to his neck, by the by, even if it was a bit flashy.”

[Rakshasa] grins “I had originally intended to use only fists and kicks to take them down, non lethal. But then they blew away Fiona’s head so no more Mr. nice guy”

“That wasn’t a ‘non-lethal’ kick, Tiger.” Anne retorts. “Even if you misjudged your own strength, you fight nicer than I do. I play for keeps. Only an idiot fights fair, only cheaters prosper.”

[Rakshasa] sighs “My sire..was a monster, a true beast who killed innocents and the wicked alike without a moments thought, to him humans are all insects. I try not to think like that, even if they are beneath us; once upon a time, we too were human. That kick was intended to paralyze by snapping the spine, but I guess it could have easily snapped his upper neck and killed him. The point is I try not to kill needlessly, even if they are low lives. But if I am forced or If I have very good reason to, I will kill without hesitation”

[Rakshasa] “I..I think I may be becoming more and more like him with time”

“Sounds a lot like…” Anne trails off for a moment, “well, let’s just say someone I knew once. There are a lot of things that can prompt killing, and if you let yourself slip, you’ll start to get lost in that reason. In that feeling. Eventually, the reasons don’t really matter anymore. Just the rush of death.”

Anne’s quiet for a few more moments. “I guess the point I’m meandering towards is that fighting should be a last resort. When you have to do it, go all out, but don’t start a fight you don’t have a damn good reason for finishing.”

[Rakshasa] “Well we finished all four of them tonight thats for sure.” He turns back to see Fiona’s near lifeless, mutilated body “What we did tonight, lets not do this again..It was not worth it, given the price Fiona paid. We’ll have much more important battles to fight, battles that will determine the fate of this chapter”

“No. Next time we head out on a hunt, we do it correctly. No knocking down doors, no starting fights in crowded bars.” Anne states coolly. “We do proper recon, we get proper intel, we go in quick, and we don’t give the prey a chance to fight back.”

[Rakshasa] nods “Alright”

“For now, we get Firebrand back to the Asylum.” Anne says, checking the rear-view mirror as she does so. “Keep an eye on our six. Make sure we don’t have a tail. I’ll pull-over once were a few dozen miles out, and you can check again from the skies.”

Christopher slowly comes back to bare consciousness and begins to focus on recovering from his injuries. He focuses on all the wounds he has taken and on his sore, aching muscles. He pushes his vitae through his system to recover his injuries as he continues to lay in the grass.  He then stands up slowly onto his feet and walks over to the compound. He is not sure how much time has passed but he definitely would like to get back to his studies. He marches along slowly his whole body aching still despite the curative power of his blood.

[Rakshasa] “How far till we get to the asylum?”

“Quit your bellyachin’. We’re almost there.” Anne grumbles as she pulls into the ill-maintained road leading into the Asylum compound. She pulls the car near where the others are parked, and cuts the engine. “Here. I’ll take Fiona in. Her pack leader’s going to need to treat her.”

Christopher finds the note left beside him and reads it,”Ugh. I don’t know that I can do this multiple days in a row yet. I wonder where Anne is.” He then walks upstairs and slowly marches outside the Asylm. He’s still bruised but not so much that he is unable to walk. His arms dangle limply at each side however as he straggles out.

[Rakshasa] “Alright” he waits by the car as Anne carries Fiona away. He then take the bloody shirt and walks towards his home. His body stained with the blood of those he killed..or murdered

Christopher is sitting on the steps as they walk towards the Asylum he sees Anne and perks up for a moment, then almost decides to run away, but decides he has neither the time nor energy for such things.

Anne carefully picks up Fiona, and slings the younger woman over her shoulder. As she steps inside, she spots Christopher, and shoots him a grin. “Hey, Scrawny. Apparently you’re not the only one sleeping off some work today. Glad to see you’re already up and about. Means you can take a bit more tomorrow.”

[Rakshasa] sits outside the abandoned building, contemplating his actions. He’ll be doing that for a while

Christopher blinks twice,”Not really, I used my blood to be able to move… and now I regret that I cannot assist Fiona with her injuries. Of course I could have continued to lay there as I were until my body healed naturally, however that would have been days from now. I am going to need to study until my body recovers the rest of the way… naturally. More importantly, what happened, and will Fiona be alright?”

“You need to do at least an hour of cardio a day, even light cardio, to see any improvement, injuries or no.” Anne says sternly. “And Fiona’s going to be fine. She decided charging directly into bullets might be a sound tactical move. The bullets one that little contest.”

Christopher blinks,”Right, straight into bullets hmm? I have read that mortals have things called ‘Bulletproof vests’ Do we happen to have any?”

“They don’t make ’em for heads, Scrawny.” Anne says sardonically.

Christopher thinks for a moment,”They do make riot gear helmets, although that would not be very discreet. I have been pondering the creation of a sort of ‘force field’ technology. Perhaps we could create some extra fortification for our heads in the future. So much research to be done…”

“Yeah, or we could just not run into bullets.” Anne retorts. “Seems like the easier solution.”

Christopher nods,”We should still avoid bullets whenever possible, and her strategy may not have been wise in this instance, but it may not always be avoidable.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Anne shrugs with the shoulder not carrying Fiona. “I’ve got to get Firebrand inside so she can sleep this off.”

Christopher nods,”I’ll see what I can do for research.”

With that, Anne hauls Fiona inside and starts looking for the topored woman’s pack leader to see about bringing her back around.

Christopher,”I think I will go inside and rest up as well so that I can be ready for tommorow.”

Christopher heads back into the Asylum and goes to sleep.