<ST> Belle’s is fairly quiet this evening as each person arrives in turn through their various means. There are people about, but the mood is mellow this evening. The first set of bouncers hardly glances as people go in, and inside the club is it a bit louder but hardly busy. There is a live band on stage doing various covers, but they seem to be getting a good response. All along the dancefloor is mirror that reaches from one end to the other, with a single door off to the side of the bar. Two more bouncers are here, they eye each person far more carefully but allow each in the group to pass.

<ST> Inside the VIP section, it becomes immediately apparent that the mirror is one-way, allowing those inside to watch the club and it’s mortals going about their dancing and drinking. This section is decorated with more finery and is a lot quieter, the sound in here muffled. There is a separate bar here, and several booths and tables for sitting and talking.

|Magatsu| gets out of a taxi and walks through the crowded streets of New Orleans. He is dressed in semi formals. He is carrying a bag on his back that conceals his two swords. He checks his phone if he has the right address “Hmm, this is the right place alright. Looks like Americans really like their night clubs.” he softly mutters to himself. Bella’s club stands right in front of him. He passes his fingers through his long hair, checks the time and enters through the door

Martin arrives at the club, glancing to his paper to make sure it’s the right place before going inside.  He goes inside and then looks at the stage, tilting his head before pushing further in, walking to the bouncers but then nodding as they allow him to pass.

Marge parks a block or so away on her motercycle, then gets off and walks the rest of the way to the club.  A few of the people giving her looks get a narrowed gaze that sends them moving away with haste.  She is a broad woman, over six feet tall, buzz cut blonde hair, and looks like she works out… Alot.

|Magatsu| walks inside the club to find its surprisingly quiet. “Hmm” he takes a look around to check the exits and how many bouncers are there. He walks towards VIP section and approaches one of the bouncers guarding the gate. “I’m here to meet Mr. Bishop. My name is Magatsu, I have an appointment with him tonight”

*Katarina*  saunters up to the club, waggling her fingers at the bouncers as she walked into the club, after they let her in, of course. She’s somewhat shorter than average, at 5’2″, and is currently wearing http://www.polyvore.com/katarina_sf/set?id=194123122

<Storyteller> The bouncers just look at Magatsu like he’s stupid, eyeing his back. “You can’t go in with that. We’ll put it in the safe.”

|Magatsu| raises an eyebrow. Those swords are special to him and he carries them everywhere. But he doesn’t want to cause and trouble. “Alright. Dont lose them” He says with a cold, emotionless tone and hands over the bag. He then walks in

Marge stands behind Magatsu, looking down at him but remaining silent about him holding her up.  After getting the okay from the bouncers though, she goes past and into the other room.

When Anet arrives at Belle’s, it is in the back of a local limousine. She steps out without fanfare, tips the driver generously, and walks forward calmly.  To the observant and knowledgeable of fashion, her trim black overcoat, tie, pocket watch, and haircut each cost more than most mortals make in a year, but have been tailored carefully so as not to be overly attractive. She smiles warmly, but professionally, at the bouncer. In a prominent accent, she greets him; “Ahoj. I am new in this city, and here to pay tribute to Mistr Bishop.”

*Katarina*  gives Marge a once-over, the right corner of her lips upturned as she gives the larger woman a two-fingered wave.

<Shotgun> is standing by the bar in the VIP section, talking to Bishop as he sits in his chair where he can look over both the VIP room and the rest of the club easily. She shakes her head at something he says, and then glances behind hr. As she sees new arrivals she moves to the side a bit, letting him conduct his business.

Martin waits, not going closer than the middle of the room without being acknowledged first.

<Michael Bishop> stands and looks as not one, but several new people trickle in through the doors. His expression is blank on the matter, but his Presense is immedately felt, like a cold wind, it eats away at all those he watches with that blue stare of his.

<ST> The bouncers nod to Anet, allowing her inside without issue.

Marge looks down at Kat and raises an eyebrow, but responds with a friendly smile.

|Magatsu| comes inside and stands a bit further away from the door, waiting patiently for his turn

*Katarina*  winks and turns away, looking toward Michael and giving him a light nod of greeting.

|Magatsu| is wearing brown leather gloves and has not taken them off even while indoors

*Katarina*  also has a pair of black leather gloves.

<Shotgun> gives the group a general looking over, but doesn’t say anything as she stands off to the side. She is currently dressed like a cowgirl, hat, shit-kicker boots, tight jeans, and a loose blue blouse.

<Shotgun> is openly armed as well, with a old-style gun in a modern holster on her hip.

<Michael Bishop> takes a single step forward after setting his drink (which is in a black wineglass) onto the bar. He is dressed in a nice suit, well-tailored but not over the top. His hair falls loosely about his shoulders today and his pale skin resembles cut marble. His blue eyes are startling, and radiate a feeling that chills you right to the core. “This is a lot of new faces.”, he says with a voice equally cold to match. “Alright. Where are you from, what is your bloodline, and why are you here?”

Martin looks a little taken aback, but glances back toward the others before speaking up himself.  “I am from the city, and… I’m an aquantaince of Isabella’s.  I am here to do some work for her.”

|Magatsu| waits for Martin to finish and Bishop to respond

Marge steps up, but not too close given that Presence she is feeling.  “Margarette Hoss.  Gangrel.  Might just be passing through, but if it is not a problem, I might stay here a while as well.”

*Katarina*  keeps her expression mostly calm, dropping the amusement. “Kat Antonescu, Clan Gangrel. Just stopped in to rest my feet for a bit, and will stay with your permission.” There may be a brief flash of red eyes.

Anet, from her position across the room, gives a polite nod to the obviously-armed woman when she glances at the group, surmising that anyone permitted to openly carry weapons in the Prince’s domain is either the Sheriff, or a trusted (and therefore powerful) associate of the Prince’s.

At the prince’s question, she bows her head respectfully. “My name is Anet Nicol Královna, your grace. I hail from Czechoslovakia, and from the Ventrue who rule the night there.”

“My sire and I thought travel would agree with my continuing education. For that I would seek to place myself at your disposal, and that of your appointed, and to make my haven in this city.”

|Magatsu| steps up and gives a courteous bow, perfected with practiced etiquette. “Greetings your grace! I am Magatsu, of clan Brujah. Childer of Eric du Bellagard; from the circle of the Scottish Camarilla, city of Aberdeen. I am the former deputy of the Sheriff of Aberdeen and one of the personal bodyguards of the Prince. I humbly present myself before your presence. I come seeking the suspected murderer that has killed my sire, but unfortunately the scoundrel has sought refuge in the Sabbat controlled city of Baton Rouge. I cannot go back without learning more about Eric’s death. Thus I beg before your grace to allow me in his city, so I may serve him during my stay, as I have served the Camarilla for years before

|Magatsu| “I think, a letter was sent you to your grace about my arrival” He bows again

<Shotgun> eyes each as they speak, just waching them as a few strands of long blonde hair fall over her face. She remains quiet, though on a couple of accounts seems to find some amusement somewhere and averts her gaze toward the trick mirror.

<Michael Bishop> looks at Martin. “An… I see. Well then, I have no quarrel with you, nor your Clan. In fact, we rather enjoy the increase in business that the Giovanni have brought to this city.”

<Michael Bishop> His cold gaze turns toward Marge and Kat together as he seems almost to be sizing them up. “I see. Well, we have a great many passing through now and then so you are welcome so long as you are obeying the Traditions. As a note, you have no Primogen in this city, most do not stay long, but I am sure you can manage on your own.”

<Michael Bishop> looks at Anet and for a moment, his cold gaze seems to warm slightly, though not by much. “You are of course welcome to Hospitality here. Gregory Mont is the Primogen, and most of us take Haven in the Garden District, as well as feeding domain.”

<Michael Bishop> looks finally at Magastu, his gaze turning violently cold again though his expression does not change. The feeling of his Presense is near overwhelming as it washes out across the entirety of the group present. “I have no reason to turn you away, Brujah as welcome here as any other who follow the Traditions. The Brujah Primogen is Zane Calbeni, and he is usually found at a place called the Devil’s Trill.”

Marge nods and kind of waits a bit, making sure all is done before she moves.

*Katarina*  gives Bishop a nod of assent.

|Magatsu| raises his head. “Thank you, your grace” His face is emotionless as if its a corpse talking with a bit of etiquette

Martin shrugs his shoulders and glances off toward the others briefly, taking them in for a moment.  His dark hair seems to be a little unkempt, his hazel eyes showing some constant, inner tormoil of emotion that never quite transfers to his face.

Anet bows in equal measures gratitude and respect as the prince addresses her. “Then I am in your debt twice over, your grace. I shall certainly heed your advice.” She then raises herself back up. Not standing quite straight; her shoulders still bowed forwards just noticeably.

<Michael Bishop> steps back without turning his back on them and retakes his seat, hand moving to his wineglass. “Then I bid you all goodnight.” He shifts his gaze to Lynn, and there is the slightest hint of malice in his eyes when he looks at her. “You as well, Archon, please have a lovely evening.”

<Shotgun> nods her head politely to Bishop and then starts to make her way toward the exit, glancing at the others only briefly once more. She smiles, the feeling coming from her carries no less weight but it is warmer, and more inviting.

|Magatsu| gives a very brief glance at Shotgun, noticing she is armed while his were confiscated

Martin nods to the woman as she passes, then looks to the others.  Deciding that this place is not his cup of tea at the moment, he decides to leave, following the woman out to the parking lot.

*Katarina*  nods to Michael, before making her way out, shortly after Shotgun does, anyway.

Marge nods and then heads outside as well, enjoying a stretch as she exits.  “That was… Stuffy.  But thankfully over.”

Anet bows forward once more then walks backward, still facing the prince, for a few steps, then slowly turns and makes her way towards the door. Once outside, she leans herself against the outer wall, withdraws a cigarette from her coat and lights it before taking a draw. Anet pulls out her phone next, and sends a message to one of her underlings.

<Shotgun> reaches her jeep and then turns around, noticing she is being followed. “Yes? Can I help you?”

She’d need to check housing prices near the garden district.

|Magatsu| walks out last. He heads off to the guards and claims his bag, checking if the contents are in proper shape

*Katarina*  shrugs to Marge as she steps outside. “It was tolerable enough.

“Holding court is not meant to be engaging.” Anet comments as she types, casting a sparing glance towards Marge out of the corner of her eye. “Though, admittedly, that has never stopped the Rose Clan from enjoying its experience.”

Martin tilts his head, eyes falling on the gun at her side.  “That’s a lovely gun, very old but well kept.  I was just curious about it, it seems like the sort of thing that has a history.”

<Shotgun> looks at him and then nods as she starts to get into the jeep. “It does and perhaps you’ll hear it some time… so long as you stay out of trouble. Otherwise, you risk becoming a part of that history, understand?”

Martin takes that in and nods his head.  “Yes Ma’am.  I understand perfectly.  You have a good night.”, he says quietly before turning and meandering back across the parking lot slowly.

Marge watches Martin and chuckles to herself before looking over at Kat and Anet.  “Well, that being done, I am gonna check out the Devil’s Trill.  Seems more my speed.”

|Magatsu| straps the long bag on his back and steps outside. He calls a cab on his phone and waits for it to arrive

*Katarina*  “Cool. Count me in, if you’ve got room for one more.”

“Then I shall bid you well, and a pleasant evening.” Anet turns her full attention to Marge, flashing a cordial smile and giving a polite nod. “Good morning, Dáma Hoss.”

Then Anet turns to Katarina, and offers the same. “And you as well, Dáma Antonescu.”

|Magatsu| pulls out his pocket watch and checks the time. He then looks up the Devil’s Thrill on his GPS. Looks like thats where he is headed next

*Katarina*  “Thanks.”

Marge laughs heartily, “Only if you don’t mind riding bitch.”, she says as she heads off toward her motorcycle.

*Katarina*  “Awesome.” She follows, shoving her hands into her pockets.

<ST> Those that went to the Trill find this place to be of an entirely different flavor. It is obviously a biker bar of sorts, several motorcycles parked out front. The door is solid steel, but has a few dents in it noticible upon approach, as well as what looks like possible blood stains on the porch just outside the place. It reeks of cigarette smoke, and is filled with people playing pool and drinking.

Anet watches the others leave, debating something. After a few moments, she sends her driver off early for the night with a second tip for time spent waiting. She heads down the street a block, and uses her phone to look up an address and order a cab, then follows the others to the Devil’s Trill. She stops the driver two blocks early, then walks the remainder

<CoraAnn> rolls her eyes at Zane, sitting across from him in a booth in the back. “Pervert. No, I haven’t talked to them… been kinda skirting all that since the last time Samson beat the shit outta me.”

*Katarina*  looks around after dismounting Marge’s bike. “Not too shabby.”

<Zane Calbeni> nods his head and runs his hand through his short hair, giving it a frustrated ruffle. “You know I feel that is Grade A Bullshit, right? I know you can’t say no but… be careful.”

|Magatsu| steps out of the cab as he can hear the loud music behind the steel door “Typical Brujah stereotype” He mutters to himself

Marge grins as she parks and cracks her knuckles.  ‘This looks way more fun already.” She heads inside, giving the place a once-over before taking a seat at the bar.

*Katarina*  follows Marge inside, but doesn’t sit at the bar, settling at a table and kicking her feet up.

“Not quite the warrior-poets of Carthage any more are they?” Anet asks  Magatsu as she steps up in front of the the Devil’s Trill as well. “Yet still, I find theirs to be a very agreeable presence.”

|Magatsu| gives a cold stare at Anet not smiling even a bit at her remark. steps aside and says “After you miss..”

“If you insist,” she smiles back cordially, apparently unperturbed by the cold behaviour, and steps inside.

As Anet enters the bar, those who saw her during the meeting with the prince would see that the quality of her attire has dropped to plain, rather than expensive yet unassuming. There are even signs of obvious self-repair.  She examines the room briefly, then seats herself near the front on a vacant barstool.

<CoraAnn> brushes her streak of bright magenta hair out of her face and nods her head to Zane. “Yeah, I am.”, she takes a sip of her tequila sunrise and glances toward the door as people come in. “Uhm… we got weirdos and noobs on your six.”

<Zane Calbeni> turns his head to get a look at some of those that just entered, passing over Kat and marge without a second look… over Anet… then stops on Magatsu and stares for a moment. “Well, that stands out.”

*Katarina*  nods to Zane in response.

<ST> A few of the patrons give Magatsu a very funny look, a couple of them glancing over toward the man behind the bar with a beard (picture a viking bartender) who shakes his head before going back to what they were doing.

|Magatsu| walks in behind Anet. He was not impressed by her assessment of the proud Brujah clan but he let it pass this time. Despite being an odd one out, dressed in semi formals, he walks in with confidence; partly because the place is Brujah owned and partly because he is used to mob clubs back home

|Magatsu| takes a long good look around before taking a seat 2 seats away from Anet.

<Zane Calbeni> sighs a bit to Cora, keeping his voice low. “He’s probably Brujah, and recently had his feelings hurt. But he seems okay for now. I don’t recognize any of the others just coming in either, but not sure of their nature.”

Marge eyes the bartender for a few before walking over toward one of the groups playing pool.  “Mind if I join in the next round?”, she asks.

|Magatsu| takes off the bag from his back and puts it against the bar table. He turns around and orders a drink, then asks the bartender “I’m looking for Zane Calbeni. I heard he hangs out here often”

*Katarina*  relaxes, hopefully not causing much trouble. Yet.

|Magatsu| saying that he lights a cigarette

<CoraAnn> tilts her head as she watches the people she doesn’t recognize, then scoots over to Zane’s other side of the horse-shoe shaped booth.

<ST> Erik looks Magatsu over, then looks behind him, not changing his expression till he’s given the okay. “Back there, by the girl with the pink hair.”

|Magatsu| nods to Eric “Thanks” He leaves his swords at the bar and walks over to Zane at the booth and speaks softly “Good evening. Sorry to intrude your privacy primogen”

*Katarina*  gets up and heads over to the pool table, checking out the action.

<Zane Calbeni> does his best not to roll his eyes. “Just Zane is fine. Titles don’t suit me.”, he smirks a bit, giving off a certain boyish charm. “Is there something you needed?”

|Magatsu| nodded “No. I just wanted to present myself. I’m Magatsu and today is my first night here. The prince told me that I could find you here and so I came”

Marge gets in there and makes a good shot, better than she expected.  “Well, that was a nice start…”

|Magatsu| has a small smile on his face

*Katarina*  eventually decides to join in, getting a pool cue and lining up a shot.

|Magatsu| “Good to meet you prim…Zane”

<ST> A couple more of the guys go, doing a very nice job. it seems this is a regular thing for them.”

*Katarina*  gets off an okay shot.

<Zane Calbeni> blinks and frowns a little bit. “I highly doubt he told you to come and find me. But it is not uncommon to assume something when it’s not your primary language, I imagine.”

<CoraAnn> chuckles faintly, giving a little shake of her head. “What does Primogen, mean?”, she asks, looking confused.

<Zane Calbeni> sighs, looking at Cora, then Magatsu. “Now you’ve gone and done it. I gotta go all erasing this poor mortal’s memory again cause people can’t respect the Masquerade.”

|Magatsu| laughs a little. Its very easy to deduce he’s a foreigner and speaks English with a clear Japanese accent “That is true. Nonetheless I thought it would be nice if I came over and paid my respects”

*Katarina*  frowns a bit, lining up another shot.

|Magatsu| gives glance at the pink haired girl and thinks ::A mortal? Oh boy:: then replies to Zane “My apologies”

Marge grins, enjoying the compitition more than the hustling and gives it her all, taking a better shot.

<CoraAnn> can’t keep a straight face, and laughs, taking the last of her drink. “Oh, I can’t… I’m sorry. My name is Cora, and I’m Gangrel.”

*Katarina*  mutters a bit, shifting her angle and closing one eye as she lines up another shot. Hopefully, this would work better.

<ST> The Pool Boys get a less than favorable shot, but are still alright, though a little put off.

<Zane Calbeni> ruffles Cora’s black and pink ahir. “Dammit, Cora. I was trying to teach him a lesson.”

|Magatsu| turns to Cora and smiles “Ohh. Well you guys got me with that one, heh heh. Good to meet you Cora”

Anet simply observes from the bar, a cigarette pursed between her lips. She takes in the occasional conversation, but her main attention is in the pool game. Or perhaps the two people who called Magatsu over who lie beyond.

*Katarina*  keeps up this strategy, moving a bit down the table before lining up another shot.

Marge laughs and goes in for another shot, sinking it easily.

*Katarina*  finally sinks a shot in, moving to line up another shot.

<ST> The Pool Guys fall behind a little, but are still doing okay. They start eyeing marge though.

<CoraAnn> grumbles and fixes her hair. “Stop it, Zane! Sheesh. Worse than my big brother I swear. Yeah, nice to meet you too. But you really should be careful, some places allow mortals in and you don’t want to have a slip-up.”

*Katarina*  sinks a shot in, grinning and straightening up.

|Magatsu| nods not even remotely amused at this joke but laughs nervously anyway “Indeed, indeed”

*Katarina*  moved over a bit and bent over, lining up a shot and giving the people opposite her a good look at her cleavage. Hey. Everything’s fair in pool, right?

Marge just grins again, not noticing or caring she might piss them off… She is twice the size of some of these men afterall.  She takes another excellent shot, and smiles.

<ST> The Pool guys are distracted, but not so much they just lose… though they can’t seem to lift their eyes from Kat’s more womanly features.

*Katarina*  milks it for all it’s worth, wiggling her chest from side to side.

<Zane Calbeni> looks at Mag and nods his head. “Well, it is true. I own this place and all are welcome here. It’s not Elysium but we don’t tolerate Shenanigans. It’s neutral ground though as far as we are concerned so even those not recognized by the Prince may take shelter here as long as they aren’t causing shit.”

<CoraAnn> nods a bit and climbs out of the booth through Zane’s side, yelping when he swats her on the ass. “Hey, pervert! Watch it. But speaking of… I gotta go cause some shit, just… elsewhere. Good talk though.”

|Magatsu| nods “I will take caution not to cause any problems.” He looks at Cora “See you later.” He turns back to Zane “Thank you for the talk Zane. If you don’t mind I’d take my leave. There seems to be an interesting match going on over there” He points at the pool

Marge takes her last shot and grins, triumphantly.  Luckily, the guys seemed more interested in Kat’s breasts than in thier loss to her.  “Good game guys, but I gotta run.”

*Katarina*  also takes another shot, sinking the ball in and giving her chest a final wiggle before straightening up, smirking.

<Zane Calbeni> nods and stretches out in the booth seat like a big black panther. “Go on, you’re fine.”

|Magatsu| turns around and walks over to the bar again, noticing the match was over\

Marge just laughs and shakes her head a bit.  “Wow…” She looks back to Kat and smirks.  “I’m sure I will see you around here and there… Same circles and all.”  She also gives a friendly wave to Anet, and a nod to Mag before leaving.

*Katarina*  impishly grins at Marge.

Anet nods cordially back as Marge waves to her.

|Magatsu| picks up his bag and dials in a taxi. After a few minutes he gets up leaves

*Katarina*  blows the men a kiss before leaving, smirking as she exited.

Anet continues watching the bar for about an hour, observing the kindred patrons and, more interesting to her, the mortal ones. As dawn begins to approach, however, she adjourns. She walks a ways away, calls another cab, and retires to her haven further uptown.