[Rakshasa] is roaming around in the lawn, aimlessly

Christopher walks outside with a small satchel of books in hand. He heads over to his typical spot before spotting Rakshasa.”Greetings Rakshasa. I am beginning to make ground in my studies. Do you have any plans this evening?

[Rakshasa] was absent minded for a moment, then notices the revenant approach him “Good evening. Pardon me, I was absorbed in thought. No plans for tonight. I was wondering about accessing that drainage, somehow if we can break through that, I feel it will lead to something worthwhile”

[Rakshasa] “Speaking of which. Is the dried blood usable for any tests? What did Sascha say?”

Christopher shakes his head,”I have not yet spoken to Sascha as she was not available immediately following our mission. I submitted a written report to her and I will follow on with a verbal one when I see her. As for the blood samples, I have not yet begun testing. We have been preparing the sample as much as possible in order to assist with the tests. It is a very limited sample and with the state it is in, it must be used cautiously. In the meantime I have been contemplating creating compounds that can extend the lifespan of blood and vitae outside the body. I hope that I can create elixers of a sort that will help us fight our battles. For the sandmen in particular I have been thinking about developing some form of paste-like cement that could be used as a form of poison against them. After all, if we could turn their insides into solid cement that may give us an advantage against them. What do you think?”

[Rakshasa] “Turning their insides solid huh? We must remember that these creatures are simply a construct with a soul trapped in them. The do not eat, breathe and they do not have any internal organs. They are bags of skin and their insides are full sand. Compressing it solid may make them immobile, but that will also harden their insides making them difficult to destroy. Don’t you think?”

Christopher nods,”Unless the cement construct is also very brittle, like a weak glass, then it would make it easier to destroy them. Perhaps freezing them solid would be a better method. Liquid Nitrogen can freeze organic and inorganic constructs and causes them to be rendered incredibly brittle. For instance, if you take a banana and bathe it in liquid nitrogen, you can then shatter it on nearly any surface into many small pieces. I believe I could create an improvement on the liquid nitrogen, perhaps eventually weaponize it into bullets or allow it to be sprayed out in a shotgun blast. This may also help us collect and preserve samples for later study…” Christopher pulls out his notepad and begins to cross some notes off and pencil in others.

[Rakshasa] “Liquid nitrogen will freeze the skin yes, but I’m not sure how effective it will be against sand. Additionally liquid nitrogen is volatile and will rapidly evaporate. Even if you do manage to store it inside a bullet, the nitrogen will freeze the primer gunpowder inside the bullet, preventing it from combusting. Essentially the bullet never goes off. Even if you manage to isolate the differences in temperature between the primer chamber and the projectile carrying the liquid, the heat generated while the gun fires will instantly evaporate the nitrogen. There are also chances of water vapor condensing on the gun due to the low temperature of the liquid nitrogen”

[Rakshasa] “However if some other form of chemical that stays liquid at room temperature and can react with sand to make it brittle, perhaps it can be used in hollow point rounds”

Christopher nods,”I could also forgo the need to use combustion for the initial blast. I could use compressed gas as the propellant and combine it with a blast of water to aid in the sand freezing upon impact. The initial prototypes will probably not be highly effective on their own but they should render the targets more vulnerable to secondary attacks with more traditional weapons. If the nitrogen is compressed into pellet form it is possible that I could even hurl them at the foes without a weapon, propelling them with my mind instead. A grenade like form may also be useful in the future, to flashfreeze everything in the room. First blasts of pressurized water, followed by pressured liquid nitrogen could do a number on them. We would have to be careful to avoid friendly fire from them however.”

[Rakshasa] listens to his hypotheses “I wish you all the best with your project. If you are successful in this endeavor, it will benefit us all. Its good to see that you are so passionate about your field of study” He pauses for a second looking at the dark clouds in the sky. He would have taken a deep breath had he been alive “Tell me Christopher, what drives you to do all this, to be so proactive in helping your comrade in arms”

Christopher smiles,”On the purely logical side, it is our mutual survival. I had initially hoped that at the minimum, I would prove myself an asset to ensure that I wasn’t disposed of. On the emotional side I feel both a sense of duty and overwhelming endearment. Many of you have shown your own sense of kindness or gratitude. I personally believe that the beast was given to you first, then to us, to evolve us both mutually. This evolution and symbiosis may be necessary in both the coming nights… and days… I hope that we can all endure them… together.”

[Rakshasa] nods with a smile at the well thought out response “I appreciate that your reply is such an honest one. So you do feel an attachment to this covenant, like it is your family, even though you were born into a kind of..slavery. But at the same time, your efforts, as you said, are logically motivated by your need to survive; to prove useful; because if you become redundant you fear you may be cast aside? Such dichotomy! It makes me think about the life of a revenant” He pauses for a moment “So you were born into this Sabbat covenant? How many years did you spend with your parents?”

Christopher smiles faintly,”I was born in a laboratory run by Obertus. The experiment killed my mother and I was raised by my father and the other scientists. I would not say he had as much affection for me as… fascination… and resentment. The other members of the family had pressured him to allow his wife to submit to his version of the serum. The serum was meant to empower the blood and also sped up gestation and growth, which for Revenants, as you may know, typically takes hundreds of years. Many of the other test subject before had been aborted to save the mothers. The children gestating within months but with deformities and a sort of… crystalization. My father said he alone could perfect it, and I was born under its influence. I was administered it regularly for years and many of its effects have become permanent, including full physical maturation aproximately 550% that of typical Revenant. Thus I am fully grown despite only 16 solar cycles. We had reached near perfection before the Tremere discovered us and sought to steal our secrets. We used our ties to Zaluut here to deliver me here. I have pieces of the research in my possession, some physical, others in memory. The rest were destroyed before I left.”

[Rakshasa] listens carefully to what Chris said about his past “I can somewhat understand what it means to be a thing of fascination for someone than being an actual person in their eyes. We who choose to leave our humanities behind seldom think about irrelevant things such as feelings or attachment. The concept become wholly alien, even if we were once human with feelings and emotions. For a person born into this world bearing the mark of Caine, I can understand such thoughts would never exist in your father’s mind.” He glances at Chris face studying his expression and eyes “Did you ever wanted your father to think of you as his son, as living, breathing, sentient being rather than yet another result of the experiment that has gone long for generations before you were born?”

Christopher’s eyes water slightly,”From my understanding, I believe it was guilt that prevented him from becoming too attached to me. It was easier to view me as an object rather than his son… because that reminded him of what he lost. The ten other subjects before me and most importantly my mother. Deep down I believe I was more than an experiment to him, however that is no longer important. What is important… what is… is that I have a new family now… here. That is what matters.”

[Rakshasa] notices the emotion building within Chris. He speaks with a hint of empathy, otherwise lacking any emotions. Whether this empathetic tone is genuine or artificial is not clear. “Life is harsh is it not? I am sorry that the Camarilla destroyed whatever life you held dear. But I am glad you found a new purpose and a new home; I am glad fate did not make you a wanderer like it made me” He pauses for a moment and moves back to something Chris said before “You mentioned you were able to salvage some of your father’s research. You mentioned this like accelerated growth and gestation and some sort of crystallization. This knowledge is priceless. Do you wish to continue your father’s legacy and pursue his research? Start a new line of Obertus here?”

Christopher nods,”Yes indeed! I believe that replicating the benefits of enhanced vitality would be simple enough, but the other benefits, supernatural abilities, are my real focus. I hope that I may even extend the psychic abilities to vampires as well. Of course I have much research to catch up on. My father’s research is fairly cryptic and intentionally left incomplete in case of capture. My blood itself may hold the rest of the information that I need, but first I must be able to preserve it and study it. It may require fresh samples to produce. One of the basic portions of my father’s serum compared to the rest was that it was transformative, rather than simply enhancing. The serum is temporary but the effects linger and replicate within the blood. It may even get stronger as time goes on. The other portion of the notes suggested that the interaction with vitae is… interesting. It seems to be almost a yin-yang effect with the blood that leads to the additional potency. They’re effects on the body almost seem to both cancel each other out, and enhance each other simultaneously. This interaction is part of what is believed to have lead to the development of psychic ability. Cain’s blood stops the progression of life and aging, the serum advances it. They cancel each other out in a Revenant but produce additional powers and currently only provide enhanced potency to a vampire. Perhaps because the mark of Cain wholly undoes the transformation too quickly for it to take hold… So much research to be done.”

[Rakshasa] “Perhaps its wise not to try the serum on vampires. The undead survive because our aging has stopped and our cells are mystically frozen in time. To administer a serum that accelerates aging and life, something that antagonizes the very nature of Cain’s blood can have adverse effects on us, for example, turn any vampire to dust, if they are past their mortal years. But to a vampire newly embraced, do you think it can reverse the condition of clinical undeath?”

Christopher adds,”Your observation about vampires not being affected by time may also explain their immunity to the transformative effects. The Serum worked upon Revenants because we are not entirely beholden to the mark of Cain in our Corpus and are still very much alive. Without the blood in our veins the Serum would cause aging approximately ten to eleven times that of average, and associated complications.”

[Rakshasa] nods rubbing his hands on his beard “I concur. All in all, I do look forward to your research. It is my sacred duty to learn and unlock the full potential of vampirism. Thank you for sharing a bit about your past. I feel like we are investigating the mystery of those bunkers, yet we are mysteries to each other in the group”

[Rakshasa] pauses and ends the conversation from his part saying “Since you do intend to continue your fathers legacy. IF, you decide to continue this line revenants. One question you should ask yourself is will you see your child as your child or will you too see him/her as the next step of this great and fascinating experiment. Would you bring another into this world to serve, or..well we’ll see” he ends the sentence

Christopher nods,”Thank you, but I do not believe I will subjugate any other Revenants to the research for some time. For now I will simply unlock my own blood first. I will continue to use myself as the guinea pig for this work. I may also begin to utilize other animals in my research as well. I have other work to do, this was a wonderful discussion, although please be careful what details you share with others. Without proper context they may not understand my work. Have a good night.”

[Rakshasa] gives a silent nod to Chris and goes back to his thoughts, while gazing at the night sky

Christopher sits down outside with his notes and begins to read for a few hours before heading back inside to his research