Jesse comes walking out of the bookstore, carrying one in her hand titled: Magic for the Solitary Witch, and several more in her bag.  She chuckles to herself as she reads while walking, hardly looking up.

Aaron pauses as he spies Jesse, eyeing the book and giving a chuckle of his own before moving a brick out of her path so as to keep her from tripping.

Jesse raises an eyebrow, looking from the brick, to the man.  “Thanks.”, she says simply and continues to walk down the sidewalk.

Aaron tilts his head and then begins to follow a bit, leaning over a bit as he does, looking goofy.  “So…  no coven, or just curious?”

Jesse narrows her gaze over the top of her book and then puts it away.  “How about none of your business?”, she says with a chastising tone though she can’t help but smile a little.

Aaron smiles back and folds his hands behind him.  “Well, if you don’t want to talk about it…  then I should suppose that you might also not want to go get coffee?”

Jesse smiles a little wider and nods.  “Well, if there is coffee involved…”, she teases as she motions for him to lead the way.

Aaron starts to head off toward the local corner coffee shop, and holds the door for her as they go inside.  Once inside he lets her order first before picking up hers and ordering a chai for himself.  Then he lets her pick a place to sit, following her once they have their drinks.  “So…  to answer my question?”

Jesse orders a regular coffee and adds hazelnut creamer before making her way to a window table and sitting down.  She watches Aaron for a few moments curiously before answering.  “Partly curiosity.  I just find the reading enjoyable.  I don’t really consider myself a witch or anything, but I enjoy the study of paranormal stuff.”

Aaron nods his head as he listens before taking a sip of his chai.  “Ahhh, I see.  I too enjoy reading about the paranormal.  Though I find it tends to invade my life a bit more than that, usually when i am not paying attention.  Do you have a particular area of interest, or just a general liking?”

Jesse thinks on it for a minute while she sips her coffee, still eyeing him from time to time.  “Well, I do have a special place for the spirits of the natural world.”

Aaron sips his drink and sets the cup down in front of him, glancing out through the glass a moment.  “That I understand very well.  But it is a balancing act sometimes.  Anyway, I feel bad now, I didn;t even tell you my name.  I’m Aaron.”

Jesse nods and wraps her hands a little more about her coffee cup.  “I do my best not to care how other people view me, especially on spiritual matters.  And I’m Jesse.  It’s nice to meet you.”

Kara slips into the shop, looking more exhausted than is entirely healthy. With glazed-over eyes, she approaches the counter and orders in a dull monotone, takes her drink and pays, then moves to sit down. She shuffles towards the table where Jesse and Aaron are sitting, seeming not noticing that it’s occupied.

Aaron looks up with a concerned expression before standing and pulling out a chair for Kara.  “You alright, miss?”, he asks as he looks her over briefly.  “Too much studying perhaps?”

Kara seems to come to as she’s addressed, and shakes her head groggily. “What? Oh! I’m sorry.” She flushes slightly in embarrassment. “I didn’t even see you there.”

Jesse looks over, watching Aaron and the young woman who was approaching.  She sets her cup in front of her and turns, looking her over as well.

Aaron tilts his head and smiles warmly, still holding the chair for her.  “Why don’t you sit down?  You look like you haven’t had much sleep in a while.”

“Heh,” Kara chuckles nervously, “that’s an understatement.” She takes her seat, and a sip of her triple-shot espresso. “Vielen Dank.” She mutters, giving an appreciative nod.

Jesse tilts her head and then takes a sip of her hazelnut coffee.  “You can’t let it get to you.  Take some time to relax and mellow.  Get a massage, have some tea.”

Aaron retakes his seat across from Jesse, and indicates the two of them.  “I’m Aaron, this is Jesse.  We were just discussing reading and spirituality, you’re welcome to join us.”

“I’m Kara. Kara Immelman. Relaxation isn’t my strong suit,” She gives a nervous smile, “but I wouldn’t mind some distracting conversation. It’s nice to meet you both, by the by.”

Jesse chuckles faintly at that and takes in the smell of her glorious coffee.  “Well, it turns out we both have a inclination to study the supernatural.  What about you? Ever thought about ghosts and the like?”

Aaron nods in agreement as he takes a long pull from his tea.  “Stress will drive you to an early grave.  Best to not let it get to you.  Nice to meet you as well.”

“Ghosts? Are you kidding?” Kara’s smile turns more excitable then nervous. “My whole family’s practically obsessed with the occult. My grandmother nearly  cried when I told her I was getting my first degree in forensics”

Jesse chuckles faintly.  “My family is rather the opposite.  Very oppressive bunch.  But I’m an adult now and do as I please.  I haven’t ever seen a ghost… But I have seen spirits in nature.  Trees and such. Much nicer I imagine than dead people.”

Aaron tilts his head as he listens, and smiles a bit over the top of his cup.  “I too deal with the spirits of nature.  In fact, I am trying to assist one now in return for its’ knowledge.  A strange little fellow by the name of Arthur was helping me but I haven’t seen him in a few days.”

Jesse listens and nods her head a bit.  “I wouldn’t mind coming along.  That sounds interesting.  If you don’t mind that is.”

Aaron smiles, leaning back comfortably in his seat.  “I don’t mind.  I am currently at an impasse, I have called the police on some drug dens that are in the park…  but they are still there.  They are posioning not only themselves, but it seems they are doing something to the area around them as well.”

Jesse nods and finishes off her coffee, then gets up and goes for a refill, getting a second of Aaron’s drink as well.  She walks back and sets his in front of him before sipping her new one.  “I see.  And this was at the behest of a spirit there?”

Aaron nods his head as he smiles at her while she sets the chai down, still sipping his first cup.  “It was.  Arthur may have suggested a more direct approach, but I prefer not to get shot at.  I have no inclination to join my ancestors anytime soon.”

Arthur walks into the coffee shop and grabs a coffee and sits down next to Aaron with a flourish.”How goes the hunt? Anything new on your side yet?”

Jesse tilts her head and scoots over, letting Kara move over so Arthur can plop down.  “I see what you meant.”

Arthur sits down amidst his comrades and smiles,”It is good to see you again Kara.” He sweeps his long blonde hair back and lets it hang down. He is wearing a white suit with gold trim and a soft green undershirt that matches his eyes.

Aaron raises an eyebrow as he regards Arthur carefully.  “Yes and no.  I did call the police but little has been done.  I have not decided what to do next.”

“Oh, hey Arthur. good to see you as well.” Kara gives Arthur a pleasant smile.

Arthur nods,”Perhaps we shouldn’t use the police then. Something to simply scare them off. A ghost or something similar or simply some kind of deterrent. Maybe if we had some sort of long lasting stink bombs we could just smell them out of there.”

Aaron laughs, nearly spilling his drink before setting it down.  “I do like your style, Arthur.  But this is a difficult situation.  I can almost assure you these kinds of people will be armed and not find our humor to their liking.”

Jesse frowns a bit over her own drink, nodding in agreement.  “Perhaps the corruption is not on our side, and that is why it returns?  There are spirits of negativity that can invade human minds.”

Arthur thinks for a moment,”Perhaps we can simply cleanse their minds and drive away and dark thoughts and spirits. I can talk to my mother about faerie wards and see if she’ll teach me how to set them up. We can make them think they want to leave.”

Aaron glances to Arthur and shakes his head before sipping his tea thoughtfully.  “We could go and check out the spirit world in the surrounding area, but my talisman is not going to be very effective for that.”

Jesse glances over at Kara, checking on her before responding.  “I can help with that.  I have a pair of glasses that will let someone look there.  I could make another, but it will take a while.”

Arthur nods,”We do need to do more reconaissance. Discover the source of the corruption and see if we can find a way to drive it out.”

Kara looks slightly confused, but not overtly so. “This does seem kind of troubling, but…”

Aaron twitches the corner of his mouth slightly and takes a long drink from his cup before setting it down and taking the second cup in his hands.  He glances toward Kara and tilts his head, waiting for her to finish.

Jesse glances over again, taking a sip of her own drink.  “But..”

Kara sighs, and folds her head in her hands. “Nevermind. I’m not supposed to talk about it.”

Aaron sighs a little and leans forward, watching her carefully with his soft brown eyes.  “Awww, you can’t do that to us.  We’re a bunch of outcasts, who’re we going to talk to besides each other?”

“I’m sorry,” Kara peeks out with one eye from her behind hands, “but I’m *really* not supposed to talk about it.”

Jesse ribs her gently before taking a sip from her cup.  “Come on.  It’s not like you work for a secret government agency or something.  All MiB like.”

“Er…” Kara flushes slightly, though her hands obscure it. “Right. Of course not.”

Arthur speaks,”If she’s not supposed to talk about her don’t push her.”

Aaron blinks, looking at Kara then at his drink.  “You’re not kidding.  You do.”, he says as he glances toward Arthur.

“I’m a forensic research assistant for the local FBI office,” Kara says with the speed and efficacy of a prepared, memorized, practiced statement.

Jesse chuckles a little bit, mostly into her cup.  “Uh huh.  So we just call you K from now on.”

Arthur chuckles at that,”Well I have an agent Z haha. Although he’s taking a nap right now.”

Aaron twitches that corner of his lip again and he sighs.  “Well…  in my experience that sort of thing never meshes well with the chaotic realm of spirits.  Perhaps this is why you have such trouble sleeping.  Your soul is in turmoil.”

Arthur laughs,”It’s interesting your realm of spirits is different than mine Aaron. Still I hope we can find a way to complete this quest.”

“Please don’t call me that.” Kara groans into her own hands. “I’m really just a research assistant. Kara is fine.”

<Cornel> walks into the shop and up the the counter, ordering a plain black coffee. As he waits for it, he does a double take, seeing Kara and Arthur in the shop as well. Once he gets his coffee he walks over, one hand in his trenchcoat pocket as he looks the group over. “Hello, Kara. Arthur.”

Jesse chortles and then glances up as the new person approaches.  “Hi there.”, she says as she looks him over, then toward Kara and Arthur.

“Hello, Cory.” Kara says, looking somewhat puzzled to see him here. “Something awry?”

Aaron looks over at Cornel and nods his head in acknowledgement before sipping from his cup.

<Cornel> gives a slight shake of his head as he carefully sips the hot coffee. “Always in this line of work.”, he glances to the others for a moment and nods in return to Aaron. “This seems to be a nice little impromptu meeting of the minds?”

Arthur nods to Cornel as he sits down. Arthur then takes a sip of his coffee… and stops with a look of distaste on his face. He then gets up and walks over to the creamer and sugars and liberally dumps everything he can into it. Then sips it and repeats. After it is considerably paler he then wanders back and sits down sipping on what now seems to be mostly a cup of sugar.

Jesse glances over to Arthur and grins.  “Why not just get a hot chocolate instead?”

Aaron nods his head, and smiles as he looks between Arthur and Jesse.  “We were just discussing that it’s such a shame there is such a bad element hanging about the park, when it used to be such a great place to take a walk.”

Arthur frowns at Jesse and goes back over to the confections, dumping more honey into his drink along with creamers and walking back.

<Cornel> raises an eyebrow at Aaron before looking around at them and then taking a seat beside Kara at the table with them. “Local law enforement are not terribly efficient at their jobs, even when it doesn’t possess an unusual influence such as spirit activity.”

Jesse frowns, looking over at Cornel more carefully now.  “You wearing a wire, Kara?”

Kara blushes, but doesn’t offer a response besides.

Arthur blinks twice then sips on his coffee and glares over at Kara and whispers,”Are you?”

Aaron smirks and nods his head to the man.  “He saw your books in the bag, and my necklace I imagine.  And since he knows Arthur and Kara, both of whom seem to also be so inclined I do believe he is just very good at reading a situation.”

<Cornel> raises an eyebrow at Arthur before nodding to Aaron. “Exactly. Not to say I do not possess my own talents. So, you were talking about the park? Perhaps we can be of assistance to each other. Kara and i work together… and I know of Arthur through his father.”

“I don’t think I was.” Kara whispers to Arthur.

Arthur’s eyes literally widen in shock as he spews the honey-filled creamer sugar concoction from his mouth. He then starts coughing on some of it he inhaled while making this dramatic gesture,”You… know… my father?”

Jesse glances between them and sips her coffee.  “I’m Jesse.”

Aaron reaches across the table to extend a hand.  “Aaron Whitefox.  Nice to meet you.  As for the situation, it is a bit complicated.  Our problem lies in the potentially armed individuals which are residing at the edge of the park.”

<Cornel> glances over to Kara and tosses her some napkins for any of Arthur’s mess that might have gotten on her. “You can come to me with any of these kinds of things, it’s fine.”, he says before turning his attention briefly toward Arthur. “Yes, from some time ago. Before you were born.”, he says and then looks back to the others. “I might be able to put some pressure on that part of the situation. But it will only come back if there is another underlying cause.”

Arthur nods,”We can take care of that part. Did you go to… college with my father?”

“Thanks,” Kara mutters to Cornel, and starts sopping up the mixture of sugar and caffeine currently soaking into her jacket. She shoots Arthur a dark glance as she cleans her sleeve.

Jesse gets up from the table, taking any empty cups with her.  “Nice meeting you guys but I need to go.”, as an afterthought, she takes a napkin and writes her number, putting it on the table.  “So you guys can catch me later.”

Arthur gets some napkins and helps clean up the mess he made earlier.

<Cornel> glances only briefly toward Arthur and shakes his head. “Not exactly. It’s a long story, maybe someday you’ll get to hear but not now.”, he says before nodding to Jesse and writing her number down. “I can set it up so that they get raided tomorrow. Once they are gone, if I were you I’d work quickly.”

Aaron takes the number as well, writing it down and tucking that into his wallet as he waves to Jesse.  “That can be done.”

Kara surreptitiously copies down Jesse’s number and adds it to her phone’s contacts.

Arthur does likewise just in case.

<Cornel> smiles and leans back, taking a long drink from his cooling coffee. “Good. Sounds like a plan to me. After that, perhaps there is more we can work together on in the future. You all do have quite a special skill set.”

“You don’t need to guilt me into going back to the lab, Cory.” Kara mutters, her face returning to its berth in her hands.

<Cornel> raises an eyebrow as he looks over at Kara. “You have been working far too hard. As fun as you think it may be, you can’t spend your life glued to a microscope.”

“To be fair, I’ve also spent a lot of time in the decon chamber.” Kara retorts under her breath.

Arthur feigns a smile,”I work best under my own terms, but perhaps I could do some freelancing for you. I would like to know more about your relationship to my father Cory. In the meantime we should prepare how we are going to deal with the issue at hand. These spirits are likely of a variety that I cannot affect.”

Aaron looks between them and shakes his head, taking a sip of his tea.  “Leaving that be.  Yes, I am still trying to decide quite how to handle what is hard enough to see, much less harm directly.”

Arthur nods,”If we could put up some form of warding to either keep the spirits outside, or even inside, the effected area we can begin to work on it.”

<Cornel> tilts his head and sets his empty cup down. “At the moment, I cannot assist in that department. That is up to you all to solve.” His phone vibrates in his pocket and he takes it out to look at it with a frown. “I have to go, but I will take care of the human element for you. Good luck.”

Aaron nods to Cornel and then looks to Arthur.  “Warding of that level is difficult.  I doubt we have that kind of knowledge, even between all of us.”

Arthur shakes his head,”You’re right. I specifically deal with ghosts of dead people, not spirits of nature. I can at least make sure there are no wraiths plaguing the land, but I doubt that is the source of our corruption. We may need to work around the clock to devise some form of ritual and the rest of us can attempt to buy time and keep anything else from wandering in again.”

“I think I can come up with some basic repellants for supernatural phenomenon.” Kara glances over at Arthur. “Not sure how your little friend would like that, though.”

Arthur laughs,”He will be fine. Most people act like repellants for him anyway. He is mostly suited to defend against entirely supernatural threats. He’s also busy with his own stuff right now anyway.”

Aaron glances between them and nods, listening.  “I can get assistance from that side possibly, or talk to whatever it is for sure… but if it tries to control us as it did the others, we might have an issue.”

“Oh, that’s good. I’m sorry I won’t be more of a help with the supernatural stuff.” Kara smiles apologetically, and a bit enviously. “I really am just a lab technician.”

Aaron glances to Kara and shakes his head.  “That’s not true.  You shouldn’t be afraid of your own potential.  But having someone that knows more abotu real science and medicine is not a bad thing.  Keeps us grounded.”

Arthur nods,”As for this other spirit realm, I shall endeavor to learn of it as well. In time perhaps I can learn to perform simple rituals that will allow me to confront any creatures that arise from it.”

Arthur stands up and throws away his coffee,”For now I bid you all adieu. You have my number should you require me.” He then goes to find a nice place to meditate.

Aaron stands and nods to the other two.  “Well, Kara, it was nice meeting you.  I look forward to getting to know you better.”  He then glances over to Arthur and nods.  “I shall see you tomrrow then.”

“See you later, Arthur, Aaron.” She waves at Arthur and nods to Aaron before something registers to her. “Wait,” she mutters, “what was that about ‘full potential?”