Chrys makes her way outside of her house, a strange looking dog-bear walking along at her side.  Today, she is all woman.  Fine features, ample breasts and hips.  The only real clue to her identify is the general facial structure, making her look like a sister of her previous form.

From her place in the yard doing her daily physical exercises, Anne pauses and blinks confusedly at the sight of Chrys as they make their way out into the asylum courtyard.

Chrys walks over toward Anne, hand on the animal’s back.  “Evening.”

“Yes it is.” Anne grunts back curtly. “You here with that kid Chrys?”

Chrys blinks and then laughs, her voice tinged with amusement.  “I am Chrys.”  She pats the dog-bear on the back and it sits back on it’s haunches.

[Rakshasa|Owl] a white owl flies through the night sky and lands near the duo. The owl has the same moonlit viper like eyes of Rakshasa. “Good evening Anne” The speaks then moves its head at Chrys “You look familiar”

“Greetings, Tiger.” Anne nods at Rakshasa as he lands nearby, then turns back to Chrys. “Huh. Impressive you’re able to pull off the routine at all. Though I suppose magic’s cheating”

Chrys tucks some stray hair off behind her ear as she looks between the owl and old woman.  “I can be anything I want.  Take any form I want.  Why restrict myself to just one?”

[Rakshasa|Owl] “Ahh so you are Chrys? What other forms can you take if I may ask” the owl speaks to Chrys

“Damn, I’m starting to feel cheated.” Anne grouses. “I didn’t get shite for powers.”

[Rakshasa|Owl] The owl’s head moves back towards Anne “How could you say that! You are a gangrel, protean courses through your veins, not to mention some of the other talents the urban bloodline has”

Chrys shrugs her shoulders, causing a general heaving of her breasts.  “I am not so experienced as some around here I’m sure.  But it is not like your Gangrel powers of transformation.  I rework flesh as if it were clay, sculpting a new form each time.”

[Rakshasa|Owl] “Yes, a demonstration I can clearly see” the owl observes Chrys’ new female form “Impressive. This could be a useful tool for infiltration or evasion”

“Seems like re-learning how to walk and fight’d be a pain, though.” Anne observes.

Chrys muses, “Well, we do have a specific warrior form for fighting that is kind of like you turning into a wolf or bear and whatnot.  Something specific that is always the same… Though can be improved upon with experience I am told.”

[Rakshasa|Owl] “Ahh yes, the zulo form. I have seen it in action once”

[Rakshasa|Owl] The owl slowly dissolves into a cloud of black smoke. The amorphous mass shifts and transforms into a human shape

[Rakshasa] “So you have already mastered the zulo form? Impressive, for a neonate. I never got to ask you, where are you from?”

Chrys nods.  “I have not progressed that far, but have seen others do it.  It is something I shall learn eventually.”

[Rakshasa] “I’m sure you will. You might ask Zaluut for training if you so desire”

Chrys glances off northward, inclining her head.  “Montreal is where I am from.  My Sire thought my name was amusing and Embraced me because of that fact alone.”

“Certainly worse ways to be inducted.” Anne shrugs. “Worse places to be from, too.’

Chrys shakes her head, casting a disgusted glance toward the main building.  “No.  I do not think I will ask him for any training.”

[Rakshasa] gives off a little smile “You were bestowed immortality because of your name? You must thank you parents for giving you this name then.” He pauses for a moment and stares into the distance “I was..embraced because I spoke a dead language”

[Rakshasa] looks at Anne “Is that flayed man still alive?”

Chrys giggles faintly, “My name is Chrysalis.  Human parents were the hippie types…”  She shrugs again and pats the bear-like thing on the head.  “But that life did teach me about animals, and so my current nature has only enhanced that ability.”

[Rakshasa] “So you were born a girl? Wherever you may have come from, it has contributed to whatever you are today. And today what you are is a being that has transcended humanity”

[Rakshasa] “So how are you liking this place so far ..and what brought you here?”

“Don’t know if that man’s still breathing. Didn’t care enough to remember about him, honestly. Sasha’d know.” Anne shrugs, then listens to Chrys’ account of her childhood, and Rakshasa’s response. “Transcend them maybe, but what ‘superior’ race cowers in fear?” she asks with a slight grin.

Chrys glances between them.  “Gender is of little consequence, especially for us.  So is general appearance.  Aside from the occasional need to go unnoticed and be average to blend in.”

[Rakshasa] gives a curious look at Anne “Cower in fear? I sense a story..please do tell”

[Rakshasa] to Chrys “Yes, your gender is of little consequence indeed”

“Please.” Anne scoffs, It doesn’t take a genius to see who’s out running the world and who’s hiding out in an asylum while spending quite a bit of time and effort making sure their existence is secret.”

Chrys tilts her head.  “Perhaps you simply don’t see the top of the hill from the bottom?”

[Rakshasa] “So you think because vampires must maintain secrecy, they are cowards. Never underestimate the power of humans in large numbers and superior technology”

“I’m know saying that.” Anne tilts her head. “I’m saying that in Afghanistan, we hid in caves because we knew the soviets’d bomb us into the dirt if they knew where we were. I’m just seeing some familiar trends.”

[Rakshasa] “It is important to maintain a certain level of secrecy for our continued existence, even though this belief may be contrary to the belief of orthodox Sabbat”

[Rakshasa] “Does that mean the Afghan fighters were cowards or does than mean, they were fighting smart?”

Chrys giggles again.  “Also known as:  never underestimate the power of stupid people in great numbers.  Or stupidity in general.”

“It means we were outmatched in a straight fight, and we knew it.” Anne shrugs again. “We knew we were the underdogs. Russians fought smart, smarter than we did a lot of the time. We just made sure to send out the idiots first to absorb the first volley.”

[Rakshasa] “We are not at war with humans. This secrecy is also for their own good. Imagine the panic and terror in their hearts if they come to know about undeath”

“From what I’ve seen of this country, cable news has terror and panic handled.” Anne retorts with a chuckle.

[Rakshasa] returns the laugh then says “The events in cable news are insignificant compared to the terror that sleeps in the deep”

Chrys looks between them for a couple of moments before clicking her tongue at the creature, causing it to stand.  “I should get moving.  I still have work to do.  But I’m sure I’ll see you around… In one form or another.” She chuckles slightly at the joke.  “Oh!  I am curious.  When you change shape, is your eye damaged in every form?”

“Dunno.” Anne shrugs. “All I’ve got are these claws at the moment. I’d imagine so. It’d be hell re-learning stereo vision after thirty years.”

Chrys looks thoughtful, biting at her lower lip.  “Hmm.  I wonder how your method of change affects modified flesh?  I suppose there is some research to be done on that, or I could jump right into the experiments.  Not on you of course, unless you’d like some improvements.”

“I’ll pass.” Anne responds dryly.

[Rakshasa] “Have a good evening Chrysalis. I have heard that you tried to do something to Kitt? I think its better not to try vicissitude on your sect-mates”

Chrys shakes her head softly at that.  “I did not, and certainly did not try to fleshcraft her.  She was rather upset when I questioned her about her slavery to that old one in the main building.  He’s got that little one totally bonded to him.”

[Rakshasa] “That is a personal matter between Kitt and Zaluut. I believe no one needs to poke into their private affairs”

“Hey, as long as I don’t have to talk to my therapist anymore about this ind of shite,” Anne leans back in a stretch, “I don’t mind particularly much.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Anne “I would rather kill anyone trying to blood bind me. But I don’t like poking my nose into other’s affairs”

Chrys shrugs, reaching over and patting the creature on the head.  “I was simply getting to know her better and Talwar and Ghost decided to go all big brother and take it the wrong way.”

[Rakshasa] laughs out loud “I see thats why Khanna is upset with you. Well you dont really want to piss an Assamite off”

“Tiger,” Anne says with a low whistle, “if you didn’t want the binding, boy did you pick the wrong outfit. Doesn’t make much of a difference if it’s to a group or a person.” Anne turns to Chrys. “Just be happy Firebrand wasn’t there. She might’ve tried to lay you out. Bit of a temper, that one.”

Chrys muses, “She says her clan can’t take blood by force.  So her options have been limited I guess and she has been feeding on his blood. Probably exclusively.”

[Rakshasa] “The vaulderie isn’t exactly a blood bond you see, not quite” he looks at Anne “Sure it creates a vinculum as I can feel it myself, but it is said the vaulderie liberates you from any blood bonds, the bonds that enslave you another vampire. If you think that kind of blood bonds are fine in your book, you don’t know yet what the Gangrel are all about”

[Rakshasa] looks at Chrys “If she has been feeding on his blood, that her choice and we should all respect that choice”

“I’d say you’re calling a rose by another name, but sure. I’m the one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.” Anne shrugs.

[Rakshasa] “Maybe” He leaves the topic at that

Chrys nods.  “Vaulderie can remove the bond if done in a specific manner.  And bonds happen…  Fuck, outside of ritual it’s not uncommon to get in bed with packmates now and then.  It feels good, fuck it, ya know?”

“I’ll have to take your word on that.” Anne grunts.

[Rakshasa] frowns at Chrys’ mere mention of sex. He has clearly left his humanity far enough behind that the act feels quite unsavory to him “I guess. Have fun”

Chrys licks her lips as she nods to the pair.  “Having fun is rather the point.”  She then clicks her tongue again and starts to walk back, creature walking along side her.

[Rakshasa] curls his lips about to spit out a nasty retort, but stops mid way. He stares at Anne “Rather strange, that one.”

“I’ll have to take your word on that.” Anne grunts, “because swapping bodily fluids is supposed to be *fun.*” Anne turns to Rakshasa as he addresses her. “Maybe, but we’re all a bit off, aren’t we?”

[Rakshasa] “I guess so. Did you all hunt the deer creatures last night?”

“If they did, I wasn’t with them.” Anne shrugs. “Why? I didn’t think you were interested.”

[Rakshasa] “I wasn’t. I am simply asking if you did, how did it go”

“Well, I wasn’t there. I don’t know.” Anne looks bitter for a moment. “At the last minute it just…didn’t feel right.”

[Rakshasa] nods with a brief smile

[Rakshasa] “Well then, have a good evening. I think I’ll take a walk” He gives Anne a nod and proceeds to walk away

“Yeah.” Anne rolls her eye slightly as she watches him go. “You do that.”