<Ghost> gets in and starts up the jeep with the key under the seat, letting the others pick their seats as they like.

<Fiona>  takes shotgun, looking at the others.

<ST> The cars are all surprisingly clean now. They even have heavy sleeping bags and a few hidden spare weapons inside of them now.

<Kitt Bishop> slides into the back and sniffs a little before smiling. “I put the Revenants to work cleaning these nasty cars out.”

<Ghost> waits until they are all settled and then begins the near 2 hour drive toward New Orleans.  “You do know exactly where we are going, yes?  I dont want to get lost out there.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head softly. “Yeah, she described enough to get close… and then I am sure i can contact the spirit and locate it from there.”

“Huh. Nice.” Anne eyes the now clean interior of the car. “Anyone have an idea what we should expect out there?”

<Fiona>  “Giant enemy crabs? Rolling boulders? A living statue trying to kill us? I don’t know.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks up at Fiona and blinks. “Giant… crabs? I hope not.”

<Ghost> chuckles a bit to himself but keeps driving in the direction indicated.  “We do not know, that is sort of the point of checking it out.  But it does beg the question…  are these spirits ever dangerous?  If a cave attacks us, how do we fight that?”

<Fiona>  “Animals and shotguns.”

“The soviets seemed pretty fond of airstrikes when cave-killing was the order of the day.” Anne comments dryly.

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles a bit at Anne. “I don’t think they are going to let us have that kind of firepower.” She then turns back toward the others and shrugs. “I think it’s possible… I have seen in my studies of this area of magic that one can summon an elemental and make it attack… so if one were summon and stranded, it could get hostile.”

<ST> As the group drives along, they eventually come to a rest area that practically overlooks New Orleans. This area is very hilly and forested, but the low areas are all bogged down with water.

<Ghost> pulls into the rest area and stops the car, glancing back at Kitt.  “On foot from here then?”

<Fiona>  “Yeah, let’s go.” She climbs out and cocks the shotgun.

<Kitt Bishop> nods and climbs out of the car, looking around for a moment as if getting her bearings.

Anne hops out of the car and gives a long glance to the lights of the nearby city before turning back to the rest of the group. “Alright. Where to?”

<Kitt Bishop> listens for a moment, and then starts to head off the road, into the woods. “I can hear it. It’s this way.”

<Fiona>  brings her shotgun to bear as she follows Kitt, finger off the trigger.

Anne sets off behind the two, making sure to keep an eye on their rear.

<Ghost> silently follows, blending into their surroundings using the local shadows and as always, deadly silent.

<ST> The group eventually after an hour of hiking comes up to a cave set into the side of the hills here. It is completely dark, and the natural formations of stone inside make it look like something of a maw in the earth.

<Kitt Bishop> pauses outside of the cave and looks into it, but hesitates. She frowns and closes her eyes, seeming to be listening to something.

<Ghost> steps up to Kitt’s side and observes, one hand on the handle of his machete worn on his side.

<Fiona>  looks toward the cave, watching Kitt do her magic.

Anne keeps alert, scanning the surrounding countryside with her preternatural senses while Kitt works.

<Kitt Bishop> takes a couple of steps forward, and then lifts her hand to her face, biting into the palm and she reaches out, placing her hand on the stone at the entrance.

<ST> The entire cave rumbles, almost like an earthquake. Bits of dirt and rock fall down around them from up the hillside.

<Ghost> frowns and glances from Kitt to the cave, now drawing his weapon fully.

“And you said there wouldn’t be any airstrikes…” Anne mutters with a slightly-cheeky grin.

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head as her arms fall limply to her sides and then without opening her eyes, starts to walk straight inside of the cave.

<Fiona>  follows Kitt, keeping her shotgun raised and ready to fire.

<Ghost> growls slightly and grabs Kitt by the shoulder, giving her a light shake.  “Whoa.  Hey, can you hear me?”

Anne follows closely behind, still alert to anything that might be following the group.

<Kitt Bishop> tries to keep moving, her feet scraping against the ground a few times as Ghost holds her back. Other than her legs, her arms remain limp and eyes closed.

<Ghost> frowns and puts his weapon away to keep a hold on Kitt.  “Well, suggestions?”

<Fiona>  movs to step in front of Kitt as well, adding her bulk to Ghost’s after putting her shotgun up and making sure the safety was on.

<ST> A chill wind blows out from the cave, washing over the entire group. It is freezing cold, and smells of dark evergreens. The wind swirls about the group of them, seeming centered on Kitt before it disappears.

Anne, noticing Ghost and Fiona’s attempts to hold Kitt back, Kitt’s strange behavior, and the sudden chill, steps forward and hefts Kitt up and over one of her shoulders. “Okay.” She begins, her voice a low growl, “what’s going on here?”

<Ghost> looks into the cave, and then back at the others, pulling his weapon back out.  “It would appear something is trying to take control of her.”

<Fiona>  steps back, swinging around and aiming her shotgun at the shadows.

“Yeah, over my wrinkled, undead body.” Anne scoffs, and turns about. “Well, with our resident ghost expert gone, does anyone have bright ideas on what to do now?”

<Ghost> glances back toward Anne and Kitt, then at the cave.  “Well, it wanted her in there for some reason.  Shall we find out why?”

<Fiona>  “Yep. Let’s go bear poking.” She grins a bit, before dropping it.

Anne adjusts Kitt’s weight on her shoulders for a second, then shrugs. “After you, then.”

<Kitt Bishop> mumbles faintly, but other than that doesn’t put up any resistance.

<ST> The group slowly enters the cave, and inside it smells faintly as some of the bunkers did. That same mixtrue of herbs, though without the decay or blood.

<Ghost> starts to make his way inside fully, taking a long look around.  His footsteps making no sound against the changes in ground, he keeps the machete brandished as goes deeper, watching carefully.

<ST> Inside the cave there is a boarded up hold in the ground to the right, and the rest of the cave appears to have had something bolted into the stone at one point, now removed.

<Fiona>  continues forward, letting her eyes glow red to pierce the shadows.

<Ghost> makes his way over to the hole in the floor, and peers down into it with a frown.  “Hmmm.”  He takes out a glowstick from his pocket and snaps it, gives it a shake, then tosses it in to see how deep it is.

<Fiona>  raises her foot to break the boards first.

<Fiona>  obliterates the boards with a stomp and steps back, gesturing to Ghost. “All yours.”

<Ghost> chuckles and then nudges the glowstick off part of broken board and into the darkness below.

“Nice one, Firebrand.” Anne nods approvingly. “It’s no metal door, though.”

<ST> The glowstick falls and bounces quickly off a floor below them, lighting it up faintly. The room below them has an earthen floor, not stone and appears bare from where they are standing. Some odd symbols can be seen painted on the walls though.

<Ghost> peers down into the room below and then sighs, grabbing the side and then lowering himself down.  He stands in the light of the glowstick and gives the whole of the room a look over, trying to memorize some of the symbols he sees.

<Fiona>  looks at the others, before jumping down and looking around with her red eyes.

<ST> This room is larger than the room above, and the walls are etched with something rather than painted. The herbal smell is more pungent down here, though it’s source is not immediately appearent.

<Ghost> looks around a moment more and then back up at the boarded hole again.  “This is… odd.”

<Kitt Bishop> mutters something, this time it is distinctly not babble… but it is not in any language those present understand.

<Fiona>  “No shit.” She moves over to study the etchings.

“I’m pretty sure we can get you issued some stronger adjectives, Spooks.” Anne roll her eyes at him as she steps forward to keep up.

<Ghost> shrugs and looks around a little further before leaning down to listen to Kitt, tapping her gently and frowning.  “What was that?”

<Fiona>  studies the etchings some more before looking at the others. “Any of you good with whatever this says? Or wherever this is from?”

<Kitt Bishop> speaks up again, mouthing off something in another language. She lifts her head, taking a look around though her expression is unusually serious.

“Hey, if it isn’t Russian, Arabic, or Turkish, I doubt I’ll be of help. I can give it a shot, if you;d like.” Anne tightens her grip slightly as Kitt stirs. “You back with us, Pup?”

<Ghost> takes a long look at the symbols, then perks his head at Kitt again.  “It’s a mish-mash of several different cultures.  That language though, that sounds Romanian.”

“Damn, Spooks. You’ve been holding out on us.” Anne looks impressed at the linguistic display. “Seems you’re more than an unobtrusive presence.”

<Ghost> glances to Anne and half smiles.  “I just have picked up a lot of this and that while travelling.”

<Kitt Bishop> says something, her brows drawn together as she looks at Ghost, then at Anne’s back and growls. After another moment, she goes quiet.

<Fiona>  “Hm…Personally, I think they look Native American. Or something similar.”

“Pick that up at the roller-derby too, Firebrand?” Anne asks, raising an eyebrow in mock incredulity.

<Ghost> glances to the others and then back to the hole.  “I think we should head back.  She is acting weird…  and some of them are, I think.  I can’t be sure, does anyone have a camera we could take pictures of them to ask around?”

<Fiona>  looks to Anne, snorting. “No, at college.”

“And what a statement it makes about the state of the American University system that you had to die to avoid student loans.” Anne snarks right back.

<Ghost> leaps up and grabs the side of the hole, pulling himself out and then looking down to the others, reaching down in case they need help out.

<Fiona>  laughs. “I got embraced after college. Anyway, whoever that was got the right idea.” She jumps up to grab the edge of the hole.

Anne shakes her head slightly, makes sure Kitt is securely held, and leaps forward. Her claws extend from her free hand, and she plunges it into the wall, using it to haul herself plus cargo up.

<Fiona>  falls flat on her ass, swearing, and tries again.

<Fiona>  manages to jump up and grab the lip of the hole the second time, hauling herself and her weaponry up.

<Ghost> raises his hands and backs up, shaking his head and walking back to the car, though still watchful of their surroundings.

“I take it you chose roller-derby instead of pole-vaulting or hurdles.” Anne observes, smirking slightly, as Fiona leaps up the second time.

<Fiona>  just gives Anne a glare in response.

<Kitt Bishop> doesn’t make a sound as she gets put back into the car, but she does seem to be looking around.

Anne tries, and fails, to refrain from snickering at the glare as she tucks Kitt into the back of the car.

<Fiona>  glares harder, muttering under her breath.

<Ghost> sighs and starts up the car.  He felt this was going to be the longest drive back ever.

<Fiona>  gets in shotgun again, grumbling.

<Kitt Bishop> is quiet the whole way back, staring out the window. When they arrive back, she remains quiet, though for a moment when they cross into the compound she says something that sounded more like just noise than any words coming out.

<Ghost> drives back and when they arrive, he gets out and puts the key back under the seat, glancing back toward Kitt and then the others.  “Does one of you want to take her inside, or shall I?”

“I got it.” Anne says, stepping out and lifting Kitt after her. She takes a few steps away, then turns back and adds cheekily: “Try to keep Firebrand away from hurdles while I’m gone, eh Spooks?” then, in a flash, she’s back in the building.

<Ghost> shakes his head and then makes his way off to the section he’s been sleeping in during the day.

<Fiona>  eyes Anne, her expression promising retribution as she stalks inside.

<Kitt Bishop> doesn’t put up any resistance geting ninja’d into the main hall, or being passed off to Sascha, even though Sascha doesn’t look thrilled and in fact has some sort of burn across her face… but she takes Kitt regardless to the Chapel with her for the day.