<Sascha> is out on the lawn in the northern section of the compound, shouting at someone. “I don’t give a fuck! Just because I spend time up there does not mean I automatically get the short straw when it comes to handling visitors. Let Zaluut do it. He’s a Bishop, and it’s -his territory- anyway. Fuck that. I’m not dealing with them.”

<Fiona>  comes up from the asylum, looking toward the source of the yells.

<Kitt Bishop> raises her hands in a defensive pose. “I’m just the messenger… wasn’t my call. I don’t even know who they are.”

Anne perks up from her side of the compound’s yard, and internally debates heading over to see what’s awry or finding a decent place to watch any fireworks that might go off. After a few moments, she decides on wandering over, if for no other reason than a better view.

<Fiona>  begins to make her way over, shoving her hands in her pockets as she approaches, stopping to watch Kitt and Sascha go at it.

[Rakshasa] can almost hear that yell half a mile away from the abandoned building. He walks towards the source of all that shouting to see what is going on

Christopher walks out to listen in to the source of the noise, however he attempts to stay hidden and find a decent spot to sit and read a book within hearing range.

<Ghost> was sneaking across the yard, testing his boundries moving in the light but stops, looking toward the shouts.

Chrys saunters about the yard, directing a few of the servants.  She is in her very female form still, and has a strange looking creature with her that looks like a mix of dog and bear.

<Sascha> growls, shaking her head. “No. You go back and tell her I don’t want to deal with them. No, wait… she might kill the messenger. I’ll do it myself.”, she says and starts to stomp off toward the main hall. She pauses a moment, looking at the group gathering up and bristles, her skin rippling before she moves to head inside.

<Kitt Bishop> frowns, waiting until she is gone before relaxing ven in the slightest. “Well, that went… better than I expected.”

[Rakshasa] simply scratches his beard and thinks ::Hmpf! Curious::

Christopher walks over to Kitt Bishop and greets her quietly,”Hello Kitt, anything I can help with?”

“Who pissed in her drink?” Anne mutters as Sascha stalks away, then she turns and gives Kitt a lazy half-wave.

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Christopher and shakes her head, though her smile returns quickly. “I don’t think so. Unless you have any results from researching those samples.”, she says before glancing to Anne with a nod. “25:17, appearently. A Pack from up north. The Arch Bishop wanted Sascha to debrief them when they arrive? Not sure what that means.”

[Rakshasa] “I could hear those yells across the lawn” He looked at Christopher “Good to see you again. Did you find anything from the sand and soil samples?”

<Fiona>  looks to Kitt.

<Fiona>  “Ah, I see what this is. Our dear Archbishop wants this pack briefed on the situation here. Or told what’s going on.”

Chrys raises an eyebrow, watching Sascha go before walking over toward the others, dog-bear dutifully in tow.  “Basically fancy military talk for informing someone on a situation.”, she says with a shrug.  “And ouch.  25:17…  Yeah I’d be pissed too.  Any reason they’d be sticking thier noses in down here?”

<Ghost> looks at Chrys, tilting his head for a moment, then he just shakes it a bit like a strange thought hit him before he just stands off to one side, arms folded over his chest.

<Fiona>  “I don’t know who they are, or why they’re down here.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Fiona and nods her head. “Oh! The man from before is alive. Sascha put new skin on him. And I don’t know anything about them either, except that Sascha doesn’t seem to like them much.”

[Rakshasa] “25:17?”

“Sascha doesn’t seem to like a lot of things much.” Anne observes with a slight chuckle.

Chris nods,”I finished gathering the data but I haven’t yet completed my full analysis of the soil. I am running it through the system as we speak and I should be able to reach some full conclusions shortly. In the meantime… who are these new ‘guests’ that they were speaking of? Are there new people heading to the compound?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods. “It doesn’t help I think she is on part of her Path that makes her… well, moody.”

Chrys wrinkles her nose up at that.  “She’d be on the same Path as the Shepherds, fuck that noise.  As for 25:17, they’re Hand and don’t usually show up without a reason.”

“What’s so bad about this Path?” Anne raises an eyebrow, intrigued.

Christopher raises an eyebrow,”What is a Path?”

[Rakshasa] smiles at Chris’ curiosity regarding paths. “A path is one’s code of conduct. A lonely road that he must travel to find his true self. On a baser level it is an attempt to stave off the beast, but that is only how the desperate see it”

Chrys smirks a little bit, shaking her head.  “They call it Nocturnal Redemption.  They call us sinners but thier Path has two sides… During part of the time they are all high and mighty and shit… Their exact tendancies depend on what religion they practice.  See… All on that Path only Embrace those with Faith.  Something about the trials being a test of that.  Anyway… Some of the time they must explore the sins of thier religion to truly understand them better.  So… I’ll leave that debauchery to your imagination.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances at Chrys and nods her head softly in agreement. “Sascha is Catholic, so… When she’s good she is angelic… but when she is on the other side… she can get pretty scary.”

[Rakshasa] “A path is sometimes like religion, but its mostly a way of life…unlife.” He gives a wolfish smile “There are many who travel the same path but for the most part, its a journey you undertake both on the outside and the inside”

<Ghost> just listens, looking between the other members of the group quietly.

“Hey, I’ve already been kidnapped and bound. You don’t need to give me the hard sell.” Anne refrains from rolling her eye.

[Rakshasa] “And like there are different religions, there are different paths, none truer than the other. They all lead to the same destination after all”

Christopher seems thoroughly interested,”Do you suppose we have any books on these Paths within the library that I could read further?”

<Fiona>  looks at Christopher, then at Rakshasa.

<Kitt Bishop> nods to Christopher. “Probably some of the more common ones. Like Path of Caine, and Honorable Accord.”

[Rakshasa] “The path of the Dark Father is for those that seek knowledge and the key to Cain’s gifts above all else. A true scholar’s path”

Christophers eyes widen,”That sounds fascinating. It seems to be like a form of psychology blended with religion for the beast. Perhaps studying paths could give insight into the very nature of vampirism and insights into perfecting it.”

Chrys snickers just a bit, and twirls some of her hair between her fingers.  “And see, that’s the great thing.  We’re so diverse.”  She rolls her eyes.

<Ghost> shakes his head and starts to meander about the group before looking toward Kitt.  “So, has the man given us any additional information about who is using the bunkers?”

Christopher walks inside for a moment to grab the data on the soil analysis so that he can review it again before detailing his conclusions to the rest.  “Let me grab the data, I’ll be right back Kitt.”

[Rakshasa] turns to Kitt “Is the flayed man still alive?”

<Kitt Bishop> glances to Fiona, then at Anne, then back to the guys. “I do believe I said that only a couple moments ago. Sascha put new skin on him. But… he’s in and out and doesn’t make sense most of the time. So not much information yet.”

Christopher walks back out with a few short printed pages and a notebook. He walks up to Kitt,”So far my preliminary analysis has turned up little data on the origins of the sample, however I can verify that the soil does not belong to a Tzimicse. There are no other noted mystic qualities surrounding it at this time… How did the conversation with the soil go? Did it give any useful information?”

[Rakshasa] “My apologies. I probably missed it in all my fervor of explaining the importance of the path”

<Kitt Bishop> sighs and shakes her head. “I need a bigger sample to work with.”

[Rakshasa] “A bigger sample. Then its clear we should go and get some more soil from the basin. I can go there tonight.”

<Fiona>  “Alone?”

Chrys looks Christopher over a few moments and raises a eyebrow before turning back toward the others.  “Then we should maybe ask ourselves why would someone be carrying around something like that if hey don’t need it?”

“Yeah, because there’s no chance they increased their defenses, or simply relocated and trapped their old haunts.” Anne snarks.

Christopher nods.”We definitely need more samples in order to continue the analysis. Either that or we need to find an expert in the mortal world that can make better use of our current samples than we can.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head and sighs. “There wasn’t but residue left in that one. But Sascha mentioned a cave that we might go check out. She said that there ws an earth spirit there that tried to speak but she couldn’t understand it. It’s awful close to New Orleans though.”

<Ghost> frowns, “It’s not far, we could make the trip by car in less than two hours.  Though that is close to enemy territory so we should watch ourselves.  I do not think Talwar would be upset if we checked it out even in his absence?”

Christopher nods,”I can attempt to pass as an ordinary mortal and be our go between. I do not much like regular people, but I hear that even mortal scientists have similar fears of socializing… would you like me to go to New Orleans and try to find someone to help us Kitt? Should we ask Zaluut as well?”

[Rakshasa] “We cleared out the bunkers a few days ago. Sascha said she’d sanctify them so if anyone has moved in we would know. In that case it should pose to danger to simply go and collect the samples. I can go with Christopher to get the samples and protect him if need be or I can do it alone.”

Chrys snickers, looking at Christopher.  “That’s what we have Grimaldi for.  Bunch of pussies but they don’t draw the attention our lab rats do.  As for the cave… Sounds like a fun way to spend the evening.”

<Fiona>  shrugs a bit. “Up to you guys.”

Christopher turns back to Chrys,”Yes, from most mortals, however a ‘lab rat’ may respond better to another lab rat. I agree we should try to procure more samples first. If they do not turn over any results, then I should prepare to head out with the Grimaldi to locate us a soil expert.”

[Rakshasa] ponders on the decision to visit New Orleans “During my travels, I have passed through a few Camarilla cities. If there is some confrontation, I could try to mediate”

<Kitt Bishop> blinks and looks at Rakshasa, then toward the others. “We could do both then. If they want to insist on the bunker… Rakshasa and Chris can check out the bunker… and the rest of us could go check out the cave.”

[Rakshasa] “So be it”

<Ghost> looks thoughtfully between them.  “We shall be on the stealthy side this time, and should we encounter something we can handle… we’ll handle it.  If not, we disappear.”

<Fiona>  “Eh. I always wanted to be Lara Croft. Why not.”

[Rakshasa] “Chris, can you shoot or otherwise fight?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks at them a moment longer. “Might be a good idea if someone else goes with you too…”, she glances back over her shoulder at Chrys and smiles.

Chrys narrows her eyes at Kitt but nods agreement and pats her creature on the head.  “Fine.  I am more suited to the forest anyway.”

Christopher shakes his head,”Beyond the ordinarily boosted constitution of a Revenant that allows us to recover some wounds in a similar fashion to a Vampire, I have no prepared combat skills. My blood is extra potent for consumption however, so it may be best that you do not hold out and feed upon me to recover. I obviously am not a limitless source of vitae, but I should be able to offer a fairly substantive amount before going into a critical condition myself.”

[Rakshasa] “We can take Mikov with us. I would have suggested Sascha but she’s probably busy”

Christopher also adds,”I do also have a decent ability to remain hidden so I can try to avoid being in the crossfire in the first place hopefully.”

Chrys tilts her head as she looks Rakshasa over a moment.  “If you’d rather have the rat then my assistance I’ll be happy to go inside and catch up on my shows.”

[Rakshasa] “Good, then at the first sight of danger, I suggest you find a place to hide. If Chrys is coming then we’ll have that…dog of yours to help out”

[Rakshasa] “No, I did not mean that. Please do join our little mission. Your skills will be highly appreciated”

<Kitt Bishop> sighs and starts to back away slowly, giving a nod toward Ghost and then glancing toward the parking area. “Well, good luck. Besides… if we have to stay the day out… I’d rather not have a Tzimisce with us.”

<Ghost> nods his head as he looks toward Fiona and Anne, then starts to head over to pick out a car.  “I can drive…  and have depth perception.”

Christopher smiles,”During the day I may be the most combat able of all of us… speaking of which… is there an extra shotgun I could carry?”

<Fiona>  goes to arm up, coming back with a shotgun and a machete.

[Rakshasa] nods to the parting group then looks at Chrys and Chris “Yes, I think you should carry a gun Chris…just in case. Chrys everything ready or do you need to grab some equipment?”

Chrys pulls a little whistle out from between her breasts and blows.  A few moments later, two panther like creatures with tentacles coming out from their backs come stalking out toward her.  She pats and clicks to the bear-dog and it walks into a large cage by her door.  “I’ll be fine. Who’s my precious little kitties… You are.  Yes you are.”

Christopher nods and goes inside and grabs a shotgun and some razor blades. He then ponders for a moment and grabs whatever acid he can. Possibly something that can react with soil and make some form of concrete effect as well.

[Rakshasa] closes his eyes and focuses on the blood coursing through his veins. Slowly his form shifts and distorts changing into a large white werewolf like creature with 3.5″ razor sharp claws and two pairs of 3″ canine teeth. The only resemblance to his human form are his moonlit eyes

[Rakshasa|Yeti] *Roar!*

Christopher looks wide eyed at the transformation a mixture of terror and awe apparent on his face.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Three beasts” he motions two the two abominations Chrys had and to himself “I think we’ll manage just fine” He gives a toothy grin

[Rakshasa|Yeti] gives a glance at Chris “Haven’t seen a gangrel transform before? I do confess my form is slightly different from the usual mutts” He taps Chris’ shoulder with his clawed hands “We’ll make sure no one lays a finger or whatever appendage on you, wont we Chrys?”

Chrys nods and walks toward the forest, but lets the ones that have been out there before lead the way.  One cat walks on either side of her, whipping barbed tentacles occasionally overhead.

Chris nods,”Good, then after I can make certain that you stay in fighting shape and then collect the samples afterward.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] starts slowly moving with the group towards the bunker that had the basin. He is not the most perceptive gangrel but he tries to keep an eye out for traps “Last time we came here there were explosive traps. Keep an eye out for tripwires. Dont touch any door without observing it carefully first” He says to Chrys

Chrys looks Chris over carefully, thoughtfully.  “What family are you?  I had thought Oberitus from the lab rat tendancies but you’re whoring your blood out like a Zantosa.”

<ST> The forest is absurdly quiet out here by the bunker. Not an animal makes a peep. It seems to be exactly as it was left behind, the door slightly open, and even a few smears of blood and sand present.

Chris looks confused for a moment,”No, I am not Zantosa. My desire to keep my compatriates well fed is logical and based off the data which suggests it is the most effective method to ensure mutual survival. I am Obertus and we had conducted research to improve the efficacy of vitae in both Revenants and Kindred. The experiment was overall successful, however there were… additional effects. One of which is that I developed limited psychic abilities. I have been working on reconstructing what notes I was able to safely carry from the compound before they destroyed it to keep it from the Tremere.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] doesn’t like the unnatural silence, usually there are sounds of insects or nocturnal birds. He notices the blood and sand on the door. He does not remember killing anything near the door. He talks to the other two in a hushed but guttural voice “Quiet! You two can have this discussion later. See that blood on the door. Last I remember we killed those creatures inside this bunker not outside”

Chrys looks from Rakshasa to the cats, and points toward the door.  They obey the silent command, moving inside first in case of trouble.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Good call, those things are expendable. We are not”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] scans the area to the best of his ability but finds nothing wrong “Looks like its clear, so far so good. Lets send in the cats” He fully opens the partially opened bunker door and signals Chrys to let the cats in

Chrys sends the cats in just ahead of herself, and as she starts to go in, her face ripples and she reaches up, pulling a set of long cat-like whiskers out from her face and then another set from her hips.  Long thick hairs that extend out to assist her senses.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] follows after Chrys and the cats, walking on all fours. He activates his night vision and his moonlit eyes started to glow blood red

[Rakshasa|Yeti] points the direction to the way that leads to the basin as the coterie slowly makes their way to the iron door that Fiona knocked down last time

Christopher attempts to find somewhere to stay hidden nearby in case any kind of conflict should arise and keeps an eye out for trouble.

<ST> The group slowly heads down the stairs, and the red lights that had guided them before are absent. Making this extremely dark. However, the cats seem to have little trouble navigating, and Chrys can sense the walls with her whiskers so she doesn’t bump into things. Rakshasa can see alright in here, it looks the same so far aside from the absence of light. Chris would have no trouble simply stopping in the dark and obfuscating if he had to.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] notices the changes and the absence of the lights. He speaks in a soft voice “Keep your guard up, someone switched off the lights. Chris, keep an eye out if something tries to creep up from behind” He continues forward towards the basin

Chrys uses her feelers to keep track if the walls, and the sound of the others to track them.  She heightens her senses, making that job easier.  She keeps behind the cats, letting them lead the way and only directing them when Rakshasa indicates, as she cannot see down here.

Christopher stays close to the wall and attempts to remain out of sight within the shadows. He also continues to look behind them keeping an eye and both ears out for anything coming from the rear.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] his eyes are constantly on the move, scanning back and forth as he guides the coterie towards the basin. He can see fine, but he’s not so sure about the others “Should have brought a flashlight I guess, eh Chris?”

Chrys giggles faintly.  “I could bring a little glowworm next time.”

<ST> The group eventually comes into the basin room, which appears to have been cleaned out. There is no basin, and nothing else for that matter down here. No cages either. And all of the doors are slightly ajar.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] just stands there with a blank expression on his face then his facial expression changes to that of frustration with a hint of British accent “Fucking hell! Everything has been cleaned out by that Lasombra fuck!”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] rages on for a while expressing his frustration, not giving a flying fuck about being stealthy or silent

Chrys tilts her head as she listens, rubbing her ear a little from the shouting.  “If there was no Tzimisce, what makes you believe there is a Lasombra?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] *Raawr* “Because that cheeky fucker tried to distract us the last time with Obtenebration! Who else has that shit except the bloody Lasombra” His usual calm demeanor has vanished

[Rakshasa|Yeti] After raging for a bit, he bangs his palms against the walls and opens each of the slightly ajar doors “They have cleaned out all clues. We need to hit the other bunkers, deeper into the forest”

Chrys looks toward where she can hear him, shaking her head.  “I don’t feel that is wise without a full Pack.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] It takes a moment for him to calm down, but he eventually comes to his senses “Yes, you are correct. Chris, see if you can spot anything worth taking with us, you should also scrape off some of that blood on the bunker door before we leave.Not sure who that dried blood belongs to, maybe you can salvage some DNA”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] roams around the room on all fours

[Rakshasa|Yeti] to Chrys “Looks like we’ll be going back empty handed. This means we need a soil expert to get the data from whatever little sample we already have. Clever bastards cleaned the whole place out”

Christopher turns to Rhakhasa and nods,”I’ll try to get what I can for DNA but it doesn’t seem to be an adequate sample size.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] bangs his fist against the wall again “I know, they cleaned this place out thoroughly. We just have to make do with whatever we can find and hope the others are successful in that cave”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] saying that he, starts walking back towards the entrance of the bunker

Christopher nods and walks back towards the blood at the entrance and starts scraping for samples. It should at least be enough to tell what sort of creature it was.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Alright, I guess this wraps it up. Thank you for coming along Chrys, too bad there wasn’t more excitement. Lets head back to the asylum.”

Chrys turns and follows as well, using her whiskers to feel along the walls.  She clicks once and the cats follow behind.  “Something is off.  You said it was a large basin… But how did they get such a thing through those doors?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] stops in his tracks “I’m not sure” He thinks for  moment “You think there is an illusion at work? that the basin is..hidden in the bunker?”

Christopher gathers up his samples and nods,”All right, I’m ready to head back. I believe I got everything that I can.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “The basin was as large enough that a man can sleep on it. Filled with soil, like the Tzimisce usually use, or so I have heard”

Chrys shrugs in the dark.  “I don’t know.  Was just a thought.  If they didn’t break it to pieces…”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Any of you two skilled at dispelling illusions or obfuscate tethered to inanimate objects?”

Chris shakes his head,”Unfortunately, no.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “If the basin was there..hidden. Shouldn’t we have bumped into it by now?”

Chrys frowns a bit.  “What if it wasn’t there to begin with?  What if the illusion is not that it isn’t here now, but that it was here then?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “It wasn’t an illusion, we touched it before”

Chris says,”Perhaps they simply removed it. Was it attached or built in?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “I did not pay much attention. Probably attached. There seems to be no soil left on the floor as well…strange”

Chrys waits at the bottom of the stairs, thinking on it while her cats sit on either side.  “I wasn’t here the first time so I don’t know.  I don’t use anything like that.  I sleep in a damn bed.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “I have heard your clan needs to rest on the soil of their homeland to be at peace. The basin resembled something Zaluut uses, according to Kitt”

Chris looks around,”Are we going to search for the basin or head back?”

Chrys wrinkles her nose just a bit.  “We do require a bit of a place that means something to us in order to rest.  I am not surprised that the old guy uses something like that.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] nods to Chrys “Plus we saw a mass of living shadow, this made us conclude that a Tzimisce and a Lasombra may be involved in this.” He pauses and looks at Chris “I don’t have the necessary skills to detect hidden objects. Unless any of you has supernatural senses, I think we have nothing else to do but head back to the asylum”

Christopher uses Auspex to look around the room with,”I have some heightened senses from my family. I will take a quick look around before we head back.”

Chrys starts to feel along the walls in the room that had the darkness in it before, the cats both following her.  “What the fuck?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] nods “Alright. I am terrible at sensing the supernatural anyway”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] his attention immediately focuses on Chrys “What! Do you sense something?”

Chris opens his eyes wide,”I believe there may be a secret passage over there.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] his oblong pupils widen in excitement, seems like they got a lead “Lead on! Show us the passage”

Christopher walks over to the Cage room where he believes that a secret passage may lie.”I’m not exactly sure where but I feel that there’s something here. Can you feel the air flowing over here?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] paws the wall nearby to see if there is any switch

Chrys remains standing, her whiskers still feeling along the wall.  “It’s wet right here.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “See if that opens the door”

Chrys blinks a bit, and glances toward the voice.  “How exactly would you like to use the wetness to open it?  Unless we are speaking of my legs?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] stares at Chrys with a blank expression then bursts out laughing in a bestial voice. After 3 seconds he abruptly goes silent “Good one. I was saying see if there is hidden switch in the wet region, you can press to make the door open..and please no more sexual jokes”

Christopher shakes his head and says quietly,”I don’t get it…”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] stares at Chris with a puzzled look, although the look might not be obvious given his bestial appearance

Chrys turns a bit toward Chris and giggles.  “Stick around me too long and you might.  You’re pretty cute for a lab rat.” She then feels a little more about the wall, stooping down.

Christopher genuinely makes a loud “eep” sound as she says that, much like a mouse.

<ST> There is a set of slots set into the stone where the water is slowly flowing into. But they are way too small to fit in.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “The drain is too small for anyone of us to fit through. Guess we keep looking for that switch.”

<ST> There doesn’t seem to be any other entrance of exit… when what can be felt inside of the drain holes it must go down pretty deep. Perhaps even coming out somewhere deep underground.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] scratches its fur “No luck, seems this -secret passage- is this drain. Could lead us to an underground cavern or basin, if anyone could fit through”

Chrys nods her head a bit.  “We could go back and fit something with a camera… See where it goes.”

Christopher nods,”Aren’t there those who have the ability to communicate with small animals around us? I would bet that rats and such have been through this drain.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “We can either send in a rat, but my animalism is piss poor so it has to be Chrys. On the flip side we can ask Fiona to build us a small robot as Chrys said.”

Christopher looks confused,”What do you mean by ‘build a small robot’ Do you mean with vicissitude or using electronics? Actually if my fleshcrafting were better we could make a long eye and send it down there.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “The means does not matter as long as the end is achieved. Mechanical, biological, ghoul whatever you can fit through and can relay us accurate images”

Chrys shakes her head, listening.  “I meant more like a snake or something with gills or fuck, a camera on a rope.  Either way… We can go back and get something of assistance.”  Then she gathers up her cats and starts to head back up and out.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Lets go back to the asylum” saying that he heads out

Christopher nods and makes note of everything he can, he then follows everyone up the steps.”I hope our fellow hunters fair better. If not then we shall have to hunt down a mortal in New Orleans.”

Chrys walks the cats back to the compound, and scratches each creature between the tentacles on their backs when they arrive.  “Good kitties.  Come on, lets get you a treat.”, she says as she moves inside.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] slowly shifts back to his human form as soon as he enters the compound

[Rakshasa] “I think we’ll discuss whats next when the others get here. Chris report your findings to Sascha and see if you can find anything with that dried blood, I doubt it will yield anything but still. Thank you for your assistance both of you. I’ll see you tomorrow night”

Christopher nods and heads inside to put away the samples then heads over to meet Sascha to deliver his report.

[Rakshasa] wanders around  bit then moves inside the abandoned building and prepares for some meditation.