Chrys stands outside of his ‘house’ at the far Eastern end of the main building.  He oversees work being done by some of the ghouls there.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° hopped down from the side of the main building, probably from a window, and made his way out onto the property. He noticed Chrys and headed over there to see what was going on. “Hello, Chrys.”

Chrys looks over at Talwar, and after a moment nods.  “Hello.  Walking the grounds, or making sure I’m not cornering your little friend?”

[Rakshasa] was simply roaming with a book in his hand when he sees Khanna and approaches him “Good evening. Did you have a nice time fighting those walking sandbags?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° seldom smiled. When he did, it was either sincere or not. This smile was not sincere or endearing in any way. Probably completely the opposite. “No, that actually was not what I was doing because if you did that again and I caught you, I do not think you would like the consequences. I would have no choice but to believe you just have some odd issue with a member of our team that is too costly to for me to simply walk away from.” He looked at what the ghouls were doing. “I came over to see how you were and if you were settling it acceptably or needed anything.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° looked over at Rakshasa. “We did fight walking sandbags. I do not think it was that enjoyable. They are not my ideal foes.”

Chrys looks over at Rakshasa, sizing him up momentarily, before turning his attention back to Talwar once more.  He seems unphased by the promise of violence.  “I do not intend her any permanent harm.”  He then looks up at the ghouls and the building.  “They are doing a decent enough job.  It is going slower than I would like, but it is what it is.”

[Rakshasa] senses a palpable tension between the assamite and the stranger. He responds to Talwar “Yes, they were rather sluggish and clumsy. They could make good punching bags however.” He looked at Chrys, his moonlit oblong pupils focused on her/him like a viper’s gaze before relaxing “Good evening to you too” he said to the stranger then looking at Khanna “Harm? Did anyone get hurt?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “No, no one was harmed. The situation was a little tense.” Talwar took out a cigarette and lit it. “How is your night, Rakshasa and have you spoken with Fiona? Last night all of us were speaking on what our talents were that would be good for the pack to know as we continue, so we do not step on each other like the first mission here seemed to go, with the bunkers.”

[Rakshasa] “Well no one really did step on each other. The mission went rather smoothly If I dare say so myself. As for my skills: I’m a historian and a archaeologist, not terribly shabby with hard science as well. I prefer not to fight, but when I have to I turn into the things that you saw me turn into that night. That is all I have to offer.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “Thank you. It will help when coordinating in the future. We are going to do some training exercises in the future to work with one another and see what needs fixed. Of course, one of the big problems has not resurfaced so maybe he ran away or died in a ditch somewhere.”

Chrys smirks just a bit at that description of the situation.  He listens to Rakshasa as something small, like a bat-winged hairless cat lands on his shoulder and nudges against his face in standard feline manner.  “Is there anything I can do to assist?”

[Rakshasa] “I have never used weapons, so I’m terrible with them. I am however *ahem* fairly skilled in kung-fu.” He stares at Khanna almost expecting him to laugh or spit out some Bruce Lee joke

[Rakshasa] “One of the big problems? Did something happen in the past few days? I am afraid I was a bit occupied by my studies. Please do tell if something happened”

Chrys glances at Rakshasa and raises an eyebrow but doesn’t say anything.  Instead just reaching up and scratching at the little thing on his shoulder, making little animal noises at it for a moment.

[Rakshasa] The man standing before Chrys is wearing Buddist prayer beads on his wrist and around his neck. The rest of his clothes are shabby like some poor, travelling monk

[Rakshasa] His arms and other exposed skin has random claw marks on them

<Kitt Bishop> comes out of the main hall, chasing Mikov and running along down the steps. She chases him down the yard, but then stops when she sees the others, walking up a bit more slowly. She eyes Chrys for a moment, then the other two. “Hey guys, what’s going on?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° lofted a brow. “The mission at the last bunker we went to did not go over as smoothly as it could have. I figured we could do better, since we will need to work together better than that, in the future.”

[Rakshasa] to Chrys “So, are you new here as well? Or have you been here before?” He paused for a moment “Oh, where are my manners. This one is called Rakshasa” He points to himself “May I know who you are?”

[Rakshasa] looked at Khanna “Yes” He sighed “That could have gone better. But at least we have some solid clues. We haven’t seen the last of them”

<Kitt Bishop> “We could stand to get some practice in. Mikov in fact, has offered us up a challenge of hide and seek.”, she says with a little chuckle.

[Rakshasa] looks at Kitt “Hello miss Bishop. How are you this evening.” He also glances at the disturbing creature known at Mikov. He doesn’t say anything to it but gives it a nod.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to Kitt. “Greetings Kitt and Mikov. What challenge?”

Chrys regards Rakshasa with a nod.  “It can be hard to tell at times, but I have only been here a couple of days.  I am Chrys.”

[Rakshasa] laughs a bit as he hears about hide and seek “Hahaha. Hide and seek? Well..I suppose it may improve our stealth” He turns back to Chrys “Good to meet you childe of Caine. I’m new here as well”

<Mikov> whips his tail back and forth, growling at the little thing on Chrys’s shoulder as he licks his lips. Then he turns his attention to Talwar when called directly. “Hide and seek. Can use maze. Teaches hiding, teaches seeking.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “That could be useful.”

Chrys looks distastefully at Mikov a moment.  “Things like you are why we don’t usually leave you with the capacity to speak.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “That is not a good attitude to have with Mikov. He may just eat your critter.”

[Rakshasa] His eyes focus back on Chrys like the eye of Sauron. A little bit of politeness can go a long way, even if its a twisted creature like Mikov

[Rakshasa] “I guess you are a Tzimisce? Or am I wrong about my guess?”

<Kitt Bishop> nudges Mikov with her foot. “Don’t you dare. Or I’ll go set your chickens free into the woods. I mean it.”, she looks down at Mikov, her expression stern. She shrugs faintly and glances to the others. “Anyway, the plan is to go hide and let them hunt us… and then possibly return the favor.”

[Rakshasa] “Them?”

<Mikov> nods to Talwar with a grin before glares back at Kitt but lowers his head and moves back, tail lashing. He looks back at Chrys and hisses, then nods to Rakshasa. “That one, Tzimisce yes. New one. Not from home.”

Chrys nods softly in agreement with Rakshasa.  “Yes.”, he looks down at Mikov.  “Not really a bad thing.  And I think she means the ghouls will be hunting us.”

[Rakshasa] “Alright. I’ll play. Any special rules?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtful. “If you kill a ghoul you owe it’s creator… some of those things take months to finish. They aren’t as expendible as you’d think.”

<Mikov> grins, sharp toothy grin. “Mikov result of years of perfection.”

[Rakshasa] “I thought this was hide and seek, not hide and seek and fight”

<Mikov> flashes those sharp little teeth again. “Teeth, claws incentive for hiding better.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Mikov “I have much bigger and sharper teeth and claws. Lets make this a non violent thing shall we, I don’t want to accidentally hurt any ghoul”

<Fiona>  comes downstairs and makes her way outside, looking over to the voices and making her way in their direction.

<Kitt Bishop> pipes up at that. “Play dead. The ghouls are trained to either subdue or kill… so if you don’t resist they shouldn’t do anything except drag the losers to some specified location.”

<Fiona>  “So, what have the lovely people here have got planned for this evening?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° gives a nod to Fiona as a greeting.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Are we using disciplines or no?”

Chrys laughs a little, listening and then petting the hairless cat on his shoulder.  “Yeah. Luckily not all of them are left with much thinking capacity.”

[Rakshasa] “No ghoul is dragging me anywhere. If they find me, I’ll simply walk out of the maze and admit defeat”

<Mikov> lashes his tail back and forth as he glances back to Kitt, then the others. “Yes, none so smart as Mikov. They trained obey Mikov but they know only stop and kill. So you must stop or it will fight… unless Mikov find you.”, then he grins again. “You can disappear, or try. Some creatures sense you anyway. Mikov can see through some.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a little bit as she listens. “You opened that door, you deal with the consequences.”, she says toward Mikov. “I’m not going to tell you what they are capable of, but some of it is just as useful as outright hiding.”

<Fiona>  looks at Kitt, then at Mikov. “Well, this should be fun.”

<Ghost> (obfuscated) comes out from around the corner of the building, creeping along the dark places.  He pauses when he sees the group gathering up outside, and stalks over, trying to keep himself cloaked as long as possible.

Chrys looks thoughtful, then nods after a moment or two.  “Not really my thing but I’ll give it a shot.  My talents for hiding are more toward mimicry than outright hiding.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° takes out his phone and looks at it..then shrugs. “I have to go. Another time and I will gladly play your game.” He turns and would head off back to the main building.

“What should be fun?” Anne asks, rounding the corner of the asylum building, out on her nightly PT. “You guys really make it difficult not to eavesdrop, you know?” she grins as she flickers it, then her gaze comes to rest on Chrys. “Who’s the new kid?”

<Fiona>  “So, someone gonna tell me what this little game is?”

Chrys glances to Fiona and Anne after nodding to Talwar.  “Hide and seek.  To practice.  No killing ghouls, if they find you, play dead.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Fiona “Its a game of hide and seek. Except the ones seeking are mindless, attack ghouls who may try to attack you”

<Fiona>  “Well, sounds like this is gonna be fun. I’ll try not to hurt them too much.”

Chrys shrugs.  “Name is Chrys.  I’m Tzimisce.  My specialty is creatures.”

[Rakshasa] “I need to feed before I begin”

“Sounds just like home.” Anne smirks. “Hide and seek for keeps.” She glances Chrys over as they introduce themselves. “Huh, nice to meet you, kid.”

<Mikov> lashes his tail again as he looks at Fiona. “You kill, you owe for resources.”, he looks at Rakshasa and points toward the main building with a long finger. “There vitae in clay jars for storage.”

<Ghost> comes out of obfuscate nearby to the group, but not within punching distance.  “It sounds like good practice.”

[Rakshasa] sighs “I am in no position to owe anyone anything. I guess I’ll just take a hit or two from the ghoul if it comes to that.”

[Rakshasa] He proceeds to one of the jars and pours himself a drink

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles a little bit. “You don’t want to know what they might harvest from you in return.”, she then looks toward Mikov and points off toward the main building. “You should fetch the ghouls and then we’ll meet up at the hedge maze.”

<Fiona>  “Never said I’d kill them. But sure.”

Chrys glances over the whole of the group and makes some weird noises to the little creature on his shoulder before starting to head for the door to his house.  “Actually going to pass on the hiding… But I will totally join in on a seeking expedition later.  Or anything else for that matter.”

<Fiona>  looks at Chrys. “Have fun in whatever you do, whatever you are.”

<Mikov> takes off for the main hall, to gather up a few of the ghouls for the game.

<Kitt Bishop> starts to make her way toward the hedge maze to meet with Mikov, glancing back towrd the others as well. “I suppose we had better prepare. I am working on a ritual that will hide those of us that can’t disappear but it’s not ready yet.”

“Careful, Firebrand,” Anne winks at Fiona, “bunker-busting, and now a dangerous bout of guerrilla warfare? You’re spoiling an old woman.”

[Rakshasa] just sips on his drink quietly

<Fiona>  snorts at Anne, looking amused.

<Fiona>  “Don’t look at me. I’m not the one who set this up.”

<Kitt Bishop> eyes the others from one of the archways at the maze, running a finger over some of the spiny leaves.

[Rakshasa] is just standing there waiting for the exercise to begin

<Ghost> follows along behind Kitt, making his way off toward the maze as well.  He watches her for a moment before sitting just around the corner.

Anne follows idly behind, flexing her fingers in anticipation.

<Fiona>  will remain where she is for now.

<Mikov> comes back, headed for the maze with two rather large dog-lloking things and a couple of the flying lamprey creatures as well. He lashes his tail back and forth as he approaches the archway and looks to the group there. “Five minutes. Then, we find.”

<Ghost> doesn’t so much as blink as he moves into the maze and quickly disappears, allowing the shaodws to creep up over him and he silently stalks along to find a hiding place.

<Kitt Bishop> follows suit, nodding and then going into the maze and looking around for a place to good place to hide. She starts by running, trying to get as far in as she thinks is safe before looking.

[Rakshasa] runs into the maze and hides in a good spot

Anne ducks into the maze, looking for a decent spot to hide herself regardless of her obfuscation.

<Fiona>  begins to make her way into the maze, finding an alcove and ducking into it.

<ST> The group of ghouls goes into the maze and spread out, each one seeming to branch off in different directions. One by one they sniff out or home in on their prey, though the lamprey seeking Rakshasa seems to get lost, flying around in little circles.

<Kitt Bishop> looks fairly annoyed as she monster dog drags her out of her hiding place and when she goes to the meeting place at the arch she is still wiping the drool off of herself. “Gross.”

[Rakshasa] is surprised, no one found him hiding in some obvious looking bushes, but then again you cant really trust mindless ghouls

<Mikov> lashes his tail as he locates Fiona, and circles her while hissing, darting in even to nip at her heels.

<Fiona>  hisses in return, and lengthens her fingers and toes into claws, taking a swipe at Mikov with them.

<Ghost> gets dragged out of his hiding place as well, and hangs his head a bit at the meeting place while he waits on the others.

<Mikov> bristles, literally… his skin ripples with active vicissitude and long quills start to sprout from his flesh and line his sides and back. He lowers his head and hisses again, that lashing tail growing what look like a set of barbs on the end.

Anne gets found fairly quickly, and is excited for the ensuing brawl she’s expecting, but deflates when the hound simply tries to pull her out of the maze.

<Fiona>  changes tactics and manages to make Mikov happier with her, before taking advantage of it to move further into the hedge for a better hiding spot.

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Ghost, and then to Anne as they arrive at one of the fountains with her, tilting her head a bit curiously. “Somehow, this result seems backwards to me.”

<Mikov> remains all quilled up, but his lashing does turn to more of a wag before he lets her go, not minding the chase a little longer. He gives her a few moments and then stalks further in, looking for her again.

“What seems backwards is that (turkish) demons (english) spend their time playing childrens’ games.” Anne grumbles darkly.

<Fiona>  HOPES she found a good finding spot this time.

<Ghost> sits on the edge of the fountain, shaking his head.  “I don’t want to talk about it.”

[Rakshasa] remains hidden a bit longer till the flying creature finds him

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Anne. “It’s about practicing skills. Don’t you do target practice?”

<Mikov> locates Fiona again easily, this time carefuly to keep his distance though. “Go on. Fountain.”

“Sure.” Anne shrugs. “Give me a few dozen pounds of fireworks, a strobe light, and a fog machine, and I can set up a range.”

[Rakshasa] is convinced the lamprey sucks at detecting obvious things

<Fiona>  lets out a blistering series of loud swears that could probably be heard back at the fountain before walking in that direction, meeting up with the others.

[Rakshasa] tries one more time at being hidden

<Kitt Bishop> frowns as she tilts her head. “We could spar if you like. I say no claws, but I could probably beat the crap out of you to prove a point if need be.”

<Fiona>  mutters as she comes up. “Fucking dog-thing….”

<Mikov> comes walking back behind Fiona, obviously proud of himself. He is still covered in quills and barbs, and he growls to the other creatures present as if speaking.

“Probably,” Anne shrugs again, then turns to Fiona as she’s walking out of the maze. “Quite a mouth you have on you, Firebrand.”

<Fiona>  shrugs. “Roller derby.”

<Ghost> laughs and nods in agreement.  “That sounds like an idea.  We should try roller derby.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtful, then nods as well. “Actually… that isn’t a bad idea. We’d have to convert one of the halls to accomidate but it could be done. And we could form teams.”

“Roller derby?” Anne chuckles, “kid, I fought in a couple of wars, and you’ve got a dirtier vocabulary than I do. I’d like to see how contact-skating can foster that.”

<Fiona>  “I did roller derby when I was in college. Call it aggression and trash talk.”

[Rakshasa] The little flying lamprey abomination finally found him. He gets out of the bush and pets the lamprey “Finally, you did it you dumb animal. Good job. Lets go” He walks out of the maze and joins the shamed group.

<Mikov> whips his tail back and forth in annoyance, though he does look at the others confused for a moment. “What is roller… derby?”

<Fiona>  “No, high school, not college.”

[Rakshasa] “I see somehow I out lasted you all. Thats quite the surprise” He says that with his focus fixed on Ghost

<Mikov> hisses at the lamprey when it arrives and srtikes at it with his tail, leaving a few of those barbs buried in it’s flesh as a reminder. “Bad.”

[Rakshasa] moves out of the way to avoid being hit by a stray barb “Watch where you swing that thorny tail little one”

<Ghost> shrugs.  “Maybe you just got an extra retarded hunter.”  He chuckles briefly and then looks toward the others.  “There are other things we can do to practice, perhaps brainstorming would not be a bad idea?”

[Rakshasa] looks at the lamprey “Yes, it has zero intelligence” He looks back at Ghost “Brainstorming about what?”

<Fiona>  goes to sit down, eyeing Mikov balefully before turning her attention on Ghost. “I’m all ears.”

<Ghost> “Other methods of practice.  Perhaps something a little more, exciting, yes?”

[Rakshasa] “I’m listening”

<Mikov> smiles with those little shark teeth and hops up on the fountain beside Fiona. “Deer hunting. Humans. Deer antlers put on head and then we make them strong, set them loose. You go in, kill. They expendible. They fight back.”

[Rakshasa] “You fuse deer antlers to humans and hunt them for sport?”

<Fiona>  eyes Mikov some more. “Eh, maybe. Sounds fun.”

“They’re called the most dangerous game for a reason.” Anne nods. “We could even skip the antler heads. Make it more fair for them.”

[Rakshasa] shakes his head “I’m sorry, but I cannot join you. I have no qualms about killing humans but I don’t kill simply for sport. By all means though, enjoy your hunt”

“Don’t kill ’em, then.” Anne cocks her head at Rakshasa. “Catch and release.”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head a little bit as she eyes Mikov. “Actually, the antlers make them pretty dangerous. It inflicts wounds on us, not terrible, but aboud like a knife… and they will gore you.”

<Kitt Bishop> makes a little bit of a face. “I did some reading on the sport. It would be decent practice, since they can think… to an extent. A lot of human thought is replaced by pure instinct… it is meant to sharpen our own hunting instincts.”

“And yet your expression seems less that pleased by the thought.” Anne observes.

<Ghost> looks at Rakshasa and shakes his head before looking back towrd the others.  “Sounds like it may be more up our alley.”

[Rakshasa] “Releasing such twisted creatures into the wild is a bad idea. Fine I’ll join you in this hunt, but I’ll knock them out instead.” He pauses for a moment “I kill for food and I kill my foes. I don’t kill poor wretches, thats not the way of Caine.”

<Kitt Bishop> shrugs her shoulders a little bit. “I don’t get much of a say in the matter. But we could take Sascha’s route… taking criminals, pedophiles and the like for this. I can’t say they don’t deserve that shit.”

<Fiona>  shrugs a bit. “I don’t like it either, but to us, humans are cattle.”

[Rakshasa] “Humans are cattle. You don’t kill cattle for sport, you kill them when you must, for food”

“Not to burst your little bubble, Sword,” Anne mutters to Rakshasa, “but you aren’t exactly working for the most moral of organizations. Unless you consider mass kidnapping and murder an acceptable hiring process, yeah? It doesn’t seem like they’d draw a line at hunting humans, and I doubt they’d bat an eye at requesting you do the same at some point.”

[Rakshasa] shakes his head at Anne “I’m not here to judge the actions of others. A man is only accountable for his own actions and beliefs. Caine never killed anything for sport, not even his brother”

<Ghost> looks thoughtful and then nods, glancing to Rakshasa.  “It’s not my place to force anybody to join or not.  It’s not something we have official orders to do, not is he refusing an actual Ritae.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances between them and nods. “I will ask Sascha to assist in setting it up. She knows where to drag up some people that shouldn’t even be classified as human anyway.”

[Rakshasa] “Exactly. Whether you hunt these man-deer or criminals, I try to keep myself away from the matter of mortals, we vampires are above them for the most part. If Zaluut or Sascha require me for a mission or any of you are interested in a spar or even a hunt for deer blood dinner, I’ll be happy to join”

<Mikov> rattles his quills as he jumps down, half circling them and then looking toward Rakshasa. “This one, still not even buried yet. This one does not know instinct anyway. Could drain you, starve you… then you hunt for food. Not sport.”

“As long as we’re hunting scum, I don’t mind administering a few doses of karmic justice.” Anne’s grin turns more than slightly feral. “It’ll be just like hunting soviets.”

<Fiona>  looks at Rakshasa. “Deer blood dinner. Really? And that’s just the point. We’re better than them, so why not show them how much better.”

<Ghost> nods slightly, though he raises an eyebrow at Mikov breifly.  “Well, I am sure that will be remedied in due course.  Perhaps we shall give this a go tomorrow night?”

[Rakshasa] gives a sharp look at Mikov his moonlit eyes shining like a cat’s eyes in the dark “And what do you know of the beast, pet? I have lived for nearly a century, I have lived in the city wasteland of the himalayas surrounded only by desolation and the howling mountain winds. Do not speak to me like I’m one your shovelheads that you throw at the Camarilla at times of war, or have you not been taught the proper etiquette of speaking to a childe of Caine”

[Rakshasa] would have probably kicked Mikov by now, but he shows restraint, for now

<Mikov> rattles his quills again and lowers his head as he eyes Rakshasa carefully. “That my point. You not even shovel head yet. Not yet truly one of the Sabbat.”

<Kitt Bishop> steps up, putting an open palmed hand out toward Mikov. “Alright, Mikov, stand down.” She glances over at Rakshasa and shakes her head. “You too, Rakshasa. He’s got a point on that one. You haven’t undergone the proper ritae yet. We have been very accepting despite that fact.”

[Rakshasa] “I’m the childe of Caine, and a descendant of the Tiger queen. I do not need the opinion of a fleshcrafted beast to tell me what I am. I have shown restraint and even respect as you are a sentient being capable of speech even though you are not a Cainite yourself. But insult me further and I cannot guarantee my calm composure little one. IF that happens, your quills wont save you. I pray to the almighty that it does not come to that” He lets a sigh “Now, I wish all of you a fun and exciting hunt. Enjoy the night”

[Rakshasa] to Kitt “I have taken the vaulderie. What more ritual is there? You want to hit me in the head and bury me in the ground?” He laughs at the idea

<Kitt Bishop> has trouble keeping a straight face. “You could take it as a compliment… though the shovel is optional. Burial rites are very important.”

<Ghost> crosses his arms as he listens.  “No one cares here where anyone came from or who sucked who’s blood to get here.  We’re here as soldiers.  All of us.”

[Rakshasa] He continues laughing “Very well, I’ll take the ritual when its bestowed upon me. I have slept below ground most of my life after my embrace anyway.” He mutters something in Sanskrit He looks at Ghost “I’m a scholar and a warrior. Just because I fight for a cause doesn’t mean I am a soldier”

[Rakshasa] “Not the kind of soldier that you throw at enemy cannons for the sake of it”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head a bit and sighs. “It’s a little different than that, but I am afraid that you will not understand unti, you experience it for yourself. Which is understandable. Posturing is getting us nowhere so perhaps it is best if we take a break for now.”, she says and then looks at Mikov before gesturing for him to go back inside. “I’ll see you guys later.”

<Ghost> nods in agreement, bowing his head before starting to leave himself.  “I do have weapons to check and clean.  I will see you again soon.”

[Rakshasa] nods “I agree. See you later miss Bishop. You too Ghost.” He gives at glance at Mikov “Mind your manners little one”

<Fiona>  nods to Rakshasa.

[Rakshasa] “See you later Fiona”

<Mikov> flashes a smile, or bares those nasty teeth, it’s hard to tell. “Good night.”

<Fiona>  eyes Mikov.

<Mikov> purrs a bit at Fiona before he turns tail and lopes off toward the house as he was told to do.

<Fiona>  just eyeballs the….thing as he wanders away.

<Kitt Bishop> sighs a bit to herself and starts to follow Mikov off toward the house. “I’ll get in touch with Sascha and get things set up. And I imagine they’ll have us back in those bunkers very soon again too. Take care.”, she says before jogging to catch up to the creature.

<Fiona>  nods, then looks at Anne, shrugging and heading off.