Arthur steps outside and dials Kara’s number on his mobile phone,”Hey Kara it’s Arthur, I was hoping we could talk about some things.”

Kara starts slightly as her phone rings, the Ghostbuster’s theme filling her apartment. She knocks aside a few papers to find her phone and answers it on the last ring. “Er, hello? Oh hi, Arthur. What’d you need to talk about?”

Arthur thinks for a moment,”Oh you KNOW Books and such. Like that one I showed you earlier.”

“Okay,” Kara nods, “where do you want to meet?”

Arthur thinks for a moment,”There’s this park I’d like you to meet me at.” He then proceeds to give her directions to the park where he met Aaron and directions.

“Alright.” Kara responds after she’s done writing down the directions. “I’ll be there in an hour.”

Arthur replies into phone while nodding,”Alright, I’ll wait for you there.” He then heads out to meeting location and waits for her to arrive

Kara ends the call, then picks up her jacket. She heads outside and starts a jog to the park, stopping for a cup of coffee and a pastry when she’s close to the park itself.

Arthur sits by a tree while he waits for her, near the spot where Aaron had spoken to the Unicorn. He pulls out a play script of and begins to rehearse the lines to himself quietly to pass the time.

“Hey Arthur,” Kara calls out as she approaches. She sits herself under the tree as well, and takes a sip of her coffee before continuing. “So…you wanted to talk?”

Arthur nods,”Yes so first I have good news! I deciphered enough of that book in order to learn a method to dispel vengeful ghosts. The second is that I have a few quests I need assistance with. You have contacts within the law enforcement community yes?”

“Uh, yeah,” Kara says vaguely, “something like that. I’ve got a new compound that should work against spirits too.”

Arthur looks perplexed a moment,”A compound? Where did you get access to your own military base with Ghost Warding capabilities? I’m impressed!”

“What?” Kara looks puzzled for a moment. “No, no. I meant a *chemical* compound. It’s a substance that should help ward certain areas or objects.”

Arthur laughs,”Yes, yes! I knew that of course! Right, a chemical! Anyway back to the subject of the Unicorn that we are going to be assisting, we need to clear some local vagrants out of the park that are bothering the wonderful creature for a friend, I was hoping that you could use your contacts to ask for some assistance in the manner.”

“Wait. What?” Kara’s perplexed expression returns. “A unicorn? What are you talking about?”

Arthur stops,”Oh yes, I met a man who was looking for a Unicorn to ask it to teach him how to heal people. We searched for it here and he met it right over there.”Arthur points to the spot.”Unfortunately I couldn’t see it myself but it must’ve been glorious! I smelt it though and I could hear it somewhat. He said that the miscreants over there…” He points in the direction of the shack that the drug users are.”Are bothering it. Therefore I was hoping you could use your law enforcement contacts to help us clear them out for us. Then next time perhaps you could come with to meet the unicorn!” He smiles brightly

“Okay…” Kara seems at a bit of a loss. “Well, first off, you don’t need drinking buddies on the force to call in something. They’d have to be guilty of some sort of criminalizing. I don’t think a judge will issue a warrant against them for irking a unicorn.”

Arthur nods,”Yes, as much as it should be a crime to irk a unicorn, I don’t believe there is such a law in the mortal world. I do believe that the particular people in question are engaging in some form of illegal activity. I don’t think they’re just drinking alchol. Whatever it is they are doing is causing some sort of disturbance in the spirit realm that the unicorn resides in. It’s not simply their presence that is bothering it, but something their doing that is dark and corrupt.”

“Well, if there’s something they’re doing that the police could take to a judge,” Kara says calmly, “then they could get a warrant and make arrests.”

Arthur nods,”So then, we should arrange to do some reconnaissance then. Me and Zirathur will watch them over the next few days and see if we can dig up some kind of dirt of things that we can use to evict them.”

“That’d work.” Kara nods, then thinks of something. “Just please try not to do anything illegal.”

Arthur nods,”Good things faeries can’t commit crimes then isn’t it? Zirathur and I have it from here I think.”

Arthur bows and walks away,”Thank you for the help. I’ll let you know when I find something.”

Kara smiles and waves, then checks her watch and startles slightly. “Oh, I’ve got to head back to the lab. Got some samples that need reviewing.” She stands, and starts to walk away before remembering; “oh, I’ll bring over some of that compound when I can. See you later Arthur!”