<ST> The group has started to gather up at the steps of the asylum, equipped and ready for their first real mission in Baton Rouge. For everyone else, it’s business as usual. After all, it’s not unusual to see a team of armed people gathering up and preparing to head out, not here.

<Kitt Bishop> comes out of the main hall, carrying a few flashlights in one arm and her shotgun in the other. She makes it to the bottom of the steps and heaves a sigh as she passes out flashlights. “It has been considered that Setites may be involved, even though the dark doesn’t bother us, the light will bother them.”

<Fiona>  will take a flashlight, resting her shotgun against a shoulder.

<Ghost> accepts one, and hooks it into his tool belt.  “Thank you.”

“Huh” Anne takes a flashlight and tucks it into her jacket pocket. “With a weakness that exploitable, how come they’re still around?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° accepts a flashlight. “It is not as exploitable as Setite are corrupt.”

<Ghost> smirks, but nods in agreement with Talwar.  “What he said.  So, we have the map and locations, shall we?”

<Kitt Bishop> smiles a bit at Talwar, then looks back to the others with a nod. “Alright, we should probably start moving so we can do as many as we can before sunup… give them no time to recover or retreat.”

[Rakshasa] “I dont think I’ll be good with a flashlight once I transform, so I’ll pass. There should be enough light with you guys around”

[Rakshasa] “So what is the strategy? Should we all stick together and search every bunker one by one? Speaking of which, remind me how many bunkers we need to search?”

“I like this plan,” Anne raises an eyebrow as she looks at Kitt, “but suppose they thought of that and are concentrated already, or waiting in ambush?”

<ST> The group starts to make their way together to the edge of the forest, out through the western side of the courtyard and into the deep overgrowth of the trees here. There is a odd feeling as the group passes into the forest and out of the protection cast by Zaluut, a cold chill that passes through everyone.

<Fiona>  keeps a tight grip on her shotgun and flashlight.

<Kitt Bishop> half raises her hands as she shakes her head. “We agreed sticking together was best before. I say we stick to that. We have about five that are close enough to search, and that are close enough to pose a daytime threat. We start with the closest and work out. I mean… you know, if that sounds right to you guys.”

<Ghost> nods a bit as he listens and creeps through the brush in utter silence, clinging to the shadows even as they cling to him.

[Rakshasa] “Sounds good to me, the more we are the faster we can dispatch any threats. Splitting up would be a bad strategy”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “It is best”, his voice responds softly and then will put Quietus around the group.

“Hey, don’t take it as complaining, Kid,” the corners of Anne’s mouth tilt slightly upwards, “things get more fun when the plan falls apart.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “That’s why I have grenades.”

<Ghost> moves forward, staying close enough to the group to keep tabs on them, but he slowly fades into the shadows of the trees and disappears, obfuscating.  His footfalls cushioned by shadow, he was already silent as the grave.

<ST> The group approaches the first bunker, and that smell, for those that have been near one of these before, is unmistakeable. Nearby, it reeks of something dead and strange herbs. Ghost, being up front, sees no movement but the door is clearly slightly ajar.

[Rakshasa] starts slowly transforming into something

<Fiona>  shuts off her flashlight and puts it away, bringing her shotgun to bear as her eyes turn a solid red.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° maintains quietus but keeps an eye out behind them, drawing a couple daggers.

Anne stares at her hands, grinning wildly as they warp into claws. She looks back up to the bunker, flexing her new digits experimentally.

[Rakshasa] His white eyes turn red and he starts to grow white fur. His musculature increases and claws starts to grow. He is still transforming

<Kitt Bishop> holds the shotgun in both hands and checks to make sure the safety is off. She frowns as she stays where she is, watching the others, and toward the bunker.

<Fiona>  heads to the door and kicks at it with a bootheel

<Ghost> (obfuscated) makes his way closer to the bunker door, keeping close to the trees and the shadows that they cast in the moonlight.  He watches and waits, scanning before moving again.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] His transformation is complete, he turns into something quite unique. Something like a werewolf but different http://i.imgur.com/8N1HFxp.jpg

[Rakshasa|Yeti] moves inside. He can see in the dark

<ST> Fiona kicks the heavy steel door the rest of the way shut, as it’s meant for defense it swings away from the inside.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° walks over to the door, since he has quietus still on… and tries to open it again.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] just stares at Fiona with a puzzled look and lets loose a grumpy growl

<ST> The door opens easily, as if it has been well maintained. The smell inside is intense.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] moves in from behind as soon as someone takes point using a shotgun and signals its safe

Anne follows close behind Rakshasa, her remaining eye scanning the familiar scenery of the bunker.

<Ghost> (obfuscated) hangs back and waits, watching.  He moves to keep a very close eye on the door, and finally removes himself from the shadows long enough to try and get Talwar’s attention and motion that he will guard the door before ducking back into the shadows.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° gestures and then moves down the steps since no one is claiming point, keeping to the wall so he doesn’t get shot.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° thumbs-up to Ghost.

<Kitt Bishop> follows the others inside, a death-grip on her shotgun. Her nose wrinkles as she breathes naturally, really disliking that terrible smell.

[Rakshasa] scans the place with his night vision.

<Fiona>  moves inside soon after, shotgun raised and ready.

<ST> This place is lit along the stairwell down by small red lights. Some sand is found here and there on the steps leading down as if spilled there. All the way inside, there is a long hall and a few rooms off to the sides, none of them have doors.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° will peek in the closest room to the door.

<Kitt Bishop> wrinkles her nose, and stops where she is as her third eye opens and seems to be looking around on it’s own.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] His large frame makes it difficult to be stealthy in closed spaces, but he’s trying his best to be stealthy and peeks into the room opposite to the one Talwar is peeking into.

<ST> There is shuffling coming from down the hall, and two of the sandmen step out into the hallway. One fairly close to Talwar, the other further down. Talwar can see something disturbing, that these human skin puppets are being guided by spirits, actively moving them.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° ‘s brows furrow, not exactly sure how to deal with this odd threat. Talwar will go to attack the one nearest him, however, since there’s no way likely the happy crew won’t be noticed now in such a hallway.

<Fiona>  aims her shotgun at the closest one, but doesn’t fire yet.

Anne’s body tenses as she prepares to throw herself forward.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] looks back at the monster behind Talwar, he readies his claws to lunge at it

<Fiona>  blows a sizeable hole in the closest Sandman with her shotgun.

<ST> Talwar and the first Sandman go head to head, it hits pretty hard but Talwar easily slices it open, spilling out a combination of sand and black… something that looks like mold growing all throughout the sand, which also seems wetter than you would have thought.

<ST> After the blow from Fiona’s shotgun, it seems to empty and slump to the floor, a discarded skin.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] sees the first sand monster go down, he turns and lunges at the second, unleashing a vicious slash with 3″ razor sharp claws

Anne leaps forward alongside Raksasha, tearing into the remaining sand monster’s flank with practiced savagery.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] takes a hard punch to the face and gets pushed back a few steps, but thing he can’t shrug off

<ST> The creature silently swings on Rakshasa, not expressing any emotion, not making a sound. It is cut and spewings out blackened sand evrywhere, but still functioning.

<ST> Talwar goes at it again, managing to get in a swing from around the other two in the hallway, but this thing folds up suddenly and seems to not even get a scratch.

<Fiona>  reloads her shotgun.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] attacks but the hit deflects off of the hard sand thing

<Ghost> (obfuscated) keeps watching the door, listening to the shots and keeping an eye out on the treeline in case someone else hears that too.

As Rakshasa holds the creature’s attention, Anne sweeps around the side, her claws tearing several deep gashes in the creature. As it begins to collapse, she lets out a triumphant growl. “(turkish) And stay down you pile of shit.”

<Kitt Bishop> hangs back and watches, staying close to the stairs and her hands on her gun, a frown etched firmly on her lips as her eyes stay on them, but her third eye seems to flit back and forth as if looking elsewhere.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] sees the thing go down and rubs his bruised jaw, growling. “Grr Grr”

<ST> Running behind the group, Chris had to stop and get his kits to take samples with but manages to catch up to where they must have gone outside of the closest bunker.

<Ghost> (obfuscated) perks up as he hears someone getting close, but relaxes when he sees it’s just Christopher.  He debates messing with him, but then decides that he’d prefer not to get shot today, or chastized by it’s owner.

Chris cautiously walks over making sure to look out for any danger he listens for the sounds of his other comrades in arms. After a moment he begins to slowly walk inside to the bunker peering ahead and taking care to note any signs of his friends presence.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] calms down and uses some of his blood to heal his jaw

“You doing alright there big guy?” Anne asks Rakshasa. “Took a bit of a blow there playing tag.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Yes, I’ll be fine. They actually hit harder than I thought. I am glad they don’t have sharp things coming out of them”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Anne grins, “we’ll make sure the next one’s full of glass shards. Make it more challenging.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] laughs, revealing two pair of sharp canine teeth. “So you are a gangrel as well. Good good. Useful things aren’t they” He motions at Anne’s claws

<Kitt Bishop> glances up the stairs and nods to Chris as he starts to come down. “You just missed the hard part.”, she says softly.

Christopher slowly walks down the steps and looks at everyone,”Is everyone alright?” He then walks over and puts on some gloves and begins taking some samples.”I apologize for running behind, I got caught up with gathering the supplies for the samples.

<Ghost> (obfuscated) remains outside, keeping a careful eye out for anything coming or going.

<ST> The rest of the bunker seems to be clear, and oddly enough without furniture or anything else left behind here. Only those two creatures.

<Kitt Bishop> frowns, her third eye glancing back and forth while her normal eyes stay focused on the others. “I am thinking this was left on purpose… for people to walk into. But those actually didn;t seem to tough, I mean… maybe if we were human or something…”

“Huh. Not exactly the homiest place.” Anne observes, then turns to Kitt. “Bunkers never are though. Anyone have any bright ideas for intel-gathering, or do we hit the next bunker. Don’t want to give them any forewarning. Hopefully, it’s as fun as this one was.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “I concur, miss Bishop. I think these are initial prototypes, products of the puppeteer’s early efforts. I fear we will see much more dangerous constructs later on”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head softly as she makes back for the stairs. “Well, lets not give them the chance to get better at it. We should move to the next one.”

Christopher nods,”Well fortunately we now have more valuable samples.” He holds up a sample of the black tar within a glass jar.”This may allow us to develop weaponry that can destroy these creatures, or even hunt the owner to its source… This stuff is fascinating…”

“Hey, don’t get my hopes up.” Anne smirks as Rakshasa mentions potentially more dangerous creatures. “Now I’ll be disappointed if they aren’t tougher than these louts. Can’t even take a decent pair of shotgun round.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Christopher, make sure to get some of that skin sample as well. If these skin samples belonged to human victims, we may track their identities and maybe get a lead on this mysterious puppeteer”

<ST> The group makes their way back out of the bunker with no problem, and gathers up plenty of samples as Sascha had requested of them. The second bunker is not far away, though not close enough to have heard the shots either.

<Ghost> (obfuscated) watches the group as they come out of the bunker and then moves into view, giving them a brief wave before moving back into the shadows again and silently scouting ahead toward the next bunker.

“Does that guy creep anyone else out?” Anne mutters as Ghost step into, and back out of, view.

Christopher nods and begins to disect and label portions of the “skin” from the creatures and places them into plastic bags, each labeled with a number he assigns to the creatures starting with 2 and 3. He then continues to disect the rest.”I have not done enough combat training yet to feel confident that I would be useful in any future fights, so I will remain outside to guard at the next outpost. Before then I can also provide a small amount of blood if someone believes they shall require it. I obviously need some left for my own survival however.”

<Kitt Bishop> sticks pretty close to the middle of the group and she chuckles a bit as she glances over toward Anne and shakes her head. “Not to me… kinda wish I could do that. Can’t you do that? You’re a City Gangrel.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “I’ll be alright for now. But I may need some later. I thank you deeply for your offer Christopher” He turns to Anne talking about Ghost “Well then we should be glad he is on our side”

“You don’t say.” Anne mutters in response to Rakshasa before turning to Kitt. “Hey, don’t you go using twisty logic on me, shortstuff.” Anne shoots Kitt a slight grin. “I’m old, and reserve the right to be inconsistent.

<ST> The second bunker is shut up tight, complete with branches and fallen leaves camoflaging the entrance. It looks as though either this one has not seen use… or someone has taken great pains to make it seem that way.

<Ghost> (obfuscated) stops in his tracks as he looks toward the bunker, and begins to check the ground along with Talwar for any signs that someone has been there recently.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Ahh, you are from the urban bloodline of gangrels. Its a fascinating topic how the clan got divided into two bloodlines. Not to mention the Arhrimanes. They are the most unique of all”

<Fiona>  looks over to Rakshasa when he mentions Ahrimanes. “What about us?”

“Fascinating, perhaps but we can talk about geneology later.” Anne approaches the door, and tries the handle. “I believe we’ve got a task ahead of us, so kindly cover me.”

<Ghost> comes into view as the others get close, standing near to the entrance with his weapon drawn. He grabs Anne as she goes to grab the handle, jerking her arm.  “WHOA, that’s fucking trapped!”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “You are an Ahrimane? I thought they went extinct centuries ago. Your bloodline is the most unique among all the gangrels. I have read your people eschew protean for a very unique type of discipline, is that correct?”, he says that to Fiona

<Fiona>  just laughs. “That’s what we wanted you all to think. And yeah.”

<Kitt Bishop> winces a bit and hangs back, watching Anne, Ghost, and the door.

Anne flinches at the touch, but refrains from decking Ghost. “Okay, people like you are why we have EOD personell with clear code calls.”

Anne turns to glance back to the door, then to Ghost again. “What’s the trap, and what’s it tied to?”

Christopher walks behind a ways behind the rest of the group, listening closely and also watching their backs in case anything comes up on them from behind. He stops a few  feet away and makes various notes in a small journal he is carrying with him.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] drops the talk immediately after hearing the word -trapped- and stops in his tracks

<Ghost> pauses and kneels down, examining the wire he thought he saw a second before she went for the door.  “I am not sure yet…  I only got a glimpse of something and needed to stop you.”  His voice is soft once more.

“Well, thanks for that.” Anne kneels next to him, and keeps watch on the surrounding woods as he examines the door. “It’s my fault for wishing for a bit more of a challenge with this one. Fate loves a gauntlet.”

<ST> The wire goes just under the ground, but from where it’s headed it seems to come out again just to the non-hinged side of the door… built into the hill. About 5 feet off the ground. Could very well be an explosive device (set at head level no less).

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Nicely done Ghost. Saved our asses from getting blown away to Kingdom Come” He then gives an unexplainable look at Anne

“Let’s clear this place then see if we can recover it.” Anne straightens back up. “Might be another lead we can follow up on later. Unless explosive devices are legal for sale and easily acquired in this country as well.” Anne pauses to think for a moment. “And if the are, then I’ve been missing out.”

<Ghost> frowns a little and stands up, looking at the place by the door.  “Well, never had to disarm that sorta thing before…  anyone have any actual experience?”

Anne simply points to her face, where numerous burn and shrapnel scars surround the empty socket of her right eye.

<Ghost> blinks.  “Well, you don’t look like you were very good at it.”

<Kitt Bishop> bites her lip to keep from snickering.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] was about to burst out laughing, but kept it in check

“I like to think of it as not being deterred by initial failure.” Anne shrugs. “I’ve built a few too, but they didn’t tend to have timers long enough for anyone to diffuse.”

<Ghost> nods his head and moves out of the way.  “Be my guest then.”

<ST> Anne manages to make that look almost easy as she disarms the trap without any explosions.

Christopher smiles,”Excellent work Anne! Could you teach me about disarming explosives sometime?”

Anne steps to the side, takes a single breath, and sets to work. She reaches back three decades in her mind to when the occasionally bright and painful lessons of her youth, and marvels at how easily they came to her. “Sure.” She says to Christopher with a slight shrug. “We’ve even got some practice material now. Which arm is your least favourite?”

<Ghost> gives a quiet nod to Talwar, who trades him places to guard the outside of the bunker while he goes inside with the others.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Nicely done Anne!”

<Kitt Bishop> smirks a bit as she looks at Chris, her third eye though keeps looking straight at the door to the bunker without blinking. “The Tzimisce can stick anything blown off back on, right?”

<Fiona>  “Planning on running in first?”

<Ghost> stays back, letting someone else open that door first.  He has his blade out though, and even on the dry leaves his footfalls are creepily silent.

Christopher looks back at Kitt,”They can but it might not go where it came from.” He says with a wry smirk

“Reminds me of most field medics, then.” Anne grunts, stepping back to the door. “Alright, lets try this again, shall we?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] waits for a shotgun user to take point, then he’ll move in for melee engagement

<ST> As the door opens, there is a very strange smell that wafts up from the bunker. This is far less rotting than the other one, but the smell of incense and herbs is near overpowering. There is also a hint of coppery undertone, really only noticed by Anne’s sensitive nose and those with enhanced senses.

Anne takes a light sniff of the air and tenses. “Smells like blood underneath all this shite. Something’s awry in this one.”

<Fiona>  would head inside first, sweeping her barrel from side to side.

<ST> Inside the bunker this one also has a long stairway that is lit up with small red lights. When they reach the bottom, this one branches off into three different directions. Each one a room with a hefty door.

<Fiona>  looks at the others, before taking the right-hand passage and motioning for them to follow.

<ST> The room to the right has a metal cage inside, and a skinless corpse tied to the side, wires through his wrists and ankles to hold him to the rusty metal bars. He looks almost crucified.

“Wow.” Anne eyes the person strung up to the side of the metal cage, and sees that they’re still alive. “Piss to be that guy right now.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks horrified at the man on the bars for a moment, blinking and breathing heavily. Her third eye fixated on the man as she swallows uncomfortably and starts to move toward him. She reaches her hand out and gently touches his arm, her third eye taking on a soft, blue glow that starts to light up the whole room.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] just stares at the fellow. Strangely he feels no empathy

<Fiona>  just looks around the room, her single eye investigating it.

<ST> The man seems to stir the moment the blue light washes over him. He looks at Kitt with lidless eyes, his voice rasping. “It… doesn’t hurt… anymore… he… he said… he… said that… it wouldn’t… stop… until I surrendered… only… then… the pain… stop…”

<Kitt Bishop> trembles, looking like she is about to throw up. “Shhh shh shhh. You shouldn’t talk.”, she shakes her head slightly back and forth, though her third eye remains fixated and glowing softly.

<Ghost> keeps an eye out behind them in the hallway, making sure nothing sneaks up behind them.  From what he does see inside, he prefers to stay out here anyway.

<Kitt Bishop> starts to try and undo the wires holding the guy in place, and glances back toward one of the others. “I can’t leave him here. This is messed up. And Sascha will want to know about this.”

“You sure about this, Kid?” Anne gives the man strung up an evaluating glance before turning back to Kitt. “Might be nicer to give him a clean end.”

<Fiona>  lifts the shotgun, walking over and pressing both barrels against the man’s forehead.

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head frantically. “nononononono. IF you kill him the spectres will come.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “But if we take this one alive, we will learn much about the enemy”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “I agree with Kitt, lets take this one alive”

<ST> The man doesn’t seem to feel any more pain as Kit tries to take him down from the bars, even when hefted on. Touching him has left behind sticky blood though, staining everything on her. He is still breathing but doesn’t speak further, and his eyes do not seem to focus.

<Ghost> shakes his head.  “That guy should not be alive unless he’s hyped up on vitae or something maybe… and even then…”  He glances toward the other doors.  “And we shouldn’t leave without checking those.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Can you carry him Kitt? If not I’ll carry him”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] looks at Ghost “I agree, we should go and check the other doors. Someone should carry him outside the bunker and watch him”

“I’ll do it.” Anne grunts. “You’re more useful in your form if you can actually act.”

“Plus, I can run him back to the asylum and catch up to the rest of you.” Anne looks at the man again, gauging his weight. “Just leave me a scent trail or something. Make it a bit easier.”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head as she finishes getting the skinned man down, “I am not sure I can let him get far from me while I am using my power.”, she says. “I’ll guard him here in the room if you guys want to check the other rooms.”

<Ghost> glances over at Kitt and then toward the other doors as he gives a silent nod.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] nods

<Fiona>  shrugs.

“Alright.” Anne nods and turns to the nearest doorway. “Who’s on point, then?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° guards since that’s what he was doing previously, obf in a shadow somewhere out near the door.

<Kitt Bishop> looks over the man and keeps him quiet, keeping her head down and hardly even looking at the others.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] continues searching the bunker

<ST> There are two other branches to the bunker besides the one already searched. Fiona had chosen the right side, that leaves left of the stairs and forward of the stairs.

<Mikov> stalks along behind Mercy, before jumping down nearby and grinning with a mouth full of little needle-like teeth. “Hey. Hey you.”, he says as he points at him, careful to keep more than an arm or leg’s length though.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] goes along with Fiona to the right branch of the bunker

<Fiona>  already went that way.

[Mercy] Who the hell are you? Also, what the hell are you.

Anne follows behind Yeti, sparing a glance back at Kitt to make sure she’s alright before moving through the doorway.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] has goes to scout the left branch of the bunker instead

<Fiona>  accompanies the group to any section that isn’t the right branch.

<Mikov> grins, flashing those horrible little teeth again. “Mikov, sczlacta. Was told to fetch. You go to others.”

[Mercy] Oh, that’s all? Alright, let’s go. Just keep those gross hands to yourself.

[Mercy] follows Mikov to the others.

<Mikov> hops off in front of Mercy, quickly and easily moving along the ground on all fours toward the forest… and the bunkers.

<ST> Those inside the bunker headed into the left-side branch discover a hefty locked door here.

[Mercy] So, what am I needed for? Did someone forget to get you your kibbles?

[Rakshasa|Yeti] looks at Anne, “think you can open this locked door?”

[Mercy] says as he moves towards the bunker

“Depends on how intact you want the door.” Anne mutters, stepping forward and eyeing it up. “I was a mercenary, not a cat burglar.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “If you think explosives wont bring the whole bunker down on us, feel free to blow it open”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “By think I mean 100% sure”

<Fiona>  “Just find someone who can punch it down.”

[Mercy] arrives at the bunker with Mikov, a man with pale white skin, unkempt dark-brown hair, and hollow brown eyes. Lots of cuts and scratches form scars on his face and neck, going to his torso. He’s wearing a brown shirt, black jeans, a world-war 2 era faded green trenchcoat, and steel-toed black leather workboots.

<Fiona>  turns to look at Mercy, her single, slitted eye looking the man over. She’s wearing a leather jacket, a t-shirt, jeans and combat boots.

[Mercy] has a military surplus combat knife, marines issue, in his hand, at the ready

“If you’re willing to give me enough time to make something from scratch, I can punch through the door.” Anne turns back to Rakshasa. “As it stands, we have an anti-personnel charge. Great for shredding flesh. Poor against reinforced doors.”

[Mercy] Who sent their dog to get me, and why?

<Fiona>  brings her shotgun to bear on him. “Put it away. You try to stab any of us, I’ll fill you with holes.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° watches Mercy and Mikov from the shadows. “Maybe you are supposed to be here.”

[Mercy] Easy… I’m on your side, at least until I hear otherwise.

[Mercy] sheathes the blade in a knife-sheath hidden in his coat

<Fiona>  lowers the shotgun when the knife’s put away.

[Mercy] Now, I’d like to know why I was brought here, instead of doing my usual monthly hunt.

<Mikov> hisses at Talwar, arching his back. “We supposed to be. Fetching new one. One to help.”

“Hey, Mikov.” Anne grunts a greeting as the two walk in. She then turns her eye on the new arrival. “Got a name, kid?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Alright”, he responds to Mikov. “Thank you for delivering him to us.” He looks over Mercy a moment.

[Mercy] Call me Mercy for now. If you want into somewhere without permission, or someone killed in their sleep, I’m the one you call.

“You really need to work on that sales pitch, kid.” Anne says with a slight chuckle.

[Mercy] I’m with the Watchers.

[Mercy] Besides that stuff, I do a decent patch job, decently at investigations and casing, and am good with a knife.

<ST> The door is solid, and locked. It could be broken or perhaps weakened at the hinges but it does not want to budge.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] A large white werewolf like predator stands beside Anne, he looks at Mercy and talks with a deep, bestial voice “Can you get this door open” He motions to the locked iron door

[Mercy] ..So, you need a locksmith, a killer, or a guy that can figure out what’s going on?

<Mikov> lifts his head as if hearing something and then turns, bolting through the undergrowth back toward the asylum, tail lashing behind him.

[Mercy] Alright… I’ll check the lock. Let me get something to pick it with.

<Fiona>  looks at Rakshasa, cracking her knuckles. “Fuck it. I’m punching it down.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] steps aside and looks at Fiona “Be my guest. I would also check for traps”

[Mercy] starts fishing through his coat pockets, withdrawing his knife and a few hairpins, then inserting the hairpins and using the knife with them to try to open the door.

[Mercy] Hold on.

<Kitt Bishop> looks into the hall toward the new person briefly before going back to tending her charge.

<Fiona>  draws back her fist and slams it into the door, punching it clear off its’ hinges and into the room beyond.

[Mercy] looks at Fiona, dissapointed by the fact he wasn’t given time to work.

<Ghost> keeps out of it, standing at the bottom of the stairs and keeping the others covered for now.

[Mercy] Mind letting me open it up next time?

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Good job. Lets see what lies beyond”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° remains at the door, keeping watch outward, hidden in a shadow.

Anne’s eye widens as the door is simply pounded aside. “Damn.” She turns back to Fiona and gives the woman an impressed look. “You’d have been nice to have in Afghanistan.”

[Mercy] follows in, sticking to less obvious paths and trying to remain hidden, knife out in case the others are attacked

<Fiona>  shrugs. “Not really built out for military shit.”

“Neither was I, but the Soviets didn’t seem to care.” Anne mutters darkly then turns back to the broken-in doorway before stepping through. “Besides, I can see a door that begs to differ.”

<ST> In the middle of this room is a large marble basin, with a lot of intricate carvings. For those that ot 3+ successes: There is a small amount of a dark soil lining the inside of the basin.

[Mercy] activates Unseen Presence as soon as he’s out of sight, then starts checking the room for signs of activity that don’t relate to the others he’s with

<Fiona>  looks to the basin, going over to study it.

<Ghost> remains still at the bottom of the stairs, turning his head slowly toward the sound he thought he heard.

[Mercy] starts scouting ahead a bit, invisibly

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Curious looking basin. Looks like it has some ritual purpose”

“I’d imagine that’s not grime lining it either.” Anne observes, moving back to cover the door as the others step further in.

[Mercy] returns to the room, dropping Obfuscate. I haven’t seen any obvious danger or clue of activity yet, barring what you have.

<Kitt Bishop> sits in the right-side room, still watching over the man who has been skinned alive.

<Fiona>  looks to Mercy. “Lockpicking takes too long.”

[Mercy] Haven’t been through most of here, though, just the surrounding rooms and areas

[Mercy] …It also doesn’t alert the entire county to our activities.

<Fiona>  “…..It’s a door.”

[Mercy] Yes, a door. You broke it loudly without even seeing if it an an active alarm hooked to a phone line.

<Fiona>  shrugs. “It worked, didn’t it?”

[Mercy] Mark my words, one day your habit of breaking down doors without looking for security systems will get you hurt.

<Ghost> sighs, shaking his head and glancing off toward that door again to the center.

[Mercy] And I won’t be able to stop the kine from doing it.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “I think we should not disturb the basin, till we figure out its purpose”

[Mercy] Maybe it’s just a bird’s drinking fountain?

[Mercy] Has anyone bothered to look for signs of birdcages or the white stain of a bird’s poo?

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° yawns silently from his little hiding spot just outside the door in the shadows. This team was amusing. Already, the new guy was calling people out on their impeccable silence/tactical skills. He supposed the guy would freak out more if he knew that one door was actually rigged with a bomb. Talwar smiles to himself at the thought.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “A bird’s drinking fountain? Inside a bunker locked behind a steel door? Lined with soil? Right”

[Mercy] Hey, the owners may have liked birds. Had a few pets

[Mercy] It’s not as crazy as most things we see, so it’ll have to happen some time.

<Kitt Bishop> sticks her head out of the right hand door. “Did you say a basin with soil?”

[Mercy] Right, I have to admit that’s not something you’d put in a bird drinker.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “This is a war bunker..” He hears Kitt, “Yes a basin lined with soil”

[Mercy] Well, even though it’s probably not a bird drinker, there’s still an off chance that it could belong to a general who liked parrots or hummingbirds.

<Kitt Bishop> carefully makes sure that the skinned man is okay and then comes down the hall, her clothes stained with his blood. She looks into the room and frowns. “It looks like the same kind of thing that Zaluut sleeps in.”

[Mercy] …Right, why are you already covered with blood? And who are you?

[Mercy] Did you find a suffering soul and ease his pain of life?

“Someone smart enough to know this wasn’t for birds, for one.” Anne says, holding back a snicker.

<Fiona>  “Well, isn’t that fucking wonderful.”

[Mercy] I didn’t even see the dirt, that’s my excuse. What’s your face’s excuse?

[Mercy] A tuning fork?

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° sucks on his cheeks a moment and then continues just watching the outside. These guys were kind of hilarious.

<Kitt Bishop> looks confused for a moment as she regards Mercy. “Kitt.”, she says. There is a third eye with a faint blue glow set into her forehead and it seems to examine him even after her eyes have moved on. “I am not saying it is… but Zaluut sleeps above a basin full fo soil from his home.”

[Mercy] …Zaluut? That’s the one that has that wierd pet I followed here?

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a little bit. “Yeah, he’s a Tzimisce.”

<Ghost> is standing outside of the last room’s door with his machete in his hand, just watching the knob very quietly.

[Mercy] Oh, him. I met him once, he seems nice enough. Not like these people.

[Mercy] gestures to everyone else in the room

[Mercy] Certainly not insulting or untrustworthy sounding.

Anne rolls her eye at Mercy’s insinuation. Not that many people have accused her of being nice.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° pondered what it would be like to shove forks through people’s eyes about now but continued his guard session.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] The useless argument going on is testing his patience

“We’ve still got three other bunkers to clear.” Anne says, continuing her watch on the door the group came through. “Unless there’s anything practical we can do with this thing, whatever it might be, we should get a move on.”

[Mercy] Unless you feel like treating me as anything but a useless piece of shit, I’ll just leave and accept the ashing to come. Better than having to work with you all. And I thought madness was insufferable.

[Mercy] I’m willing to bet I got stuck with you because I was being sent through the garbage disposal after my last job.

<Kitt Bishop> slips back quietly, and makes her way back toward the other room again, but pauses whe she sees Ghost. “We have company?”

<Fiona>  bristles at Mercy. “Keep it up, and I’m going to punch your teeth out through your asshole.”

[Mercy] Go ahead, it’d feel better than having to talk to you lot.

“Look, kid.” Anne turns her body partway towards Mercy, but keeps her eye on the door. “A door got punched in and you took a little ribbing. Call those occupational hazards and take ’em in stride. We’ve got a timetable to keep.”

[Mercy] I don’t work well in these conditions anyway. Barring you all deciding not to rib the new guy on the first day, I’m afraid I’ll be a liability if I stay here

<Fiona>  “Then fucking leave, coward.”

<Fiona>  jerks her hand at the door.

<Ghost> nods his head slowly, still watching the doorknob.  “Please go get someone not arguing to back me up?”

“I’m on it” Anne turns back to the room. “Somebody get these lovebirds a room and watch the door, yeah?”

[Mercy] I’ll do you one better.

<Fiona>  “Yeah?”

Anne then steps out to go backup Ghost.

[Mercy] leaves the room, starting to look for stuff he can collapse the room in on them with. He doesn’t think they have the necessary ability to cooperate to achieve goals, from what he’s witnessed.

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head softly and goes to grab her shotgun, backing up Anne as she backs up Ghost.

<Fiona>  sneers at his back and turns around, looking to the others and readying her shotgun.

[Mercy] gets a surge of paranoia, ducking into a corner and activating Obfuscate 2 (Unseen Presence).

[Mercy] quietly starts sliding his knife out, expecting to see a vampire come around to slaughter him themselves

<Fiona>  “We readying to blow a hole in something?”

<Ghost> never takes his eyes off the door handle.  “Something on the other side of this door was trying the handle.”, he says in a quiet voice.

<Fiona>  snaps her shotgun to aim at handle level.

“Oh, great,” Anne breathes, “I was afraid nothing interesting would happen here.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Do you have the bomb from the last place?”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] extends his claws and simply growls

[Mercy] sneaks around, by coincidence, around back from where the door they’re waiting near is, knife out and prepared to strike.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Anyone see where that knife guy went?”

<Kitt Bishop> backs off a little as others come in, then puts the barrel of the gun right to the door handle. “Should I? I think Anne does, Talwar.”

<Fiona>  “Fuck him. Bloody coward.”

[Mercy] hoping to find something in need of a mercy killing.

“Depends on if you think it’ll do jack against one of these sand things.” Anne hisses back to Rakshasa. “I’m not keen on setting of this thing indoors without knowing the yield.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “I hope he doesnt blow up this place and bring this concrete structure down on us”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “Remember..he wasnt there with us during the vaulderie”

<Fiona>  “He tries something like that, I’m ripping his arm off and beating him to death with it if I make it out.”

“And my therapist called *me* aggressive.” Anne chuckles at Fiona’s declaration.

[Mercy] starts moving around the bunker, looking for the way out and something to trip an alarm or something in the meanwhile.

<Ghost> takes a step back and nods to Kitt.  “Just do it.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “We can use that then, if someone can convince Anne.”

<Fiona>  “I did roller derby for a few years. Aggression helped.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° thinks most people like explosions. he does.

<Kitt Bishop> pulls the trigger and unloads a blast from the shotgun into the door handle.

[Mercy] hearing a shotgun blast, he forgets the argument and comes back in towards the noise. knife still out and him still cloaked by Obfuscate 2.

<ST> BOOM! The shotgun goes off and blows the handle right off the door. Then it creaks slightly ajar, away from the group.

<Fiona>  snaps her shotgun toward the interior, looking into the darkness.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] waits for something to happen. He stares into the dark with his night vision. His eyes are glowing red

<Fiona>  does the same.

Anne kicks the door outward, then steps in and to the side with it, giving Fiona and Kitt clear lines of fire.

<ST> The inside of this room is pitch black, like, blacker than black and the flashlights do nothing at all do it.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] tries to see if his night vision can pierce the veil of darkness

<Fiona>  grumbles, muttering curses under her breath.

<Ghost> “That’s obtenebration.”, he says as he takes a half a step back and keeps the machete tightly gripped.  “Someone get the explosives, seriously.”

<Fiona>  “Fuck. Goddamn Lasombra.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Ghost. I need you.”

<Kitt Bishop> backs up and nods. “I’ll trade talwar places and keep guard on the door.”, then she takes off for the stairs.

“Ah fine.” Anne grumbles, fishing the charge out of her pockets. “I didn’t even get to soup the damn thing up.”

<Kitt Bishop> sticks her head out the door at the top and looks around for talwar. “Uhm, they could use a hand down there. I’ll keep watch.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° heads down to the room where the others are after Kitt goes up.

“Hey, sword. Got a nice formerly-sealed room of darkness in here.” Anne nods as Talwar approaches. “Got any ideas brighter than explosives?”

<Ghost> scans the darkness but shakes his head.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Let me see if I can help.”

<ST> The darkness seems to shift slightly, almost like a liquid filling up the room. It swirls and gets bumps and small tendrils that dreep across it’s surface.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] stares at the dark mass, studying this “obtenebration”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “If its a Lasombra, perhaps it can talk?”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° focuses and will try to move the shadows so there’s a seeable path in there, moving them to show the room for what it is.

<ST> The shadows move a little bit, seeming to start to form a path into the room but tendrils constantly reach into said path as if trying to bridge the gap.

<Fiona>  “Try again.”

<Fiona>  will also help by blasting the darkness with her shotgun. It’s not exactly Magic Missile, but when in a pinch…..

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “It is difficult. I am still learning this ability. That’s the best that is going to happen. If something was in here really, it already knows we’re here anyway. It would have attacked us by now or it waits for us.” He steps in the room and draws a girka knife after Fiona is done shooting.

“Well, it’s a fine time to be learning, but something was trying to get out of this place.” Anne sends a glance back the way the group came, keeping an eye on their rear.

<Ghost> frowns as he stays at the doorway, still watching carefully.  “Someone check on Kitt, perhaps?  She seems not too experienced in the fighting department and may be exposed up there.”

<ST> There is no sound inside of the room either, in fact, after the initial shot from the shotgun… it seems like it gets muffled once the darkness swallows it up.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° frowns slightly and explores what he can of the room to perceive, but by what Anne said, whatever it was might already be gone. He was wary just in case though there was something still in there.

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “I’ll go check up on Kitt” Saying that he runs on all fours to Kitt’s location

“Might be a good idea.” Anne nods as Rakshasa begins to run. “We’re all going to need to move out anyway. Anything of note in here, Sword?”

<Kitt Bishop> is fine, sitting just inside of the door where she can’t be easily seen from the outside, shotgun pointed outward.

<ST> The room seems barren save for something he finds on the wall opposite the wall fired upon by Fiona. A map with some markings on it.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° will try to take the map down if it can be done.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Whatever was here is now likely gone. We are going to need to talk out some strategies in the future so we don’t do foolish errors and we can compliment one another instead of stumbling over things.”

<Ghost> nods in agreement.  “We do need to be more careful, and perhaps more aware of each other’s strengths.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances back down the stairs as Rakshasa comes up them. “Everything okay?”, she asks quietly.

“Oh, we haven’t been fumbling around yet,” Anne shrugs, “though the night’s young enough, I suppose. Still, a proper tactical pre-assessment would be useful.”

<ST> The map comes off the wall easily, and by the time they begin to leave, the shadows have begun to thin and fade.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° rolls up the map and heads out to where Kit is. “It is alright. Whatever was there is now gone, but we shall see if we have bore fruit from this. I think we should take care of the ritualistic things, destroy what we can and go. There is no sense in concealing what we have been utterly noisy about already.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “There is a rogue Lasombra on the loose, or someone who can use obtenebration. Talwar thinks its a distraction, so I came to check up on you.”

“Considering going in fast and loud was our go-to plan, I’d say we’re pretty on top of that aspect.” Anne retorts.

<Fiona>  “And the last door?”

<Ghost> nods and begins to follow, stopping only to pick up the skinned man for Kitt, trying to be careful with him.  He hoists him up and over a shoulder and then starts to make for the stairs.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Might as well check it.” Talwar looks down at the injured skinless guy. He might have winced slightly. He then will go check out the third door.

<ST> The skinned man is still alive, though it would appear he should not be. He is still breathing though he is not in good shape at all.

<Kitt Bishop> looks to Ghost and nods her head softly in thanks before checking on the man again and frowning, shaking her head. “Is everyone okay?”

<Ghost> nods and silently starts to walk toward the asylum to perhaps check in and discuss, checking every so often to see if the others are coming as well.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “To be nice to a Tzimisce or not to be nice. That is the question.” * he muses over the basin issue.

“I say we play nice.” Anne grins mischievously. “Maybe clean up that mess they made in it.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] cracks his knuckles and follows the coterie

<Fiona>  chambers two more shells into her shotgun.

<Kitt Bishop> “I find it odd there would be another Tzimisce out here, this close… they are super territorial.”, she says as she hangs around a bit still, not letting Ghost get too far ahead though.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° heads out of the room and up the stairs to the others. “I agree it is unusual. We at least now know there is a Tzimisce and potentially a Lasombra too.”

<Ghost> glances back at the others with that look on his face that says all he wants to do is go the fuck home but he refuses to complain aloud.  She adjusts the current load across his shoulders and then starts walking again, shadows still strangely cushioning his footfalls to make him totally silent as he walks.

“If we’re bringing this guy,” Anne gestures toward the skinned man, “and the map back, we should probably do so before heading to the next bunkers. That rogue Tzimisce knows we’re coming anyway, so we don’t have surprise anymore.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods. “Yes, let’s go take this stuff first and get this person some aid. We have done enough for tonight.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement and follows along, keeping close to Ghost and the skinned man. “We should take him to Sascha, the stuff he ws saying… she is going to want to hear about it.”

<Ghost> keeps walking, eventually making it all the way back to the Asylum and coming in from the western side.  He looks around for a few moments and then starts to head off toward the Chapel on the north side of the compound.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Yes, agreed.” * he goes along back. He will keep his senses peeled for anything that might follow them back to the asylum.

<ST> As the groups makes it into the compound itself, they feel the difference between this place and the forest. This place has a distinct feeling of home, and it is rather warm and inviting compared to all of that beyond these walls.

<Kitt Bishop> follows Ghost, doing her best to keep up as they move off toward the Chapel.

[Rakshasa] As the group comes inside the asylum compound. He slowly changes back into his human form

<Sascha> is tending the garden outside of the Chapel when the group approaches, and she stands up straight and turns to look at them, her hands covered in the soil she was working with. Her eyes fall on the skinned man and she frowns. “What is going on?”

Anne pulls her arms back in a luxuriating stretch as they get back into the compound. “Well, that was the most fun I’ve had this decade.” Anne’s eye settles on Sascha as she speaks, but she doesn’t respond.

<Fiona>  keeps pace with the group, nodding to Sascha when she enters the garden. “You saw a cowardly fuck come back this way?”

<Sascha> shakes her head softly at Fiona, mentally counting each of them. “I do not see any of you missing? Who is this?”, she asks as she comes forward to examine the man.

<Fiona>  “Some coward called Mercy or some shit. New guy who came to us.”

“I think she means the slab of stroganoff, Firebrand.” Anne mutters sidelong to Fiona.

<Ghost> looks to Sascha, “Is there a safe place to put him down?  We found him in one of the bunkers.”  After a moment he speaks up alongside Fiona.  “There was someone who came after us, brought by that little talking rat.”

<Fiona>  “Eh.”

[Rakshasa|Yeti] “A rather curious fellow. He said he’s an expert at picking locks and killing people in their sleep. Given his apparent outburst for no reason. I believe he may be a malkavian”

<Sascha> nods and opens up the door to the Chapel, “Please, come inside. I will get something to lay him on. All of you can come in, don’t touch the plants.”, she says and disappears for a moment into the back.

<ST> The inside of the Chapel is sparsely decorated, mostly shelves of books and plants in various pots. A lot of them look very strange, one tree in particular in the middle of the room bears a deep red fruit that looks almost like fleshy pomegranites.

Anne follows into the chapel slowly, feeling slightly uncomfortable in a place of faith. She looks around, taking in the plants, but takes care not to touch any of them.

[Rakshasa] waits for the post mission discussion to begin

<Kitt Bishop> edges inside with the others, careful not to touch anything. She puts her hands in her pockets, but does seem to be examining most everything closely.

<Sascha> comes back with a matress and lays it over by the tree in the middle of the room. “Put him here. And maybe someone can explain what all happened?”

<Fiona>  steps inside, looking to the others.

[Rakshasa] waits for Kitt to explain what happened

<Ghost> walks over and carefully sets the man down on the mattress.  “We found two of the creatures in the first bunker and destroyed them.  Christopher took samples for you.  In the second one, this man was crucified against a cage babbling about someone telling him his pain would end if he surrendered.”

“And that second place had some Tzimisce-shadowplay in one of the rooms. Some odd basin with dirt in it in another.” Anne pipes up.

<Sascha> frowns a bit as she goes over the man’s wounds and looks back at them. “Did you all get a sample of that soil? If I can’t do something with it, Zaluut sure as heck can. But it is similar to one I found in a cave near New Orleans… This man… his faith is the only thing keeping him alive.”

<Fiona>  hangs around while the player goes to sleep.

[Rakshasa] “The thought didnt cross my mind. Should have collected a sample of that soil. I could go back and take a sample”

[Rakshasa] “I would need a ziplock bag or a glass flask”

<Ghost> looks at Rakshasa and shakes his head.  “Not alone.  We can do it as a group on our way to the next one if we need to.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° catches up with the others after fixing up the map to bring along. “The sneakier of us could go acquire it if we were fast.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement as she looks from the skinned man to Sascha and back again. “And it’s nearing dawn. But the basin looked like the one in Zaluut’s room, except that the engravings are different. We could take pictures too… or you could just go and cleanse it.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nods to what Kitt said. “Yes, I didn’t want to make the decision necessarily. It could enrage the Tzimisce and we know nothing of it.”

<ST> That map has the asylum clearly marked, which is odd because the place has a powerful ritual that makes it so humans can’t see it, it acts like a mirage. There are several other places marked as well (Fiona would mrecognize that some of those places are the safe havens that the Feral Hearts Pack has been sleeping in) and a couple of the bunkers are also marked.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Seems like these people know about this place and us.”

<Ghost> looks among the others and gracefully bows out.  “Please, excuse me.  I need to go and clean up before it’s time to rest.  I will catch up with one or more of you later though.  I feel we should speak before our next outting perhaps.”

[Rakshasa] “Why would a Tzimisce or a Lasombra, conspire against the Sabbat?”

[Rakshasa] nods to Ghost

<Ghost> pauses before leaving, first to make sure it’s okay, secondly to respond.  “Perhaps it is a decoy.  If it really is the Setites, trying to make us question our own would not be unheard of.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Not all are members of the Sabbat. Some operate on their own or even with the Camarilla. If they are not conspiring with the other side, perhaps they are searching for something here in the asylum or they don’t like one of us?”

<Sascha> nods her head to Ghost, excusing him. “It’s fine. And that is possible. I can’t see another Tzimisce getting this close without setting off Zaluut’s spells. He is a Koldun, it’s weird, even to me.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “And yeah, it could be more setite activity.

<Ghost> nods to the others and then leaves quietly.

“See you later, Spook,” Anne calls out as Ghost leaves.

<Kitt Bishop> looks around at the others, listening. “We can continue to gather information as we go. We still have a few to push through, assuming that they don’t pull back on their own now that we’ve attacked the ones closest to us.”

[Rakshasa] “It maybe best to demolish all the bunkers using explosives, if possible. That would prevent them from setting up camp again”

“Oh!” Anne perks up excitedly. “Can I volunteer?”

<Sascha> shakes her head. “We covered this. One, due to the structure that is fairly difficult. And it would attract a lot of attention. We have been cleansing and blessing the ones you clear. Atanya and I has rituals that will at the very least alert us if someone attempts to go back into one we have shut down.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks from the man to Sascha and back again. “Do you need me to stay?”

[Rakshasa] nods “Alright. Then I guess tomorrow we go back and clear out he rest of the bunkers?”

<Sascha> shakes her head as she loosk to Kitt. “No, I think I have it from here. It is almost dawn and you all should go get some rest. Atanya and I will hit the ones you have been through tomorrow evening. They may try to set traps or ambushes now that we have retaliated, so be extra careful. I would prefer Talwar be in charge of the mission’s progress since it is likely he has the most experience, and given his Path, will make sure that things go as they should. Especially given the trouble you were speaking of when you arrived.”

Anne looks sidelong at Talwar, gives a slight shrug, then tuns back at Sascha.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I can help with the explosives as well and some breaking in these places with more stealth to set up the explosives so they can go off without warning.”

“Says the man who was willing to let me disarm the bomb.” Anne mutters.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° smirks. “I wanted to take it with us. It was a good bomb. We don’t have so many explosives lying around. I have some grenades.”

“No, Sword. What you have are piles of stock ordinance.” Anne grins at Talwar. “Give me thirty minute with each, and some special additives, and you’ll have grenades.”

[Rakshasa] “I think I’ll go and get some rest. I will see you all later.” He nods to Sascha and heads off in the direction of the abandoned building

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head softly to Sascha and begins to take her leave then, “I’ll talk to Zaluut about maybe learning some protective rituals for us too. I am getting better at it.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° smirks at Anne. “I like you.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Good night Sascha. * he inclines his head. “Good night, Kitt. I think I have some areas to work on as well.”

“Take care, Tiger, Pup.” Anne calls back to Rakshasa and Kitt as they leaves. Then she turns back to Sascha. “I’m going to get a head start on sleeping unless there’s anything else. Oh, and if you see anyone calling themselves Mercy, tell them to keep away from Fiona. He didn’t endear himself.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I will try to talk to Mercy some. That was bizarre. Not that I totally got what Fiona was doing either, from where I was.”