<Ghost> comes around from the side of the Main Hall, headed toward the South courtyard and away from the Chapel.  His steps as always are absolutely silent, watching him gives him the appearence of gliding atop a layer of shadow.

<Kitt Bishop> has changed clothes, out of her white robes and into a long sleeve green shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She takes a look over the yard from the bottom of the steps, offering Ghost a quiet nod.

<Ghost> returns the nod and moves toward the steps.  “So, have you been here long?”  His voice is softly spoken, barely heard further than the two of them.

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head softly, glancing back toward the building. “Not really. A couple of months. Though I was around vampires and ghosts and stuff before… so I kinda had an understanding of what was going on.”

<Ghost> nods in understanding.  “I see.  You sure that the other guy is going to let you go with us?  I saw him taking away your gun before, he treats you like a little kid, a lot of them do.  It seems strange to me.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head as she thinks about it for a moment and then sighs, nodding her head. “Zaluut? Yeah. I am admittedly not much of a fighter. But I have other talents.”, she says as she rocks a bit on her feet.

<Ghost> smirks a bit as he takes a seat on the concrete.  “Don’t we all?”

<Kitt Bishop> sits down on the steps and chuckles a bit. “Well, I suppose so. So what is your superpower? You seem really quiet.”

<Ghost> shrugs.  He adjusts his leather jacket and eyes the ground below where his feet are dangling.  “Stealth is sometimes the best option.  I often get in and out of places before anyone even knows.  I guess you could say I was a spy, or scout.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit. “Well, that’s useful. And you seem like you can handle yourself in a fight too. I think most of the others can.”, she says as she glances down at the gun in her hands and sighs.

<Ghost> smiles and looks back over toward her a moment, his dark eyes scanning her features before speaking up softly again.  “So what’s your super power then, as you said?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks over and then back down at the ground again with a faint shrug. “Well… I am tougher than I look. And I can make my skin electrified, like an eel. And… Zaluut has been teaching me some magic rituals and stuff.”

<Ghost> nods his head and hops up to his feet once more.  “Well, that sounds useful.  I never heard of anything like electric powers, is it Thaumaturgy?”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head a little bit. “No, not that… it’s something I had been learning before I got Embraced and I can just still kinda do it. Though it does tie in to speaking to Elementals.”

<Ghost> stretches and adjusts the blade on his belt.  “I see.  So, you aren’t a Tzimisce?  You seemed awful close with Zaluut, I had thought he was your Sire perhaps.”

[Rakshasa] quietly listens to the conversation

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head again, and gets up off the step, dusting off the back of her jeans. “No. He sort of is, he Embraced me… but he used blood he says came from an old friend of his a long time ago. I don’t know much about it.”

[Rakshasa] “You say you have a third eye? Is this a result of vicissitude performed on you or you simply had this eye after your embrace?”

<Ghost> tilts his head slightly to one side, and then nods thoughtfully.  “Very strange, though in my experience the Tzimisce can be very strange in general, no offense.  Some seem so sentimental, others… distant.”

<Kitt Bishop> reaches up and touches her forehead faintly, nodding. “It appeared after my Embrace. I looked it up in some of Zaluut’s books and he confirmed my clan is called Salubri. He said that they walk different paths, or used to… but that my path, as the one my blood came from are healers.”

[Rakshasa] rubs his hand on his chin “A watcher…how? I thought your clan was eradicated by the Tremere. I guess the preserved blood…that would mean you are probably the last of your clan”

<Ghost> listens and glances between Rakshasa and Kitt.  “Interesting.  Vampire healers?  It’s got to be pretty impossible to wipe out an entire clan.”

<Kitt Bishop> frowns just a little bit. “It seemed a touchy subject with him, he really doesn’t like the Tremere… at all. As for healing… not realyl sure… I have learned I can tell when something is wrong, if a person is sick and stuff… and I can take pain away. Why would they attack a bunch of healers?”

<Ghost> shrugs.  “Cause Tremere are assholes?  I wouldn’t know.”  He pats the machete on his belt.  “And I am in agreement.  Only good Tremere is one turned to ash.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head, looking thoughtful for a moment. “I knew a few back before I came here. They certainly never mentioned anything about Salubri when I was there.”

<Ghost> “Well, maybe if they thought they killed them off they wouldn’t have reason to even think about them?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit. “That makes sense.”, she says as she looks between Ghost and Rakshasa. “I just don;t know much about it. I mean, I know more about Tzimisce than Salubri at this point. I am sure that Zaluut knows, and I’ll ask him… eventually.”

[Rakshasa] “Maybe. Or maybe they don’t want to bring it up for other reasons”

<Kitt Bishop> nods and looks at Rakshasa. “What do you know about them? You said there aren’t any more?”

[Rakshasa] “Very little I’m afraid. I have only read about them in some old texts and scroll. Apparently they were a clan of vampire with the power to heal anyone, even other undead, from serious injuries. At some point they were targeted by the Camarilla at the behest of the Tremere and hunted to all but extinction. Evidence of their history is rare”

[Rakshasa] “The reason for such a mad mass slaughter is…rather unclear.”

<Kitt Bishop> frowns as she listens, then nods softly. She touches her forehead absently and sighs. “Thanks. Yeah, I asked if Zaluut could hide the eye but he sadi that I wouldn;t be able to use my powers without it, that it’s a part of me now so he can’t use his powers to alter it.”

<Ghost> listens, looking between them.  “As I said, Tremere are assholes.  Enough said on that matter.  And as for the flesh melting shit, no thanks.  You don’t want them rearranging your parts anyway.”

[Rakshasa] “The source of my information was a scroll in Shanghai. Its previous owner was an opium addict who spend most of his time in an illegal Majhong parlor”

[Rakshasa] “If someday you wish to discover your roots..after Zaluut has finished teaching you everything he know. I suggest you head east to China and Mongolia.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit. “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks. II am not too worried about it for now… my talents are needed here. I might not be much of a fighter but my healing powers could be of use in a fight to keep others standing.”

[Rakshasa] “There are many secrets in the mystic mountains. Hidden away from the reach of politics and greed of the Camarilla”

[Rakshasa] “I agree. Who knows what waits us tonight. If anyone of us is seriously injured. You will be crucial to their recovery and survival”

<Ghost> smiles a little bit, nodding.  “Exactly.  You never underestimate the cleric anyway.  But it does make you a target, and if these things might be some Tremere construct of some sort…  you could become a target fairly wuickly.  So be extra careful.”

<Kitt Bishop> “I am careful. I am tougher than I look though, I promise. And not afraid. I sleep in a room with two Tzimisce regularly and I even got to go down into the tunnels and see the Vohzd. There isn’t much that scares me.”

[Rakshasa] “I doubt mindless constructs will have the intelligence to target based on priority. Plus, no one know of her being a Salubri outside this Sabbat chapter right?

[Rakshasa] “..Either way you can stay in the back lines. With a gun, you dont need fight at melee range”

<Kitt Bishop> nods. “I don’t think so. Talwar, Fiona, and Anne were there the first time my eye opened and none of us knew what was even wrong at the time.”

[Rakshasa] “Talwar? I havent met him yet have I?”

<Ghost> looks thoughtful as he lsitens.  “That may be so, but where there are puppets there is usually a puppeteer.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head and then shakes it. “I don’t think so. He’s kinda tall, darkish skin… You’d probably remember him if you met him.”

[Rakshasa] immediately glances at Ghost “That is a big threat. If we can find the head of the snake first..the headless body will be easier to manage..IF only there was a way to find this -puppeteer- first”

<Ghost> frowns slightly, but nods in agreement.  “I believe that is what Sascha has been praying on.  And what the servants were looking into researching.  You know, the thought occurs to me that we just did get out of a drawn out war with the Setites…  and aren’t they associated with some Egyptian stuff?”

[Rakshasa] smirks “Yes, yes they are. They are the proclaimed enemies of every clan that is not a Setite and doesn’t worship the one serpent god.”

[Rakshasa] “You think they are involved?”

<Kitt Bishop> makes a bit of a face, “Yeah… Set being like a God of Darkness or something like that. It kinda makes sense… I mean, sand monsters… they do have some weird versions of necromancy.”

<Ghost> eyes them a moment and then gives a quick look around.  “I only brought it up as i remembered one of you saying it the other night.  No evidence on that yet, but it wouldn;t surprise me.”

[Rakshasa] scratches his beard “Fanatic cult with sand zombies. This just got more interesting”

[Rakshasa] “Well we cannot eliminate any possibility till we find concrete evidence”

<Kitt Bishop> nods and double checks the safety on her shotgun. “This is true. In that case though, maybe some lights wouldn’t hurt. Setites don’t like bright light.”

<Ghost> chuckles, drawing shadows up around himself.  “That sucks.  I usually fight better in the dark myself.”

[Rakshasa] “Light cast on a Setites will produce their shadows. You can then use their own shadows against them”

<Ghost> rolls his shoulder under the leather jacket.  “Not that good yet, right now i mostly use it to assist in not being seen.  But I am getting better with practice.  So what do you do, besides turn into a bird?”

[Rakshasa] gives a wolfish grin to Ghost “I turn into a raging beast with sharp teeth and claws.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances toward the main hall and then starts to head off that way. “I should go grab a couple of lights, just in case. I’ll meet everybody back out here to go to the bunkers in a few.”

[Rakshasa] nods “Okay. If you have one of those fancy tactical lights, you can even mount them on your shotgun”

<Ghost> lifts one eyebrow as he looks Rakshasa over.  “Interesting.  You country boy or city boy?”

[Rakshasa] “I was raised in a city as a human, but I was embraced in the wilderness..if thats what you mean?”

<Ghost> chuckles a little bit, shaking his head.  “You know about some practically extinct clan… but not about different kinds of Gangrel?”

[Rakshasa] “Oh I do know the urban bloodline. I’m still doing my research on how they came to be. Interestingly I haven’t met a -City Gangrel- yet. I assume you are from the Lasombra clan?”

<Ghost> shakes his head, his arms folding across his chest as he leans back against the concrete railing along the stairs.  “I think the old woman is of that line, City Gangrel, I mean.  As for myself.  I am Ventrue actually.  The manipulation of shadows and their evident attraction to me is a side effect of a ritual performed shortly after my burial.  But I do find it useful.”

[Rakshasa] “Urban Gangrels are a curious case. Somewhere down in the timeline they lost their ability or command animals and their toughness but gained speed and mystical stealth instead. As for this ritual..you have my interest peaked. How did this ritual grant you the signature discipline of the Lasombra?”

<Ghost> rolls his shoulders again beneath the leather jacket.  “I am unsure.  I do know that a few others around here underwent it as well.  Kitt included, and the entire Wardens Pack… though I heard that more than half of them have fallen into Torpor now.  They think from the ritual, as it was an experiment.  They called it the Dark Gift.  It worked a little different for each of us.”

<Ghost> “That Tzimisce and the Kaisyd created it, you might ask one of them more about it.”

[Rakshasa] “So this gift gave you these disciplines at random? If that is so, this is a potent ritual that..perhaps awakens some dormant powers of your blood.” He pauses for a moment “Yes, after we are done dealing with the undead sandbags tonight, perhaps I’ll ask Zaluut and do some study on this topic.”

[Rakshasa] “So, how did you end up joining this chapter? Or were you embraced into the Sabbat?”

<Ghost> nods and pushes away from the steps.  “Oh, I was Embraced here, though originally from a Nomad Pack that was assisitng during the fight with the Setites. Most of them didn’t make it.  It turns out the Setites used some sort of blood poison that infected the Sabbat here through Vaulderie.  A lot of them died or were severely weakened.  That’s why so many new ones were embraced lately, to make up the numbers lost.”

[Rakshasa] nods “Such dirty tactics are often employed by the Setites. Fools believe they haven’t descended from Caine and that their antediluvian is the first true vampire” He chuckles for a bit “Their ignorance fuels their xenophobia and hatred for other kindred. Dickheads. I hope you were able to wipe them all out from this city.”

<Ghost> “Yes.  I believe that they have been hunted and eradicated from the territory.  So I hope that this sand puppet issue is not some effort of theirs at reaminging here and striking at us once more.  But I guess that in that case, time will tell.”

[Rakshasa] “I doubt the puppeteer will set up camp so close to his/her enemy base. But tonight’s culling should send a message”