<Storyteller> There seems to be one hell of a ruckus going on near the hedge maze at the asylum this evening. A roar startles a few of the servants and they go scurrying inside the main hall. It appears to be a fight going on out on the lawn… a man who looks like some fairytale elf stands tall, wearing leather armor and wielding a sword is facing down some sort of pale-looking dragon, easily three times his size. There are a few people watching and even placing bets here and there.

<Fiona>  makes her way up, hands in her pockets and stopping to regard the fight. “Well, damn.”

Ghost takes up a position where he can see the fight from a respectable distance, as no one else seems alarmed by this.  He even takes the time to place a bet or two, namely on the draconic monster.

<Fiona>  puts a bet on the fae-like dude.

<Storyteller> The elf calls out something, and a patch of darkness seeps out of every crevice to form long, whipping tentacles. The dragon roars in response and responds by swinging it’s tail, which starts to grow long dangerous looking quills.

<Fiona>  cups her hands to her mouth and looks at the dragon. “Hey, ugly! Look over here!”

[Rakshasa_Owl] was taking a walk when could hear a fight going on. He transformed into his owl form and reached the scene. He sat on a tree at a safe distance and observed silently

Ghost shakes his head and silently makes his way to a new position, without taking his eyes off the action.  He comes up alongside Fiona and gives her a polite nod.

[Rakshasa_Owl] observes the sabbat posse of placing bets on the fight ::Hmm..curious::

Edith has been sitting reading a book with a booklight about the intersection of technology and the occult . she glances up at the action disinterestedly, then back to her book.

<Storyteller> The fight goes on for a few more minutes, the dragon and elf both faking lunges and making grazing strikes. Finally as it seems the tentacles manage to help pin the creature down, it brings it’s tail around and slams it hard into the elf’s side, leaving behind a handful of the barbed quills. The elf curses in some ancient language and his sword becomes alight with green flames.

<Fiona>  watches, focusing on the green flames.

[Rakshasa_Owl] ::Ughh..fire. Good thing I’m at a safe distance::

Ghost makes a bit of a face upon seeing the flames, that looks serious.

Edith tenses up slightly and puts her book away

<Storyteller> The elf gives the dragon a firm stick in the fleshy part of it’s arm where the wings are attached and nimbly moves away again, reciting Jaberwok the whole time. The dragon roars and swishes it’s tail angrily, but backs off and starts to lessen in size, the spines and even wings seemingly folding in on themselves and under folds of skin until finally Zaluut stands there in his rust-colored robes, hand on his arm for a moment as he glares at Antol.

<Fiona>  makes her way around, collecting her winnings from whoever bet on the dragon.

<Kitt Bishop> comes forward after all of that, and eyes Zaluut curiously. “How did you do that with your clothes on?”, she asks.

<Zaluut> “Practice. And why I do not wear pants.”, he says as he walks past and then pauses near the steps, glancing out over those gathered. “If anyone else would enjoy honing their skills, please, stay and I’ll be happy to oblige. Otherwise, get back to work.”

[Rakshasa_Owl] His curiosity is peaked ::Fascinating shape shifting ability. I wonder if with enough time and practice I can achieve a more powerful form::

<Storyteller> The group disperses fairly quickly after money is done exchanging hands.

Ghost sighs and shakes his head as he forks his money over, then makes his way down to the lawn.

[Rakshasa_Owl] keeps observing

<Kitt Bishop> giggles faintly and starts to follow, but then pauses as she spies Edith, tilting her head a bit as she studies the stranger. After a moment she simply nods in a semi-friendly manner.

Edith raises her eyebrows in recognition.

<Zaluut> glances over some of the others, namely Ghost, Dusk, Fiona, and Anne. “I believe Sascha was looking for you all, you’ll find her in or around the Chapel.”, he says and begins to head inside. “You too, Kitt. And that one couldn’t hurt.”, he says, indicating Edith as well. Then he disappears inside the main hall.

[Rakshasa_Owl] As Zaluut leaves, he calls out to Kitt “Good evening”

<Fiona>  pockets the last of her earned cash, looking at Zaluut. “….Wonderful. Well, nothing for it now.” She looks at the others, shrugs and heads toward the chapel.

Ghost sighs and makes his way off toward the Chapel as well, his footfalls eerily absent as he makes his way in that direction.

Edith follows the growing group

<Kitt Bishop> looks up, and nods her head before starting to follow along. She pauses and looks to Rakshasa, nodding her head a bit.

[Rakshasa_Owl] to Kitt “Looks like there is something important going on. Good luck.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head and then waves Rak in that direction. “He said you too, unless you want to make him mad… or Sascha. And she’s meaner than he is. By a lot.”

<Storyteller> The Chapel sits off to itself and looks almost out of place in the rest of the old Asylum. It is modestly decorated, though much of the stained glass has been replaced and carefully maintained. There is a garden all around the outside edges, also carefully maintained.

[Rakshasa_Owl] “Oh he did? I thought he did not notice me. In that case I’ll gladly follow” The owl flies down and sits on Kitt’s shoulders “May I?”

<Fiona>  moves toward it, stuffing her hands in her pockets.

Ghost walks toward the Chapel door, and then looks to Fiona, when he sees she is not going to knock he walks up to the small porch and knocks twice against the old wooden door.

<Kitt Bishop> blinks, but shrugs a bit. “I guess so.”, she says and stands back to watch the door, waiting.

[Rakshasa_Owl] nods and hoots “Hoo”

<Sascha> opens the door to the Chapel and looks amongst the group gathered at her door. She looks surprisingly normal, down to the freckled cheeks and blue jeans. There is a strange, unsettling warmth that seems to eminate from her though, more noticable up close. “Well, to get right to it then, or shall we chit-chat?”

[Rakshasa_Owl] nods his little owl head at Sascha “Good evening, Miss Sascha. Kitt had told me about you. Its an honor to meet you. I answer the beckons of Zaluut”

Ghost waits for a moment and then pipes up in a soft-spoken manner.  “We were told you were looking for us, Ma’am?”

<Kitt Bishop> lightly shakes her head hardly looking up. “Uhm, I guess this is about the bunkers?”

<Fiona>  just studies Sascha.

<Sascha> looks over them each again and then nods as she moves out onto the porch. That eerily warm feeling only becomes more uncomfortable as she moves closer to the group, but she thankfully keeps a few arms length. “Yes, this is about the bunkers. After looking over the map and seeking guidence on the matter, they are far too close. Though Zaluut is back and renewing his vows with the land, he must remain here to keep that protection active. I want you all to go and start sytematically checking these bunkers and making sure they are empty, or killing anything inside if need be.”

“Did somebody say killing?” Anne pipes up, a bit of enthusiasm in her normally gravelly tone. “Sorry. I felt like a walk and you made eavesdropping easy being out in the open and all…”

“Alright, how are we going to do this? Split up in to a few groups, or all together”? Asks edith

<Fiona>  looks at Edith. “All together.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head in agreement with Fiona, and smiles a bit at Anne as she arrives. “Considering what we saw out there before… together would be best. Speaking of, suggestions on taking those things out?”, she says as she looks back toward Sascha.

Ghost just listens, remaining silent as he stands next to the door.  He folds his arms over his chest and leans against the building.

“Will claws work?” Anne asks, running a thumb across her fingertips. “Been aching to try these things out.”

<Sascha> looks from one to another, “The sandmen are immune to fire… in fact, heating them could cause them to deal that back out to you. Most guns are not effective, but I imagine a shotgun at close range might do enough to hurt it. Knives and claws should work. They are strong, and resiliant but not fast. They can also seep into small spaces… like a sandbag made of human skin.”

<Fiona>  smiles slowly. “Excellent.”

[Rakshasa_Owl] “Very well, claws it is”

“Cut the beasts, don’t get their guts on us.” Anne nods. “I think we can handle that.”

<Fiona>  “I’m all for taking them out at range. Minimal mess.”

Ghost nods his head in agreement.  “I shall go to the armory and get a proper weapon or two.”

Edith nods in agreement as well

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head. “Shotgun at close range it is. I am guessing electricity is a no-go if fire doesn’t work.”

[Rakshasa_Owl] “Afraid so. Sand doesnt conduct electricity”

“Isn’t there a posibility of electricity or fire creating glass from the sand? “, Edith asks.

<Fiona>  “Only if it’s hot enough.”

[Rakshasa_Owl] “Such heat will likely drive us to frenzy as well”

Ghost shakes his head and hops off the side of the porch.  “I am going to go grab a few things we might need.  Anyone have a specific request?”

[Rakshasa_Owl] “A vial or bottle of preserved blood if you have any?”

<Sascha> looks to the group once more, tilting her head in thought. “I would join in Vaulderie before heading out. It seems most of you are not used to each other and it will keep the sandman’s masters from easily influencing you all.”

<Fiona>  “Sure, why not.”

“Eh,” Anne shrugs, “what’s one more?”

[Rakshasa_Owl] contemplates on the gravity of undertaking a vaulderie. But given the situation he is in, he really has no choice “Very well” Saying that he transforms back into his human form

Edith steps forward because she understands the practical need for this

Ghost comes back with a machete, a shotgun which he offers to Kitt, and then he looks between the others for a moment like he feels as though he just missed something.

<Fiona>  goes inside, heading toward the armory and coming back with a shotgun, a broadsword shoved through her belt and a pistol holstered to her hip. She moves to join the others.

<Kitt Bishop> takes it and then chuckles faintly. “We were discussing vaulderie when you left.”, she says before glancing around at the others.

Ghost tilts his head and then nods.  “I see, and it seems like a good idea since we will be quite possibly fightint alongside one another.”

“No point waiting around much more is there? We seem to be in agreement” says edith

[Rakshasa] rubs his hand on his chin, thinking deeply, then speaks “I concur”

<Sascha> eyes each of them and then inclines her head off toward the main hall. “Alright, then follow me. We’ll use the Wardens ritual room, since more than half of them are in torpor, they don’t seem to be needing it.”, she closes the Chapel door and then walks off in that direction, leading them all into the main hall.

<Storyteller> The Main Hall of the Asylum is where the administration offices used to be, back when the place was operational. Now it is open and nearly cathedral like, and branches off into the different homes for the local packs. The ritual room in the section off to the right is still very sparse, as if no one had time to set it up properly yet.

<Fiona>  follows, resting her shotgun against one shoulder.

Ghost follows along, and eyes everything carefully as they stop inside.

[Rakshasa] as he enters the room he moves his pale gray eyes around, observing every part of the hall. His oblong pupils extending.

<Kitt Bishop> lets Sascha lead the way and stays close, sighing as they enter the section which was originally reserved for her pack. She gets out the tools for Sascha, knowing where it is all kept there in the room.

Anne follows behind Kitt as the group walks. Her eye flickers idly across the others in the group as they move.

<Sascha> accepts the objects from Kitt and then starts to move among the group, getting them all inside and roughly in a circle to make things easier. “Well, let us gather everyone up then.”

<Sascha> walks slowly about the room, using a small black-handled knife which Kitt gave to her and a stone chalice, quietly taking blood from each person present and adding her own in last. Afterward, she takes it and speaks over it, stiring with the blade of the knife. Finally, she starts to go back about the circle, first anointing each with a droplet of the blood upon their forehead, then offering it for them to take a drink.

Ghost blinks a bit, not enjoying the feeling of Faith that comes from Sascha as she touches him, but he doesn’t flinch.  He takes his drink and passes it back with a soft and silent nod.

Anne takes her own drink quickly and passes it on, eager to get going.

Edith sips and passes without any visible reaction

[Rakshasa] remains silent when being anointed. When given, he takes a drink from the chalice. As the blood flows through his veins, he feels an odd feeling that he hasn’t felt in 60 years.

<Kitt Bishop> takes her drink and watches, somewhat fascinated as each person seems to have their own way of going about it. She blinks as her forehead is touched, and something there moves just under the skin in response.

<Fiona>  keeps silent, taking her drink.

<Sascha> finishes up and places the objects down on the small table in that room, then turns back to the others. “While we all come from different packs, these acts join us all in one mind, one goal. Watch out for each other, and give the enemy no rest and no mercy.”

Ghost smirks.  “Amen to that.”, he says and pats the handle of his machete.

“I like the sound of the ‘no rest, no mercy’ bit.” Anne smriks. “Makes an old woman homesick.”

[Rakshasa] “Alright then. We will come down on whatever is hiding in those bunkers..with the might of Caine”

<Kitt Bishop> nods as she listens, and gives a brief glance over the others.

Edith is obviously tense, though trying to project a calm and controlled demeanor

<Sascha> gives a glance toward the door and then starts to excuse herself. “Good luck. If you find anything, let me know and Atanya and I will come and cleanse the ones you have cleared to ensure they cannot simply move back in.”

[Rakshasa] wipes the blood on his forehead and lips, then prepares to move out, as soon as everyone else is ready ::A mission to move into the haven. I look forward to learning more::

Ghost nods his head and doesn’t stick around, heading outside.

<Kitt Bishop> waits for the others and then puts the items away carefully before following everyone out again, picking up her shotgun on the way. “Here goes nothing I suppose.”