<Fiona>  makes her way outside from one of the rooms, wearing a leather jacket over a t-shirt, jeans and motorcycle boots. Her brown hair’s done in a ponytail and her single eye looks around, the shape of the pupil unnerving to anyone who’s mortal.

<Fiona>  is standing outside, looking around and wearing a leather jacket over a t-shirt, jeans and motorcycle boots. Her brown hair’s done up in a ponytail and her single eye looks around, the shape of the pupil unnerving to anyone who’s mortal.

[Rakshasa] A pale man is walking around on the moor that separates the the woods and the main building. He notices the lone girl in the shadows

[Rakshasa] “Well, hello. Lovely evening”

Ghost makes his way around from the hedge maze toward the main hall, footsteps eerily silent as he walks up, shadows clinging to him to the point of pulling out from the darkness unnaturally.

<Fiona>  looks at the newcomer, her single eye focusing on him. “…Of course it is. Why the hell wouldn’t it be?”

<Kitt Bishop> comes out from the main hall and takes a long look around before making her way down the steps and sitting on the bottom. She wiggles her bare toes in the grass, her usual white robes covered in grass and mud at the bottom, and the collar shows a few specks of blood.

<Fiona>  looks at Kitt. “Been studying, kiddo?”

<Kitt Bishop> smiles a bit and nods her head. “Yeah. And Zaluut’s back so I have been able to finally ask some questions about … you know.”, she says as she touches her forehead absently. “You still looking for books on robots and stuff?”

<Fiona>  “No luck still. Might have to go into town.

Ghost approaches the others, nodding politely to them in turn.

<Fiona>  looks to Ghost. “The hell are you?”

<Kitt Bishop> returns the nod, studying the new person for a moment before looking over at Rakshasa. “They said you can stay a little longer, still not allowed anywhere but the corner building though. Michael seemed pissed though, so I’d watch my back if I were you. And my shadow, for that matter.”

Ghost looks at Fiona for a moment before responding in a soft-spoken manner.  “Ghost.”

[Rakshasa] nods  at Kitt “Thank you, for allowing me to stay a little longer. Regarding your earlier suggestion about joining the Sabbat. I have been thinking about it. You see I’m a follower of Caine, a scholar of Nod. I believe there are many among your sect with similar paths?”

[Rakshasa] moves his eyes around to take a look at Fiona and Ghost. He doesn’t move a muscle, his eyes are hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a little at that, in understanding. “OH, I read about that. I think there are a few. It’s not uncommon anyway. There are a lot of scholars here in one form or another.”

[Rakshasa] “Then it would be tempting to join a group of like minded thinkers.” He pauses and rubs his forehead “At the same time I do understand the gravity of the pledge. Speaking of which, its not my decision to make alone, it also depends on the sect elders…in this case the bishops”

[Rakshasa] ..he continues “By the way, I never got the opportunity to know your name”

<Kitt Bishop> “Oh, I’m Kitt.”, she says as she wiggles her toes a bit more in the grass and brushes a few loose pieces from her white robes.

[Rakshasa] “Good to meet you Kitt. As I was saying before the decision also lies with your sect elders.”

Ghost turns his attention quietly toward the other two as well, though remains silent himself.

<Fiona>  looks at Rakshasa, giving him a once-over. “So, I hear you pissed Michael off.”

<Kitt Bishop> “In his defense, Michael is like, always pissed off. I think it’s a side effect of being Lasombra.”

Ghost actually smiles in amusement, listening to them.  “That sounds about right.”

[Rakshasa] shrugs “I haven’t done anything to piss anyone off. If one gets pissed off by the mere presence of a poor, homeless, beggar..” He shrugs again

[Rakshasa] “On the contrary there is a grotesque, undead vessel lurking only a few miles from your home, a product of possible necromancy gone wrong..or right. That sounds more worrisome”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head softly. “He was mad Zaluut let you stay at all, considering. And I wouldn’t go any further with the ‘poor homeless me’ routine, that just makes them mad. Weakness is not a virtue.”

[Rakshasa] He gives a look at Kitt and says in a cold and calm voice “Poverty is not weakness”

<Kitt Bishop> raises an eyebrow. “It’s the way you say it. Poor me. Poor begging homeless me. That. That makes it seem like you are trying to use weakness. If you simply said you are a traveller, one who chooses to live simply, that is different.”

<Fiona>  looks at Rakshasa, her eye narrowing. “You think we don’t fucking know about it? Think we’re blind, content in our fortress without any idea of what’s beyond the walls?”

[Rakshasa] “I say it as it is. Do I even look aggressive?” He says with a smile

Ghost watches the exchange and glances back toward Fiona from time to time.

[Rakshasa] looks at Fiona “Of course you do. I guess I was just pointing out the obvious.”

<Fiona>  narrows her eye even further. “Don’t fucking talk to me like I’m a brainless infant.”

<Kitt Bishop> quirks her lips as she looks from one to another, folding her arms up over her legs where she sits, resting her chin on her knees.

[Rakshasa] shrugs at Fiona “I was not. I simply mean I was the fool, pointing out the obvious. There is no need to get agitated”

Ghost moves over and takes a seat next to Kitt on the bottom step, not too close though.

<Kitt Bishop> glances over at Ghost for a moment and then looks toward the others. “Another notation about joining versus taking your chances… if one of us loses it… you’ll be a viable target, since a communal blood bond keeps us from killing each other in those kinds of cases. Mostly anyway. I am sure it still happens from time to time.”

[Rakshasa] scratches his chin “A mutual blood bond to keep the pack together..interesting. So this ritual is an important part of initiation I believe?”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head as she studies Rakshasa, then glances briefly at the others. “So we do have some of the bunkers marked now, and one in particular was… occupied. Sascha was working on some sort of protection or something last I heard but she has been in prayer for the last few days so…”, she rolls her shoulders a bit.

Ghost shudders a little bit.  “Nothing like a super religious vampire to make your day.”

<Kitt Bishop> giggles faintly. “Oh, you have no idea.”, she says with a brief shake of her head.

[Rakshasa] “Sascha? His..er.her last name wouldn’t be Vykos would it?…No I don’t think so”

<Fiona>  just snorts. “The hell would they come down to our little slice of paradise?”

[Rakshasa] shrugs “Oh its just that its a famous name. One of the bigger contributors to the book of Nod”

<Fiona>  “No shit.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks confused for a moment, shaking her head. “No clue actually… She is pretty strict though. And well… lets just say that if i didn’t know better I’d say that God really likes her. She has this whole… angelic warrior thing going on.”

Ghost listens, looking back and forth between each person as they speak.

[Rakshasa] “Angelic warrior thing? So she’s a priestess?”

Christopher walks outside the Asylum and sees Kitt and everyone speaking. He walks over to her and greets her, and everyone else. He turns and counts everyone that is outside quietly as he greets them.

[Rakshasa] moves his head, one quarter of an inch and looks at the new arrival “Good evening”

Christopher nods back to him,”Hello, I’m Christopher, pleasure to meet you.”

<Fiona>  looks to Christopher. “The other newbie, huh?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods to Chris and then looks back to Rakshasa. “I don’t think so… You’ll understand if you meet her.”

Ghost looks at Chris with quiet regard for several seconds, then looking back to the others wordlessly.

[Rakshasa] “Perhaps one day I will, if I get the opportunity.” He is taking his time studying and and understand each member of this sabbat chapter

Christopher looks back at Kitt,”Are there any plans for what we are going to do about what we found at that bunker the other day? Do we know what these ‘Sandmen’ are and what weaknesses they may have?”

<Fiona>  “Sandmen. Tell me more.”

<Kitt Bishop> frowns slightly, looking up at Chris while still resting her chin on her knees. “We think we saw one last night, out in the forest… a little further than the first bunker. It smelled like the other one, anyway… but this one was… moving.”

Ghost looks between each of them in turn, his expression one of interest.

[Rakshasa] smiles briefly “Opened a bunker on its own, so I’d say it has some basic cognitive skills”

Christopher nods,”Cognitive skills, sentience to some degree also more or less. It sounds vaguely of the tales of mummies’ it doesn’t happen to have any indication that it is egyptian does it?”

[Rakshasa] “Mummies are not restricted to Egypt you know, there are Inca ones as well”

[Rakshasa] “Speaking of Egypt, always wanted to travel there. Probably filled with Setites.”

Ghost leans back against the step behind him and lounges there, stretching his legs out into the grassy lawn.

[Rakshasa] “But apparently it was filled with sand, and its skin was hanging all over the place”

Christopher nods,”Indeed mummies are not restricted to Egypt, but that area has the largest religious connections to it. While there are ‘mummies’ from other areas, many of them are more incidental than intentional. Other Arabian cultures had similar processes of preserving their dead. Do you suppose it is possible that this particular specimen was what inspired the process of Egyptian mummification?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks between them and then shakes her head a bit. “I… don’t think so. There is no body mummified… it looks like a sack of skin filled with sand, not a dried up corpse.”

<Fiona>  “Hm. Anyone here would know about it?”

[Rakshasa] “Mummies are not intentionally filled with sand, and as Kitt said it was a sack of skin…more like a vessel for an enslaved soul”

[Rakshasa] “…a flesh construct given life through powerful magic”

Christopher nods,”We have samples of the soil and have ran some tests on them to determine their esoteric properties, but perhaps we should explore its mundane properties as well? I have read that there are methods where experts can discern the exact location that a particular bit of soil comes from due to its composition. We could find out ‘where’ the sand comes from. I highly doubt that it came from any ordinary beach off the coast. This would give us a clue of where to search for more evidence.”

[Rakshasa] “Thats a great idea, but you would need a lab for that”

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtful. “Atanya is the resident expert in necromancy… Talwar and i both heard the spirit trapped so it is definately some form of it, though not anything like I had ever seen before.”

<Kitt Bishop> smiles. “We have a lab here. The revenants maintain it, along with the library. Not sure that it is so sophisitcated as to that level of study… but I am sure something could be found out regardless.”

Christopher nods,”I could use a better lab for many things. If it weren’t for my families lab up north having been attacked by the Tremere, we could have adequate resources to accomplish miracles. My family performed feats far greater than this on a regular basis. I can see what we can do with what we have here though. The biggest issue is that I am no soil expert, I can probably only guess what part of the world it came from. We could try to utilize an ordinary mortal, it may yield better results.”

[Rakshasa] “You need not guess, once you have the data on this soil, simply compare it with available data from other parts of the world on the public domain. Thats how academia works, you publish your findings and I’m sure other geologists have published data on sand before”

[Rakshasa] “I’d say the estimation would be quite accurate”

<Kitt Bishop> looks between them. “Or you could talk to it.”

Ghost looks up, but keeps quiet.

[Rakshasa] looks at Kitt and grins “I like your sense of humor miss”

[Rakshasa] “Is is aggressive?”

<Kitt Bishop> lifts her head up and smiles. “I was being serious. Zaluut has been teaching me to speak with the spirts of the land… I could ask it where it is from.”

[Rakshasa] “Then its certainly a viable idea and one that would take less time”

Christopher nods,”It may prove moderately dangerous or yield no results, but asking it could be effective. With the infernalism corruption in it, it may tain you as well, so I would recommend caution. If it has been cleansed of its corruption than it may have been cleared of its memory too. We can of course run both tests concurrently so that we have a failsafe. Also while it may take time to determine exact location, we can probably discern if it is telling the truth fairly quickly.”

[Rakshasa] looks a Christopher with an impressed look “Spoken like a true scientist!”

Ghost watches them for a few moments more before hopping to his feet and stretching his legs.

<Kitt Bishop> runs her hand through the grass next to her, then looks back to them again. “Elemental spirits can’t really lie… they don’t understand the concept. But then again, it can’t give me an exact location either, as it doesn’t understand things the same way we do. But it could help to see if it knows anything.”

Christopher smiles goofily at being complimented appearing to blush.,”Kitt, are you sure that an elemental spirit that has been under infernal influence cannot lie? It is better to err on the side of caution. We should be prepared in case the corruption could still influence you when you open up to the spirit within the sample. I suggest we wait until our devout friend returns from her meditation, or someone can at least set up some form of containment warding in case it gets out of hand…”

Ghost gives another nod to those present and then silently makes his way up and into the main hall, shadows seemingly pulled toward him from every nearby crevice in an unsettling manner.

<Fiona>  just heads inside.

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head a bit as she looks at Chris. “I understand you are concerned for my safety but I assure you I know what I am doing. I do not open up myself to anything… I simply command the spirits to speak to me. Well, I try anyway… Zaluut says I am not forceful enough.”

Christopher nods,”Well it may not be able to explain itself in concepts we can understand as well. I will begin cursory research as a back up. It may provide different information as well.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods and then turns her head suddenly, as if hearing something. She looks up toward one of the windows and nods, then looks to the others. “I have to go. I’ll talk to you about it more later. Goodnight.”, she gets up to her feet and brushes some of the grass off her robes before heading off inside the building.

Christopher gets up and heads back inside as well saying good night to everyone as he goes.

[Rakshasa] heads into the abandoned building