A white owl flies through the night skies of Baton Rouge. It destination is the abandoned asylum. As it approaches its destination. It lands on of the branches of a large tree in the asylum compound. A few moments later a man emerges from the darkness and walks up to the asylum main gate.

*KNOCK KNOCK* The stranger knocks on the large front door of the ominous and foreboding building

<Zaluut> exits the Asylum’s main hall and stands at the edge of the courtyard, arms folded over his chest. For a vampire, he looks… tired. His eyes fall on the new arrival in careful study and he remains silent in front of the door.

Ghost moves out from the hedge maze and stalks toward the main hall, pausing as he spies the two people up there on the steps.  He makes his way up to the bottom step and remains there, just watching.

<Kitt Bishop> comes out from the main hall, stopping as she spies the guy at the doors and the one at the bottom of the steps. She eyes Zaluut curiously before turning to them. “Uhm, hi?”

[Rakshasa] the man that stand before Zaluut stands 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and an overall rugged physique. He sports short, un-combed hair and a bushy, disheveled beard. His original skin color has faded and now resembles a shade of pale grey.

His attire resembles that of cheap, second hand clothes bought from a thrift shop; usually an un-ironed shirt paired with jeans or cargo. Even in the middle of the night he is wearing a pair of sunglasses. A string of wooden prayer beads wrapped around his wrist. By all means he looks poor and homeless

[Rakshasa] He addresses Zaluut “Good evening, kind Sir. Is this is the home of the Sabbat? I have been searching for it for quite a while now”

<Kitt Bishop> actually giggles at that and ducks half behind Zaluut, coming back around on his left side to watch both the new people.

Ghost remains where he is, hardly raising an eyebrow.

“Huh,” Anne grunts from her favourite position leaning against the wall at the front of the asylum, “recruits we don’t have to kidnap. Imagine that.”

<Zaluut> looks him over again, his arms unfolding as he runs his hand over Kitt’s hair for a moment. He for the moment ignores Ghost. “And you are?”

[Rakshasa] “A poor and humble traveler, who seeks shelter.” He gives Zaluut a kind smile and a small bow “This wandering beggar is known as Rakshasa” He refers to himself

“Rakshasa?” Anne raises an eyebrow, peering curiously at the new arrival. “Ain’t that a piece of Hindu mythology?”

[Rakshasa] “I know its terribly rude to just walk into someone’s house and beg for shelter and I’m terribly sorry to bother you like this. But..” He pauses for a while “I really have nowhere else to go and given my appearance you can guess I cannot afford to go anywhere else as well” He points at his raggedy appearance

<Kitt Bishop> glances to Anne and nods slightly in agreement as she looks back to Rak. She stays close to Zaluut, seeming content in the fact that he is back.

<Zaluut> doesn’t blink or change his expression in the slightlest, seeming only to study him still. “What Pack are you with? Where are you from?”

[Rakshasa] gives a swift look over and then gives a brief but genuine smile, if not for the sunglasses, he would be able to see the glint of interest in Rakshasa’s eyes. “Yes indeed! You are well learned good Sir”

Ghost finally starts to move up the steps, not making a single sound as he does so.  He looks from one to another and folds his arms over his chest, waiting.

“Sir?” Anne raises an eyebrow with a smirk. “Haven’t been confused as one of them for a while. Name’s Anne.”

[Rakshasa] he glances back at the Zaluut. “I’m afraid I belong to no pack or sect. Neither Sabbat nor Camarilla nor the young Anarchs. This poor traveler is a lonely gangrel on the road, in search for his purpose in this world. I have been travelling for the past one month, making my way down from Wyoming”

<Zaluut> lets go of Kitt and casts his eyes toward the door, then folds his arms over his chest again, his whole body rippling for a moment as if there were something lurking just under the skin. “I am tired from travel, but I will give you one chance not to be killed on the spot. Give me a reason not to slaughter you right now. And your shifting will not save you, I assure you the snipers will hit you before you fly far.”

<Kitt Bishop> moves back and then toward the door, heading inside as silently instructed, though whether for safety or to return armed remains in the air.

Ghost looks about and then slowly back down the steps again, standing off to one side and remaining silent.

[Rakshasa] The traveler looks at Zaluut “Because I believe the Sabbat and Tzimisce have their honor and I believe they still respect the age old tradition of offering elysium/shelter. If you refuse then I’ll simply walk away, unless you find that killing a tired, unarmed man dressed in rags will be of any use”

<Zaluut> shakes his head. “You obviously have the ability to make your own shelter in the ground if you can assume other forms. And you are not a man, but a vampire. You come with a lot of assumptions, and no use to us. There is a small building in that Southern corner you may take shelter in for the day. But you will not enter this building, or any other.”

Ghost waves a hand slightly toward the others, and makes his way quietly along the side of the building, headed toward the Chapel.

[Rakshasa] “I could rest in the ground, but I also travel to chronicle the history of the kindred. I have heard about this chapter of the Sabbat, so I hoped to stay, observe and chronicle it in my works as well. But I do understand one cannot simply trust just anyone knocking on the door of their Haven, I may as well been some Camarilla spy. But I digress; I sincerely thank your for your hospitality for allowing me to stay on your compound. I shall spend my night in the small building” He gives a nod.

[Rakshasa] “I will be gone tomorrow”

<Kitt Bishop> peeks out from the doorway, waiting for some sign she can come back out and holding a shotgun just in case. She glances to Anne off to the side and inclines her head curiously.

“Aw, leaving already?” Anne asks with a chuckle. “And we were getting along so well.” She turns to Kitt and nods slightly.

[Rakshasa] gives a smile and nod to Anne “A wanderer must always be on the road. Such is the fate of the sect-less”

“There’s not exactly a future in wandering, you know” Anne shrugs. “Still, it’s your business.”

<Zaluut> turns his head and looks at Kitt, taking the gun away from her on the way back inside. He turns his head and nods toward the main door before walking further into the building and disappearing off toward the library.

<Kitt Bishop> sighs and moves back outside, looking from Anne to Rak and back again, wiggling her bare toes against the concrete under her white robes.

[Rakshasa] to Anne “There isn’t a future indeed. But people are generally very skeptical about welcoming a vampire from nowhere into their house, let alone their sect. I’m not a wanderer by choice, not entirely. Its mostly by circumstance.”

[Rakshasa] witnesses Zaluut leave. He is being polite and standing outside the door as long as Anne is there speaking, as soon as everyone leaves and the door closes. He’ll take his leave

<Kitt Bishop> watches the man outside for a bit, staying over by Anne. “So, we were going to go look for more bunkers later, see if that … uhm… thing, moved shop. You want to go?”

“Heh. Anything to break the monotony.” Anne steps away from the building and rolls her shoulders. “I’ve been itching for something to do. You sure you’re up for another jaunt, Kid?”

[Rakshasa] notices the two are having a conversation. He turn around and walks off towards the small abandoned building in the southern corner

<Kitt Bishop> glances off toward the main door and then back to Anne. “Yeah, I need to give Zaluut some space. We’ll just have a scout around and mark the locations… then go back with backup.”

“Recon, eh?” Anne offers an excited grin. “Been a few decades. Sounds like fun.”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles a little bit and starts to head off toward the treeline. “Alright then, lets go have a look around. Can you keep up?”

“You callin’ me old?” Anne smirks.

<Kitt Bishop> nods and then takes off, surprisingly quick for running over uneven ground in her bare feet. She almost looks like a kid, her white robes flapping a bit about her as she bolts for the trees. She slows down only when she reaches the edge of the forest, seeming almost to have to catch her breath. “Should probably go in a little quiet I suppose.”

Anne rushes after Kitt, struggling at times to keep up while moving quietly, but doesn’t fall too far behind. She stops when Kitt does, and nods at the younger one’s observation. “Don’t see how it could hurt.”

<Kitt Bishop> starts to make her way into the forest, though her clothing stands out against the trees and grass, her footfalls are surprisingly quiet. She picks her way through and about the trees, glancing over to Anne now and then. “You are good at not getting lost, right?”

“I’d like to think so.” Anne mutters as she pulls herself through the forest after Kitt, taking pains to make as little noise. “We’ve been out here twice before. Getting lost now?”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head a little bit, and keeps her voice low. “Well, in order to find a new bunker we haven’t searched yet that would require going a way we haven’t gone before. And I don’t want to get lost out here. It’s creepy.”

“Hey, it might have more trees and less russians than the last time I went bunker-hunting, but we should be fine.” Anne says, smiling more broadly than usual. “Hey, there’s even snipers set up, so it feels more at-home than ever.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head softly. “Bet back then it wasn’t for werewolves though.”, she says with a mischievious little smirk. She climbs up the next hill and pauses, looking around.

“No, that is new.” Anne admits. “New is good, though.”

Anne comes up behind Kitt as she reaches the top. “See anything?”

<Storyteller> Anne catches a whiff of something bitter, and familiar. Like the herbs that were blended with the smell of death in the first bunker they found. It seems to be coming from further on, but can’t be far.

Anne sniffs the air, then her arm nudges Kitt. “Hey, you smell that?”

<Kitt Bishop> enhances her senses, and then sniffs the air about them as she scans about the dark trees. “Oh gross. It’s the same smell from the other one.”, she says and habitually reaches up to rub at her forehead a bit.

“Are you going to be alright, Kid?” Anne gives Kitt a concerned look.

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit as her third eye can be seen moving back and forth just under the skin. “Yeah, I’m okay. It doesn’t hurt, just going all weird like it’s trying to see.”, she says. With a little concentration it opens and oddly looks around, the third eye an exact match for her other two normal eyes.

“See?” Anne raises an eyebrow. “What kind of things can it see, exactly?”

<Kitt Bishop> rolls her shoulders slightly as she truns toward where the smell was coming from. “I don’t know exactly. Zaluut’s books are mostly in languages I don’t know… and since he was gone home I didn’t get to ask him about it. Now that he’s back, maybe I can find out more about it.”

[Rakshasa] is sitting under a tree in the woods, admiring the starlit night sky. His solitude is disturbed when he hears two voices in the distance, one of them seems familiar

“Sounds like a good idea, if it’s going to try growing itself every so often.” Anne claps a hand on Kitt’s shoulder. “If it starts acting up again, let me know an we’ll head back.”

[Rakshasa] is in his bird form, a white owl. He moves his head around to see if he can spot the source

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a little bit. “It’s not so bad when I let it open… but I can’t go around with an extra eye in my forehead, not where people could see me anyway. Not like the Tzimisce notice, they usually have spikes and tails and horns and extra whatevers.”

“Hey,” Anne gives Kitt a mischievous grin, “even if you can’t control it, I’ve got one eye and it’s red. You can have the third for me, and we’ll be freaks together.”

[Rakshasa] notices the two young girls from the Sabbat Haven. He greets them from the tree “Hello again. I did not hope to see you another time” To make things clear this is a talking owl perched on a tree.

Anne glances up, shooting the owl a sharp glance. “Bit of advice. If you’re trying to be sneaky, you shouldn’t talk. Or not smell like an owl.”

<Kitt Bishop> starts to make her way toward where the smell was coming from, crouching down once they get close enough to see the top of the old bunker. “It seems safe to say that this one is in use.”, she says before giving a nod back to Anne’s direction and then turning her head up toward the voice in the tree before quickly looking down and putting her hand over her head. “What is it?”

[Rakshasa] “Why should I be sneaky? I am simply enjoying the beauty of the starlit sky. Unless you say there is danger afoot and its necessary to be sneaky”

[Rakshasa] “I saw you two walking around, thought I’d be polite and say hello”

“Heh. I might believe in survival of the fittest, but you’re making it a bit to easy for the other predators around here, eh?” Anne cocks her head slightly at Rakshasa. “And polite’d be a switch if it’s not a stretch.”

Anne then turns to Kitt. “It’s the guy from earlier. The one who did the bird trick. Rakshasa.”

<Kitt Bishop> keeps her hand over the top and front of her head, giving a slight nod. “Keep your voice down unless you want whatever is out here making killer scarecrows to come out and see what’s making all this racket. So yeah, trying to be kinda sneaky at least.”

[Rakshasa] flies down from the branch to another closer to Anne. He speaks in a softer, hushed voice “Other predators? Are you hunting something? or someone?”

“Let’s go with something, for now,” Anne says with a half-shrug, “and hope we’re not being hunted ourselves.”

[Rakshasa] He keeps talking in a much more hushed voice, as if his alertness level shot up “Interesting. I pray you stay safe. Do you need assistance? Your chapter allowed me to live on your premises for a night. Its the least I can do to return the favor.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtful, still covering her forehead up as she speaks. “Well… having an aerial view to locate more of these couldn’t hurt…”, she says though she also seems doubtful. “Why… why did you come here anyway?”

“We haven’t exactly done you any favours, kid.” Anne gives Rakshasa a curious glance. “You don’t owe us anything.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Kitt “I was simply looking around. I am a historian, I like these sort of places. Well if you want me to fly up an take a look, just say the word”

[Rakshasa] looks at Anne “Perhaps not. Its up to you. If you require my assistance I’ll be happy to help. If you don’t require it I shan’t force it upon you. Good luck to you both then”

“Eh, stay if you want.” Anne shrugs. “Another body won’t hurt.”

<Kitt Bishop> takes a long drawn out breath and then nods a bit, rubbing her forehead and then taking her hand away, her eye is closed once more and looks as normal as can be. “Yeah, we need to mark off the ones we can see so we can come back to them later.”

[Rakshasa] “Very well. I’ll take a quick aerial look and return, I’ll come back and tell you the exact positions of the any surrounding bunkers.” saying that he took flight

[Rakshasa] flew up high to get a better view of the landscape. He turned on his night-vision and the ground became clear as a map

<Kitt Bishop> sits down and waits, looking over at Anne and rubbing at her forehead again with a sigh. “Well, this will speed things up considerably.”

[Rakshasa] spends some time in the sky carefully noting down in his mind the exact locations of all the surrounding bunkers as far as his bird eyes could see. He returned after the while

“Kind of nice having air support for once.” Anne admits.

[Rakshasa] dropped down on the ground and dissolved in a cloud of black smoke. The amorphous mass shifted as it took the form of a man. This time the man did not have his sunglasses on. His eyes were moonlit white, just barely luminescent and the pupils of his eyes were oblong, like that of a cat or a viper

[Rakshasa] “I have the positions, give me a map and I’ll mark them for you”

“Huh.” Anne’s eye flickers to Rakshasa’s, then she turns her gaze to Kitt. “Does anyone in this little coterie have normal eyes?”

<Kitt Bishop> turned to watch carefully the closest of the bunkers, the one with the strange smell still eminating from it. “Hey, mine are normal… I just have a spare.” She reaches into a pocket in her robes and pulls out a worn map, after some digging through various small objects. She passes it to Rakshasa.

[Rakshasa] shrugs “This is why I wear these glasses, most of the time” He takes the map from Kitt and marks all the bunkers he observed then hand her back the map

<Kitt Bishop> takes it and looks at it before tucking it back into her pocket. She nods softly, “Thanks.”

[Rakshasa] looks at Kitt for a while “You have a spare eye? Does it happen to be on your forehead? If you don’t mind me asking”

<Storyteller> The sound of the bunker door creaking open can be heard nearby, followed by a smell of herbs and rotting flesh.

[Rakshasa] forgets about the eye and quickly looks at the bunker door. He just stands there, frosty. Usually when doors from abandoned places open from the inside, whatever is coming out means bad news

“Er, this might not be the time you two.” Anne nods towards the opening door.

<Kitt Bishop> frowns a bit and looks from Anne to Rakshasa and back before her attention is pulled away toward the sound. She rubs her forehead a bit and winces in pain.

“Everything alright, Kid?” Anne shoots Kitt another concerned glance.

<Storyteller> The smell is incredibly strong at this distance, and there is a shuffling sound coming firmly from that direction.

[Rakshasa] “Quick, we need to take cover behind the trees, its best to see what is coming out of that place first” saying that he crouches behind the nearest tree and observes what comes out of the darkness. He activates his protean night vision to get a better view.

“Hey, somebody else who speaks sense.” Anne mutters as she ducks behind a tree and peers into the opening door. “Might have to have you talk to Solder-boy for a while.”

<Storyteller> The three see what looks to be a man stumbling around the entrance to the bunker. It’s skin looks like it’s half hanging off, and it’s naked despite the cold.

<Kitt Bishop> follows suit, and she crouches down as her third eye opens up again, not acting like the other two, it seems to be frantically darting back and forth. “What is that? Is that like… that skin we found before?”

[Rakshasa] says in a super hushed voice “Yes what exactly is that? some sort of rotting undead?”

<Kitt Bishop> takes a couple of cautious steps back away from the bunker and toward the asylum. “It’s an animated skin full of sand… I think.”, she whispers and even though her eyes move to the others, her third eye stays fixed now on the bunker door.

[Rakshasa] “I have never encountered anything like this before. If you think it is dangerous, perhaps its wise to stealthily retreat. What do you think?”

Anne scowls at Kitt’s description of the creature. “Damn, does anything make sense anymore?”

<Kitt Bishop> rolls her shoulders faintly, looking between them. “We should probably go… the person that made that thing might be in there too.”

“Aww. And things were just getting interesting.” Anne turns from Kitt to Rakshasa. “Well, no use idling if we’re going. stay quiet everyone, yeah?”

[Rakshasa] doesn’t say anything simply nods and gets ready to make a quiet retreat

<Kitt Bishop> looks over at Rakshasa as they start to make their way back to the Asylum. “I will talk to Zaluut about you maybe staying a little longer… you are being helpful so I don’t think he’d refuse but… I know they won’t let you stay long, helpful or not if you aren’t part of one of the Packs here.”

[Rakshasa] nods to Kitt, “Thank you. I appreciate it. Joining a sect is an act of great commitment, but I will think about it tonight.”

[Rakshasa] “You said the person who made that thing may be inside. Who made that thing? Or rather what made it?”

<Kitt Bishop> relaxes a bit as they come out of the trees and can see the asylum again. She reaches up and touches her forhead, and her third eye closes completely again. “I don’t know exactly. I know Sascha was pretty mad about it, and she was talking about demons and stuff before she blessed the last one to cleanse it.”

[Rakshasa] “Daemons you say? so close to your haven, that is not good. There are a lot of things that go bump in the night and we are definitely not the only ones”

“Pssh demons. We’re not exactly ones to throw stones there,” Anne scoffs, “considering what we are and all.”

[Rakshasa] “We are strong, yes but not invincible. There are bigger, stronger and more terrifying things out there.”

[Rakshasa] “I wasn’t even sure what that was back there, some sort of construct? how does one animate a piece of skin like that?”

<Kitt Bishop> glances back to them as they cross into the asylum grounds. “I don’t know a lot about it… but Sascha would be the one to talk to. Atanya is in her Pack and she knows some necromancy… but I heard it’s different than that.”, she says with a shrug.

[Rakshasa] The word necromancy, causes a furrow to appear on his forehead. He hasn’t had enough dealings with the Giovanni but he understands the extents the art can be morphed to achieve twisted results “To trap a soul in that sand filled husk of skin. Interesting.”

[Rakshasa] “I almost feel pity for the poor skin creature if that’s the case…almost”

“Heh. Pity. That’s a good one.” Anne chuckles. “Anyway, what kind of caliber do we need to put that thing back down.”

[Rakshasa] “I recon fire would be more effective than bullets. I highly doubt an undead construct can feel pain or will be slowed down by a few holes. It needs to be burnt to ash”

<Kitt Bishop> pauses nearby to the building Rakshasa is staying in and nods. “I do. The last one… We could hear the spirit trapped inside, calling for help… it was horrible. Anyway, it’ll be light soon. Just think about things and we’ll talk later.”, she says. “I imagine that it’s like hitting a sand bag… probably pretty tough.”, she nods to Anne and then makes her way off toward the main hall again.

[Rakshasa] “Thank you for the little adventure. I’ll be here in the building tomorrow, if you wish to discuss anything.” He nods to both of them and waits for them to walks away. He would then go inside

“Sure. I’ll find you if I need you, kiddo.” Anne takes a few steps back towards the main building before turning around. “Oh, and good work today. Keep on not dying, yeah?” Then she turns and walks back inside.”