Martin digs around through a few of the trash cans outside of the theater, scanning over contents and then looking at the walls, the brick.  He checks behind the dumpsters, pushing it out of the way slightly and leaving it as such while still reamining in the alley rather than in the main view of the street.

Adrian_Clarke (SL) seems makes his way through the street, on his way to the back door of the theater.

Arthur sneaks outside the theater to see what’s going on,”Can I help you sir?” Arthur is wearing work clothes he uses while he is cleaning and his hair is tied into a bun in the back to keep it out the way. He is still beautiful even in painted coveralls and looks like he could be a model out of a magazine. His face is gorgeous with sharp regal features and green eyes specked with what looks like literal gold.

<+Adrian_Clarke> Hmm? Oh, are you the one my friend spoke of? I’m looking for a medium to assist me with the family I left behind.

Martin looks over and spies Adrian, his eyes falling on him easily even through the Shroud as if it were simply not a barrier for him.  He is a skinny, dark haired and dishelved looking man, though not unattractive he does seem as though he’s been on the streets for a while.  “Are you speaking to me?”

Arthur looks over at Martin perplexed,”Yes I am, and I’m over here, unless you see somebody else near me. Do you see somebody there?”

<+Adrian_Clarke> Hollow sent me. I need to ask a favor, in exchange for one of my own.

<+Adrian_Clarke> Call me Mugshot.

<+Adrian_Clarke> …Is the walking corpse nearest you… with you?

Adrian_Clarke (SL) jerks his head to Martin

Martin looks at Arthur, tilting his head and having a bit of a twitch as he regards him for a moment.  “No.  And I was looking for a purse, thrown by someone who stole it from the woman down the street.”

Arthur’s eyes narrow slightly,”I can help you find the purse.” Arthur then turns and attempts to peer through the Shroud to see if there is indeed anyone there or not.

Adrian_Clarke (SL) is present, then blinks. He repeats himself.

Adrian_Clarke (SL) starts to follow this up by, in frustration writing the message on the dirt of the nearest window.

Arthur writes in the dirt near the spirit,”I C U” then draws an arrow to the theater door.

Martin shrugs and turns, beginning to look around some more.  “That would be helpful.  I do think that dead guy wants your attention though.”

Adrian_Clarke (SL) sighs, walking to the theater door and into the theater

Arthur laughs,”So now you mention him? I can’t hear him very well right now though. It may be easier later at night. You seem to be able to see into the deadlands without any difficulty, how come? Were you just born lucky or is there something special about you?

Adrian_Clarke (SL) starts poking his head out through the door, using his Embody arcanoi to attempt speech that they can hear in as quiet and discreet a manner as he can while still being heard.

Martin blinks slowly, as if giving the action some thought before answering.  “I hardly call it lucky to see constantly the land of the dead.  You are just a little bright ray of something aren’t you?”  He follows the ghost with his eyes.  “And you there.  I heard you.  But I do not know what you are talkign about.”

Arthur smiles,”I understand that feeling, a mixed blessing it is. I myself can see into all manner of things not of this world, but fortunately I have some ability to choose when I see into those realms. What is he talking about?”

<+Adrian_Clarke> (SL) Hollow sent me.

Martin grumbles, relaying for Adrian.  “He seems to be looking for a medium for a favor.”

Adrian_Clarke (SL) Nods, gesturing to Martin and giving a thumbs up

<+Adrian_Clarke> (SL) Can you act as my voice, then?

<+Adrian_Clarke> I need help getting a few people some money, so that they can move to somewhere safe. For this, I will trade any services I can, within reason.

Martin sighs, the sound rattling a bit as he does so.  “He says that he needs to get some money to some people to move them somewhere safe.  He offers a trade of favors for this.”

Arthur smiles,”I was tought to see spirits from my father. My mother taught me to accept ques… requests from those in need of help. I’d be glad to do what I can, but I don’t exactly make a lot of money myself. I am but a simple artist. My father has far more resources than I. At the very least he may have some ideas… he is a difficult man to get a hold of however. He should follow me, I know somewhere I can look for some help with this sort of thing.”

Adrian_Clarke (SL) Nods, following Arthur carefully, then turning his head to Martin “I have a few ideas, but they’re a bit south of legality I’m afraid.

Adrian_Clarke Has the appearence of a anglo-saxon caucasian man, wearing a black long-coat and a Black Sabbath band T-Shirt. Weeping bulletholes cover his chest, as well as 2 that aren’t seeming to “Bleed”

Adrian_Clarke must have recieved a lot of bullets when he died. Overkill, obviously.

Martin follows along as well, abandoning his search for the purse.  “No stranger to that myself.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> There’s a reason I’m called “Mugshot”, myself.

<+Adrian_Clarke> (SL, also SL above) And it doesn’t have to do with my driver’s license.

Arthur turns and walks away from the theater, turning to Martin he says while walking,”What are your names? I will particularly need his name to be able to help him much.”

Martin nods his head a little bit, “He says his name is Mugshot.  Mine is Martin.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I was told that information’s dangerous to give. I’m afraid I can only call myself Mugshot in the presence of the living.

Martin nods his head.  “It is.  In the wrong hands you can be summoned against your will.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> Then I think my trust will have to be earned, for my sake.

<+Nickolas> Arthur nods,”Yes, but on the other hand giving just an alias would make it difficult to contact you, it is wise to give an alias though. I may reccommend you give me your first name though. It usually requires the full name to bind something. If this doesn’t yield any results then ‘mugshot’ should attempt to wait for me in the theater around midnight. I can attempt to see him then until I can get better at my sight.”

Adrian_Clarke (SL) attempts to discern if he can trust Arthur regarding this.

Martin pauses in the street and then starts to turn around.  “I should go back and look for that purse.  Maybe I will meet you again in the future.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> …I think I can trust you. I’m Adrian, though I would prefer you refer to me as Mugshot for my own safety

Adrian_Clarke (SL) puts his palm on his forehead, shaking his head and repeating himself through an arcanoi

<+Adrian_Clarke> I’m Adrian, but call me mugshot.

<+Adrian_Clarke> For my safety, and your trust.

Arthur nods,”Well Martin should wait here. Meanwhile ‘Mugshot’ you should follow me to the front lawn. You should stay hidden around there, these people know how to deal with spirits, but I don’t know much more than that. There are lot of secrets that I don’t know yet. I would prefer to make sure none of them attempt to use you. My father isn’t like that, but I don’t know that my fellow members wouldn’t try to… take advantage.” Arthur continues walking and they reach the University and he starts heading into the area where the Fraternities are. He reaches one labeled “Alpha Mu Lambda.” in Greek letters. Arthur pauses there and waves and whispers,”You likely can’t enter anyway, we ward against everything. I will see what they would do for you and what they’d want you to do for their help. Meet me at the Theater at Midnight.”

Adrian_Clarke attempts to speak to Arthur between here and the university, in private whispers to avoid others hearing.

<+Adrian_Clarke> Then I’ll meet you there. Thank you for your help.

Arthur nods and says goodbye then walks into the fraternity to meet with his father and ask for advice.