Aaron has cleaned up around the theater, doing quite a bit of work about the inside of it.  He seems to have set up a small area off to one side of a room for sleeping, but even that is rolled up neatly and put away already.

Arthur walks inside and smiles noting the handiwork,”Wonderful! If you would like a more permanent spot though, there is the upstairs near the projector. We can make a bed up there for whenever you are in the area.” Arthur then begins to grab some supplies and do some of his own work on reconstruction, particularly replacing one of the seat cushions.

Aaron nods his head as he dusts his hands off on his pant legs.  “I may be here for a bit, but we’ll see.  I am currently tracking something that came through here…  I was looking for it when you came along the other night in fact.”

Arthur’s eyes widen,”Tracking something you say? This sounds interesting… almost like… a Quest! Wonderful! I believe my friend can help us with this. Dragons have great senses!”

Aaron tilts his head thoughtfully, and then nods.  “It is something you might be interested in seeing should I locate her.  But you must be gentle or you might frighten her off.  As I said, I have been tracking for a while…  and it has been difficult.  But worth it if I can get her to grant me my request.”

Arthur nods,”Of course I will assist you with your Quest. I know I may frighten her, but I doubt she can even sense Zirathur. He can be a flying pair of eyes and ears for us. Besides he was the one who brought me to you to complete the quest. What exactly are we searching for?”

Aaron looks up.  “A Unicorn.”  He goes back to sweeping some dirt out toward the back.  “I seek her knowledge of healing.”

Arthur’s eyes grow really wide,”A Unicorn for knowledge of healing?! Wonderful!” Arthur claps his hands and skips around,”I’m not sure if Zirathur would scare a Unicorn or not, but I shouldn’t have any difficulty around it. He isn’t a very large dragon…”

Aaron glances over and then starts to put things away.  “Well, that’s good.  I guess.  I am not even sure they are enough on the same plane to see each other so it might not be an issue.  I know she has been around the park I was at, especially near the pond.”

Arthur shakes his head,”Unicorns are legendary creatures they DO appear on the same plane. It may be possible that your particular beast may appear on multiple, but a Dragon and a Unicorn should most certainly see each other. To the pond we must go then, Zirathur says that he shall fly above and use his senses to search around. He has encountered Unicorns before, he says he doesn’t particularly like them. He also says he wants to know what form of Healing you are looking for exactly? He knows some himself but not the same as the creature you seek.”

Aaron hardly raises an eyebrow and makes to head out the doors and to his car.  “Unicorns can heal anything, even the most lethal wounds and poisons.  I hope that it will bestow even some of that power unto me so that I may use it to heal others.”

Arthur seems to listen to something for a moment,”Yes they can, and it will be necessary for you to complete a quest in order to learn it this way.” He then gets into the car.”Let’s find ourselves a Unicorn!”

Aaron heads off, back toward the park and once there begins to walk around slowly, looking at both the ground, and into a little round mirror on a string that he carries in front of him.

Arthur appears to be fascinated by the mirror that Aaron is carrying.”Can you teach me how to make one of those?”

Aaron blinks and looks confused, then chuckles at Arthur.  “Oh, this?  Perhaps.”  He studies it and then looks at the ground again and starts walking around the pond slowly.  “Lets keep an eye out for alligators.  I prefer not to lose a limb.”

<Storyteller> Aaron finds some tracks and can follow them fairly easily. He doesn’t see any sign of the creature itself yet, but the area is still lush and full of life so it looks like it must be hanging around here somewhere.

Aaron walks carefully along the bank with quiet steps as if sneaking up on something.  He brings the mirror around now and then, watching it, and then the treeline then looking back at the mirror again.  “It should be around here… all the signs are that she is here but she must be hiding or something.”

<Storyteller> For both Arthur and Zir, it looks to be fairly still and quiet. No signs of danger to be had in or about the area for the time being.

Arthur shakes his head, then appears to listen to something imaginary on his shoulder for a moment

Aaron pauses and then moves slightly away from the water, gesturing for Arthur to follow.  “Perhaps if we sit quietly for a little bit we may draw it out, it may perceieve us as a threat.”

Arthur follows him and finds a nice place to sit down near a tree and begins to meditate.

<Storyteller> After nearly an hour of being silent and just attuning to the natural world around them, Aaron can finally see the creature he has been looking for in the reflection of the mirror he is holding up. It seems to be approaching the area cautiously and makes it’s way down toward the water.

Aaron moves very slowly, keeping his eyes moving to watch the mirror with the occasional look around.  He gets up and starts to creep that way, keeping low.  “Alright, she is here.”

Arthur nods and watches Aarons movements closely. He may not be able to see the Unicorn, but he can at least see how Arthur reacts while he does.

<Storyteller> Aaron manages to get fairly close, nearly up to where it seems to be drinking from the pond. Arthur swears he can hear hoof-like steps now and then, and smell something horse-like.

Arthur closes his eyes for a moment and focuses on the sound and smell then opens his eyes and focuses upon Aaron again watching his movements carefully.

Aaron carefully sits, using his mirror to keep an eye on the creature as he begins to speak to it.  A low, resonating hum issues up from his throat, turning into a sort of long howl.

<Storyteller> It now is aware of his presense, but doesn’t take off this time. Finally it turns toward where he is, and begins to speak in the language of spirits with him. “What do you want? I hear you, but do not see you.”

Aaron returns the speech, keeping his voice down and continuing to make long drown out howls and hums.  “(spirit speech) I am sorry for that.  I have not yet learned to walk in your world, yet I seek your guidence and your blessing.”

Arthur continues to sit where he is and imagines the interaction that he cannot see nor fully understand, coloring it through the eyes of the Dreaming. He pictures Aaron standing near a Majestic white Unicorn and there to be magical sparkles and glitter along with rainbow tufts of light in its hair. He daydreams up himself eating popcorn as he watches his imaginary display.

<Storyteller> It stands up taller in the image in the mirror and seems to turn it’s head side to side in an attempt to get a fix on his position. “You cannot show yourself to me, yet you seek my blessing? I do not think so.”

Aaron sighs, glancing back over his shoulder at Arthur and then looking back toward the tiny mirror and speaking in hums and howls again.  “(spirit speech) Please, forgive me.  Maybe there is something I can do to prove myself to you?”

<Storyteller> It looks about for a moment and then lifts it’s head once more. “There are dangerous things encroaching on this place. To the west side where the grass ends. Remove them and prevent them from doing more damage and then I will talk to you again.” With that, it turns and trots away.

Aaron sighs and nods, watching it go and then turns to look at Arthur.  “Well…  it wants us to take care of a problem around here.  Guess that means we have a quest?  It said west side of the park…”

Arthur nods smiling,”More quests huh? Fun! Let’s go! Something west of the park…” He starts heading that direction.

<Storyteller> As the pair move to the west side of the park they see where the grass ends a couple of shacks out there, and a weird smell.

Aaron shakes his head at Arthur and frowns.  “Crap.  That looks like druggies if I ever smelled or saw it…  could be causing a disruption in the spirit world I guess.  Seems to be the only thing out here.”

Arthur nods his head,”Perhaps Zirathur should play a trick on them to try and drive them out? That would be a good way of clearing them of this.”

Aaron takes a few steps back and starts to make for the car.  “We can’t just go up there… we’ll get shot.  And you obviously have no experience with meth heads.  Lets go for now and come back after we have a plan.”

Arthur’s eyes narrow for a second then he nods his head and walks with Aaron. He gets into the car and as they drive home he softly mimics the sounds of hooves.