A thin woman with raven hair and white milky eyes sits down outside the Old Plantation house. She is wearing dark clothes that appear vintage victorian. She sighs as she sits and plucks some grass from the ground and runs her hands through it with her fingers.

Dalia steps out onto the porch from the inside of the plantation house. She’s dressed in a black collared dress. She looks around, running a hand through her blonde hair before her blue eyes focus on the woman sitting in the grass.

“Hello, you must be one of Isabo’s friends? You have a different gait then the others you must be a new person.  Says the young woman.

“I have met Isabo, yes.” She offers the woman a small smile, “I’m Dalia, and you are?”

The young woman turns around and looks in her general direction but not quite white, her eyes staring blankly,”My name is Alexandria, it is a pleasure to meet you.” She courtesies and her eyes don’t move still staring straight ahead. There are not even irises visible, just white with veins. Yet in spite of this, her complexion and face are nearly flawless and she appears to be otherwise supermodel material.  “You can call me Alexa though if you want.”

She does her best to not seem unnerved by the woman’s strange eyes, instead affecting a crooked half smile. “The pleasure is mine. Are you new to the Chantry as well?”

“Actually, I’ve just returned. It’s a long story that I don’t quite feel like telling at this time.” Alexa sighs and rolls over in the grass. “The cool night air feels so good. Does it not?”

She tilts her head a little, and then shrugs, “I suppose it does.”

Alexa takes a deep breath,”Do you head into the city often? I would like you to take me with sometime. It can be exhausting for me to travel and hunt alone. My feeding methods are likely a bit different than yours though.

“I would not be opposed,” she shrugs, “I could use some company, particularly since I am new to this city. Do you know it well?”

“Yes. My eyes may be useless but I can see better than most mortals. It requires a bit of effort though I am afraid and I must feed to replenish it.”

“Then, I would be happy to assist a fellow member of the Clan. You may count on me.”

Alexa turns to her again,”Are you busy tonight? Perhaps we should go find something to slate our appetite, yours blood and mine the living flesh. To say in plainer terms, you bite and I fuck them. I can also just touch them and drain them that way, but that’s not as much fun when they’re attractive.” She then pulls out a pair of dark shades and put them over her eyes.”It is best not to scare them off though, what do you say Dalia?”

She arches a brow, her mouth parting slightly, “Well I ah, that is certainly an intriguing offer. I am not sure if it is exactly my idea of fun.”

Alexa sits back down,”What is your idea of fun then? Do you prefer the women instead? I’m sure we could find a pretty damsel to suckle onto.”

“I’ve always found that getting intimate with one’s prey causes more problems than its worth.”

“I find that they quickly lose the will to resist me at all and when I’m done they can hardly lift themselves. Then I leave them to forget about me. If they did remember me I could just do the same to them again.” Alexa sighs,”Still, I would appreciate you bringing me with to a local bar or tavern, it would make things much easier for me.”

“That much I can do, though I don’t believe I’ll partake, if that’s all right with you.” Her posture slacks with relaxation.

“You can’t force a horse to drink, apparently that applies to you as well.” She smiles,”Of course it’s alright, I would be grateful for the help.”

“Would you like to leave now, then?”

“Yes, I would. That would be wonderful.” Alexa rises and holds out her hand.

She reaches to take her hand, “Then, let’s go.”