Aaron Whitefox sits out at the local park, surrounded by willow trees.  He is half hidden by the hanging leaves, but occasionally peers up through the branches to the stars.

Arthur Maison walks through the local park appearing to be chasing something on the ground. He trips on a small tree root as he runs through the trees and lands at the feet near the other visitor,”Oof! Ouch! Not nice!”

Aaron raises an eyebrow but doesn;t flinch from his contemplative position.  “Are you alright?”  He moves to get up, and help Arthur to his feet as well.

Arthur accepts the help,”Yes, I think so. I hope it didn’t ruin my gorgeous face.” Arthur has the face of what could be a model, with long blonde hair and green-gold eyes. His clothes were white with gold, but are now covered in dirt.”My name is Arthur, a pleasure to meet you.” He holds out his hand for the man to shake.

Aaron seems to be of Native American decent, though his skin is fairly light in color.  His black hair is currently loose and falls to his middle back.  “I’m Aaron.  What exactly were you chasing this time of night by the swamp?  Go much further out there and you’re in gator territory.”

Arthur smiles,”I’m not afraid of any Gators. Also you wouldn’t believe me anyway.” Arthur brushes his hair back as he speaks.”How can you see in the light like this anyway?”

Aaron smiles a little bit, and his eyes catch a bit of reflection as he shakes his head.  “Perhaps you would not believe me, either.”

Arthur raises an eyebrow then raises both his hands into the air dramatically and says,”What are these so withered and wild in their attire, that look not like th’ inhabitants of th’ Earth, And yet are on ‘t?..”

Aaron raises an eyebrow and then after a brief look around, starts to walk off toward the parking lot for the park.  “Alright, Shakespere, you sure you didn’t hit your head?”  He takes a few steps and then glances toward Arthur.  “You want a lift somewhere?”

Arthur smiles,”No, just my poor beautiful face upon the ground. Alas I am no different then before. I don’t need a ride…” He then tilts his head slightly to the left and then nods.”On second thought, yes, I do believe I will take a lift. Where are you headed Aaron?”

Aaron shrugs a bit as he walks over the a beat up old station wagon, the back seat looks full of random stuff like camping equipment and such.  “I didn’t have any plans.  I just thought you might want to go somewhere not quite so potentially hazardous.”

“Oh I’m quite fine, a walk in the park really.” Arthur looks at all of his camping gear,”Do you stay out at the parking grounds near here? That sounds like fun. Tell me Aaron do you believe in Ghosts?”

Aaron snorts briefly, just blowing air out his nose at the pun.  “I do stay out a lot, though lately it has been getting cold and so sometimes I sleep in the car or get a place for a little while.  But I do like to travel.”  He looks about the area and then leans back against the car with a shrug.  “Yeah, sure.  There are all sorts of spirits.”

Arthur smiles knowingly,”Have you ever seen any? What about people who can change into animals? I had a friend who swore he was a rabbit as a kid. His name was Jack.” Arthur smiles,”there’s a place I would like to show you.”

Aaron raises an eyebrow and folds his arms across his chest, his expression slightly dubious in nature.  “MMhmm. Depends on what you mean by ghost versus spirits.”  He pushes off the car and looks at Arthur.  “Perhaps, for a little bit.”

Arthur gets into car and starts giving him directions,”You may want to park a few streets away though, it’s in the abandoned part of the city. As far as spirits go there are three different types. ‘Tres sint spiritus.’ It’s a left here and you can either park here or keep going onto the old streets.”

Aaron follows his directions, not bothering to park any distance off.  “I doubt they will mess with my car.  It’s old, and… lets say that those that have borrorwed from me in the past were always careful to return what was taken.”

They stop outside what appears to be an old theater and Arthur pulls a chain off and opens the doors, the other side of which are charred black as if from a fire.”This is a little project of mine, I am trying to squat in it until it’s mine. I plan on it being a haven for me and my friends, a place where we can Dream.” He gazes upward as he says dream, his eyes seem fixated on some imaginary fixture above.”If you would like to sleep here or whatever when it’s cold that’s cool. I’ve been here a while and nobody comes near this part of town.”

“…well nobody living…” he says quietly.

Aaron eyes the place carefully as he steps inside, and nods.  “Thanks.  I’ll remember that.  As for spirits, we usually do not quarrel, though there have been exceptions to that rule.”

“I could say the same. The spirits I see are usually of the dead and… stuff. I’ll tell you my secret if you tell me yours.”

Aaron laughs, the sound seeming to come naturally for him.  “That…  sounds like something I don’t usually go for on the first date.”

Arthur blinks,”Date?! Well I suppose I did take you to a theater. Let’s just say a friend of mine wants me to tell you.”

Aaron laughs again, shaking his head.  “You take things far too literally, it was meant as a joke.”

“Well I am a gorgeous man, so of course you would be flattered to be on a date with me. I know I would.” Arthur spins rather flamboyantly as he says it then sits in a chair and crosses his legs.”I’m sure thou has heard tales of Dragons and Elves before yes?”

Aaron sighs, and remains where he stands, arms quietly folding over his chest.  “Perhaps, though you lack a certain wisdom.  And yes, and I have a feeling I know what you are leading up to as well.  I have come across many things in my travels, fae included.”

“Ah good! Then you would understand that what I was chasing in the forest was a Dragon. He says he believes you may be related to the changing breeds like werewolves. One of my fairy friends had encountered them before. I intend on making this theater here into a source of power for the fae. I desire to repair it and then draw the sleeping minds of people from all around the world to watch performances that will inspire them.”

“Aahhh.”  Aaron nods a bit in understanding.  “Something like that.  I follow the spirits of my ancestors, listen to the spirits of the earth.  Coyote walks with me, and has given me blessings to assume his guise in times of need.  That was why I could see in the dark.”

Arthur nods,”I… yes. Good. I don’t really see in the dark very well, but my Dragon friend does. I can also make my own light when I need to. Well feel free to stay here as you need to, also help if you can. Here’s my number if you need anything, I have some books to get back to at home.”

Aaron nods and watches him go.  “Goodnight then.  I hope that you make it back safely.”  He goes to get his sleeping bag from the car to stay there for the night.