(Cornel) meets Kara at the ‘office’, where several unusual samples have been set aside. He stands off to one side, arms crossed but not bothering her or looking over her shoulder.

Kara greets him hurriedly, eager to set to work (and eager to see if her new containers can do what she designed them to). She hastens to her workstation, sets aside the small plastic canisters she’d brought from home, then prepares the equipment she’ll need for her analysis.

(Cornel) sits back, leaned against one of the nearby desks and waiting quietly.

<Storyteller> These samples are not the same as the others. This stuff is black and looks almost like a mold.

Kara eyes the substance, then puts on some basic protective gear. “This stuff doesn’t need a V-lab, does it?”  She asks Cornel, giving the samples another glance.

(Cornel) glances over and takes a helf a step back as he frowns. “Well, nobody that collected it got sick with just standard precautions… gloves and those little doctor masks.”

“Gloves and little doctor masks?” Kara scoffs. “Please.  I wear gloves and doctor masks on my dates, let alone when handling hazardous materials.”

(Cornel) raises an eyebrow, then shrugs. “There is a joke in there somewhere, I am sure of it.”, he says before inclining his head toward the back. “There’s a place back there if you are worried about it. Has a shower and everything.”

“It’d be a shame to use it. I’d hate to ruin a labcoat.” She turns back to the samples, double-checks her equipment, then prepares to run a sampling through a few preliminary chemical analyses.

<Storyteller> On the first round of testing, it is appearent that it is not actually a fungus though it is biologically similar. It seems currently to be in some sort of dormant state, and has no method of creating spores that you can tell.

“Huh. If it wouldn’t get me laughed out of the scientific community, I’d say this is a new category of life right here.” Kara mutters as she turns to meticulously write down each of her preliminary findings. “I’ll know more after a chemical analysis, but cursory examination shows it as fungus-like in quite a few respects.”

(Cornel) “Explains why the CDC wrote it all off as a fungal infection.”, he says.

“Fungal, I’d buy. But not infection.” Kara finished her notation and turns to face Cornel. “It’s currently in a dormant state. Best-case, it only spreads under specific environmental conditions. Worst case, it has a chemical activator.”

<Storyteller> The stuff seems mostly inert. It does not like ultraviolet light though, that makes it die and very quickly.

“Hmm. Not particularly active stuff.” After her next round of tests, Kara swivels around to talk to Cory. “Seems it’s not fond of UV light though. Gets a nasty sunburn.”

(Cornel) nods as he listens, still just keeping an eye on her as she works. “Makes sense since we think it orginated somehow from some weird vampire we found covered in it.”

“Might be.” Kara nods. “I’d imagine it also has some other trigger. If this stuff’s dangerous, something activates it. Might be even just be diurnally dormant.”

(Cornel) makes a bit of a face. “We should make note to check it at night then as well… and make sure it’s locked up before then. I suppose without actually testing every possible thing there is no way to know what sets it off?”

“Yes,” Kara says with a slight stretch of her arms, “though I’d recommend a team be in full biohazard gear if you start with the monkeys and typewriters approach. Speaking of which…” Kara grins as she finishes her stretch and stands up from her chair. “If there’s more of those blood samples left, I’d like to run a chemical comparison with that.”

“Plus,” she admits with a shrug, “I’d like to run a reaction test. See if they play nice. I’ll probably need a clean room for that, though.”

(Cornel) makes another face. “Ew, yeah… uhm… back there behind the chem shower of doom. As for tests… I don’t think we have the kind of manpower for the monkey and typewritier approach.”

“That’s fine. I don’t need sleep.” Kara offers brightly as she seals the case, picks up the sample, and practically bounds over to the clean room.