<Storyteller> The asylum is actually pretty busy tonight, as it would seem that Athena is making one of her regular visits and with her personal entourage it usually stirs things up quite a bit. Sascha rolls her eyes after talking to a few of them and takes her chances outdoors, sitting at one of the outside benches to watch people coming and going.

<Fiona>  is busy in the library, for a little while, before going downstairs and making her way outside.

Anne leans up against the side of the Asylum near the main doors, idling away time. “Hey, Kid,” she grunts in greeting as Kitt passes outside, “busy night, eh?”

<Sascha> runs a hand through her red hair, turning her gaze up toward the sky thoughtfully.

<Kitt Bishop> pauses and looks over at Anne, smiling a bit. “Yeah… Arch Bishop is here. So everybody is either looking busy, or busy avoiding.”

<Fiona>  looks to Anne when she passes the older woman’s position, giving her a nod.

“You’ve only got the one eye left, kid,” Anne raises an eyebrow at Fiona, “you gonna waste it starin’ into books all night?”

<Fiona>  “Only whatever technical manuals or books I can find up there.”

“They got many robotics books in an abandoned asylum?” Anne asks Fiona with a slight smirk before turning back to Kitt. “Didn’t think there were any Arch-Bishops in the states. Though they were all tucked away in Rome.”

<Fiona>  “They don’t got many, but I’m readin’ whatever I can find cover to cover.”

<Kitt Bishop> ooks confused for a second and then smiles as she nods, “Oh, no… Uhm, we use a similar heirarchy to the church. So you have Priests, and Bishops, and Arch-Bishops.”, she says as she looks between them for a moment, then notices Sascha sitting off to one side and givs her a nod as well.

“Huh.”Anne grunts. We get our own anti-pope as well?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughtful and then off to the side a moment. “It’s uhm… I forgot. Yes basically but it has a specific name and I can’t remember.”

<Sascha> tilts her head down far enough to look a the group, but remains quiet on the bench. She looks her usual self save for a lack of freckles, leaving just pale skin across her cheeks.

Anne’s eye flits across the grounds, noticing one of the asylum’s other occupants seems to be spying on them. While continuing to stare at them, She turns her body slightly towards Fiona. “So, kid. Find anything interesting interesting in those books of yours and the librarian’s?”

<Fiona>  “A couple of things, but I don’t think you’d be interested in any of them.”

“Eh,” Anne shrugs, “probably not. But I’ve still got two functioning ears. It beats sitting around.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head a bit as she looks at Fiona, then at Anne again. “So has anybody been out in the woods since uhm, the last time?”, she asks.

<Fiona>  looks at Kitt. “Can’t say anyone has.”

“Not in the habit of pokin’ at spirits,” Anne shrugs again, her eye swiveling to stare at Kitt, “it’d beat hanging around with the sycophants fawning around, though.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head, absently touching her forehead as she recalls the last time. “Well, I didn’t find very much at the library… we might find out more if we actually checked out the ritual room… There has to be something in there I would think.”

<Fiona>  “Then let’s go check it out. Anne, you in?”

“Sure,” Anne offers a half shrug, “I wasn’t doing anything anyway.

<Fiona>  turns to head inside, then pauses, looking at Kitt. “Which way to the ritual room?”

<Kitt Bishop> inclines her head off toward the forest. “The one that was back in that place, in the woods… I got sick before we could take a look at it…”

<Fiona>  “Right, crap. Well, let’s get going.” She turns around and begins heading in the right direction this time!

<Kitt Bishop> nods and begins to head in that direction, making only a brief stop to pick up her shotgun… just in case.

“Hey, Fiona.” Anne nods over at the woman who’d been staring at the group from the bench. “You know that one? Apparently she thinks we’re an eyeful.”

<Sascha> raises an eyebrow, but otherwise remains silent as she continues to just watch the three of them. She slowly folds her arms across her chest.

<Fiona>  snorts at Anne, looking in Sascha’s direction and waggling her fingers at the other woman.

“I’ll take that as a no.” Anne grunts. “I’m going to go grab a gun too. Let me know if I should shoot her when I get back, *tamam*?

<Fiona>  “Bring me back a shotgun! And I will.”

<Sascha> gets up from the bench and walks over, then looks off toward Anne. “You shoot me and I’ll stick your good eye in your navel, that way you can actually see with your head up your ass.”

<Fiona>  “Ooooooh. This one’s feisty.”

“Ha!” Anne barks, “I like it. Try not to maul each other while the adult’s gone, okay kids?”

Anne heads back inside to fetch herself and Fiona a weapon.

<Sascha> shakes her head, turning to Fiona as the others go get armed. “Sometimes. Where do you guys think you are going to go poking about, exactly?”

<Fiona>  looks at Sascha again, being the only one who’d stayed outside. “Into a bunker we found a week or two ago.”

<Kitt Bishop> meanders back, carrying her shotgun. She nods to Sascha, then looks between them curiously. As Fiona speaks, she nods slightly in agreement.

<Sascha> cocks her head curiously, her arms relaxing. “A bunker?”, she asks. “Is there a problem that you are all going very armed?”

Anne pushes the door open with a shoulder, carrying a shotgun under one arm and a rifle under the other. “Damn, I love this country’s obsession with firearms.” She says, grinning widely. “Makes violence so much more convenient.” Hey eye flickers over Sascha. “Still here, eh firebrand?”

<Sascha> smirks at Anne and nods her head. “You guys want an extra pair of eyes? I don’t mind coming to take a look with you all.”

<Fiona>  “More the merrier. Mother? Kitt? What do you say?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit in agreement. “Sascha might know more about what’s in that room than me. And I imagine she can handle a fight if it comes to that.”, she says a bit quietly.

“The more the merrier, Güvey,” Anne nods, then turns towards Kitt and Sascha, “Firebrand. Kid, you two ready?”

<Sascha> looks between them and nods. “I’m ready.”, she says as she takes out her revolver and checks it before putting it back into the holster on her belt.

<Fiona>  holds her hand out for her shotgun, waiting for it. “Ready.”

Anne flips the shotgun around in her hand, then hands it to Fiona, stock first.

<Fiona>  takes it, checking the shotgun and aiming it at the ground before beginning to move forward.

<Kitt Bishop> starts to lead the way back toward the bunker again, pausing at the treeline and scanning the darkness for a few moments. “No more werewolf incidents, right?”

<Fiona>  “Not that I know of.”

“That’s a shame if it’s so.” Anne grins in a predatory manner as she follows the group. “A warm up would be nice.”

<Sascha> chuckles. “It’s been a while since I had to go toe to toe with one, and wouldn’t mind the excersize either.”

Chris hides in the shadows besides his companions quietly as they work their way through the woods. He moves quietly and his simple decorum of dull pale browns in his clothing seem to almost seem to blend in with the background.

<Sascha> reaches over and grabs ahold of Chris, but not hard enough to hurt him. “Why are you skulking along?”, she asks as she gives him a long look over.

<Fiona>  comes to a halt, stopping to look at Chris. “Apparently he decided to join our little hunting party for shits and giggles.”

<Kitt Bishop> pauses as the others do, turning to look back. “That’s Christopher. He might be of some help.”

“More the merrier, I suppose.” Anne shrugs, then turns to Chris. “Try not stalking us again, though. Seems a few of us are a mite twitchy.”

Chris nods,”I’ll do my best. I suppose it’s in my nature for me to be unseen, runs in my family.” He giggles awkwardly at that and then falls quiet,”I’ll stay close but I’ll be quiet.”

<Sascha> leans close to him and gives him a sniff before letting go and inclining her head toward Kitt to keep moving. “Alright then. You hold your own, you can come along.”

Chris nods and tries to stay stealthy while remaining in sight for the group.

<Kitt Bishop> pauses as they reach the bunker door, the thing looking rusted shut as the first time they checked it out. She reaches up and touches her forehead as she thinks, sighing softly. “So… should we see if anybody is home this time? I don’t hear any spirits this time…”

<Fiona>  “Might be best.”

Anne steps forward and sets her rifle down on the ground, leaning up against the bunker’s door frame. She grabs hold of the metal door, and with a grunt, wrenches it to the side.

<Sascha> stands back and watches Anne, her gun in her hand to cover the woman in case something was on the other side of the door.

<Fiona>  brings her shotgun up, aiming at the door and moving a bit closer.

<Kitt Bishop> moves to go back inside with the others, stopping at the entrance and sniffing, then listening before entering.

<Storyteller> Those that were there previously will notice that the odd smell of herbs and decay is gone from hee… replaced by the smell of some sort of burnt incense.

<Fiona>  cocks her shotgun, stepping inside and letting her eye glow red, using the modified organ to look around the pitch-black interior.

Anne rolls her shoulders after opening the door. She then bends over to pick her weapon and turns to the others, grinning. “After you.”

<Sascha> smirks a bit and steps inside with the others, eyesing the place carefully as she does so. “Well, this is an interesting little hole in the ground…”

<Storyteller> The red emergency lights are on again, keeping the stairs dimly lit. The rooms appear to be cleaned out completely, both of them totally empty now. Only some ashes, a few leaves, some sand and sawdust… and the weird smell of burned incense remain.

Christopher waits by the door, he plans on being stealthy and entering last.”I will be most useful if I stay hidden so that I can provide blood should it be required. My blood produces extra sustenance.”

“Awful nice of you to offer.” Anne gives Christopher a nod. “Still, let’s try for not needing that.”

<Fiona>  just looks at Christopher as she walks down the stairs, stopping when she sees the empty room. “What the hell….? Dammit, we should’ve put a watch on this place.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods in agreement with Fiona as she reaches up to tough her forehead. “It’s like I can still feel something, but not like before. It doesn’t hurt… but my eye is going crazy under the skin.”

“Huh. There’s a nice mental image.” Anne grimaces, then shoots Kitt a concerned glance. “You doing to be alright, Kid?”

Christopher remains close to the wall and quiet, he refrains from sharpening his senses as to conserve his blood for anything more important. Despite this his mortal senses are already fairly keen to pick up on anything mundane. He turns his attention mostly to the back of the group so as to avoid anything catching them by suprise, while also attempting to be somewhat hidden.

<Sascha> walks carefully around the edges of the room, looking quite agitated. “Tell me what you found in here, the first time. Please.”, she says though her voice is somewhat strained.

<Fiona>  looks at Sascha. “There was….a box with something inside that freaked the kid out so much I took her back.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks from Fiona to Sascha, “It was a body… more like a skin… filled with stuffing of some sort. And herbs, it smelled weird.”, she says and then nods to Anne as she rubs her forehead agian. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Okay. Keep an eye out for freaks.” Anne nods, checking the safety on her weapon. “Gotcha.”

<Sascha> frowns a little more, looking the room over and then taking a few scrapings off of the walls and floor where there are burned spots. “It had it’s eyes and mouth sewn shut by chance?”

Christopher moves into the room and begins to examine it as well, absolutely fascinated by the story and the remains, but also still fearful of anything remaining there.”Can we get some samples of this to bring home for study? I’d love to analyze this in depth.”

<Kitt Bishop> frowns, shaking her head. “I didn’t get a close enough look… only Anne and Talwar were by the box when it opened.”

“Hey, don’t look at me.” Anne smirks. “It was in my blind spot. Made a helluva racket, though.”

<Fiona>  “No arguments there. So now we need to figure out what happened to the damned thing.”

<Sascha> mutters half under her breath… “Damned is right.”, as she gathers up a bit of dirt here and there, and some of the sawdust and sand off the floor where the box was. “We should go back. I guess I’ll have to find Talwar and see what he knows about it. Stay armed, not that you need the encouragement, but you may need it.”

Christopher assists her in gathering up bits of the sawdust for a while and then heads out before everyone else has entirely gone so that he doesn’t remain there alone.

“Hey, I don’t need an excuse to pack heat.” Anne shrugs, still grinning. “I happen to be a very big fan of this Second Amendment of yours.”

<Sascha> hands the samples off to Chris for safe keeping. “These go to the Chapel. Don’t open them.”, she says before taking out her bible and a small vial. “You all might want to get back as I bless this in the name of God, to purify it of the evil which defiled the land by it’s very existance on this plane.”

<Kitt Bishop> doesn’t argue, and takes a couple of steps up the stairs as she watches Sascha, then looks to the others.

“Fine by me.” Anne gruns. “Allah and I haven’t been on speaking terms in a while.” She turns to look at the others. “Everyone else ready to head back?”

Christopher shrugs,”I’m not certain that it would impact me exactly the same, however I will definitely take these as you ask and not open them. I do value my life and these specimens.” He then heads outside to leave with the others.

<Sascha> starts to radiate a warm wave of feeling as she begins to pray, walking about the bunker and chanting in Latin. Even those outside of the bunker feel it if they remain too close, and it strikes a chord deep within the Beast, threatening to cause it to flee as if faced by fire.

Anne flinches at the feeling, then shakes it off, picking up the pace back into the woods. “Come on,” she growls, “we’re burning moonlight.”

<Kitt Bishop> nods as she picks up the pace to keep up with the others, headed back toward the Asylum for some rest and thought.

Chris does his best to keep pace, not wanting to get lost out here alone in the darkness.