<Storyteller> The plantation house is nestled back in and amongst the trees, not able to be seen from the main road. There are a few cars parked outside, from a beat up black honda to a red convertable.  The place has an aura about it, only noticable upon reaching the steps. Though not unsettling to Dalia, it would be very much so to anyone not used to that level of psychic energy.

Dalia walked up to the house, checking the small slip of paper in her hands to make sure she was in the right place. Her eyes passed briefly over the cars, before turning back towards the door as she feels the palpable wave of energy. She reaches out to turn the doorknob, and walk in.

<Storyteller> The doors opens with a slight creak, and inside it is very quiet. A couple of people can be heard speaking in French, but it is hard to pick up more than bits and pieces through the closed door to that wing.

Dalia arched a brow faintly, as she stepped into the room. Although she didn’t speak French, she recognized its general sound. She did nothing to announce her presence further, but her heels clacked against the floor as she walked into the plantation house.

<Isabo Kali> comes out from the East Wing and pauses, looking Dalia over momentarily. “Hello.”, she says with a french accent.

<Brandon Tresti> glares down at Isabo from the top of the stairs above the main room, and then disappears into one of the rooms down that hallway.

<Isabo Kali> doesn’t so much as look in that direction, focusing on Dalia instead. “Do you need help bringing anything in?”

“Hello,” Dalia says, after a brief look at Brandon as he disappears into the hallway. She shakes her head, “No, thank you, I will be just fine. I travel fairly light.”

<Isabo Kali> nods politely. “As you wish. Taken rooms are marked, but anything else is fair game. We have some equipment in the East Wing.”, she says with the same tone as a voice directory.

“Then I’ll take a look around,” she nods right back at Isabo. “What sort of equipment?”

<Isabo Kali> gestures in that direction as she speaks, “Some lab and alchemy equipment.”

Dalia nods. “Mm, all right. And where might I find the library, should I require it?”

<Isabo Kali> points toward the other side. “West Wing. Katherine Icarus is the Elder here, but she is not in currently.”

“I will make it a point to see her when she is then,” Dalia nods again, and then looks Isabo over, “Dalia Roydon, by the way.” She smiled lightly, “And you are?

<Isabo Kali> “Isabo Kali.”, she says and smiles back as she lowers her head slightly in greeting. “Nice to meet you. Where are you from?”

<Dalia Roydon> “Providence, Rhode Island. It’s been a bit of a journey.”

<Isabo Kali> nods. “Sounds like. Well, I hope that you find it comfortable here. I take you have already met with the Prince?”

“Yes, I met with him just last week.” Dalia tilts her head a little, “He did not seem enthused with the arrival of another of us in the city.”

<Isabo Kali> smiles at that, chuckling. “Yeah… well, there used to just be Brandon and I. Now there are half a dozen of us and he feels threatened. I’d like to assure him that no one here wants his job but doubt that would work.”

Dalia laughs a little too, “Well, when you put it that way, I suppose it is rather natural that he should feel like that.”

<Isabo Kali> nods once more. “Nothing makes people nervous like six or seven Tremere all gathered in one spot.”, she muses and then grabs her keys up from the drawer in the table there. “Well, I should get moving. I need to go check on some things at campus. It was nice meeting you.”

“It was my pleasure, Miss Kali. I’ll see you around later.” Dalia gave her a nod and a wave in farewell, before moving to find herself an empty room.