<Storyteller> Oddly enough things look just a little brighter about the hospital. There seem to be small flickering lights, like Christmas lights put up about the hallways and it cheers the grey up immensely.

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Adrian gets up off the “Ground” of the shadowlands, having began to recover from last night’s Tempest storm. Looking at the lights, he shakes his head* It’s barely Black Friday yet.

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Looking about the inside of the hospital, he starts looking for the guide he met yesterday, to learn more of this new existence*

<HollowDream> makes her way down the hall, reaching up to flick at one of the lights in the hall, making it blink. She spots Adrian coming up the hall and waves to him. “Did you get some rest?”

<+Adrian_Clarke> If you can call it, I would guess so. Is it normal to feel worn out after resting?

<HollowDream> frowns just a little, shaking her head. “Not really. Maybe we should let Krista have a look at you… make sure your Shadow isn’t getting nasty. Don’t need to turning Spectre on me out there.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> What, may I ask, is a Shadow in this context?

<HollowDream> makes a bit of a face, “Well… it’s like… another part of you. The stuff you repressed during life gets pent up and so now… it can come out, and sometimes take over… and when it does it can cause a lot of damage. Hurt people you care about even.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> …So, in other words, my “Shadow” would have an addiction to something and a severe mean streak|?

<+Adrian_Clarke> When I was alive, I spent very little sober.

<HollowDream> shrugs her shoulders a bit. “Maybe… it’s hard to say. It might be quiet at first, they usually are. But eventually… you’ll hear it talk to you. Want you to do things… there are ways to keep it in check though. Mostly.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I have been getting a vague, barely noticeable gnawing sensation as of late in my mind. Though I have so far been keeping it locked away.

<+Adrian_Clarke> Perhaps my slumber gave it a chance to try to affect me.

<HollowDream> frowns a little bit, and then nods. “Forgot about that… yeah, sometimes they can take over while you sleep. Just make note of that should you find yourself awake in a different place than you went down.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> Of course. In any case, you said you could help me learn to transport myself more efficiently?

<HollowDream> nods her head a bit as she stretches and makes for the front doors. “Yeah. You know that storm I was talking about? While time acts weird there… it’s possible to use it to your advantage and travel inside the storm for short periods to get from place to place.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> Is it possible to gain warning of those storms with training?

<HollowDream> nods a bit, and points to her black eyes. “You spend a lot of time in the storm you learn it’s ways… you’ll see others with black eyes like this, it happens when you spend a lot of time doing that.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> Do all of these talents cause such changes to appearence?

<HollowDream> nods her head a little bit, chuckling softly. “Yeah… people that go across the Shroud a lot get all mottled in color… and Pardoners get black fingers from working with peoples’ Shadows… everything has a side effect.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> The Shroud is the border, correct? I heard someone talking about it before I slept.

<+Adrian_Clarke> They mentioned such a thing and said that it was going to prove a problem in a nearby city.

<HollowDream> nods gently as she considers that. “Something like that. It’s what we call the barrier between here and the living world. And here in New Orleans, it’s pretty thin.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> Hmmm… Moving on to the lessons… If they will help me… “Survive” here, I think I should take the time to learn the talents that would help the most in this.

<HollowDream> nods her head as she moves outside of the hospital to the street once more. “So… you want to work on travelling about… or on reaching across? I do know some of both.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I would like to learn travel first. The risk of learning to reach across means I should learn that once I can safely remove myself from danger.

<HollowDream> nods. “Smart man.”, she says with a smile and then starts to walk off down the street, looking around here and there. “First thing you need to learn is how to peek into the storm without falling in. That way you can make sure nothing nasty is where you are opening up your path.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Nods, taking all the time he needs to learn this segment of Argos and asking for help where needed*

<HollowDream> “You’ll get the hang of the finer points as you go. The best thing you can do is practice… just be careful nothing follows you back here.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Though Adrian seems almost clueless about the finer workings of Argos, he does seem to have a natural talent for it*

<+Adrian_Clarke> And the basics of reaching across to the realm of the living?

<HollowDream> begins to show him Embody, going to a secluded location by the beach. The water here looks strange and black, and seems not to reflect any light at all. She even goes so far as to scare a couple of joggers, which she seems to find utterly hilarious.

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Practicing Embody, it seems he has as much a knack for it as Argos, possibly even more so*

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Many of the concepts, though new to him, he seems to grasp almost on his own*

<+Adrian_Clarke> *At the end of this, he begins to speak to her again* I have noticed something else, after I woke… I began feeling a tie to my family, stronger than any in life. Almost as if I know where they are going.

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Oddly, he seems to lack any direct signs of the arcanoi he was practicing, even on a minor level for a moment… though on closer inspection they are indeed there*

<HollowDream> nods her head a bit. “Yeah, they are important to you so they are probably what we call fetters. Something that keeps us tied to this world. Some say you are supposed to let go of them to pass on… some hold on instead.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> They will die in time, I know this… but I guess I just want them to live safely until they have done what they set out to do.

<+Adrian_Clarke> Hard as that was in the year I perished, and likely to this day.

<+Adrian_Clarke> My family, their godfather… who is also my best friend.

<+Adrian_Clarke> They are all I feel a pull towards.

<+Adrian_Clarke> The only things keeping me here, I imagine.

<+Adrian_Clarke> …But I could feel them, lingering in my old apartment.

<+Adrian_Clarke> I wanted better for them. I wanted them to live in a place where they could have thier own rooms, and not have to share with my wife and I.

<+Adrian_Clarke> I guess that is why I never spent time with them. I was always looking for the next payday, to try to get them out of those cramped tenements.

<HollowDream> listens, trying to remain attentive though it’s obvious her attention span is unusually short. “That’s uhm , noble. I don’t recommend Slumbering near them until you know more about your other half… it usually likes the opposite of yourself, and will seek to harm them.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I suppose the first thing to do will be to find a way to get them to move. Then I need not worry for their safety as much if I stay in my old apartment.

<+Adrian_Clarke> But how can I make sure they can afford a new place to live?

<HollowDream> looks thoughtful, then sighs. “Well… I know someone that can see us that might could wire them money in exchange for certain favors… but first and foremost you much not tell her your name. Make up something, but you don;t want her knowing your real name so she can’t summon you anytime she wants. But she has money, and I have worked with her before.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I think that will be a good idea. My family would not turn down money if it simply appeared in their hands… Then I can just focus on giving them a reason to leave before they can spend the money.

<+Adrian_Clarke> Once this happens, they won’t be able to be found as easily by my shadow.

<+Adrian_Clarke> …I think I know what I should do. It’s time I head back, though… I can feel something brewing in the distance, and I don’t want to be here when it comes.

<HollowDream> nods in agreement and starts to head back toward the hospital. “Okay, sounds good to me.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> *He returns to the hospital, getting to know the others staying there when he does*