<Storyteller> The city at night is bustling with activity, even with the holiday. As the Shadowlands side of things goes, it is no less busy. Lately most wraiths have been coming and going from Charity Hospital, and it is a well known location to get information from or seek help when needed. It is largely run by a woman named Krista, who takes care of new arrivals.

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Adrian goes to the hospital, speaking to whomever is in charge of greeting the new arrivals (initiate conversation?)*

<HollowDream> almost runs smack into Adrian on her way out, pausing and giving him a good looking over. Her throat sputters black fluid that never quite seems to drip all the way to the ground before disappearing. Her corpus shows signs of the use of multiple arcanoi with regularity. “Whoa! Hey, I haven’t seen you before, who’re you?”, she asks as she makes to block his way in.

<+Adrian_Clarke> I’m Adrian Clarke. May I ask your name?  *Adrian’s accent is that of a new yorker with elements of a london accent in it. Clearly, he didn’t grow up in new orleans. Adrian appears to have six weeping bullet wounds and two that are more or less not leaking, signs of a violent shooting death*

<HollowDream> “People call me Hollow. You… don’t sound like you’re from around here. You looking for someone?”, she says as she moves to keep in front of him as she continues to size him up a bit more. She looks like she couldn’t be more than a teenager in age, eyes black from her consistant use of argos.

<+Adrian_Clarke> I’m looking for someone, but they probably aren’t here. My son, daughter, my wife, and their godfather. Do you suppose you might know where they are?

<HollowDream> smiles a little bit and inclines her head toward the street. “Maybe we should take a walk. It seems like you are uhm… new? Though you’re in better spirits as it were than the last one I found.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Walks with her.*  New Orleans is different from what I remember. It feels so cold, and distant.  I have never seen it appear so mournful, despite it’s location.

<HollowDream> looks back at him quizzically. “Uh, that’s cause we’re dead. The whole place has gone to shit as of late too. So, where are you from?”, she asks as she walks along. “It gets worse this time of year, people are either happy with their family, or lonely as hell. Out here, you see the lonely side.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I’m dead? *Looks at himself for a moment* I guess it was too much to ask to survive being shot. That would make this the first thanksgiving I won’t be there for my children. I can only hope David is taking care of them.

<HollowDream> actually laughs, causing the wound across her throat to sputter black ichor out a few feet before it seems to disappear into the light fog that seems to hang over everything. “My, you took that exctemely calmly.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> …I moved to New Orleans from new york nine years ago… perhaps longer…. I suppose I was waiting for my past to catch up with me, or my work to kill me.  I was hoping to get christmas money for my children. I didn’t usually spend christmas with them, and I decided it needed to change last month.  …Does time even mean anything here, though?

<HollowDream> gives a slight nod as she listens, just walking with him through the streets… their footfalls not even making a sound against the pavement. “It does, though it can get weird in the Tempest. You come back and it’s been days when you swear it was hours…”

<+Adrian_Clarke> Hmm… Last I remember, it was august of two thousand and thirteen.

<HollowDream> tilts her head, and rolls her shoulders. “It’s been a bit then. But that can happen getting tossed around the storm. It’s almost twenty seventeen. And it’s Thanksgiving, I think.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> …My family has lived three years without me? I must speak with them somehow, let them know I am still going to protect them.

<HollowDream> looks thoughtful, then nods her head in response. “Well, technically… we aren’t supposed to. But I have never been one much for rules. I can help you if you want to find them.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I would give everything for them to know I still love them.  Damn the rules, I need to know that I have not failed them.

<HollowDream> looks at him and then about the foggy streets again before changing direction. “Well, first of all… you can’t tell anybody what you’re doing. Except me… and well, Krista. She wouldn’t rat anybody out, despite giving us the Mom Eyes. Do they live here, in New Orleans?”

<+Adrian_Clarke> Yes. I spent much of my adult life here.

<HollowDream> nods. “Well, that makes things easier… you may find getting their attention dificult though… especially with the bullet wounds.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I proposed to my wife in a restaurant in bourbon street, the hospital we met in was where my son and daughter were born, and David and I both spend quite a few times recovering there.  Hmmm… I feel almost as if I could touch something in the hospital, perhaps if I reached far enough…

<HollowDream> nods a bit as she watches him, looking around. “I can show you some tricks with that… and more. It’s not hard here, actually… New Orleans is very… between worlds right now.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I felt like I could touch the breath of a child in the pediatric ward in that hospital as well.  Though that too felt distant, as much so as the warmth I feel the lack of now.

<HollowDream> chuckles faintly, causing another sputter of ichor. “No living in there save for some homeless guys getting out of the cold. That hospital has been abandoned a while, sort of given over to us so to speak. Why Krista has taken it for use as a kind of… welcome center, I guess.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> So the child there was a small homeless person?  I know that he felt different from the others I could see there. oddly warm to look at, not like the others here.

<HollowDream> shrugs her shoulders. “Possibly. I don’t pay too much attention to that side all the time. Makes it harder to look here at the huge expanse of grey everything and not get depressed.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I understand. This looks so dismal and ruined… Like the hangover after marti gras.

<HollowDream> nods as she leads him back to the old hospital. “Be careful… and if you hear a sound like strong winds and howling… tornado-like… get the hell out of there, or inside somewhere.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Adrian runs into the hospital, quickly following his guide from what he feels is mortal (no pun intended) peril to shelter. Once he’s inside, he appears to almost wheeze, speaking* What was that? I have not seen such winds since the last hurricane tore through here.  I thought weather was for the land of the living.

<HollowDream> shakes her head a bit but indicates the old building. “Yeah, that one was a doozy… brought a bunch of Spectres with it, nasty things. Tear you apart given the chance. So that was another reason we have the hospital… it serves as a group place to shelter.”

<+Adrian_Clarke> I feel more than a little drained right now. Whatever that was, it tried to tear at my very spirit.  May I rest here, since you have already stated is supposed to be shelter for those like ourselves?

<HollowDream> nods. “You get used to it… and yeah. Just find a place, it’s safe here.”, she says.

<+Adrian_Clarke> *Adrian finds somewhere to lie down, before thanking his guide and resting*