<Storyteller> As you approach the club’s address, it looks only moderately busy tonight. The bouncers don;t give you any trouble as you pass the first set of them and go inside, where the lights and noise are certainly an assault to the senses. Along the back wall there is a full room-length mirror, and another pair of bouncers there. They also allow you to pass into the VIP section, which is much quieter, and from this side you can see that the mirror is one-way, allowing those inside to watch those on the outside. There are a few people in this private section, and they give little notice to the newcomer, save for one man over by the bar who rises from his seat, holding a black wine glass in his hand.

<Darrel Bigby> is a little nervous moving to a new city, he’d only been a vampire the best three years and was still getting used to it all, but his job had him moved here and now he had to go meet the prince. He didn’t show any signs of worry on his face though- his appearance was calm and collected, and he was wearing one of the finest suits money could buy- it’d be coming out in the fall collection next year. He sees the man get up from his seat and walks over. “Good evening” he gives a curt nod, trying to gauge if this was the man he needed to talk to.

<Michael Bishop> hardly raises an eyebrow though a rush of cold seems to move in a wave out from him, chilling the room with his gaze as he examines Darrel carefully before speaking. “Good evening. New to town?”, his tone is both polite and cold.

<Darrel Bigby> adjusts his tie and stifles a reaction, “Yeah, just got moved here for work” he lowers his voice a bit and leans in, though he’s fearful to get to close to the man, “I’m kind of… new to all this still. Only 3 years, and the guy that sired me just told me to call him if I need him after I got forced to move for my job here. So I’m sorta on my own” he adjusts his collar a tad, “Could I uh, get a drink?”

<Michael Bishop> actually smirks a bit and signals the bartender, saying something to him in Italian. The man sets a black glass onto the bar a few moments later and then goes back to minding his own business elsewhere. Bishop turns back to Darrel, “I see. And your clan is?”

<Darrel Bigby> nods with a smile, looking more relaxed now. He takes a sip from the glass and holds it in his hand before continuing, “Gangrel. Got caught out in the country at my graduation party. Didn’t know what hit me” he chuckles at his own tale. “Nice to meet you by the way” he extends his hand out in greeting, “I’m Darrel Bigby, board member for the Gentleman textile company. Pleasure to meet you”

<Michael Bishop> takes the offered hand and shakes it, emotionless in the action as if returning the gesture only out of habit than any actual connection. “Interesting. I am Michael Bishop, Prince of New Orleans, such as it is at times. But you are welcome to stay. The city could use a boost in it’s business.”

<Darrel Bigby> lets out a sigh, “Glad to be here. And if you ever need suits, feel free to call me” he produces his wallet and hands him a business card, “Or if you need me for /other/ kinds of business. My sire never really taught my much more than the basics for all this stuff, I’d be happy to help however I can”

<Michael Bishop> nods and actually half smiles, though it seems predatory in nature. “Thank you. I will keep that in mind.”, he says and then starts to look off toward the mirror as he sits back into his seat by the bar. “Please enjoy the rest of your evening.”

<Darrel Bigby> does just that, lingering a while longer to enjoy the atmosphere before heading home to get himself moved in. The prince seemed reasonable, maybe he wouldn’t have such a bad time here after all.