<Fiona>  is outside, watching the leaves fall from the trees, wearing a leather jacket, a t-shirt, jeans and combat boots.

Christopher walks outside the library, having just finished counting his tally of 18,321 books in the library lower level, which he categorized and organized thoroughly. He bows to Fiona as he steps outside.”Pleasant Evening, pleasure to see you.”

<Fiona>  turns to look at Christopher, her single unnerving eye focusing on the other kindred. “Evenin’. What brings you to this lovely little corner of the world?”

Christopher gives her a pleasant smile,”After my family home was destroyed I came here to be with our family patron and lord Zuulot. I hope to be of great service.”

“Currently however I am taking a reprise from organizing the books in the library.”

<Fiona>  “Your family patron. That means what to me, exactly?”

<Fiona>  “Answer, it means jack shit.”

Christopher gets down on his knees and bows his head,”Mistress forgive me I am not good with social graces. I am a servant bred for service to your kind. My family lives to serve, I am what is called a Revenant and we were created by Zuulot and others like him.”

<Fiona>  just looks at him, her brow raising. “Get up. I don’t give a shit whether you were bred or not. If you want to serve, serve. Just drop the meek little servant act.”

Christopher nods and stands smiling,”Gladly.” He then looks over at the falling leaves with her.

<Fiona>  “What brought you here, exactly? Besides serving your family patron?”

Christopher looks over to her unblinking,”Refuge and Research. I’m safer here than elsewhere.”

<Fiona>  nods, her single eye steady. “Ah, another scientist. And I can see why you’d think you would be safe here, but truth is? This is only as safe as we make it.”

Christopher nods,”Very true. I’m hoping to add to our safety considerably myself.” As Christopher speaks his eyes dart back and forth, counting the fallen leaves.

<Fiona>  “What ideas do you have?”

Christopher looks at her and blinks,”My family was conducting research into methods to enhance the potency of one’s blood through Alchemy. I believe if I can replicate the research that was lost that it would greatly enhance our ability to both defend the home and when attacking others. I was a test subject for the first trials and it had a verying level of success.” He picks up a very small rock and concentrates on it for a moment. It floats slightly above his hand for a brief moment.

<Fiona>  raises an eyebrow at Christopher’s little trick. “How interesting. I could probably do the same thing with robotics if I felt like it.”

Christopher smiles,”Possibly, however that was just an unintended side effect of the research. I also heal faster than the rest of my kind and my blood is indeed more potent, however still not as potent as one of the Embraced.”

<Fiona>  “That what you call us? The Embraced?”

Christopher frowns,”Is that not an acceptable term? I was told that was the name of the process. I was raised in a laboratory amongst Revenants, I feel I know so very little about anything else.”

<Fiona>  “You grew up in a lab? Seriously? So, you’re a laboratory experiment?”

Christopher nods his head,”Yes. I am. The first Revenants were once an experiment as well. My family was created by Tzimicze to be superior ghouls.

<Fiona>  “Jesus fucking christ. That’s some sick crap.”

Christopher shakes his head,”I feel it is the evolution of two symbiotic species.”

Christopher takes a deep breath,”If you’ll excuse me, I believe I shall go back to cataloging the library.”

<Fiona>  “If you want.”

Christopher turns around and walks back inside to the library and starts organizing the books again, noting which books may be useful to his research to check out later.

<Fiona>  goes to wander the forest.