(Cornel) gives Kara a call, pacing back and forth a bit as he listens to the rings.

Kara picks up the phone on the second ring. “Hello? Kara Immelman speaking,” she says, only slightly breathless.

(Cornel) “(ph) It’s Cory. You busy?”, he asks as he pauses in his pacing.

“No! No, just trying to fill time.” Kara responds with a slightly-anxious chuckle. “Just some physical busywork. What can I do for you?”

(Cornel) nods though the gesture is lost on the phone. “(ph) I have your new ID and such here at the lab. Thought you might want to pick it up.”

“Oh, yes. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She starts to move, but then brings the phone back up to her ear. “Actually, what’s the address? I’ll need to hail a cab.”

(Cornel) gives her the address before hanging up, chuckling slightly and then waiting for her to arrive at the building.

Kara bids a hurried farewell to Arthur, and rushes out of the theater. She hails a cab once out, and give the driver the address Cornel gave her.

(Cornel) is waiting outside the building when she arrives, leaned up against the brick wall, smoking a cigarette. As Kara approaches, he pushes off and offers her an ID badge with a swipe strip and a second card for her wallet. “Here you go. All official and everything now.”

Kara stares at the plastic card for a moment, then looks back up at Cornel, trying to contain an enthusiastic smile. “When do I start?”

(Cornel) “Now, officially. You’re FBI technically. And on-call. And there’s a lot going on here our particular branch is checking out so… I don’t see us going anywhere anytime soon.”, he replies and smiles a bit before putting his cigarette out on the bricks.

“Works for me,” Kara replies, sparing a glance up at the building. Where can I make myself useful?”

(Cornel) “Well, I was about to go see someone. You’re welcome to come with.”, he says as he starts to make his way toward the small parking lot.

Kara nods, and moves to follow after him.

(Cornel) makes his way to his car, hitting the auto locks with a chirp chirp and getting into the driver’s seat. “So, Kara… you religious at all?”

“Er, yeah.” Kara responds, taken somewhat off-guard. “My family’s Catholic. Well, Catholic-ish.”

(Cornel) laughs just a little bit at that. “Well then you and Father Thomas should get along smashingly.”

“If you say so.” Kara chuckles slightly as well. “My family certainly made an impression on our local pastor.”

(Cornel) pulls into an old catholic church, small and has certainly seen better days, unlike the St James Cathedral. “Well, he’s a good guy. And not too preachy.”

“I don’t mind.” Kara steps out of the car after it’s parked and spends a moment looking up at the building. “It seems a little…underappreciated.”

(Cornel) mentions as he gets out of the car and sets the alarm. “Oh, and I suppose it should go without mention not to talk about what I told you about the samples. Some of the things we work around, not too friendly, and a lot of them would rather their existance be kept in the dark in general.”

“Of course.” Kara says with a quick nod. “Mum’s the word.”

(Cornel) chuckles faintly and then makes for the door, giving a couple of light knocks before opening it up anyway. “Knock, knock. You wanted to see me?”

Kara follows close behind, trying to get a glimpse of the interior of the building as they walk.

<Storyteller> The interior isn’t really any better off than the outside, and as they creep inside, Kara can clearly hear people talking out in the main room and this area seems to be some sort of small hallway. An older man dressed as a priest comes out of one of the side rooms, looking Cornel over before putting his gaze on Kara as well. “I did.”

Kara gives the man an uncertain smile and wave, but remains quiet.

(Cornel) motions to Kara as he speaks up, “Kara. New to the group. Kara, this is Father Thomas.”, he says as he stands in the hallway, putting his hands into his pockets. “So what’s up?”

“Hi.” Kara give the priest another wave. “Nice to meet you.”

(Father Thomas) folds his arms across his chest with a raised eyebrow, but finally gives in and nods. “Nice to meet you.”, he says before looking squarely at Cornel. “A few of my regulars have come up missing. With the sickness going around… I am worried, is all. I can’t leave here to go check up on them.”

(Cornel) sighs and nods. “You want me to go check on some homeless people for you?”

Kara looks between the two, trying to follow the conversation. She looks puzzled, but elects to hold her questions until afterwards.

(Father Thomas) nods and allows his arms to fall to his sides. “I do. Running things here is a full time job. You have the ability to go have a look around… as well as the ability to defend yourself if there is an issue.”

(Cornel) twitches his lip but nods. “Alright. I suppose I owe you for that exorcism last summer still, eh Padre? So we’ll go have a look around for you.”

“We’ll?” Kara shoots Cornel a curious look, but immediately recovers. “Er, yes. We’ll.”

(Father Thomas) smiles a little bit and then starts to move toward the main hall, as he opens the door a few of the pews in the back have been converted into cots, and have people sleeping on them. “Alright then. You know where to find me if you find anything out.”

(Cornel) nods and then moves to head back out again. “Night, Padre. I’ll let you know what we find either way.”

“Goodbye!” Kara calls after the priest as she and Cornel walk to the exit. Once outside, she turns to him and asks; “so, what was that all about?”

(Cornel) starts to walk back to the car. “What was what about? Father Thomas is… lets call him a consultant? He works with us sometimes. And I kinda owe him so if he wants me to go check up on some homeless people, then that’s what I’ll do. I’d prefer to have you though for backup.”

“Alright.” Kara walks alongside Cornel, looking thoughtful, then turns to him. “You’re thinking this has something to do with the ‘fungal infection?'”

(Cornel) shrugs his shoulders as he gets back into the car. “It’s possible. We don’t have a sample of the fungus yet so if we do find something to get samples of… that would be ideal.” He motions toward the trunk. “I keep a evidence kit at all times.”

“I used to as well, but the lab made me return it.” Kara slides herself into the passenger seat and buckles up. “Do you carry masks and gloves as well?”

(Cornel) nods as he pulls out of the parking lot and starts to drive off toward the downtown area. “Yeah, and we’ll see about getting you another kit to keep in your car. Never know when you might need it.”

“I, er, don’t have a car.” Kara mutter, blushing in slight embarrassment. “I just kept it in a satchel.”

(Cornel) chuckles lightly at that as he watches the side of the street while they drive along. “Ahhh, well, I think we can find a smaller kit to carry personally.”

“I’d appreciate that.” Kara looks out the side window at the scenery passing them by. “Any idea where to start?”

(Cornel) shrugs his shoulders again. “Not sure. But Padre’s regulars are usually from between downtown and the marina. Damp and foggy conditions kinda chased them up for shelter, talking about ghosts.”

“Oh, yeah. The ghost pirate ship.” Kara says with a nod. “It makes sense they’d try and run from it.”

(Cornel) blinks for a moment and looks sidelong at her before continuing on hsi way down the road a bit further, turning toward the marina. “I have heard stories… but that’s it. You actually seen this thing?”

“I’ve heard it, and I’ve seen things…crawling out from the ocean.” Kara suppresses a shiver. “To be honest, I though I was going crazy for a while.”

(Cornel) frowns just a little bit at that. “Well, that sounds disturbing. I’ve never really liked the idea of spirits much, that is way more Padre’s department… and he knows some ways to make them go away.”

“I’d have a friend who might want to meet them, then.” Kara mutter idly, thinking of Arthur, “He sounds like a decent person.”

(Cornel) just shakes his head slightly, looking disgruntled as he parks in the marina parking lot. “I don’t like dealing with anything I can’t see… or shoot if need be.”

Arthur walks down to the Marina muttering something to himself about,”fetters… he said it’d be…”

“Neither do I. I’d suggest running, maybe?” Kara says, a slight hint of nervousness in her voice. “Unless you’ve got some magic bullets laying around.”

(Cornel) smirks a bit as he gets out of the car. “Silver yes, magic no.”, he says as he stands by the car and takes a look about the marina from the little hill above.

Arthur can be seen running around the Marina as if chasing some small animal that isn’t there.

“Huh, so those actually work?” Kara steps out of the car and looks around, spotting someone running about on the marina. She peers through the mist, trying to make them out. “Is that…Arthur?”

(Cornel) “On certain things.”, he says and he walks to the railing, looking down. “Ahhh, yeah… that guy. Little weird, seems harmless enough though.”, he says before starts to walk down the path toward the piers.

“Huh. Why am I not surprised you know about him?” Kara glances at Cornel, before giving a slight wave to Arthur.

Arthur suddenly falls backwards onto his back as if something jumped on him or pushed him down then looks up to the railing and sees Kara and waves back then runs towards them,”Hello Kara! Who is this friend you have with you? I’d be delighted if you would introduce us!” His Green eyes flash and he almost seems to sparkle as he holds out his hand.”You can call me Art if you would like.”

(Cornel) rolls his shoulders a bit. “It’s my job.”, he says and then gives Arthur a good looking over as he approaches. He reaches out and shakes his hand before tucking his hands back into his pockets. “Cory.”, he responds.

Arthur flashes a look at his shoulder quickly and smiles politely.”A pleasure really. What brings you out here Kara?”

“I…” Kara looks between Cornel and Arthur, “I’m sorry Arthur, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say.”

Arthur gives a look over at his shoulder,”I see.”

(Cornel) inclines his head and then gives another sweeping look over the area. “Just checking around for people camping out around here. You seen anybody else down here?”

Arthur shakes his head,”Not another living being sir. I only just got here though.”

Kara catches the implication, then turns to Cornel, waiting to see his reaction. If he didn’t already know about Arthur, she didn’t want to be the one to expose him.

(Cornel) takes another brief look about, eyes carefully scanning along the water’s edge for a few moments. “Any not living wandering about?”, he adds as he walks closer to the water’s edge and then along the bank, looking toward the trees now off up the trail. “I don’t see any signs of camps, don’t smell any fires, either.”

Arthur literally begins to laugh,”Not living hmm? What would you mean by that?” In a mocking voice he says,”I see dead people.” and then laughs again.”I would certainly would tell you if I did, I could use a new coat.”

Arthur seems to sober up for a moment,”I can certainly look around for you though.”

(Cornel) doesn’t so much as raise an eyebrow as he looks around a bit more, but without wandering too far from the car. “I think it may be wise to return when it is daylight.”

Arthur says,”I was here already looking for something for a friend. If you tell me what kinds of things are looking for then I can tell you if we find anything.”

“It looks like they all left then,” Kara mutters. After a few seconds of looking around, she closes her eyes and grasps a small crystal dangling on a necklace across her chest. It glows faintly in her grip for a moment, then stops and her eyes snap open. “Cory, Arthur,” she calls out to them quietly, a degree of fear evident in her voice, “there’s…there’s something in the water.”

(Cornel) shakes his head softly and starts to move back away from the water, back toward the car a bit though he pauses at the bottom of the hill. “Homeless camp. They are usually out around here in the treeline off the trail, but it’s cold… they’d have a fire if they were here.”

Arthur nods to Kara,”There’s something in the water Cory, are you planning on investigating it?”

(Cornel) gives a light shake of his head and glances from the water to the top of the hill. “Nope. Ghosts are not my department. Not unless one of you has a magic cannon you aren’t telling me about that will take out ghost ship hull.”

Arthur shakes his head,”No my magic cannon doesn’t have a Ghost mode installed yet, it’s still on order.”

“Right, I’ll put that on my to-do list then.” Kara mutters, keeping the water in the corner of her eye as she turns back to Cory. “So what do we do now?”

(Cornel) starts to climb the hill toward the parking lot and his car. “Come back for a better look when it’s daylight. For one, it’ll be easier to see. Two… if there are ghosts it will be harder for them to cross into our world in the daytime.”

Arthur begins to whisper softly to his side,”it looks totally pitch black like oblivion… do you know anything?” He then turns and walks over to Cory,”I could give you a lot more help if you simply asked. I may be harmless to you, but I am actually quite… resourcefull.”

“Right. Of course.” Kara starts heading back up to the car. After a few steps, he turns back to Arthur. “Are you going to be alright getting back home?”

“As I said, resourceful.” Then in almost a whisper…”Honestly, probably safer without you around Cory… Kara on the other hand…”

(Cornel) pauses at the top of the hill by his car and glances back down to Arthur. “I could give you a ride and drop you off. This area is probably not safe.”, he says as the car gives a chirp chirp when he turns off the alarm.

Arthur shakes his head,”I’ll be quite fine, take my number though in case you need any more help with this. I do honestly have some experience with ghosts.” He hands Cory a card with his number on it and begins walking away rather quickly, feeling confident that the friend on his shoulder will keep him safer than any mortal.

(Cornel) takes the card and pockets it with a nod before getting in. “Okay. Be careful then.”, he says and starts the car up, giving a glance toward Kara as he buckles in.

Arthur walks quickly back to his theater to go speak with his ghostly friends, and sends a text message to Kara,”You should meet me at the theatre, I have a friend who may be able to help us… with some sailor experience.”

Kara slips into the passenger seat and buckles up as well, sparing a concerned glance after Arthur as she does.

(Cornel) remians quiet as he drives along back into town… dropping Kara off at her apartment building before heading off himself. “Stay safe.”

“Yeah.” Kara nods in response. “You too.” She watches him drive away for a few moments, then turns and heads inside.