<Kitt Bishop> sits outside on the main steps, reading an old book that large enough to take up her lap completely. She glances up from time to time and yawns before going back to the book again.

Anne opens the asylum’s main door, looking to get a spot of fresh air. She catches the end of Kitt’s yawn, and grins slightly. “Must be interesting materiel, eh?” Anne asks in her gravelly voice. “Glad to see you’re looking better, kid.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances back at Anne and actually smiles. “Who the heck needs a book this big for anything save for squashing giant spiders? I mean, I love reading but damn… And thanks. I do feel better. You doing okay?”

A short young man with blonde hair, green eyes and plain clothes walks over to the Asylum. He can be heard counting the steps as he walks and as he reaches the steps he looks up. “Hello Kitt, do you remember me? This will be the eighth time we have met now. I remember…” He notices Anne and stutters as he struggles to introduce himself,”Wh-who-who is th-this? I am, my na-ame is Christopher. “I am still n-new here. Nice to m-meet you-you.”

“Well enough,” Anne responds to Kitt with a shrug, “peaceful place here, all things considered.” She turns to the new arrival, her eye glowing a faint red as it looks him up and down. “Christopher, eh?” Her facial scars twist as she grins in only a slightly-predatoray manner. “I’m Anne.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head as she looks at Chris. “I remember. Aren’t you related to Simon?”, she asks as she carefully closes the big old book, running her hand over the leather cover thoughtfully a moment.

“N-nice to meet you.”He looks down at the ground and a pebble at his foot which shakes for a moment. He then looks back up,”Simon! Yes! Simon is my Cousin! My third and fourth cousin too! It’s nice to see you again Kitt.”

<Kitt Bishop> raises an eyebrow but then nods her head a bit and then turns her attention back to Anne once more. “So appearently, the only thing I could find about vampires with three eyes are something called Salubri.”

“A nice and ominous name.” Anne frowns for a moment, then grins again. “They call one-eyed vampires anything special?”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles a little bit. “Lucky, same as a three-legged dog.”

Anne chuckles heartily in response, though it comes out as more of a growl from her damaged vocal chords.

“Is there any way that I can help my young mistress? I am a quick study after all. I was highly praised for it back at… my old home.” Christopher looks down sadly and fidgets with his hands.

<Kitt Bishop> looks back at Chris and gets up, holding the big book close. “I don’t think so, not right now anyway.”, she says and then looks back at Anne slightly more serious. “You know, I was talking to Fiona about this but I mean, you might not know… you know the Tzimisce can put a new eye in there for you…”

“Ahh,” Anne waves Kitt’s offer off, “That’s fine. I’ve been getting on well enough without it for a few decades now. At my age, it’d probably take another few to get used to stereo vision again.”

Christopher nods,”Or Even two more. You could be a Salubri.”

“Heh. Two’s a bit much, but with three, I’d just be running into myself.” Anne offers Kitt a genuine smile for a moment. “Tickled you thought of me though, kid.”

“Haha of course, but if we are searching for the Salubri and they do indeed have three eyes, then perhaps it may be a good way to hide amongst them? You do know the eyes the Tzimicze install don’t need to actually be functional yes? Vicissitude makes for great disguises.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks over at Chris and just shakes her head before nodding to Anne. “Well, I know it bothered her… wasn’t sure about how you felt about it. Just letting you know it is possible.”, she looks back at Chris and shakes her head again. “I would be careful if I were you… I heard Simon mention Zaluut had a thing for removing the vocal chords of those that talk too much.”

Christopher looks frightened and nods silently. There is a small bit of clicking as some of the very small rocks around him shake on the ground for a brief moment. He then sits down crosslegged nearby.

<Kitt Bishop> glances back to Anne. “He is right about that though. They can look like anybody, or anything they want. Or turn other people into things… well, you’ve seen Mikov.”, she runs her hand over the lether of the book again and then frowns. “And… it has just occured to me that this book of Zaluut’s might have been a person at one point.”

“Huh,” Anne tilts her head slightly as she peers at the book. “Remind me to never get on his bad side.”

Christopher sits there quietly counting rocks quietly and trying not to be noticed. He seems very intent on his task, almost as if meditating.

<Kitt Bishop> nods a little bit in agreement. “Yeah… anyway, I’m gonna go put the book back. I am so done with that for the night.”, she says and then looks over at Chris. “They might need help in the library, I heard that someone was trying to reorganize the books.”

Christopher jumps up startled,”One thousand, three hundred and sixty-four! I-I mean, yes! Right away!” and he moves swiftly to the library to help organize books, seeming excited to have a task.

Anne shakes her head once, the barest hint of a smile on her face. “You two crazy kids have a blast. But no funny business. I know what trouble you american teens get up to in your libraries.”

<Kitt Bishop> chuckles softly as she starts to carry the book inside. “I was geting him out of the way. I feel bad for him, the Zantosa have been giving him hell as of late. The books will keep him busy a while… as I take this back to Zaluut’s room. You have a good night, and I believe the others were reseaching more about the bunker itself… so maybe another field trip will be in order soon.”

“I look forward to it,” Anne grunts, “beats sitting around waiting for something to happen.”

Christopher upon reaching the library begins counting each and every book and making sure they are all in their respective places. He begins to sift through the books meticulously, counting every single one of them as he goes, then checks them against the registry to see if there are any missing.