Arthur is walking through the town towards his “usual place”. He can be seen to have a steady pace and appears to be more focused than normal. His long blonde hair is tied back and the clothes he’s wearing appear to be less extravagant and have spots of paint on them. He is carrying a small number of things in his hands as he walks, scraps of wood and junk.

Kara moves at a slow, leisurely pace during her morning run. She seems a great deal more cheerful than the weather might warrant, and humms occasionally as she runs. She spots Arthur a few blocks ahead of her. Mostly due to her good mood, she doesn’t alter course, and instead waves a greeting as she approaches.

Arthur nods as she waves in agreement and continues walking, then trips on air and drops everything which goes flying. He screams out,”Ooww! Zirathur!”

Kara winces as Arthur stumbles, and quickly rushes forward to help him pick up what he’s dropped. “Are you all right?”

“I am quite alright, it’s just my drago… dragg’n feet got caught on the curb and I tripped.” Arthur goes and grabs a small box of light bulbs, of which the majority are shattered and frowns. He slowly begins to pick up the other things he dropped. Mismatch pieces of wood, cloth and odd knick nacks. His nose is bleeding from smacking hard against the concrete and he seems to stare off at a corner for a moment as if giving somebody the cold shoulder. He struggles to pick back up the oddly shaped load he has burdened himself with.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Kara asks as she picks up and hands over some of his spilled possessions. “You’re bleeding a bit there.”

“Yes, I’ll be fine. What brings you out here? Kara right?”

“Yeah,” Kara says with a nod and a slight smile, “I’m just out on my morning run. I could ask what brings you out carrying all this.”

Arthur motions for him to move in close, his nose still bleeding a little.”Can I tell you a secret?”

“Of course,” Kara responds, giving Arthur a peculiar look, “what is it?”

“I’m squatting. We have to keep it a secret though… but I could use some help I suppose.”

“I’ve gotten a lot of practice keeping secrets these past few weeks,” Kara says with a slight grin, “I can keep one.”

“Well can you help carry some of… this… for me? We aren’t far away now from where I’m set up. You should see it.”

“All right.” Kara helps pick up some of the items. “Lead on, then.”

Arthur leads the way and they continue out past the rebuilt portions of the city to a section that was abandoned since the hurricane. He continues for a small way and leads them to a small theater with a chain on the door. He pulls out a key and opens the chain and walks inside. “Welcome to the Enchanted Palace. It was once a old movie Cinema, but it happened to have a stage, so I will repurpose it into a Theater for the Faire Arts. Tell me, do you believe the old stories of Fairies and Dragons are possible?

Kara looks around at the building’s interior for quite a while. At Arthur’s question, she ponders her response for a moment.

“Well, I’m an accredited scientist with a few degrees, including an advanced one in forensics. Considering my extensive scientific background,” she smiles coyly, “I’d have to say that anything’s possible. Plenty of stranger things exist. I don’t see why Faires and Dragon’s can’t. Absenec of evidence isn’t evidence of absence, after all.”

Arthur grins wide and Kara feels a small weight upon her shoulder as she says that. It feels almost like a small cat but as she looks it appears to be… a small dragon. It takes flight almost immediately and vanishes into thin air before she can even think twice about it.”Zirathur said we need help. I said we can use the spirits long dead, he said,’ not all tasks are suited for them.

We need more champions like yourself.’When I saw you he said I should invite you to the theatre. You see these creatures like him… they live off the very essence of our dreams. Our imaginations give them life and being in a world much like our own, just on the other side. They enhance our creativity and add to it! However…” He pauses dramatically,”The world has become filled with a dark force… a massive feeling of ennui, boredom, and disbelief… it is like a poison that fills the air…” He sits down and sobs quietly.

“That’s…” Kara blinks a few times, processing the information, “horrible, actually. And a concerning development.” She raises a fist to her chin and runs her thumb along the underside of her jaw thoughtfully. “But I don’t see how I fit in to this schema.”

“Well, this theater is an oppurtunity… to bring the dreams back to the people. Unfortunately, I cannot quite bring it to where I need it alone. I can use some help. I have an idea, I shall enlist the spirits of the dead to act as Ushers to my performances, grand and wondrous they will be! If I can convince them to help my by carrying dreaming mortals to my theater and show them wondrous productions. I will make them Dream again! They will awaken and not understand the strange dreams and how they came to this place, but they shall share them. Wondrous dreams of Shakespeare and Peter Pan. They will wonder how so many share the same dream. You see, their dreams will fuel their imaginations and fuel this place. The dead that long to have purpose shall have it if they desire it, and the Fae will see the return of Wonder. I must also begin warding this place and before opening it start sealing it off from those who… aren’t part of the production.”

“Well, it would seem attempting to put up some form of protection would be prudent,” Kara mutter thoughtfully as she turns to stare around the room, “I may not be the most knowledgeable about the occult, but I can think of a few things that would try to snatch up a collection of unconscious minds.”

“I’m more concerned about mortals finding it once the shows have begun. To many questions and they must be met with mystery. I believe simple redirection would work in the beginning but… not for long.” Arthur walks over to her with some supplies,”Can you help with some of the repairs while we talk? Anyway… I will need to eventually hide the theater entirely so that nobody can find it unless they dream it, except us of course.”

“Alright. I still don’t know how much help I’ll be.” Kara says with a shrug as she accompanies Arthur over to his box of supplies.

Arthur hands her the not broken light bulb and points at a dim corner where it is dark.”I believe it is more important the matter of trust and faith I can place in you. There are friends I have back home who could turn this place brand new in a moment… but the… ‘ennui’ I mentioned earlier makes the very idea of coming near the city at all turn their stomachs. This is why they need us… Champions you see? I have some of their weaknesses as well but I can go many places they cannot. This is why we need you though, I cannot do this alone. Also it is not wise to deal with the spirits of the dead without a friend… and this place has already been drawing them.”

“Alright, if you say so…” Kara says, a bit more nervously, “I’m still uncertain as to how friendship serves one against the restless deceased.” She starts heading towards the darkened corner with the offered light bulb, and mutters: “(german) I haven’t even started my new job yet. This is still beyond my pay grade.”

A small chiming voice laughing in the background is heard and fades, Arthur continues working on the upholstery and some of the other things for a short time than gathers everything up.”Well for starters, with two of us researching the necessary rituals and the ability to repel any that are violent are agressive will be better than two with one. Two I forget the level of ennui performing these tasks for too long can beset upon me. Having somebody else to keep me company besides could be very helpful. Finally… the largest burden has been carrying the supplies by myself. Soon enough this place will practically fix itself…”

“Wait,” Kara turns to stare back at Arthur, “How exactly am I supposed to research magic rituals?”

Arthur stops for a moment,”Oh… I can… Oh that’s right…” Arthur scratches his head for a moment.”Well I can’t give you my sources directly but… I suppose I can help you find some of your own. I know! Zirathur can tell you… if he wants.”

“While I appreciate the offer, Arthur,” Kara says with a soft and slightly wistful smile, “but magic doesn’t exactly seem like the sort of thing everyone’s capable of doing. And some old family stories and a childhood spent playing at being a witch don’t exactly imbue any kind of thaumaturgical affinity.”

Arthur forrows his brows deeply,”But a childhood playing at being a Witch can indeed help one learn the arts. The limit is your imagination… and other people’s imagination. Have you ever seen someone who just seems plain lucky? Freaky things happen around them, strange coincidences that seem to work out perfectly for them?

“Not really,” Kara gives Arthur an apologetic shrug, “I didn’t exactly have the most broad childhood. My siblings and I were homeschooled.”

Arthur nods and shrugs then picks up a small piece of wood and bares one hand,”You said, we don’t know anything, anything is possible right? Well we create our reality, we dream it.” He closes his eyes a moment and touches the wood which lights on fire. He then walks over and hands it to her and blows it out.”Once you realize that you’re in a Dream, you can take the reigns and control it.’We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little life Is rounded with a sleep.”

“William Shakespeare.” He bows.

Kara watches him for a moment, then smiles again. “Well, you certainly know your Bard. Alright; I’m game to try.”

Arthur walks back over to Kara and shakes her hand,”Good. You have my number, let us see this dream unfold together.” He then starts leading her towards the door,”We are finished here tonight, I thank you for your help once again.” He then locks the door behind them as they leave.

Kara steps out into the sunlight, ponders briefly the odd turns her life is taking, then says her goodbyes and resumes her morning run.