<Storyteller> A car drives up to the old plantation house and not long after, the front doors can be heard opening as a handful of people seem to arrive. It sounds somewhat busy all of a sudden, several voices can be lightly heard there in the main entry.

Petri looked up from working on making an arm for a new friend and slowly stood up, pointing his pointed jagged ear to the ceiling to listen for the new party that seemed to happen so suddenly.

<Storyteller> One of the voices is very familiar to him, and the talking goes on for a few more minutes before he sees his master, Katherine Icarus at the top of the basement stairs.

Petri slowly peered out and beamed slightly seeing Icarus. he slowly raised a hand as if waving but was still hiding a bit, in fear of being yelled at for showing his face.

{Icarus} tilts her head, black curls hanging down as she does so. “Come on out. You can hardly do your job stuck down there.”

Petri walked on out and drew a little sad face on his board. ‘Sorry’ it said underneath. He tilted his head though not sure why she had come all this way but he perked up as he was allowed out.

{Icarus} waits for him to come completely out, looking up at him before turning and moving fully back into the entry. “You will come and go as needed from now on. I need you to keep an eye on things, but you can’t do that locked up. Just don’t be seen when you do go out.”

Petri grinned and nodded following Icarus. ‘I did poorly.’ his board said. he bounced slightly and erased and wrote a few things. “I learned a bit about the poisoned blood that turned a body into a puddle, and burns green fire!” he was trying his best to show he did what he could to keep an eye on things.

{Icarus} “You did what you were told.”, she says as she looks around while people are spreading out through the house. “I will be staying here for a little while to sort things out. During that time you will report directly to me.”

❀Petri❀ nodded and bowed. Report to master, got it. He pulled up his board again “If you leave will Isabo tell me to hide again? She doesn’t like me very much.”

{Icarus} shakes her head, causing her thick black curls to bounce about. “No. I am in charge. You listen to her, but you tell me what she says. I need you to watch and protect. Not sit and play in the basement.”

❀Petri❀ lowered his head. “I was making toys, and they could watch around here.” he tried, shrinking slightly as if trying to make himself smaller. “I will do my best, watch for sick humans.”

{Icarus} nods her head but waves it off at the same time. “Do that. I will be here when you need to report back, and will summon you should I need anything.”