☢Jerry☢ put the car in park and opened the door. “Alright, again just don’t make faces, don’t be rude but also don’t be a little bitch.” he explained to Jalen.

Jalen paused at that last one. “So… don’t be too aggressive, but don’t just let them walk over me?” he asked.

☢Jerry☢ nodded. “be respectful and respectable. I’d rather you be a pussy though than a dick if you can’t pull of that balance though.” he opened the gate and held it for Jalen to come in so he could close it behind him and continue walking.

“I don’t think I’m normally a dick,” Jalen blinked, thinking about it and decided he’d probably beokay and followed Jerry inside. “Thanks,” he said when the gate was held open for him.

<Storyteller> The graveyard is silent save for their own footfalls in the gravel that serves as a main path through the graves.

☢Jerry☢ looked only a little worried and just went to the mausoleum door and knocked, being polite and waiting instead of just barging in.

<Storyteller> After a few moments, Calliope answers the door. She stands almost six feet tall, with no hair anywhere, no ears to speak of, and the skin on her face looks pulled too tight. Her thin lips barely cover a full row of sharp, needly teeth. “What is it?”

☢Jerry☢ smiled but bowed his head. “My friend, Jalen, needs help. I don’t wanna lose my bar so…” he said simply to start with just to see if she would hear them out.

Jalen waited behind Jerry as he knocked on the door and addressed the woman who answered it. He also waited alongside Jerry, looking at her face instead of things she didn’t have. Occasionally he’d glance around to make sure they were still alone and that he wasn’t just intensely staring at her.

<Storyteller> Calliope looks between them, and then allows them inside after a moment of thought. “Sure, just tell me what is going on.”

☢Jerry☢ looked at Jalen and nodded to him to speak as he followed her inside.

Jalen let Jerry in first and followed him inside. “My human wife contacted me, and I wish to fake my death, since, well, I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to track me down. So I would like help escaping from the morgue after I’ve been established dead,” he explained. “Or at least, something like that.”

<Storyteller> Calliope frowns, or at least you thinks she does. “Well, the morgue is not really our territory. I could… dig you up, assuming they don’t cremate you… but if you want out of the morgue you’ll need to talk to Isabella. She can get you out, and erase the memories of any witnesses to boot.”

☢Jerry☢ crossed his arms. “fire is not something one wants to risk, huh?” he sighed. “I don’t want to go there…” He hated his face, he also didn’t wanna send jalen off alone anywhere at this point.

“Well, I’d rather not go with any kind of burial,” Jalen explained. He didn’t want to make his wife pay for a funeral, he was sure they’d have enough problems without paying for his fake funeral. The morgue seemed his best bet anyway since he didn’t know if he willed himself to be burried or creamated. Rather not take that chance. “So Isabella, right?” he asked, looking around, hoping his eyes had adjusted by now. He’d rather not flash his eyes anyway since he didn’t want the Nosferatu getting the wrong idea.

<Storyteller> “Yes.”, she says pointing toward the main part of town. “Isabella owns the nightclub that the Prince is often at. She is Giovanni, a necromancer. But she can help you, you’ll owe her a favor.”

☢Jerry☢ looked at Jalen. “Lord only knows what she’ll want. But we could probably head over now while the night is young, I just hope Bishop isn’t there to make things feel weird, very drafty and I don’t like how he stares.” hen again he didn’t like how anybody stared.

Fuck. Jalen trusted a nosferatu not to screw him over too badly, but a giovanni? God, he didn’t want to get involved in whatever favor they’d want from him. “Sounds like it’s my best bet for now,” he admitted and nodded in agreement as Jerry suggusted they head over now while it was still early. “Thank you,” he said to the Nosferatu who had let them in.

<Storyteller> Calliope nods and opens up the door to allow them to leave. “You’re welcome. Good luck.”

☢Jerry☢ smiled fondly at Calliope. “Thank you, I’ll see you again sometime. I’ll bring a gift for the trouble.” he offered as he went out the door.

☢Jerry☢ was reluctant to hurry to his car, god he really didn’t wanna go where a bunch of young people were, or anywhere near the political people, made him uncomfortable, he was a ghoul, not exactly accepted as a vampire who belonged sticking his nose when the masquerade was on the line.

“You don’t have to come with me, you know. I can handle asking a favor,” Jalen said, knowing that Jerry’s own bar was one thing, but a nightclub? With all those people who’d definatley look at him? And then the vampires who would scorn him? He couldn’t ask that of Jerry.

☢Jerry☢ shook his head. “No, damn it, I’m coming with you.” he said and picked up the pace to his car. “I may just be quiet… and extra crabby when we leave.”

Jalen smiled, admiring his friend’s stubbornness a bit. “Alright,” he said. He was lucky when he stumbled into this guy that night.

☢Jerry☢ just started up the car gave Jalen time to buckle up before driving to Belle’s. Already he could see children in the streets, more popular down here. By children he meant those still in their 20’s and to him that meant they were all probably assholes, most of them anyway. “Almost there and already people are starring.” tinted windows were not tinted enough, didn’t help he was scowling and glaring at everything.

“I think I read somewhere that humans can feel it when someone stares at them too intensely for too long when they’re at a certian proximity. You could try glaring at the road,” he suggusted, doing his best to be diplomatic about it, since it was pretty obvious now that Jerry wasn’t going to be a happy camper for the rest of the night.

☢Jerry☢ found parking and debating getting his mask but that would just make him seem like a creeper, plus Halloween was over a while ago. He got ou ad put his hood up to hide himself as much as possible casually and stared at his feet while he walked beside Jalen. “Don’t sell her your soul.”

“I won’t,” Jalen reassured whilewalking to Jerry’s right side to try and help hide him further a bit with his bulk. Tried to, anyway. “Looks like that’s the place,” he said, noting the busy nightclub and made a face. God, he hated clubs. Not a good place to have a friendly chat with someone.

☢Jerry☢ still kept his head low but did look up a small bit to see where he was and who was around, and if he could find scary lady.She always just put him on edge.

<Storyteller> As the pair makes their way inside, they are allowed into the VIP section without issue. The door that leads up to her private quarters is in the back of this room, behind the bar. When they approach it, the bouncer stops them, but buzzes an intercom.

“I’m here to see Isabelle, I need to ask her for a favor,” Jalen informed the bouncer, and waited, looking to Jerry to make sure he was holding up okay.

☢Jerry☢ still hid a bit but was less wary of people, he just stood slightly behind Jalen. He waited and tried his best not to glare and fidget and grumble about nonsense, his lip twitched a bit but that was about it.

<Storyteller> Eventually the bouncer lets them pass, he does give Jerry the stink-eye though as they are allowed upstairs. At the top of the stairs is a short hall, and Isabella stands in the doorway to her private room. “So, who are you and why exactly are you seeking me out?”

☢Jerry☢ nodded respectfully but nudged Jalen to talk because he was… he didn’t trust himself to speak, especially since he was just a ghoul.

Jalen does his best to ignore the bouncer, but damn if that didn’t bug the hell out of him. When they got to the room, he went strait into buisness. “My name is Jalen, I’m a Gangrel who’s just been hanging around New Orleanes lately. My human family is looking for me, so I wish to fake my death, and I was told that you’d be able to help me get out of the morge,” Jalen informed.

<Isabella Rivani> tilts her head as she listens for a moment, and then nods. “I can get you out if you do so… but in faking your death, this might make it difficult for you to use your name or move about normally.”

☢Jerry☢ hummed thoughtfully but said nothing. How exactly were they gonna kill him, anyway? Jump off a building? pistol to the chest? they had a lot to think about. If it’s not suicide they were gonna find someone who was willing to pretend to kill someone in public.

“I can’t really afford to do much else…” Jalen admitted and sighed. This was going to be difficult, since he was slightly known… He’d have to change his name, possibly…

<Isabella Rivani> sighs as she looks between them, not seeming bothered by Jerry’s appearence. “Look. I can help you set up a new identity and everything. Can even get someone to make it look like murder so that the wife collects the insurance.”

Oph, that was tempting… “Alright… what kind of favor would that entail?” he asked, a bit cautious. He didn’t want to get dragged into some political shit, he liked his ‘just kind of here’ status. But she wasn’t glaring daggers at Jerry so he was a bit more relaxed than if he were talking with the bouncer still.

☢Jerry☢ looked at Isabella then Jalen then back to her, he felt useless in this and granted he didn’t eve need to be there but… well maybe it made Jalen feel better that he wasn’t alone.

<Isabella Rivani> rolls her shoulders. “I could use someone that is decent with investigation here and there to dig up information on deceased people for me so i can use that information to summon their spirits.”

☢Jerry☢ blinked. “Very blunt.” he commented. ‘Oh I just wanna summon ghosts no big deal.’ he hid his lips, at least what was left of them as he realized he said something and just looked away. “Sorry.” he said quietly.

Jalen seemed to relax a bit as what Isabella wanted was stated. “As long as I don’t get dragged into anything political,” he said. THen Jerry spoke up, being honest as usual and it wasn’t really the time, but he still appreciated his friend being there so he inched in front of Jerry a bit. “I’d be willing to do that kind of exchange,” he agreed, propelling the conversation forward, trying to gloss over that.

☢Jerry☢ looked worried as Jalen got more protective of him after his hiccup, but willing to do that exchange. He hoped he wouldn’t get into too much trouble.

<Isabella Rivani> nods her head. “Alright then. Give me a few days to set things up and then I’ll get in touch with you and we’ll take care of it.”

☢Jerry☢ sighed. He said ‘don’t’ sell your soul to the lady! It wasn’t that bad at least, but hopefully it doesn’t grow too much. He stepped back. “thank you for your time, Ms.”

“Thank you,” Jalen said, nodding as well. He paused. Wait a mintue. “You know a lot about ghosts, would you know anything about a ghost stalking someone, like, how to stop it? In particular, a malkavian?” he asked. He was here anyway…

☢Jerry☢ looked at Jalen and shot a glare. Really? Reeeeaaaalllly?

<Isabella Rivani> raised an eyebrow, but nodded. “If that is the case… being Malkavian, are you sure it is a ghost? I could send a ghost to look and see. If it is a ghost I can harm it and make it reconsider it’s options… killing them for good is difficult. If it is not a ghost but a trick of the mind, there is nothing I can do.”

“She mentioned that a Ventrue heard it as well,” Jalen added and realized this was more putting himself into more debt rather than information gathering. “What would that favor entail?” he asked, knowing she’d want something for that too, and just wanted to know what she wanted.

☢Jerry☢ just looked down and waited around for Jalen to stop bothering the scary woman. What was that one bar anyway? With the dude that wanted to see him? Fuck he forgot all about that. It wasn’t here thank god, that would have been awkward. He should probably care more about that but he didn’t.

<Isabella Rivani> looks between them and then shakes her head. “I would have to give that one some thought, but no worse than faking your death, in fact easier on me. So if you want me to, I’ll look into it.”

“I would appreciate if you did so, thank you,” Jalen nodded, relieved. “Just let me know at anytime if you want me to look into anyone, eh?” he confirmed. If that was it… the thing went a lot better than he’d thought it would.

☢Jerry☢ just wanted out of this place. He felt uneasy, and that giovanni type always made his skin crawl. Not that they meant to or he hated them more than others it was just something about them that was unsettling.

“Thanks for your time,” Jalen nodded, and headed out with Jerry. At least it was done now. He got them out of there before he took a breath. “Thank you for comign with me in there. I’m sorry I added that last bit last mintue,” he appologized.

☢Jerry☢ shook his head and just looked up at Jalen. “No it’s fine. And no problem, I wanna go home now. So I can bring you back with me or I can leave you here if you wanna walk around or whatever.”

“I’m pretty done for tonight. I’ll probably hang around the bar, though I’m not sure if I should or not yet…” he admitted.

☢Jerry☢ smiled. “Come on, you’ll be fine, lets go.” he said and headed to the car, hiding his face again as much as possible.

Jalen nodded and hopped in the car, glad that it was done and they were both okay. “I guess it’s a good thing that I wrote for an occult newspaper of all things, I suppose,” he chuckled, glad when they got back where kids were no longer staring at poor Jerry.