<Storyteller> The Asylum is fairly active this evening, and those moving about can see that a few cars are actually packing up as if to leave in the near future.

Lewis had come down from the library for the only other thing he enjoyed around here: the piano, when he noticed that everything was pretty active, so he went to go see if he could find someone to ask what was going on.

<Sascha> stands watch as a few of the Revenants are bringing some cases out from the Chapel and loading them into a van. She has her arms folded across her chest, and remains silent, but she doesn’t look thrilled.

<Fiona>  comes from the rec room, raising an eyebrow as she stumbles on the scene.

{Antol} catches sight of Lewis and gives him a nod as a small bus gets loaded with band equipment. “Evening. Any luck with that book yet?”

Anne stands leaning against the exterior walls of one of the buildings, watching the cars being prepared and really wishing she had a smoke.

“Ah, I believe I was reading it wrong at first, but I’ve made some headway. I should have latin learned fairly soon,” he informed. “So what’s all this about?” he asked, gesutring to everyone hurrying around.

<Fiona>  “I just got here, so it’s news to me.”

{Antol} smiles, his thin lips turning up as he adjusts the sword at his waist. His pointed ear twitching slightly. “The band is due for a round in Mexico in a few days, so we have to get back on the road. But we should be back in a couple of weeks. As for the Angels… I believe they are leaving in the other direction, headed for Montreal.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° was in the asylum, sitting in an old chair and running a wet stone over his sword. The rhythmic sssshk sound seemed to be comforting in some odd way.

<Sascha> sighs as one of the Revenants drops one of the cases and reaches down, picking it up and tossing it inside while he scurries away from her. “I hate travelling…”

Lewis blinked. “The band? So… who all is leaving? Is my… uh… pack… staying here?” he asked, confused. “And why are they leaving? I thought everyone lived here.”

<Fiona>  looks over at the noise, watching Talwar for a moment, before looking back to Lewis. “Well, I think it’s obvious. They have a gig in Mexico, but won’t be gone permanently.”

{Antol} nods his head softly without looking directly at Lewis. He runs his jet black eyes over Fiona for a moment, as if assessing her and then nods in agreement. “Nox Aegis is leaving, we are a Pack and a band. We go from city to city and often pass information along, but we stay here most often.”

“Wait, so who all is leaving?” Lewis asked. “We’re not all leaving, right?” Also, isn’t Nox Aegis the band he went to go see on halloween…?

Anne raises an eyebrow at the idea of a pack masquerading as a band. She surmises that it would work, considering that it provides a decent cover for nocturnal beings.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° stands up and slides the sword back into its sheath, and the wet rock disappears into some pocket on his person. “I believe I am staying. My work kept me busy from meeting some of you, but I will do what I can to assist here.”

{Antol} shakes his head, white hair brushing about his shoulders. “No, just my pack is leaving. And I believe the Angels are as well. And… Zaluut had to go home, so this place will be fairly quiet I imagine. That leaves the Feral Hearts on patrol duties, and the Orphans, and the remainder of the Watchers, and your pack, the Wardens.”

<Fiona>  “No, Lewis, we’re not all leaving. Besides…yeah, patrol duties.”

<Sascha> walks away from the van as they close it up, coming over to the group athered up and talking. She nods her head to Talwar and then to the others in turn. “Yeah well, at least Zaluut was going home and not away from it. I hate long trips and will be back as soon as I can. But I must talk to some people there. In person.”

They were leaving! Crazy man too! Yes! He managed to not grin. “Ah, that explains all the bags,” he realized, watching all the cars being packed.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° nodded back to Sascha and then glanced around at the others, observing their reactions.

<Fiona>  “Yes, Lewis. Congratulations on figuring out what their bags are for.”

Anne keeps her eyes on Talwar. He, at least, looked somewhat imposing, and she hadn’t seen him around before. Idly, she ponders what exactly his role is. Beyond using that sword, anyway.

<Kitt Bishop> comes bounding out from inside and skids to a halt on the steps, her white robes gently brushing the tops of her bare feet. “Oh! Uh, hi, guys?”, she says as she glances about the group.

“I just didn’t know who was leaving,” Lewis defended, looking at Fiona for a moment before back at Antol. “So that book… am I keepign that until I finish reading it, or…?” he asked. He looked over as Kitt came in and waved a bit friendily.

<Sascha> chuckles faintly to herself and then starts to head back off toward the van. “Alright then, I will be back as soon as I can. Try to stay out of trouble till i get back, all of you.”

“Might be a tall order,” Anne mutters to herself at Sascha’s farewell.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° smirks slightly. “‘Try’ is the key word. It leaves room for alternatives.”

{Antol} nods once and starts to walk toward where his pack seems to be gathering. “Yes, you may keep it until you have learned what you need from it.”

<Sascha> glances back at Anne and grins, then at Talwar. “How about, don’t leave me a mess to come back to?”

“That’s more manageable.” Anne grins back at Sascha.

<Fiona>  “Sure thing, chief.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° ‘s smirk grew wider. “Of course.”

Lewis made a note to add ‘tell Remond about these changes later’ to his list of things to do. Boy, his list kept growing.

<Kitt Bishop> looks between all of them and then slowly creeps over to where Lewis is standing, looking up at him and then tilting her head a bit as she examines Talwar curiously a moment.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° glances over at Kitt, observing her as she seems to be studying him. “Hello.”

<Fiona>  stretches and goes to lean against a wall.

<Storyteller> The gates at the end of the drive open and the three vans, two for Nox Aegis and one for the Angels head out, quickly moving down the old road and out of sight.

<Kitt Bishop> half-smiles. “Hello.”, she replies in friendly manner. She then glances back up at Lewis before her eyes turn toward the doors. “Lewis, have you seen Yevi tonight? I was actually looking for him before I found, well, you guys.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° watches them depart and then looks back toward the others. “Some of you, most of you left behind actually, are new faces to me. Perhaps we should introduce ourselves to each other sometime.”

<Fiona>  “Leaving so soon, are we?”

Hmm, probably should’ve joined the male in that music night thing while he still could. Oh well. “Hmm? Yevi? No, actually, I havn’t seen him for quite a while, I’ve been meaning to talk to him for a while now, need to know if he ever got those tools to fix the pool table,” Lewis shrugged. “Ah, my appologizes, I’m Lewis,” he introduced himself as someoen pointed out that they were new here in general.

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit in agreement with Talwar. “I’m Kitt.”

” Anne Savaşkar,” Anne grunts, giving a slight wave to Talwar.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I am Talwar.” He nodded and would now have names to faces.

“huh.” Anne’s eye flickers to his sword. “Seems appropriate.”

<Fiona>  “Fiona. Just Fiona, for now.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks down at her robes, then casts her eyes slowly over the others. “Well, uhm, now that we have that out of the way… uhm, what now?”

<Fiona>  “Friday night, bunch of people, let’s go paint the town red. NOT literally.”

Lewis looked at the people he was with at the moment. “Ah, I was under the impression that we were supposed to stay here until further notice,” Lewis pointed out.

“I’m all for the color red, but the kid raises a point.” Anne gestures at Lewis, “At least for our little pack.”

<Fiona>  “She said don’t leave a mess, not to stay here until further notice. And I meant, we go hang out in town.”

<Kitt Bishop> almost hops as she looks back at Lewis, then Anne, then Fiona. “Oh, no… well, the Wardens aren’t supposed to. Weren’t supposed to… I heard Zaluut talking to Michael and the uh, Arch Bishop earlier… and uh… yeah, we might get to go out, at least leave the grounds.”

“I don’t really think I trust myself around mortals,” Lewis said honestly, shaking his head no. “I’d rather stay here with my nerd activities,” he chuckled weakly. God, he wished Cleetus or Remond were here.

<Kitt Bishop> looks at Lewis and then nods again. “Well, you uhm… glow in the dark so not like you can go anywhere near people.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° looked at Lewis, checking what was supposedly not masquerade worthy, not that he cared much. (what is his description?)

“I have a feeling some of us might call attention to ourselves regardless.” Anne says with a slight smirk.

“Ah, I’d grown so used to it, I almost forgot,” Lewis realized with a slightly more relieved chuckle. And then looked a bit alarmed as Anne spoke up. “Well, ah, I’m sure you all will have plenty of fun. In the meantime, I have a piano calling my name, so, uh, you guys have fun,” he said, inching backwards, escaping.

<Fiona>  watches Lewis skitter off with an amused expression on her face, her single, cat-like eye watching the other kindred practically leave a dust cloud in his wake.

<Kitt Bishop> purses her lips a bit as she watches him going back inside. “Uhm, I could bring you back something if I go out?”, she calls after Lewis, her expression somewhat concerned.

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “Obfuscate could help you in the future.”

Lewis paused for a moment. “Uh, probably not, but thanks for asking,” Lewis gave a bit of a reassuring smile before heading back inside.

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head softly at that then sits down on the steps, wiggling her toes against the old concrete. “It feels all weird now.”

°¥ Talwar Khanna ¥° “I suppose the night out will have to wait then, at least for some of us. I am going to go work on some things.” Talwar would depart and find a room to go work on training some more and then check out the internet for whatever.

<Fiona>  looks at Kitt. “What does?”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head as she looks over the courtyard. “The whole place. I can’t explain it. It’s like, the aura of the place itself has changed.”

<Fiona>  “Well, thanks for the info?”

<Fiona>  “How exactly has the aura changed?”

<Kitt Bishop> frowns a bit as she tilts he head back, looking almost upside down at Fiona and Anne behind her. “Well, it’s like it’s gone static. before, it was almost alive, growing… now it’s still, dormant.”

<+MichaelM> “That doesn’t sound too pleasant.” Anne says with a frown. “Any idea what might’ve caused that?”

<Kitt Bishop> sits back up again and then she moves down the steps to run her hand in the grass a little as the edge of the main drive. “I am not sure but I think it might have something to do with Zaluut leaving. I think the building is sad.”, she says as if there were nothing weird about that at all.

“Huh. That’s a first.” Anne shifts to gaze up at the building proper. “Didn’t know buildings could get emotional.”

<Fiona>  “Well, apparently they can. First time for everything, right?”

<Kitt Bishop> looks back at them and then stands up, looking up at the building. “It’s not the same way we feel… but there are spirits there. Like when you have something you take care of, a doll, a blade even and your energy attaches to that, gives it a life of it’s own.”

<Fiona>  looks a bit intrigued at the mention of spirits.

<Kitt Bishop> reaches down again and plucks up a blade of grass, looking at it. “Zaluut is teaching me about the spirits of the elements. It’s a little different than how I used to talk to ghosts, but not by much really.”

<Fiona>  “Is he a good teacher?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit as she looks back to Fiona. “Yeah. Though i suppose that is subjective.”

<Fiona>  “Fair enough. I suppose both of us will have good discussions on the topic when he gets back.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks back at her blade of grass as she rubs it between her fingers lightly. “So what kind of things do you study? Or, like to do?”, she says and walks slowly back up the steps toward the doors.

<Fiona>  “Robotics, mainly.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head a bit as she takes that in. “Cool. Like building them or just studying how they work and stuff?”

<Fiona>  “A combination of the two.”

<Kitt Bishop> glances back over the building again and then opens the main door to head back inside. “That sounds neat. I am gonna go, I should probably go find Yevi. But maybe we’ll get to go out tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind a brief change in scenery, though I haven’t explored all of this place yet.”

<Fiona>  gives her a nod, before moving inside after the door’s open and Kitt heads inside. She has a date with the library.

<Fiona>  steps into the library, taking a look around at the shelves.

Lewis was in the back, leafing through a thick book on latin. He seemed to be very concentrated, or very used to people coming in and out of the library, so he didn’t glance up when someone entered.

<Fiona>  “Well, surprise, surprise.”

Lewis looked up for a moment as someone actually spoke and waved a little bit, but went right back to reading, looked like he was almost done with whatever he was reading.

<Fiona>  raises an eyebrow, before walking a bit closer and looking for the section on mechanics/robotics, if there was any.

After reading a few more moments, Lewis closed the book again sighing as he was finally done. Now to just face that book. He glanced up to see that Fiona was still wandering about. “Looking for something?” he asked, standing up and carefully putting away the book to its proper shelf and place.

<Fiona>  “Mechanics or robotics.”

“Ah, well, they don’t have much on manuels as I can see, but they have a few textbooks,” Lewis informed, showing her a shelf he’d managed to find on the subject. “Of course, I don’t have a whole lot to tinker with, so I didn’t look at them all specifically, so maybe you’ll eb able to find something,” he shrugged.

<Fiona>  “We’ll see, I guess.”

“Yup,” Lewis smiled friendily. “Anyway, I’ll be doing some more reading, but if you need to find anythign else, let me know and I’ll see if I can find it,” he said.

<Fiona>  looks at the book he was reading before looking back at him. “I will.”

Lewis nodded and went to sit down to try and start deciphering the book.

<Fiona>  “So, what exactly are you reading, and for what purpose?

“Well, I’m reading this book about my clan, the Kaisyd, since I don’t know a whole lot about it. Like I said, new vamp. Everyone in my clan was human a few weeks ago… I’m thinking of trying to read up on their languages and clans as well once I’m done with this just so I understand everyone better,” Lewis explained.

<Fiona>  “Mind if I take a look, or will you try and punch me if I do?”

“Well obviously I’m not going to do that, but the uh… person who made me, sire, I think theyr’e called…? Uh, he said not to let people outside the ‘clan’ to look at the contents. He said there’s something in there that can mess with people, uh, something about trying to solve a puzzle indefinately…?” Lewis informed, trying to remember how exactly, the guy had put it… “Well, it was something like that,” he chuckled. “So, I would, but, uh, it doesn’t sound like a good idea.”

<Fiona>  shrugs.

“So did you find anything useful over there?” Lewis asked.

<Fiona>  “One or two things. I might have to look online.”

“Ah, yeah, I’d help but that’s restricted for now. Thankfully I’m still allowed to use a computer and program, otherwise even all these books wouldn’t be enough to keep me occupied,” Lewis chuckled. “Hope you find what you’re looking for, though.”

<Fiona>  “Time will tell.”

<Fiona>  heads out

Lewis continues to read though the book until he starts to get tired, at which point he retires to what he figured was kind of the ‘pack common room’, stopped by his room to swap his book for his computer, and started writing down his thoughts for the night before heading to bed.