<Beth> appears to be a woman in her late 20s early 30s with long brown hair in a ponytail and clothes that at the moment have seen better days. Jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket all a bit torn up and covered in mud and possibly even blood as she helps carry another woman who looks way worse off up the steps of the communal. “No, you are going to stay here and fucking rest.”, she says to the other woman who is growling and appears to be missing a leg.

<Fiona>  raises an eyebrow as she opens the front door of the communal area, single eye focusing on the duo making their way up the steps of the asylum. Fiona looks to be in her early to mid 20s, and is wearing a hoodie, jeans and motorcycle boots, her hair loose around her back.

>Laura< “I don’t suppose we can write it off as a flesh wound?”, the smaller woman grumbles as she hops up the steps, only strips of her left leg remaining, taken off just above the knee. She has blone hair and strange honey-colored eyes, as well as a full set of whiskers (like an animal) on her face. Her features are sharp and feral, and a long catlike tail swishes angrily behind her.

<Beth> nods to Fiona as she holds the door, nudging Laura to a place to sit. “I don’t think so. And taunting that thing was stupid as fuck. Lupines are faster than they look for thier size.”, she says with an almost motherly tone as she pulls away from Laura to have a btter look at the wounds. “You’re lucky it was just the leg.”

>Laura< also nods to Fiona as she passes and then gets sat down on a bench just inside the main hall. “Well, it was that or let it eat one of you guys. I just didn’t realize how high it could jump.”

<Fiona>  “You decided to fucking taunt a lupine? Really?”

<Beth> stands up fully and rolls her shoulders as she regards Fiona, then Laura. “Yes, she did. There shouldn’t have been any around this close and it caught us by surprise coming out of the spirit world, but she gave the rest of us time to get away from it. She just didn’t choose a big enough tree.”, she says still half angry. She turns her attention back to Fiona, “I’m Beth. Ductus of the Feral Hearts.”

>Laura< looks down at her leg, picking off some little hanging bits and dropping them on the floor. “I’m Laura. I don’t know what had that thing all riled up but it was not in a good mood to begin with.”

<Fiona>  gives Beth a nod before looking at Laura. “Let’s hope we never find out. And the name’s Fiona.”

<Beth> smiles a little bit and nods once more. “Ahhh, the transfer. They said you’re an Ahrimane, really?”, she says before nabbing one of the few wandering servants who decided to get nosy. “Hey, go to the store room and get her some food, clean stuff.”, she orders as she gestures toward Laura.

<Fiona>  “Yeah, I am. Met Muricia a few years ago and don’t regret it for a damn second.”

>Laura< watches the guy head off to go get some blood and leans back against the wall a bit as she watches the other two curiously, eyes shrinking down to cat-like slits.

<Beth> nods and then looks back to Fiona. “Good. I understand you all have a kind of shamanistic approach to spirits? I know a little… but not a lot about it. Our pack is sort of the default patrol pack around here… we’re all used to the forest in one way or another.”

<Fiona>  “We do, yeah. Takes the new ones a few weeks or months to learn the process, though. And yeah, I’m includin’ myself in that, since it took me a month and a half to learn.”

<Beth> “Well, it seems as though you’ll fit in. And you seem to have the sense not to antagonize a Lupine without a proper escape route.”, she says with a bit of a smirk as she looks over at Laura again. “You miss, are grounded till that grows back. Don’t leave the grounds.”

>Laura< frowns a bit but nods her acceptance. When the servant returns and laves a couple of clay jars nearby before retreating, she opens them up and gives them a sniff before drinking. “Yes, Ma’am.”, she says finally.

<Fiona>  “So, since I’m going to be joining your pack, anything I should know about the members? Personality-wise, etc.”

<Beth> rolls her shoulders again and gestures for Fiona to follow her as she starts to walk outside. “Well, Laura is Gangrel and has the temperment of a damn cat… Vella is our Priest, which might seem weird as she is a Brujah so making her mad might not be in anyone’s best interest. Sarah is a Serpent, pretty laid back. We have a few safe places set up out there, look for these…”, she says as she starts to draw some symbols on the ground that look Native American in origin. “This one is for shelter, and this one is for good hunting in the area. This one is a warning.”

<Beth> “We do some running back and forth, you’re welcome to come on runs with us. These are mostly for if we are seperated. We do have a pack house here on the grounds as well, though we hardly use it.”

<Fiona>  begins to follow Beth, unzipping her hoodie as she follows the older woman, listening intently to what she has to say before taking note of the symbols being drawn “Gotcha. And I probably will.”

<Beth> looks thoughtful, eyes glancing back toward the door. “I am not sure which bothers me more… the fact that we saw a Lupine this close to us, or that it was alone. It’s not like a single one to attack a group of us like that.”

<Fiona>  “Probably keeping watch, or was exiled.”

<Beth> nods her head softly as she looks back toward Fiona, then toward the main gates. “The others will be back later tonight. They remained to make sure we weren’t followed back, in case there were more we didn’t see. When they get back you can join us for Vaulderie.”

<Fiona>  looks to Beth and gives her a nod of understanding. “Alright. I’ll go check out the library for a bit. See y’all later.”

<Beth> smiles and before turning to go back and check on her wounded packmate. “See you later.”