Jalen thought about what Jerry had suggusted, and just hoped that it went okay. Sure, he didn’t have a problem with Nosferatu but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t have a problem with him… But the fact taht he was leaving behind a wife and kid really nagged at him, not much he could do, but it made him feel bad, even if he didn’t remember them. Jalen was so lost in his thoughts that he wasn’t really paying attention to where he was walking, and so he ended up wandering.

<Storyteller> The streets are filled with thick fog again this evening, it’s something that creeps in from the shore and stays along the ground… oddly enough clinging low enough to see over the top of which just makes it all seem that much more creepy. It’s maybe three feet deep, but deeper in lower-laying areas.

Kara stepped out of her workplace and startled lightly at the abrupt change of lighting. Either her hours were getting longer, or the days were getting shorter. Probably both, she groused as she began the jog home. She resolved herself to a little bit of wandering beforehand. All the stress had been getting to her lately, and though she wasn’t fond of the fog, she was less fond of falling back into her grad school habits of too much coffee and too little exercise.

Jalen came back to himself as he realized there was so much fog around, and at first thought he might be near a late-halloween rave or something, but it only seemed to be a fog… weird… Since he’d already wandered some, he decided to continue and kept wandering around, watching as evening joggers made their way around. Made him wonder why anyone would want to be out here so late, but, whatever.

<Storyteller> The fog has little currents and swirls in it… and from time to time you could swear that something moves in it from time to time as if under the surface of water.

Arthur raises his arms dramatically at the fog,”Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air.”

Kara keeps a steady pace as she moves through the fog, relying on her mental map of the city and the street sign she could occasionally make out to keep track of where she was. Unfortunately, her glasses were in her pocket due to the heavy fog, and she found herself nearly running headlong into someone because of it.

“Oh, goodness!” She gasps, “I am so, *so* sorry. I didn’t see you.”

Arthur falling over,”Ooof”

<Storyteller> When Arthur falls into the fog it appears that something scurries away, staying just out of sight in the mist around their feet.

Jalen looked up from the wierd as fog to a weird ass human who… seemed to be enjoying the fog? He wasn’t quite sure. Then another mortal ran into the weird one. “Kinda hard to see the sidewalk cracks when its covered by fog,” Jalen commented, but paused as he notices something sccury away… odd. He wished he remembered all of his human years, so he’d be able to tell if he ran across this sort of thing before. “You two alright?” he asked, walking closer to the mortals.

“It is quite alright. The mists render one as blind as Tiriesius of the days of old. Yonder, do you hear that sound? Some small creature scurries nearby.”  Arthur nods to him in the darkness,”Quite alright, but let us keen our senses for this creature.”

“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.” Kara says, giving Jalen a polite nod before turning back to Arthur. “Oh, fie.” Kara mutters to herself as she recognizes his appearance and vernacular. “I…I think I remember you. Arthur, right?”

Jalen nodded back as the female thanked him. “You mean whatever lizard is wandering around, searching for food? I’m sure if we just stay noisy, it’ll back off,” he shrugged off the male’s concerns of a creature. He was quiet once again as it seemed the two mortals knew one another somehow. Kind of interesting, he supposed.

<Storyteller> The fog is still and silent save for a bit of wind blowing the top of it, it blows a few leaves from the nearby trees by, headed toward the shore.

“Does…does anyone else see that?” Kara mutters, her eyes darting across the bank of fog surrounding her. “The fog…it’s moving away from the wind…”

Jalen looked at the fog and shrugged. “Probably just thick,” he commented. Jeez, why were these mortals so jumpy?

“Fog is often said to be a bridge between worlds my friend. You never know what could be hiding in the shadows.”

Esmond had been walking to jog his memory and gas was getting too expensive to waste, the town had become rather rotten with fog all of a sudden and when he stumbled across a few familiar faces he stopped and coughed. “Weather tonight’s reaaaal shitty.”

Jalen nodded. “Yeah, should’ve been around at halloween, then it’d fit in a bit better. I suppose that’s the weather, though,” he shrugged.

“Oh,” Kara turns at the sound of a new voice, her concentration momentarily broken. “Hey.” She pales slightly at the sight of the new arrival, but manages to put up a mostly calm smile. “Esmond, right?”

<Storyteller> The fog swirls again between them, as if something large but unseen just slithered through it.

“I can’t believe you’d forget my name.” He replies to Kara before waving to the Grel that seemed to be blending in quite well. His eyes followed the swirling fog between them and he wrinkled his nose and lit a cigarette. “You all look quite spooked. At least for a typically foggy night.” he commented, taking a drag, the exhale becoming invisible in the thick fog.

“Y-yeah. Jumpy.” Kara switches her gaze from Esmond to the fog and back, wondering which presence should unnerve her more.

“Spooked? Nah, just wondering if the sewer rumors are true. Keep hearing some kind of lizard crawling aorund, can’t see it though cause its so short,” Jalen explained, deciding now it was a lizard so these mortals would calm down already.

Jalen paused and looked, down, confused as he felt something and lifted his foot before shrugging and placing it down again.

“It’s new orleans, it all runs into the ocean, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a gator or ten crawling around in there.” He answered Jalen but watching Kara, she seemed kinda scared that he had arrived or maybe it was just the fog playing tricks with him.

Arthur nods,”Yes, although it is wyrd that we all ended up together like this… almost as if our fates were predestined for this.”

“Predestined to get lost in fog? I’m not sure Homer would enjoy writing about such epic escapades.” He scoffed, taking another heavy drag while looking at the new face.

Kara continued to peer into the fog, her uncertainty at Esmond’s presence momentarily abated by her own curiosity. No, there *was* something moving in the mist. She may not be a meteorologist, be she was fairly certain how air currents were supposed to behave.

Jalen looked at Arthur and then Esmond and decided to focus on what Kara was doing, since she seemed the most nervous. “So you a jogger?” he asked her, since he couldn’t htink of any other reason why a woman would be running around at this time of night.

Arthur squeams loudly and jumps,”Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! What in the name of all of the Courts was that?!”

“Forensic scientist,” She responds, more out of habit than anything, “I, er, jog, yeah.” She snaps around as Arthur shouts. “What’s wrong?”

“Something… slimy and wet… like the tentacle of a squid just brushed my leg!” exclaims Arthur in response, his exaggerated movements visible even in the fog

Esmonds brow raised at the effeminate sound and he stared the boy over. “You guys are on a goddamn hair trigger.” He mumbled, taking a little more nicotine in while he observed.

<Storyteller> As a swirl moves past Esmond in the fog, an audible hiss can be heard clearly though it seems to come out of the fog from everywhere.

“Ah, I–” Jalen began to respond when Arther starts yelling about something. He looked to the male as he explained what he felt. Weird. “Well, either way standing in the fog isn’t doing any good, I suggust we get going at least,” he suggusted. “You guys need any help getting home?” he asked, since… well, he figured he’d offer.

“I was headed… well it doesn’t matter. I think we are overdue to exit this stage. Any suggestions for the next scene of this drama? I’d prefer it not be the stomach of that creature…”

“Jalen, I wouldn’t really advise moving” the ventrue said wearily, he’d already seen some shit and met his quota for the week, what in the fuck is going on here? His head followed where he thought the wisp went and when he heard the hiss he quirked his head a little. This better not have anything to do with snakes.

Jalen stopped as Esmond suggusted against that. “What, you hear it too, now?” he asked.

Kara continues to peer into the fog until Jalen speaks. When she does, she gets the same wide-eyed look in her eyes that she gave Esmond upon seeing him again. Her face grows still more pale as she glances between Jalen and Esmond.

Esmond just plainly nodded, filling his already dead lungs with a drag of the cigarette and throwing what was left of it onto the ground and stomping on it. Kara looked like she had seen a dead body and he watched her closely, panicky humans were never good and he didn’t want her to run into the fog and die.

<Storyteller> The fog starts to deepen, blowing in against the wind coming from the direction of the water and swallowing them all up inside of it. Soon, everything is locked up in a grey blur.

Esmond was suddenly blinded by the rush of the billowy gray mist, and managed to keep his cool, this was probably the last thing he wanted to happen tonight. “Nobody move, you’re just gonna get lost or walk into something.” he didn’t call out since they had to be still infront of him.

Jalen looked to Kara as she seemed to be looking at them as if she were very worried. “What? What’s wrong?” he asked.

<Storyteller> The group are close enough to see each other, but anything more than about 10 feet is almost totally obscured.

“Y-you…you two…” she stutters before the fog rolls forth an engulfs them all. Kara gives a start as it does, and turns about, unable to see much of anything through it.

Esmond had finally caught on since she singled both Jalen and himself out and he wanted to nip this in the bud as soon as possible but before he could gather his thoughts and make her forget what she was thinking he yanked his leg up off the ground out of the fog. “If that was one of you guys, I’m warning you these are new shoes but I won’t mind putting them up someones ass if they touch me like that again.” the vampire warned.

Arthur shakily yells out,”Whatever you are if you come near me, you’re going to get burned! I have a weapon!”

Oh jeez… Jalen sighed and simply looked around, trying to see if he could inch away from the crazy human and not get burned again. Already had one psycho try that already… Didn’t need a repeat.

“Oh, this isn’t happening,” Kara hisses mournfully, “I would take schizophrenia in an instant.”

Kara continues to try and peer into the fog, but her poor eyesight can’t make anything out.

Arthur braces himself and attempts to peer into the shroud. If regular eyesight fails him perhaps he can see through it on the spirit side.

Kara flinches and starts for a moment, then turns to stare back at the ground behind her.

<Storyteller> As Jalen steps backward he steps on something and there’s a yeowling noise and then hissing as something small scrambles around him.

Jalen stays still as soemthing seems to be running around him. He was reeeally hoping it was just a normal ass cat or raccoon at this point.

Arthur begins to sway and sing,”Yo, yo haul together, Hoist the colours high, heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die…”

Jalen blinks as he sees the animal. Last time he messed with a cat Roxy got upset at him, beast got upset at Roxy, and something else got upset at Roxy, so he wanted to back up again, but this time he just shuffled his foot back, not lifting it, just scootching it back, seeing if he could make any headway that way.

Esmond looks toward the source of the hissing noise and crouches down to see if he can grab whatever made it, time to show these humans there were scarier things than cats in the fog.

Arthur continues singing and wanders around as if drunk,”Now some have died, and some are alive, and others sail on sea, with the keys to the cage, and the Devil to pay, we lay to Fiddler’s Green.”

<Storyteller> Esmond grabs hold of a hissing, yowling, and all around very pissed off at being grabbed black cat.

At least he was right he thought to himself as he held it by the scruff, holding it at arms length. “See, scaredy cats” Well aware that he had made a very good joke he grinned to the others, attempting to give it a small pat on the head but deciding against it with how feisty it seemed.

“Probably been wandering around in the fog,” Jalen commented looking around to see if the fog was clearing. He really just wanted to move on from here, he just came outside to think. He took another hesitant step, to see if there was another ‘cat’.

<Storyteller> The fog starts to lighten up a bit, slowly moving back toward the water once more.

Kara turns at the sound of a hissing and yowling cat being lifted up. Her expression doesn’t seem any less frightened, but forces her posture to relax slightly. As the fog begins to lighten, she takes a few steps away from Esmond. “Y-yeah.” She chuckles nervously. “I guess it was nothing after all. I, er…I should go, now.”

“Why don’t I walk you home?” Esmond asked, still smiling as he released the cat and stood back up. Patting off a little cat hair on his cuff while looking back toward the small woman. “I’m not saying you can’t handle yourself, I just have some questions to ask you about some things.” Esmond clarified, quickly lighting up while he watched the fog dissipate.

Jalen looked at Esmond weirdly as he seemed… quite excited to escourt the lady. “Well, if you’ve got that handled…” he said, deciding that crazy… drama man could probably confuse the hell out of anyone who tried to mug him and get away easily.

“N-no. That’s…that’s fine.” Kara continues backwards, beginning to fish in her purse for something. “I’ll…I’ll just go.”

Arthur finishes singing as the fog dissappears. He walks over to Kara,”Such a purrty lass… Wouldn’t ye like to go home with a real ship Captain instead?… Those are funny clothes ye be wearing.”He hiccups.

“Are you sure?” he asked, motioning to Arthur being a weirdo. “I assure you, you’ll be safe.” He said, pushing the issue to his amusement.

Arthur takes a deep breath and straightens up,”I think I need a drink, rum anyone? What say ye?”

“I think she’ll feel better if she goes home without any men at the moment, guys,” Jalen suggusted since.. Esmond was being weird and drama man was being weirder.

“I’ll be alright. I just need to get back to my lab. Apartment. My apartment.” Kara continues back slowly before muttering; “though a few drinks are definitely called for.”

“What kind of pussyfooted yellow-livered man allows such a lovely lady to wander home unescorted?! The gentlemanly thing is to buy her some drinks and take her home! Would ye leave this lady unguarded for some other fellow to steal her dignity in some dark alley by the light of the oil lanterns?”

“If you say so.” He gave Jalen a look, was the boy really that thick to not have noticed her strange demeanour toward them both, she must have known something. “I might get a drink on the way home too, pretty scary night, cats, fog and this guy” he motioned toward Arthur again. “Just be careful, you never know if that cat was the only spooky thing you encounter tonight.” Esmonds tone was implicative but he decided to relinquish the chase.

“Cats?! There be witches afoot! Them is bad luck! Any sailor worth his salt knows that!”

Arthur appears to be worried and begins to head off towards the harbor,”I best be heading back to me ship then! I don’t want any curses be cast on me by the devil’s whores.”

Kara takes advantage of Esmond and Arthur’s conversation to slip away, hurrying back to her own apartment a bit faster than was entirely necessary. She needed a locked door between her and the rest of the world, a stiff drink, and to curl up under the covers. Then…then she had research to do.

Jalen watched, mildly interested as the woman scurried away. He wasn’t sure what she knew about him and Esmond, but he figured that couldn’t be blamed on him, so he was goign to ignore it. “Right… see you guys some other time,” he waved sightly and headed off elsewhere to go think.

Esmond was left standing in the street dragging on his cigarette, he took a seat on the closest bench and checked his watch. It was still ticking the same beat that Roxy had given it in his early weeks of New orleans. Sunrise was in a few hours, he would have to find a meal and then crawl into bed for the evening, making sure not to wake Cora.