<Fiona>  comes up from the room where she stays, wearing a t-shirt under a leather jacket, jeans and boots, the one-eyed woman taking a look around.

☮Remond☮ was outside, sitting at a bench and starring at the cloudy sky. He was softly singing a french song though it was barely a mumble with how quiet he was, his gaze sad, like a kicked puppy.

<Fiona>  stretches, rolling her shoulders, before making her way outside and looking at Redmond. “Someone killed your kitten?”

☮Remond☮ paused and looked over. “Oh, no. Sorry just deep in thought.” he blinked. “Oh you’re the one girl from the other night.” he smiled, very charming, he had a pretty face definitely but something about it was almost a little off putting. “I’m Remond. Sorry I couldn’t introduce or say hi before hand, I was a bit busy.” he bowed his head a bit. Friendly at least, then again he was so damn friendly and nice people could easily make a buck betting he would fall for the crocodile tears of a child.

<Fiona>  raises an eyebrow in response, something amused in her expression as she walks over to him. “I look like a girl to you?”

☮Remond☮ now looked extremely worried. “er, yes? Are you a boy? should I stick with the term they, and just go gender neutral?” he looked around as if trying to find a way out of this awkward situation, here he was moping about how he was a terrible leader, and now he’s a terrible socialite.

<Fiona>  just stops walking to look at Remond oddly. “……..”

☮Remond☮ stared right back at her, he moved over the other side of the bench. “God all these fucking pricks fucking with my head, look if you’re here to mock me, or whatever could you just hold off for today?” he asked. “like tomorrow is fine but today I just want to settle down after all this shit.” He was confused, and why was almost every other person here just not answering him or explaining anything? He just wanted a normal person to show their face at least once.

<Fiona>  raises the other eyebrow in response to Redmond’s swearing, remaining where she is. “Well, ain’t you got quite the mouth on you. And no, I wasn’t fucking with you. I asked, do I look like a girl to you? If you assumed I look like a boy, that’s on you.” Also, she looks to be in her late twenties, probably older than the other man.

☮Remond☮ blinked and just rolled his eyes. “Okay.” he gave up. “Yes I have a mouth, I haven’t exactly been peachy since I got kidnapped, and then played with.” he thought about her gender comment. “Yeah, you look like a normal female to me. I mean your eye is kinda weird, but I’ve seen worse at this point.” what does she want from him? Not as bad as Athena, mind you, but this one– all the girls here are crazy, thats just it.  It has to be, except beth, she was fine.

<Fiona>  “Kidnapped, huh? Sounds like an interesting story.”

☮Remond☮ glared and refused to answer then. Nobody would understand, he was still clinging to what he knew, not what he knows now. He loves his group, he also wishes he could leave and go find his sister, or try to. He wishes people weren’t stuck up pricks. “Do you want something?” he asked.

<Fiona>  “Just came out for a walk and saw you.”

☮Remond☮ blinked and just held the bridge of his nose in his fingers. “Okay. So… you come here, confuse me and make me feel bad for calling you a girl, then be confused why I’m confused, now you’re just poking me with a stick at this point.” he asked, trying to confirm if he got everything straight.

<Fiona>  “Call it boredom or curiosity, whichever you wish. And I’m pretty sure I was being straightforward, but you’re just overcomplicating things.”

☮Remond☮ shook his head. “I siply apologized for seeming rude before, then you brought up your gender! I did nothing of the sort of making this exchange complicated.” he retorted as a matter of factly/

<Fiona>  “Fine. Let me make this clear and simple. I’m a woman. Not a girl. Okay?”

<Fiona>  “This had nothing to do with my gender. You made it that way.”

☮Remond☮ blinked and grinned. “OOOOH!” he clapped once. “(french) fucking hell, that’s all this was?” he looked back at her and chuckled. “Alright, a woman. Sorry Eglish isn’t my first language and I used the term girl as the fact that you are the kind with the vagina.” he said in a cheerful tone.

☮Remond☮ rolled his neck and shoulders. “You said ‘do I look like a girl to you’ I’m sorry I’ve met trans people that take this the wrong way.”

<Fiona>  just watched him, putting her hands in her pockets and saying nothing for a little while.

☮Remond☮ tilted his head as she just seemed done with him. He was fine with that and just went back to starring at the sky. He debated saying anything more but she was quiet, so he may as well be too, enjoy the silence.