[Storyteller] A thunderstorm can be heard off in the distance.

Jalen sighed as he walked down the road. Shit, he had a freakin’ daughter, probably waiting at home, wondering where her daddy was. Fuck, that tore at him like nothing else… Before he felt he was ready, he had made it to the Roadside Cross. “Well, lets see if Jerry had a plan other than ‘I have amnesia so I don’t love you guys anymore’,” Jalen mumbled to himself and entered, giving a little wave to Jerry before he remembered and took out the ball from his pocket. “The bartender at Belle’s told me that you have a debt of some sort with him, but he let me take it,” he informed, passing it to Jerry once he was paying attention.

<Jerry> blinked and smiled as his friend came in. “Thought the rain was gonna catch ya.” he said and grinned brightly at the ball he took it, looked it over. “Oh finally!” he blinked as he just now realized a ‘debt’ fucking asshole I’ll shove this ball back down his throat.” he growled. “I owe him nothing.” he retorted with a snort and put the ball back in its rightful place, removing the fake ass three ball.

“I was just telling you what he told me,” Jalen informed, his hands in the air. He smiled a bit at the male’s familiar slight anger. “If I may ask, what did he mean by that?” he asked, curious and hoping to distract himself a bit from what was next.

☢Jerry☢ shrugged. “Not sure, but fuck ’em.” he said simply. “He’ll come here himself if he wants to play that game, I don’t listen to threats through the mouth of a middleman.” he paused for a moment, some bitch he’ll deal with later is not is concern right now, his concern was Jalen.

Jalen smiled at Jerry’s attitude and sighed as he realized Jerry was waiting for him to say what he really didn’t want to. “Um… I did some research, and, um… Well, me and this woman, uh, Sarah, were highschool sweethearts aparantly… and we had a daughter named Launa,” he explained, rubbing his face. “If it was just a woman, it wouldn’t be as bad, but… fuck, I made a daughter man!” he laid his head on the bar, frustrated. What on earth was he going to do?

☢Jerry☢ blinked. He sighed and rubbed jalen’s shoulders. ‘made’ a daughter? at least he knew how it happened, he guessed. “Well, uhm… I don’t know.” he admitted. “we could fake your death, thats not too hard. getting out is the problem.”

“I don’t see how else to solve it… If I show up again that implies that something can be worked out…” Jalen sighed. “You’d think if you forget your human issues would just stop bugging you.”

☢Jerry☢ sighed looking concerned for Jalen. “Unfortunately thats not how that works. The issue is how do we fake your death and get you out of the morgue? You realize you’d be on your own, yes?”

“Yeah, I know… Makes me wonder how often bodies go missing, but… I don’t see an alternative,” Jalen said honestly. “I guess I’ll try watching the morgue for a while, figure out when the best time to escape would be…” Jalen decided, not liking that idea whole lot as it seemed that it danced on the masquerade a bit, but….

What else could they do? Being mean wouldn’t work, Jalen would ear himself apart. jerry could lie and inform the Mrs that Jalen died but then she may want a funeral and… all sorts of shit. Jalen could be honest and explain he has amnesia, but that’s a pain and she would never leave him alone either. What about child support? No that was selfish thinking. “I guess so. I’ll see who I can talk to. May have to get close to the nosferatu buddies again. They sneak and cant be seen by people, perhaps you could learn something or get help.”

“Maybe, could try talking to Emma, see if she knows any way to do that or someone who could help,” Jalen agreed softly.

☢Jerry☢ shook his head. “No not her. I like her but she’s uh… unexperienced.. from what I understood what she told me, she was in a tomb for a long ass time. I doubt she’s ever been to a morgue.”

“Oh, good point,” Jalen nodded. “I could go seek out the local Nosferatu… Offer them a favor or something… I don’t know if they’d take too kindly to a gangrel asking for a favor,” Jalen thought and chuckled as he remembered his and Jerry’s first meeting. “What do you think? You mentioned that your ah…. whatcha ma call it was a Nosferatu, right?” he asked.

☢Jerry☢ laughed softly as Jalen expressed he’d go try to find them. “I’ll come with you, I at least have a slight title of ‘okay’ with them. They will take favors and hold them to our throat, so be careful what you’re getting into with that. But if anybody knows how to get out unseen of places, its them.” he praised almost as he thought of them.

“Ah, yeah, probably better if you came, I don’t mind doing a favor for someone, as long as it doesn’t get me in too much trouble, y’know? And… well, I’d say you’re one of 3 people I really trust in this town,” Jalen admitted. “I’m relying on you a lot durring this, so… thanks,” he smiled, being pretty open and honest with Jerry at the moment.

☢Jerry☢ nodded, giving a soft smile. “Don’t worry about it. We’re friends, I’m sure during my rough times you’d help me.” he said. “Just don’t get me killed.” he winked.

“Of course,” Jalen grinned and chuckled as Jerry asked him not to get him killed. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let you get hurt by a couple of kindred if I could help it,” he replied.

☢Jerry☢ chuckled. “Too be frank, against a couple of kindred, you’ll get your ass kicked. but I’ll help you talk to the nosferatu. I do plenty for them for free practically hopefully they don’t get too upset. They may not like me bringing company though… just dont make any strange faces at them, please?”

“I try to be very polite when I meet people! Not my fault people don’t like a guy in a beard,” Jalen joked. “Anyway, no, I promise I’ll be good. Don’t really have a problem with Nosferatu. Don’t like the fancy-looking kindred, to be honest. Kinda off putting, ya know?”

☢Jerry☢ snickered. “Yeah, I get what you mean. Most damn pretties get to sparkle like a disco ball, all of them for some reason can just pick you up and crush your skull…” he rolled his eyes and went back to cleaning, grumbling angrily about how ventrue always complaining about bloodstains in their clothing, and toreador just plain creepy with their ‘artistic view of modern beauty’.

Jalen chuckled as Jerry got what he meant and started grumbling in what he had started to refer to as the ‘Jerry murmur’ since he was usually grumbling about something or another. He realized that he now felt a lot better about the situation than when he had walked in 10 minutes ago. “Thanks again, Jerry,” he said. Speaking of which… “Hey, random question, but you wouldn’t happen to know anything about stalker ghosts, would you?” he asked.

☢Jerry☢ looked at Jalen again with a raised eyebrow. “Stalker ghost? Ghost don’t stalk, for one, they haunt. They usually haunt someone who fucked up, why you don’t grave dance or use ouija boards without saying goodbye at the end.” he shrugged.

“Mmm, Yeah, Roxy said she’s been having something following her around and whispering to her. I figured I’d try and look into it,” Jalen explained. “You know anyone who may understand what’s going on a bit better?” he asked.

☢Jerry☢ hummed in thought. “I don’t really, but we do have a lot of paranormal investigators around town for whatever reason, people super into ghosts, I’m sure you could find somebody online who could explain something to you.”

Jalen nodded. “It’d be a matter of searching around, but I’m sure I’d find something eventually… I’ll try that out, then, thanks Jerry,” he smiled at his friend. “So you want any help closing up?” he offered, since he was about ready for bed, otherwise.

☢Jerry☢ shook his head. “you have a lot on your mind, I got it for tonight.” he assured, continuing to clean up. “I’ll talk with you tomorrow and set up a time to go visit them.” he bowed his head since he couldn’t wave, his hands were busy.

“Alright, thanks,” Jalen smiled. “I’ll see ya tomorrow, then,” he waved and headed upstairs before crashing on his bed.