Lewis sighed as he entered the front room, retreating to his piano. Well, not his, but still. After tonights episode he needed some comfort, then he’d go back to the library where he’d be able to make himself fell less useless. He slowly sat down at the instrument and began playing. Getting lost in something was always a good way to de-stress for him.

<Fiona>  would be checking out the halls of the asylum, wearing http://www.polyvore.com/uma/set?id=180544349 minus the jacket, and would eventually make her way into the front room, single unnerving eye looking around.

Lewis soon started going with a soothing melody. Bit of a sad song, but he liked how it sounded on the piano. He realized there were other people in the room, but he mostly ignored them, used to being listened to. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFa-de_gnAg)

<Fiona>  stopped to look at Lewis, watching the musician tap away at the keys.

Lewis continued to play a few more songs, a bit more cheerful ones, but he seemed to be relaxing the longer he went on and his fingers flew more easily too. Finnally he stopped and turned around to see his audience and smiled. “Oh, hey, I’m Lewis. I don’t believe we’ve met,” he said, standing up to go greet the person he didn’t know but also wasn’t one of the asses that transformed them all. Hopefully not one of Escapee’s lackeys… God, he didn’t like that man.

<Fiona>  moved to take a seat while she listened to Lewis play, still watching the brunette. When he finished and stood, she didn’t move a muscle, gaze tracking him as he came over to her and introduced himself. “Name’s Fiona.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Fiona,” Lewis said chipperly. He seemed to be in a much better mood than a few hours ago when hunting through the maze. “So you been here long? I’ve only been here for a few days,” he admitted.

<Fiona>  “Only since last night.”

“Ah, yeah… this place can be pretty freaky,” Lewis said honestly. “You been a, uh, kindred long?” he asked, reading somewhere that they were called that instead for some weird reason…

<Fiona>  chuckles a bit. “If you say so. And yeah, for a few years now.”

“I guess you could say I’m a bit too human still? Or at least out of my element. Just kinda hoping that these macho vamps don’t run me over, since, ah,” he paused looking down at his body. “Still pretty much a beanpole nerd,” he chuckled. “If you don’t mind me asking, since, ah, still pretty new here… what exactly is the sabbat and setties? I mean, I’ve read about them, but other than cult-ish behavior and snakes bad, I havn’t gotten a whole lot of modern context from the books,” he admitted.

<Fiona>  arches an eyebrow, listening to him. “Well, guess it’s time to put my brain to use. The Sabbat’s a bunch of vampires who want freedom and the power to do what they want, but that’s bullshit. They’re still slaves. As for the Setites, the further you stay away from them, the better.”

“Ah… Yeah, I can see the power thing…” Lewis said, remembering last night and the insane rules. “Nobody seems to be used to going easy on one another,” he chuckled. “What do the setites do anyway, though? Why is everyone so cautious of them? Do they do some sort of black magic or something? Cause I’m pretty sure that goes on around here somewhere…” Lewis asked, showing he could be far too nosey for his own good sometimes.

<Fiona>  “So we’re playing ask the oldie 20 questions? Fine. They’re a bunch of corrupting whores and drug addicts. There.”

“Well, yeah,” Lewis admits. He seemed to have pissed off the woman, or she just didn’t like talking in general… “That paints a better picture, thanks,” he nods, though he still wasn’t sure… waht that entailed… but he decided it best to let that conversation drop. “I’ll, uh, get out of your hair then,” he said, deciding he’d just retreat to the library for tonight. See if he could get any details on what, specifically the setites did…

<Fiona>  watches Lewis bumble through a farewell, shrugging. “You asked, I answered. Not like I ever got to know one of them up close and personal, anyway.”

“Yeah, but when something starts growling you tend to back away,” Lewis replied, still a bit cautious, unsure of whether or not he had pissed off the lady now or not.

<Fiona>  “You think…I was growling. Sweetie, I ain’t mad. If I was, you’d be on the floor curled up right now. Or worse.”

“Well, I kinda figure I’d be curled up on the floor if you were mildly annoyed, given how strong everyone seems to be,” Lewis joked lightly, relaxing a bit when it seemed that he was okay… for now. “So what do you do aside from… uh… kindred stuff?” he asked, since he kinda saw there being a distinction between the two. Hobbies and shit you do ’cause you’re a scary vampire now.

<Fiona>  chuckles, stretching in her seat and focusing on Lewis again. “Fair enough. Robotics.”

Lewis seemed to perk up a bit at that. “Oh, cool! Anything specific or do you just like tinkering in general?” he asked, glad to be talking about something normal.

<Fiona>  straightens up, her unnerving gaze still centered on the other brunette. “Nothing yet. I have a few projects in mind, but I’m mostly tinkering for now.”

“Ah, I have a bit of background in that, used to build my own computers in college, so if you want some help, give me a ring,” Lewis offers with a smile. He didn’t seem to be bothered by odd gazes as long as he knew the other person wasn’t pissed off.

<Fiona>  “Really?” She may seem a bit more bright-eyed now. “I will, honest.” At last, she found someone who spoke her subject.

“Cool,” Lewis grinned at the agreement. “My major was programming, though, so I’m a bit better at that, but I can sure lend a hand,” he said. “You have any ideas for your tinkering yet?” he asked.

<Fiona>  nods. “Probably something to replace my eye.”

“Ah, my knowledge of neurology isn’t too great, but I can help build an eye,” Lewis nodded.

<Fiona>  “Good. When do you want to start?”

“Whenever, I’ve just been fiddling aorund in the library. We can try and fiddle an hour or so a night, if you’d like to start right away,” Lewis offered.

<Fiona>  “Maybe Monday or Tuesday.”

“Works for me,  you wanna meet up here at about 10?” Lewis suggested. “Also, I don’t have any tools just yet, so if ya need those still, we’ll have to ask someone,” he points out.

“Anyway, I’ll cya Monday, yeah?” Lewis said, giving a small wave and started to retreat to the library.

Seraphina wakes as the night starts to fall ,her courosity peaked as she survays her abode opening the door she peers about for the others.

<Fiona>  is a slightly shorter than average woman sitting on a couch wearing http://www.polyvore.com/uma/set?id=180544349 minus the jacket. Her black hair’s down to her mid back, and she’s missing an eye; her remaining one slitted like a cat’s. (repost)

<Fiona>  nods to Lewis, before looking over at Seraphina, her unnerving gaze focusing on the new arrival.

Seraphina looked  differant than she had at the concert not  only her demener had changed she was more cold and less bubbly ,her eyes were darker and colder as they lit on fiona flicking her hair from her face.

<Fiona>  doesn’t say a word, her single eye looking Seraphina up and down before she spoke. “Evening.”

Seraphina looks at the woman coldly calulating her as she speaks “evening an clear accent not appearent to her word.

<Fiona>  has a Georgia accent. “So, who are you, exactly?”

Anne makes her way around the asylum’s main building at a light jog, seemingly lost in thought. She spots the two woman and, mildly curious, she starts heading in their direction.

<Fiona>  stretches, leaning back slightly and making herself comfortable.

Anne’s eye darts between the two other women as she approaches. “Nice place for a moonlight chat, eh?” she drawls in an afgan accent tainted with a thirty-year smoking habit.

<Fiona>  lets her eye drift to land on Anne, watching the older woman for a moment. “Well, the atmosphere fits, so why not, right?”

Anne chuckles softly. “Fair enough.” She gives Fiona an evaluating gaze up and down. “Have I seen you around before?”

<Fiona>  “Probably not. I just got here yesterday.”

“Ha! You’ve got a bright future ahead of you, then.” Anne grins and holds out a calloused hand. “I’m Anne. What’s you name, Kid?”

” i am seraphina razzor ” her words are as sharp as daggers while as cold as ice .

<Fiona>  raises her eyebrow at that proclamation. “Never said I was new to being a kindred, though. As for my name, well, it’s Fiona. Conjure by it at your own peril.”

“Nice. Got a decent sharpness to it.” Anne gives Seraphina an approving look, before turning back to Fiona. “I’ll try and keep that in mind.”

“and what is this delightful place?” she inquires of them both.

<Fiona>  “A mental asylum. Couldn’t you tell?”

“Interesting plan. Locking away all the mad folks.” Anne looks up at the asylum’s main building. “I think we had a much more productive method of dealing with them.”

Seraphina wanders over to a window and gazes out into the night ,her mind already calulating odds of getting out of here.

<Fiona>  “Do tell. This promises to be quite the interesting story.”

“Not much to tell. We just gave them guns and had them run at the soviets first.” Anne smirks sligthly. “Worked pretty well until they started using napalm.”

<Fiona>  “Sounds kinda cruel, but then again, we can’t really say we were better.”

Anne’s look hardens for a moment, “No other way to fight cruelty than in kind.” In a flash, her expressions back to normal. “What exactly’d folks where you come from do?”

<Fiona>  gestures around at the front room. “This, mainly. I grew up a few states to the east.”

“What about you?” Anne turns to look at Seraphina. “You from anywhere in particular?”

<Fiona>  “Well, I guess she didn’t feel like answering.”

Anne shrugs, turning back to Fiona. “Everyone’s got that right, I suppose. Awfully fond of those things, the United States.”

<Fiona>  “Ha. Fair enough. And I guess that’s part of our charm. Lock away what we can’t fix or cure.”

“I can’t exactly fault the reasoning.” Anne glances around at the surrounding area. “Doubt the architects had our type in mind when they built it, though. Guess it accommodates well enough.”

<Fiona>  “For some more than others. At least the halls and the rooms are spacious.”

“Fair enough. I spent enough time in the outdoors that I don’t mind a solid building.” Anne leans up along a nearby wall and fixes her eye on Fiona. “What about you? Got any particular story you’d mind sharing?”

<Fiona>  “I just came here to search for someone. Yes, we were close, no, I’m not really telling anything else for now.

“That’s fine. Seems an odd place to start a search, but that’s your prerogative.” Anne says with a shrug. “Didn’t have much of a choice myself, but then, I didn’t have much to leave behind either.”

<Fiona>  looks her over. “No family?”

“I’ve got a daughter. Granddaughter too. Up in New York.” Her expression turns wistful for a moment, and more quietly, she says; “Doesn’t matter now. They’ve been better off without me.”

<Fiona>  raises an eyebrow, before nodding and keeping quiet.  “It’s not really my concern.”

“Sorry. When you get my age, you tend to babble.” Anne grins ruefully.

<Fiona>  shakes her head. “Right, right, grandma.”

<Anne> “And likely to stay that way for a while, it seem.”

<Fiona>  chuckles.  “Technically, you can ‘adopt’ me.”

“Ugh, that’d mean paperwork though.” Anne responds with a chuckle of her own. “I had enough of that trying to get citizenship.”

<Fiona>  laughs.

<Fiona>  “Relax, mom. It should be easier now, right?”

“I doubt it.” Anne scoffs. “America seems obsessed with bureaucracy. So were the soviets, but at least here you’re not told to be thankful for it after its shoved down your throat.”

<Fiona>  raises an eyebrow.

“Oh, you didn’t know about that?” Anne asks with a confused furrow of her brow. “Funny. Didn’t stop the United States from shipping us all the guns we could’ve needed. More, as it turns out.”

<Fiona>  “I wasn’t exactly born back then, and I only read a few things here and there in history textbooks.”

“Huh.” Anne grunts. “Given how proud your government was about the whole thing, I’d have thought it was taught in schools more. We gave the reds their own vietnam with U.S. backing, and the Cold War’s over two years later.”

<Fiona>  “Politics is a thing.”

“Don’t remind me,” Anne chuckles darkly, “I lost an eye for those politics.” Her gaze flickers across Fiona’s face. “Speaking of losing eyes…”

<Fiona>  takes note of the motion of the other woman’s eye. “Yeah…?”

“Just curious.” Anne says, shruging with one shoulder. “One cyclops to another. What happened to yours.”

<Fiona>  “Lost it in a street fight a little while before I became this.”

“Ah,” Anne winces sympathetically, “Shit timing, that.”

<Fiona>  shrugs. “Shit happens. I’m over it.”

Anne lets out a bark of laughter. “Motto of life, right there.”

<Fiona>  smirks, before getting up and beginning to walk off. “I’ll see you around.”

<Fiona>  pauses to look at Anne. “Sorry, I meant, I’ll see you around, ‘mother’.” She then turns around and resumes her walk.

“Yeah, yeah.” Anne mutters to herself. “Smartass. (turkish) Just like my little pup.”