<Storyteller> A few extra people have gathered about the hedge maze this evening, filling posts at the cardinal points that can see over the eight foot high walls. Appearently, the game between the Orphans and Wardens has attracted some attention. The maze itself is impressive, well maintained and has a fountain at each end (the flags are placed here at the tops of each) and a gazebo in a clearing at the center.

<Storyteller> The plantlife that makes up the maze is a bit unusual, seeming to be some form of heavily thorned holly and looks like it would be very painful to attempt to circumvent by going through it.

☮Remond☮ was on his way over as he had just ut the jar of blood away, he was getting ready to just drink from a person now that he was getting used to this. He noticed the people coming to watch and he looked worried. “Hope nobody gets stage fright.” he said simply and looked around for the others.

<Cleetus> waves to Remond as he approaches as well. “REMOND!” He shouts, running over to him. “You ready to kick some child ass?!” He said, bouncing in anticiption.

“Careful, now,” Anne drawls, walking up to join the group, “don’t underestimate the enemy.”

☮Remond☮ looked over and blinked as cleetus talked about child abuse. “Uhm… in no way shape or form are we kicking any ‘child’ ass. The angels however, you can do so if you can.” he said starring at the hedges.

<Kitt Bishop> walks around from the far corner of the maze, examining it’s structure and then waving to Remond and Cleetus. “This is going to be bad. The Orphans are small and fast… but the Angels are very experienced.”

<Cleetus> frown ‘thoughtfully’ for a moment before looking at the others “Angels? Wait why would there be angels here? This couldn’t be further from heaven…”

☮Remond☮ looked over at Kitt and nodded. “I assume this is going to go bad, but I guess it’s props for us if we do manage to do something? If not its expected at least.”

<Fiona>  is one of the new arrivals, the dark haired and honey colored woman watching the others, but remaining silent for the moment, her hands in her jean pockets.

<Fiona>  “Well, I see there’s fun afoot. And I wasn’t invited? I’m hurt.”

<Sascha> comes walking along the side of the maze with the Orphans behind her and Atanya bringing up the rear. She pauses at a few arms length from Remond and gives him an acknowledging nod before looking over the others and then back to Remond. “Rules are pretty simple. You must get the enemy’s flag and get it all the way back to your side to dip it into your fountian in order to win. No killing, dismemberment to disable is acceptable.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks Fiona over for a moment and then gives her a gentle smile and a nod as she listens to Sascha. “Hi, well… fun is… one word for it I suppose.”

<Cleetus> nods and looks over at the fountains. “Sounds easy enough! Hope y’all are ready for a whoopin’!” He said, ginning a rather absent minded grin from ear to ear/

☮Remond☮ blinked. “Anything else?” he asked. No killing, understood, disabling? jesus, why was that okay? He was now overly worried about his group, why did he accept this? he felt like an idiot.

<Sascha> tsks at Remond. “It grows back or can be fixed or healed. Getting torn in half is more inconvience than anything else.”

☮Remond☮ nodded slowly. “Joy.” he sighed. “But anything else? Anything about the maze itself or if we can set defenses or anything.” he asked. “Other fun todbits like inside in one corner is a bear for whatever reason?”

Lewis comes running out once he realizes that he’s late. “Hey guys, sorry, lost track of tmie in the library,” he appologizes. “I didn’t try to bail, I swear!”

☮Remond☮ looked at ewis and smiled. “It’s alright, ami, you’re not too late.” he said calmly before looking back at Sascha.

<Cleetus> smiles over at Lewis, walking over and giving him a firm, friendly, but probably a little to hard, pat on the back. “Don’t worry, kid! We wouldn’t start all the fun with ya!”

“Well that’s good to hear,” Lewis chuckled, just glad he wasn’t late, but stumbled a bit from Cleetus’ pat on the back. “That’s good to hear,” he grinned, happy he was accepted despite his nerdiness.

<Sascha> looks thoughtful. “I don’t believe so. Obviously leaving the maze is out of bounds, I don’t think anyone can fly so that is a non-issue.”

<Sascha> “There are weapons inside in different locations at random, and the gazebo has some supplies for the first group to take it.”

<Fiona>  begins to slowly walk over, hands in her pockets. She’s about average height, and looks to be a little stockier than normal.

☮Remond☮ nodded. “alright, standard maze rules.” he said humming softly and looked at her again as she talked about weapons and the gazebo. “Alright.”

<Cleetus> stares at the hedges, thinking hard for a moment. “Those are some really sharp bushes, huh?” He asked, frowning slightly at the idea of stumbling into one.

<Fiona>  does give Kitt a light nod in return, before looking over at the others and continuing to walk closer. “Why don’t you test out that theory?”

“Probably to stop people from charging through them,” Anne observes, “I’d have lined them with razor-wire myself. Maybe a few tripwires.” She adds after a few moments’ pause.

☮Remond☮ looked at this random chick. “Don’t eg him on, please.” he said. What was with all these bloodthirsty ladies? It was like back home all over again.

<Kitt Bishop> nods a bit and tilts her head as she studies Fiona, then looks back to the others quietly. “I’m gonna get blood in my robes again.”, she sighs.

“Wear red, Kid.” Anne advises Kitt. “Saves trying to get the stains out, and they can’t see you bleed.”

☮Remond☮ glares at Anne. “(Arabic) shut up.” he grumbled and looked at Kitt. “Wheer the hell is Yevi, I still need to know why he doesn’t sleep with us.”

<Sascha> tilts her head and then chuckles a bit. “He’s a Tzimisce. Even when we share the room we don’t share the space so to speak. Family trait, like your own curse.”

“(arabic) Shutting up, soldier-boy.” Anne says with a sidelong smirk at Remond.

“So we can expect him to be somewhat distant, then, or…?” Lewis asked not understanding how that worked.

<Cleetus> turns to Kitt, still beaming like a moron. “Nah don’t you sweat it, girl! We can take care of some orphans.” He leans in close to whisper to her. “That chick there is kinda scarin’ me though…”

☮Remond☮ frowned. “Oh, well, okay.” he cant argue against that. he looked at cleetus. “Those are the angels, Cleetus. They also have names, not that I know them.” he said, praying he wasn’t referring to voodoo lady there in the back.

The european had been nose in book for the last few nights and had sat out of the last game because of it, he had been trying to learn as much about his condition as he could along with what made him unique compared to the others in his pack. Yevi had resigned to attend tonights game of capture the flag though and found his way to the maze easily, seeing the rest of his pack standing there he gave a small wave and joined them, folding his arms and listening.

<Kitt Bishop> looks at Cleetus and then at Sascha and shakes her head softly. “She is a Tzimisce, lets just say… hope you find a shotgun. Fast.”

<Sascha> laughs and then gives a look to Fiona. “Haven’t seen you, which pack are you with?”

<Cleetus> frowned intensely, looking over at the Tzimisce. “I’m not a very good shot, though….” he said, then turning to Remond. “Wait, the angels are vampires? What? I…. I’m confused.”

Anne rolls her eye.

<Storyteller> Elizabeth giggles. “That doesn’t seem difficult to do. And yes, it’s a pack name… like we are the Orphans and you are the Wardens.”

☮Remond☮ shook his head. “No, They are vampires thats just their pack name. We’re the Wardens.” he explained best he could.

<Fiona>  looks at Redmond. “Why, I’m simply curious as to whether his theory’s successful. Nothing more.” She then looks over at Sascha. “Planning on joining the Feral Hearts, soon.” There’s an evident Georgia accent, and because the player forgot to mention it earlier, she only has one eye.

<Cleetus> takes on a familiar old look, trying to understand what they meant, before it dawned on him. “Oooooh! I got ya now! So uh….” moving in close to Remond he muttered, “Why exactly are we the wardens?”

☮Remond☮ nods slowly. feral Hearts, The ductus for them was nice, he liked them and could respect them, her at least. This lady he wasn’t sure about as she waltzed in here and– hey there’s yevi, so most of the clan was here thank god. Wasn’t sure where that other girl went but he’d worry later, they were going to be in danger here soon.

<Sascha> looks Fiona over and then looks at Remond, then back at Fiona. “Well, if you’re new… you’re welcome to give the Wardens a hand and show us what you’re capable of, or you can go find a place to get comfy and watch.”

<Fiona>  “Think I’ll watch for a bit. Thanks for the offer, though.”

<Zaluut> approaches the hedge maze from the direction of the asylum proper and gives the entire group a long look over before approaching the maze and grinning at Sascha. “Just to make things… even.”, he says as he reaches out a hand and puts it into the thorns, cutting open the skin and spilling his blood into the bushes… he walks several feet like this, letting his blood flow down the plants and to the ground before chanting something in Romanian. As he does so something starts to happen to the maze… and it moves, the inner walls altering their locations. He removes his arm and smiles again as the wounds seal over. “So no one has the layout memorized.”

Lewis steppped behind Cleetus and Remond when Zaluut came outside. God, this guy made him nervous… “Wardens? Okay, got it.” he mumbled.

<Cleetus> watches, his mouth falling open as he did so. “What in sam hill is- how in the-” he stammered, still having trouble understanding that they lived in the world of the supernatural.

☮Remond☮ watched and looked concerned, its not that he cheated but that was kind of spooky. Cool though, but very unsettling.

<Fiona>  retreats to take a seat and kicks her legs up, the one-eyed woman watching the others. There’s also something indefinibly unsettling about her, perhaps the shape of her remaining pupil.

Yevi watched Zaluut carefully, he had read about this particular discipline only the night prior and smiled as he watched the plants move. “Wardens is kind of befitting” he stated if only to himself, throwing a quick glance to Kitt before his attention returns to Zaluut.

<Sascha> looks at Zaluut and sighs but nods. “I suppose we have the advantage of experience anyway, fair enough.”, she says and then her and the other start to make their way to the red side of the maze from the outiside. “We begin in… 20 minutes, so plan as you will.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks at the others in her pack a moment as she starts toward the blue end of the maze. “We’ll need to decide things like who will guard the flag and who will split off to go get theirs, I guess.”

Lewis still keeps a distance from Zaluut, but he focuses more on what the rest of the pack is saying more than where the escapee currently is.

<Cleetus> turns to Remond with a serious look. “Look, I can just run through the hedges. Can’t be worse than the stuff out in the swamps, right?”

“I’m sure they’ve thought of that.” Anne grunts.”Besides, they’ll hear you coming.”

“Besides, if they are set on… dismemberment, since that’s allowed, you probably dont’ want to risk going through those hedges and getting hurt,” Lewis adds.

Remond nodded and started counting head. “Alright, Anne defends the flag, I can’t handle her much so she stays here. I’ll go. I need a maze navigator and Lewis did great before, so he comes with me. Kitt I think you can come with me too, and Cleetus stays back along with yevi. Defenders get the supplies around our place and hurry back, the rest come up with me and collect supplies as we go.”

<Cleetus> frowns, but nods in understanding. ” I S’pose strategy ain’t my strong suit. They won’t get anywhere near that there flag on my watch though!”

☮Remond☮ looks at yevi. “you are captain of defending team, so they better fucking litsen to you.” looking at Anne. “No lip, either.”

“I can guard the flag,” Anne says with a shrug, “I’ve got a decent nose, and I can blend in well enough. I can hold my own without a weapon too, but I’d prefer it if one of you could run me back something that shoots straight.  Or did you mean I couldn’t talk, Soldier-boy?”

☮Remond☮ looked at Anne with a raised eyebrow. “You want to shoot with ne eye? Ambitious, how can you tell how far your target is?”

“They’ll stay in line. Cleetus stay out of the hedges, if you haven’t figured it out they’re not your friend.” Yevi warned, straightening up a little more and looking to his defenders, having the redneck was a boon and the cyclops was going to be good to have around as well, front and back line covered whifch means he could take the middle and help the two where needed.

<Storyteller> People are gathered all up in the deer-stand like structures that allow on overlook of the maze to watch the going-on below. Some are definately placing bets.

“If I’m guarding the flag, Soldier-boy, it’s going to be damn easy. Besides,” she smirks slightly, “my career didn’t end when I lost my eye at Jaji.”

<Cleetus> nodded at Yevi, still not really understanding why he couldn’t at least try. Not like they would cut him to shreds or anything, right? “Fine I’ll stay put, promise.”

<Kitt Bishop> moves to follow Remond and Lewis, heightening her senses as she waits and attuning herself to her surroundings.

☮Remond☮ shook his head. “I want you not shooting anything, I don’t care what you say, from -my- experience, shooting with one eye from anyone didn’t end well, unless you are given a shotgun, I won’t take it.” he said and looked at Yevi. “All yours from here.” he said. And turned to Lewis and Kitt and went with them.

<Fiona>  would go join the people in the stands after a bit, deciding to get in on the betting action a little.

“I’m sure you’ll do good, Cleetus,” Lewis commented, ignoring the arguement going on. “I’ll cya afterwards,” he said, getting ready for the ‘game’ to start.

Anne’s eye twitches in annoyance at Remond’s decree, but she declines to respond.

<Fiona>  decides to place $30 on Jimmy.

<Cleetus> nodded to the young nerdy child and waved. “Y’all best come back in one piece! And don’t let that kid hurt himself!” He said as he made his way to the fountain to get ready for the ‘games’

☮Remond☮ looked at Lewis and Kitt. “Alright, we better find these damn supplies and quick.

Lewis nodded. “I’ll try my best, sir,” he said honestly. No promises, but he’d try.

<Kitt Bishop> nods in reponse and keeps tilting her head and listening but makes ready to follow them further into the maze.

Yevi looked over the area around the fountain and noted where he would want the two to stand, he didn’t want to disrespect Remond but he was going to give the cyclops a weapon if he could and position her behind the fountain, the scary redneck was going to be the first thing they saw coming out of the maze as well so he’d have to stay up front near the entrance. He motioned to the two and pointed to where they should be standing while the others prepared to charge in.

<Storyteller> Some distance in as Lewis leads them along they find a trunk tucked into the thorny bushes and locked up tight.

☮Remond☮ looked at lewis and smiled. “Good job.” he said and looked at the bushes and frowned. “Alright.” he looked at kitt. “You gonna stop me again before I stick my hands in there?” he asked.

Lewis carefully went along, trying to relax and repeat the other maze attempt. Soon they came across a some funky looking trunk in some thorn bushes, he gets Remond and Kitt’s attention to make sure they realize that’s there, and waits to see what Remond suggusts they do. Too much power play going on as it was for Lewis to try to get into any of that.

<Kitt Bishop> “Lasombra are strong, you might be able to get it open better than us.”, she says with a shrug as she kind of meer-kats up and keeps a careful watch to mkae sure they don’t get ambushed.

<Fiona>  just watches, and will probably up the ante to $50, out of a sadistic amusement.

☮Remond☮ nodded and reached in and pushed as hard as he could and popped it open, causing him surprise as he managed and looked inside before sticking his hands in there.

<Storyteller> The truck pops open to reveal a bullet proof vest, a handgun, and a sawed off shotgun with 4 extra rounds.

☮Remond☮ looked at the contents and waved his hand, looking at them as they were only a little scratched up and picked up the vest and sized it up on Lewis, took the sawed off and gave it to kitt, and took the handgun for himself. “I’m assuming you don’t have gun training, I’m sorry.”, he spoke to Kitt

Lewis was impressed to watch as Remond popped open the trunk fairly easily. Wow. He blinked as the vest was compared to him. It would probably droop on him since he was so twiggy now, but he’d fit into it.

<Kitt Bishop> nods her head a bit and checks it, making sure the safety is off. “Not really… enough not to shoot myself, I think.”, she says as she gives another long look around and goes silent. “I hear sounds coming from ahead, kinda… hard to tell with all the people up there whispering and taking about money.”

☮Remond☮ nodded and looked concerned. “Lets go then.” making sure Lewis had the vest on and tightened it around him as he knew where the buckle was and everything. “Try to be quiet at least.”

Lewis looked sheepish but nodded. He was good for smarts, but, ah, at the moment that was about it. Probably would be about how useful he was in general.

<Storyteller> As the three moved on further into the maze, expertly guided by Lewis who seems to have a knack for not finding any loops or dead ends they seem like they must be nearing the center… and can clearly hear crying. In the path ahead of them is Stacy, and her little doll is up in the branches/thorns of the maze, caught up too high to reach. She is sitting below it, all balled up with her hands covering her little face as she sobs.

☮Remond☮ blinked and frowned. “Cover me, I may die.” he said. He couldn’t watch that, that would just destroy his heart t eave her behind crying. “Hey… Can I help get your doll down?” he didn’t even wait for the others response, to him helping Stacy.

<Storyteller> As the trio sees Stacy, Lewis coughs and a live moth emerges from his mouth, fluttering in his hand and then flying away.

Lewis is confused by his sudden need to cough, but coughs and watches, a bit disturbed, as a moth comes out of his mouth. What the fuck? Probably should cough when he needs to since he didn’t want to know what trying to digest bugs as a vamp would be like. Probably vomiting since he was pretty sure his diet was blood now.

<Fiona>  just leans forward, watching Remond and keeping her hands on the railing. “C’mon…..”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head a bit at Remond, reaching out to grab him but missing.

<Storyteller> Stacy continues sobbing, as Remond gets closer she shuffles slowly to her feet, looking up at the doll mournfully. Then she looks at Remond and nods, watching him as he reaches for the doll. Then she promptly leaps at him and throws herself against him to knock him right into the thorny mess of plants. “Haha!”, she cheers and then starts to run around the corner away from the group.

Lewis looks up from the moth that came from his mouth just in time to see Remond get pounced into some thorns. Since the girl runs away, he hurries up to where Remond is and gently helps him out of the thorns. Oph, that looked like it hurt.

<Kitt Bishop> follows the girl around the corner but not out of sight, she stops, and waits as she gives a side glance toward the other two.

<Storyteller> The crowd half-cheers and half-boos from the platforms, a few tossing small stones and even bullets about at random.

☮Remond☮ looked down at her when she proceeds to laugh in his face while he’s in the bushes. he frowns. “Oh!” he yelled and stomped his fot. “(french) oh you little bitch!” he finally managed to get out. “I cried for you! And you just–” he repositioned his handgun. “In the wise words of a friendly redneck, let’s kick some child ass.”

Lewis blinks, wondering if its wise to just blindly follow the child, into a possible ambush but he nods.

<Fiona>  grips the railing tightly, waiting for Redmond to run forward.

<Atanya> slithers through the thorns in the form of a very large snake, eventually ending up at the blue clearing. She looks like a python, and probably about twelve feet long. She sticks to the edge of the thonrs for a long as she can, trying not to be noticed.

<Fiona>  grumbles, forking over $50 bucks to the people who bet on Stacy.

Out of the corner of her eye, Anne spots a small viper slithering around the wall on her blind side. With a slight smirk, Anne leaps from the shadows, pouncing upon the snake in a quick motion. “You guys might want to hurry up or hurry back!” She calls out to the rest of her pack. “I’ve got copany back here!”

<Yevi> “What the fuck?”, he looks back and then goes back to paying attention to the front in case the snake has backup.

<Atanya> wraps her body around Anne and starts squeezing.

<Storyteller> There is a distinct cracking sound as the giant snake slowly crushes the old woman in it’s coils… but at least it’s being kept busy and not grabbing the flag.

<Cleetus> turns towards the shouting and stops dead in his tracks. “HOLY FUCK!” He shout’s, immediately searching for something to swing at the snake. “Why in the hell would you pounce on a fuckin’ python, woman?” He says, reaching into the hedges and tearing out a thorned branch heavy enough to swing effectively.

<Cleetus> hefts his branch, brushing off a few extremely shallow scratches, and approached the snake, swinging at it once he was in range.

“Sorry, I wasn’t exactly left a weapon, was I?” Anne manages to spit out despite the snake squeezing it’s coils around her ribs.

<Cleetus> swings his branch at the snake, connecting decently and dragging the thorns along its body. Careful to miss hitting his packmate, he shouted again. “It’s better to beat it with a stick than try and wrassle somethin’ this big!”

<Fiona>  considers a chance to recuperate her losses, moving to see what Remond was getting up to, and betting $40 dollars on Eliza.

<Elizabeth> is standing at the gazebo, smiling as she playfully pulls out a pair of blades and skips along the steps of the gazebo. “(french) Sweet, sad little Remond. Would you rather play with me?”

☮Remond☮ shook his head. “Fucking… pricks.” he went around the corner and saw Elizabeth and sighed. “(french) Actually yes, you haven’t lied to me… yet.” he said and looked almost unsure of that. “(french) not that I know of anyway.” he said and held up his gun but aimed at her feet, he wasn’t playing games now.

<Elizabeth> becomes a blur of green dress and silve blades as she rushes into Remond and starts slashing, bringing one blade smoothly across his cheek, and the other across his opposite arm.

☮Remond☮ pulled the trigger feeling the blades on his skin, he winced as it hurt, but hes felt worse back east. Did he feel bad for shooting her? he wish he did, honestly.

<Kitt Bishop> blinks, a little surpirsed he fired the gun… or it could be that she is wincing in pain as she suddenly realizes that having enhanced hearing so close to a gunshot is a very bad idea.

Lewis keeps back as fighting starts since he has nothing and crowches down to make himself a smaller target. Again, useless. He mostly tried to figure out where would be best to try and go next.

<Fiona>  accepts any money sent her way, since she’d won the bet this time.

<Elizabeth> hisses at Remond as she is shot the first time, then whips around as Kitt fires a shot at her from the shotgun as well and parts of her dress go flying about. She moves in a blur and chooses to retreat rather than risk the second shell being taken at close range.

☮Remond☮ watched as he was hissed at and watched as she retreated. He turned to Lewis and looked a little upset. “Slap me later for not really caring about shooting a child like being.” he asked. “Let’s carry on, the longer we stand around the longer the others have to defend.”

<Storyteller> As the group can safely approach the center, they can see that it’s been picked over but a few things remain like a couple of machetes and an ice chest with some blood in it.

“I don’t know if I’d call those children consitering they invited us to a game like this, but I’ll keep it in mind,” Lewis promised. Once they got to the center he made a face as he saw that there were very few things left. Shoulda figured. “I feel like we’re mostly being poked fun at by playing this,” he commented.

☮Remond☮ looked at the blood and made a b line straight for the blood, he picked it up but paused and looked at the others. “you don’t need this right?” he asked. Then he’d check his ammo and looked at Lewis “Take a blade, just in case.”

Lewis nodded as he was told to take a blade and carefully picked on up. He looked up again and frowned as he looked at the exits. “It changed,” he grumbled, glaring at it all. “I knew I didn’t like that escapee,” he grumbled under his breath as he tried to figure out where to go.

<Cleetus> swung at the snake once again, this time the thorns actually piercing the flesh and causing actual damage, rather than skittering across some of the harder scales.

<Atanya> keeps squeezing Anne as she takes the beating from Cleetus, looking as annoyed as a big snake can. She flicks her tongue out over Anne’s head, eyeing her and then turning her head toward Cleetus in a very non-snakelike manner. She was thinking about something…

<Fiona>  watches for a little longer before heading off.

Anne struggles against the snake, but accomplishes nothing more than injuring herself.

<Storyteller> Though less sure about the path as the team goes in deeper, Lewis still manages to keep the group from becoming completely lost. They her running now and then on just the other side of the wall from them… and sometimes a girlish giggle from beside or behind them but it’s hard to tell where it comes from exactly.

☮Remond☮ looked around, keeping his senses up, wondering if he should try something out but instead shook his head. He felt using the machete to hack through just one wall was too much, tht was against the usual usual rule for mazes.

Lewis kept his nose down and focused on making them not completely lost. He liked this maze less and less, but he could still conquer it, dammit!

<Kitt Bishop> manages to reload the shotgun without harming herself or anyone else and follows along, though she seems a little disoriented still as if the ringing in her ears has not yet stopped.

<Storyteller> The group comes upon a fountain, and at the top of the marble structure is the red flag. The liquid pooled underneath is red and dark, like blood.

☮Remond☮ pauses and looked over at her, worried. “Are you alright?” he asked now seeing the strange fountain. Fountain of blood? That didn’t seem fun at all but his concern was on his friends more so than what he was going to regret.

Lewis looks up as they come across a fountian and realizes it was the opposing teams, probably. He looked around, for the guards that were supposed to be there… He looked around carefully, not liking the lack of any guards at all.

<Kitt Bishop> wrinkles her nose as she looks from the fountain to Remond and shakes her head softly as a warning. “Something is really terribly wrong.”, she whispers.

☮Remond☮ nodded in agreement. “Right. Alright… I’m gonna shoot the blood, maybe chuck a rock, if nothing happens I’ll go for it, and whatever happens go for the flag.” he looked at Lewis. “I dodn’t know if you’re fast on thse legs… or strong. If you want to, if you’re up to it, do you think you could try to get the flag first?” he asked, it about made him wince as he just asked that. “I would rather do it but we’re so close, and I can’t take every hit, like Anne says.”

“I can try and get it, yeah,” Lewis agreed. Kitt and Remond were the best hitters so it made sense for him to try and get the flag since he could hardly attack very well.

<Kitt Bishop> swallows and nods, holding the shotgun ready as she steps around slowly so as to flank a bit. “There’s two members missing, and I am pretty sure that at least one is the disappearing variety.”

☮Remond☮ nodded. “no shit.” he said. And aimed his gun at the blood but picked up a rock and tossed it in like it was a penny for a wish. “(french) lets play.”

<Storyteller> The pool remains still and silent, only a slight *plink* as the stone falls in. No sign of anything lurking beneath the surface.

☮Remond☮ looks at Lewis. “Be careful, be safe.” he said softly and was ready to shoot.

There was something not right about this… but Lewis nodded, trusting that Remond would be able to back him up if things went wrong. He crept over to the fountian and got in, being careful to not slip, he reached up to grab the flag, hoping it would be that easy. At least he was tall enough to easily grab the flag now.

<Storyteller> As Lewis reaches for the flag the blood moves. Not something in the blood… but the blood itself seems to assume a form as it rises up to meet Lewis face to face. It is a massive monstrous looking thing and it looks right into Lewis as if examing his soul with inhumanly bright blue eyes.

☮Remond☮ eyes widened. “Holy Shit! Kitt, get the flag, get the flag!” he yelled taking aim. he knew those creepy eyes were evil!

Lewis froze for a moment as the thing came out of the water from nowhere but… he quickly snatched the flag from the top anyway and stepped back as he raised his machete defensively.

<Sascha> gurgles a “Boo.” in Lewis’s face. Her eyes shift from the flag to Lewis’s face and she leans forward, one long clawed hand slashing forward in an attempt to disarm (and possibly remove arm) the poor Kaisyd.

Remond tries to fire but he frowns as it doesnt seem to work. “was this soaked in water?!” he tossed the gun at this horrible monster instead.

<Kitt Bishop> closes her eyes and fires the shotgun in the general direction of the very scary Tzimisce. Hearing it cry out in pain she opens one eye in surprise… she hit it.

Lewis, thankful for the distraction, scrambles away to safety, quickly running behind those who could actually attack. He got it! He still had it, fuck yeah!

<Sascha> roars as she turns around, half kneeled on the ground as she holds what is left of her midsection and chest. She looks squarly at Remond and growls low. “Get them out of here before I rip you all apart and suck the marrow out of your fucking bones to slake my thirst.”

<Kitt Bishop> does not have to be told twice, and she is quickly making to catch up to Lewis and hoping he can led them back to their own fountain.

☮Remond☮ watched her and backed up before just turning around, and leaving with his clan. “Non non non non non…” he barely stayed for half of that threat.

“Let’s go, before it changes its mind,” Lewis urges, starting to scramble, but reminds himself to calm the fuck down and get the back. Not getting lost. Not getting lost…

<Cleetus> sees the snake pause, and takes the opportunity to make another strike directly at its face, digging the thorns into the soft flesh located there. “GO ON! GIT!” He shouts, trying to scare her away from their flag.

<Atanya> tries to keep Anne still but loses her grip as she frenzies and tries to take a chunk out of her. She quickly drops flat on the ground and slithers straight between Cleetus’s legs.

<Yevi> looks back to check on the others as he hears all the growling and snarling and the snake slithers past… then notices that the damn flag is missing. He curses in Russian.

<Cleetus> runs in the direction of the fountain, away from Anne, and begins cursing up a storm once he notices the flag is gone. “FUCKIN’ HELL, DAMN SNAKE!”

☮Remond☮ looks at where he had put a rock at the corner and stopped lewis. “Stop. We’ve been here at least twice. Come on, lets hurry this way.” he said hurrying off now leading.

<Kitt Bishop> follows Remond as she reloads the shotgun again and tries to keep track of what is behind them in case Sascha or anything else follows.

Lewis stopped when Remond told him to and felt absolutely horrible when he realized that he’d been leading them in circles. Fuck… “sorry guys,” he says softly, keeping a tight grip of the flag since that seemed to be all he could do. Dammit!

<Storyteller> The trio makes it back to the gazebo, and it is certainly a bit different now that they look at it… the maze is shifting slowly, but consistantly.

☮Remond☮ shook his head. “I’ll talk to you later, right now I just want this fucking over with!” he said. he had shot people today, he had pissed himself mentally, he had been lied to by child… “Here… we’ve been here, we went through there last time, so perhaps the other way is now the proper path.”

<Jimmy> skirts by as the hedges just barely reveal him on the other side, waving the blue flag as he tries to race toward his side of the maze.

<Kitt Bishop> lowers the shotgun, grumbling as she can’t get a clear shot off at him. “We have to make it back before he does, or catch him.”

Well shit. Lewis looks between Remond and the man running off with their flag, wondering what to do. “I think it’s that way… but, uh…” Lewis trails off, looking up at Remond to see whether they should keep going or catch the guy.

☮Remond☮ blinked seeing Jimmy with his flag. “(french) I hope you tri and choke on it.” he growled, he was pissed and just wanted out. “We bolt its all we can do, there is no way we’re catching that bastard.”

“Alright,” Lewis nodds. He wasn’t too sure that he should be leading, but he nodded to the proper path and starts running as he decides to get over it and go with his gut towards where the home fountian was.

<Kitt Bishop> follows Lewis’s directions, running ahead as fast as she could, ready to fire the shotgun at anything coming at them.

☮Remond☮ watched back occasionally looking back to make sure they weren’t being chased, he would stop and just tackle anybody or anything that tried to get that damn flag back.

<Cleetus> turned around and threw the branch at Anne to attract her attention, staring her directly in the eyes as his eyes begin to glow gold, with large black irises. “God damn moron! Stop yer hootin’ and hollerin’!”

<Storyteller> The trio arrive and meet up with Yevi, Cleetus, and Anne… Yevi yelling something as Anne is all snarly and Cleetus is giving her a stare with glowing yellow eyes. A massive snake slithers past the trio, it’s wounds already healing up as it goes by.

Lewis doesn’t worry about anything else, he just keeps running for that damn fountian, full speed, hoping it wouldn’t hurt too much and that the flag would get dipped in there.

☮Remond☮ woudn’t argue, seeing the others no matter what state they were in was enough for him. He watched Lewis sprint for the fountain. “This night sucked.” he huffed.

<Storyteller> As lewis gets the flag into the fountain, a cheer erupts from those on the platforms. A few moments later, the side of the hedges open back up by the fountains, allowing them to exit freely.

Lewis tripped over the fountian, and fell in, but he still dipped the flag so when he sat up he wasn’t too annoyed, he just tried to wipe the blood off himself as he got out. Bleh. He didn’t care how good it smelled, bleh. The only thing he hoped was that he had actually dipped it first and not some stretch of fate where the other side had done it a second before he did.

☮Remond☮ smiled and walked out and sat down on the ground away from the hedges, he was gonna hate the sight of spiky plants for a long while. “Good job team, you did great.” he said and laid on the grass, letting himself rest

Lewis did not freak out over the normal-ass fountian. Why the hell did he think that was blood? That lady freaked him out mroe than he thought. “I’m just glad it’s done,” he said, laying down on the grass, hoping he would just dry out.

<Kitt Bishop> sighed and looked around at the others, still gripping the shotgun.

<Cleetus> walked straight over to Anne as soon as she had calmed down, smacking her upside the head. “What in the fuckin’ world would make you think tryin’ to wrassle somethin’ like that was a good fuckin’ idea?!” He shouted, “Ah don’t care if ya don’t have a weapon. Make one! Pythons are fuckin’ apex predators!” Waving his impromptu weapon around, he continued to fume about this woman making such a novice reptile wrasslin’ mistake.

<Sascha> (in her human form) and the Orphans along with Atanya approach and nod to the Wardens. “That was a good game. It’s way harder not to kill people than I remembered.”

Anne snarls at Cleetus for a moment, but forces herself to recover. “Stop shouting yourself. You let the flag get taken.”

Lewis looked up as he vaguely recognized that voice and inched behind Remond. “I’m so sorry, must’ve been pretty dang hard for ya,” he mumbled, more annoyed at himself than anythign for letting that freak out of his screw him up.

☮Remond☮ looked over and sat up, standing up to be a bit more respectful. “It was a fantastic game… you should have kicked our asses. I’m gonna hide under my bed now.” he said. and looked at Stacy. “Why you gotta hurt me like that?” he paused as he heard Anne pipe up… he slowly turned. “Anne, he was on your team too, don’t fucking play the blame game. you’re not 5 years old.”

<Jimmy> chuckles and waves at that. “Well, that was kinda the point… let you get all tangled up with the snake and I swipe it and run. Cept i got lost… stupid maze.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Soldier-boy. Next time I’ll keep quiet after you leave a third of the team behind unarmed.” Anne rolls her eye.

<Cleetus> stops moving entirely and looks Anne dead in the eye. “You really wanna blame that on me? I was the one savin’ your ass from the twelve foot python you thought would give good hugs! Next time I’ll just let it fuckin’ eat you!”

☮Remond☮ growls and holds his hand out. “Kitt give me the gun. I’ll give her the damn bullets she wants.”

<Sascha> purses her lips and then eyes yevi before looking to the others. “Why don’t we all go into the ritual room and have a sit down… Yevi can show us what he’s learned about rituals, perhaps.”

“The point wasn’t to save my ass.” Anne says, turning to Cleetus, “Our job was to keep as many of them busy long enough that Soldier-boy got the flag. That’s what sacrificial rear-guards are for.”

Lewis sighed and layed back on the ground again. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say the other team had won,” he said, mainly to himself.

☮Remond☮ hissed. “Shut up you dumb ass fucking whore!” he said. “I’ve had it up to here, just actually be quiet for once in your miserable sad and blind life!” he yelled, he was frustrated and done. He followed sascha advice and went to go to the ritual room. if anne said anything more she was going to be punished.

<Cleetus> glares at Anne “You better watch yerself, I ain’t afraid’a hittin’ some bitch who’s gettin’ too big fer her britches.” He said, before muscling past her and following Sascha and Yevi into the ritual room.

Lewis looked up and noticed everyone heading to the room so he got up and followed Cleetus and Remond inside.

<Sascha> watches and waits to make sure that everyone is properly accounted for while giving Yevi the chance to do his thing.

<Kitt Bishop> leaves the shotgun outside the ritual room door, set carefully on the ground before going inside without a word.