☮Remond☮ after waking up and taking note of the message on the door sighed. “(french) challenge? I doubt it’s optional..” he muttered and walked out. He was on his way to go finding that lady that sired him, ask her a billion questions and ask her what the fuck all this was and what he should expect, question number one, where the hell would he find her?

<Storyteller> The Asylum seems pretty active this evening, and people can be seen moving about the different common areas. It is hard to tell if they are all vampires, or if some of them are living people as well as they seem to be going about their normal routines.

☮Remond☮ watched and just kept his pretty little head low. “She’s the arch thing right? so…” he looked around for a main building or something that seemed more in the middle where one would lead, or lead him to somebody who know where she was at least, he started his way that way.

<Athena> is talking with Zaluut and Antol in a large room with a glass ceiling that lets the moonlight bathe those inside. As Remond enters she turns her head and looks him over for a moment before nodding to the other two and they leave. “Ahhh, finally stepping out to have a look around then?”

☮Remond☮ came in and blinked, he just sorta paused and watched Zaluut and Antol leave, he felt safer with Zaluut in the room for no real reason other than he didn’t do anything to him yesterday. “I guess you could say that.” he said, not moving anymore closer, he remembered the feeling of his space horribly violated last time he was in her presence. “I wanted to ask you questions about what you made me.”

<Athena> raises a finely etched eyebrow and watches him with an intense gaze. “Oh really. I had thought Zaluut covered the basics of that yesterday?”

☮Remond☮ tilted his head back in forth with thought. “He did, but… well I was a bit distracted.” he admitted. “I’m a– we’re a lazombie?” he tried to reall the name. “All I know is tentacle shadows and the fact I can no longer see myself.”

<Athena> slowly blinks once or twice as she takes that in before responding. “You should pay more attention then. Lasombra, or sometimes Keepers to the others. As in, we keep the others in their place. And no, no Lasombra reflects any part of themselves ever again once Embraced.”

☮Remond☮ stared at her with confusion. “But why?” he asked. “What does that mean? if I hold soap in the mirror does it float or is it gone with me, what about my clothes?” he was so confused. “I didn’t really pay attention to the details when I uh… checked.” he said. “What do I do, how do we keep others in their place? I’m doing a shitty job of that already.”

<Athena> raises that eyebrow again, but her expression seems to grow impatient. “I am sure there is a story behind it, not that it matters. You command them, and if that does not work, you force them, and if that fails… you destroy them as an example for others.”

☮Remond☮ opens his mouth and held up a finger but paused and slowly put his hand down. “Okay, okay.” he said and backed up. “I get your point.” he stated. “I’ll just go then.” he said and started heading out the door, he knew when he pushed buttons, did it with his authority back in the deserts plenty.

<Athena> frowns and moves toward him, covering the distance very quickly. “I didn’t dismiss you yet, boy.”, she hisses. Her hand reaches up and grabs him by the hair, hauling him effortlessly up off the ground as she looks at him, her features warped and feral suddenly.

☮Remond☮ whimpered slightly and struggled from the pain. “(french) note taken.” he choked out and looked at her, one eye closed. At this point he just waited, since leaving was bad, and talking back was bad, so playing kicked puppy would have to do.

<Athena> casts him aside toward the door. “Perhaps we will talk more when you decide to grow a pair. Till then, I suggest you stay out of my sight.”, she says and then slowly walks back over to a lounge chair in the moonlit room. “You may go now.”

☮Remond☮ glared as he was told to grow a pair. “I could do so now, if you want.” he said firmly, standing up and dusting himsef off a bit, knowing fully well he was probably going to get maimed and tortured or killed.

<Athena> picks up a stone from the garden plants beside the lounge chair and throws it at Remond, hitting him square in the head and knocking him out cold. She hmmms, as she didn’t think that was entirely possible to do, but there is was. “You there.”, she points to one of the servants. “Go put him back before he wakes up and mouths off any further.”

<Beth> pokes at Remond gently inside his pack’s common room where he lays sprawled on one of the couches. “Damn, that looked like it hurt.”

☮Remond☮ grunted and twitched his face, groaning slightly under his breathe and slightly trying to move away from the poking but there was a back of a couch in the way.

<Beth> looks fairly normal, with medium length brown hair and eyes. She is wearing a plain t-shirt and loose-fitting jeans, though her feet are bare. She does have a leather pouch worn around her neck, and a bracelet that looks to be made of little animal bones. “The Arch Bishop is… easily annoyed.”

☮Remond☮ looked over, slowly coming back. “I can tell. yes ma’am sorry, grow a pair, grew a pair, fuck you.” he moved his hand from one side to the other as it to remake the bantering. He slowly sat up, and rubbed the area where he had been hit. “damn that hurt…” he hissed before realizing he was somewhere else.

<Beth> sits back a little bit, putting a little distance between them. “I’m Beth, Ductus of the Feral Hearts. I saw what happened. You are part of the new Pack?”

☮Remond☮ looks up and listens to her trying to make sure he could comprehend. “Uh… yeah, I’m the ductus, I think anyway, that’s the leader, right?” he asked just for confirmation. “Remond.” he introduced.

<Beth> nods her head a bit and then hops up to sit on the air hockey table as she looks Remond over. “Yeah. A few of the others pick on me for seeming to be soft too. Not my own Pack, mind you, but some of the others just don’t get it.”

☮Remond☮ sighed. “I get the feeling I’ll end up the same. So far I only have one nagging at my softness.” he shrugged. “feral hearts, huh? Do we need to get a pack name too? Or is that given?” he asked.

<Beth> smirks a bit and leans forward as she speaks. “I believe they have dubbed your Pack the Wardens, some sort of city defense.”, she says as she swings her bare feet just off the floor.

☮Remond☮ blinked. “the Wardens? City defense… alright.” he said, why he was accepting this he wasn’t sure… it just felt okay. Like he new Athena was a bitch, but he also felt he was the one in the wrong, and this bothered him only slightly. Why was it he wasn’t trying to escape? “So, you’re casted as a softy among the uh, where ever we are?”

<Beth> laughs softly and shakes her head. “Don’t get me wrong. I kill when I need to, but only when I need to. Humans are food, but there is no sense in wasting a resource.”

☮Remond☮ still had trouble digesting that bit though. “Well yeah, a peace core soldier can be just as deadly, still a soldier and built that way, we just fight for the innocents.” he explained.

<Beth> furrows her borws a bit at that and plays with her bracelet. “Not really much of that anymore… and more to fight for. We leave human politics and such alone, we don’t interefere with them or their lives save to take what we need. Our fight is against something much bigger and stronger than ourselves and so that is why we must always be ready for it when the times comes. Why we do what we do.”

☮Remond☮ listened. “I was just explaining how we kill only when we need to.” he defended. “But what is it we’re fighting against? Snakes?” he recalled mikov, not the most discriptive.

<Beth> nods her head a bit at that. “Among other things. The snakes are one side of it, though ultimately our concern is what happens when the old ones wake up and try to devour us as an act of cannibalism to regain their strength. It is a matter of survival.”

☮Remond☮ stared blankly. “Old ones?” he asked and sat up a bit. “Nothing against you by why is it do I feel all of you damn people speak in riddles, or expect me to already now what you’re talking about. Is Dracula gonna be a problem now?”

<Beth> laughs a little bit and rolls her shoulders. “You just learn to take in what people tell you and add it to the collection and then gain context when you can. There are ancient vampries sleeping away the centuries, they are so old that human blood wont even fill them anymore and so when they wake up they’ll try to eat us instead. As for Dracula, i hope not… I hear that the Tzimisce know something about that one though.”

☮Remond☮ blinked. “wait he’s real?” he threw his hands up in the air and leaned back. “Is harry potter real? Nosferatu, even though that’s an old ass movie.” he rubbed his temples. “So you’re preparing to fight for your life, I take it they won’t just feed on others and let them live as… you know a resource that wont dwindle if you destroy it?”

<Beth> shakes her head a little bit more, frowning as she considers it. “Yes, I believe so… and when I say they will eat us… not just our blood… but consume or souls. It’s called Diablerie, we can use it to make our blood more potent… they can use it to feed themsleves when simple vitae does not suffice. They will eat our souls.”

☮Remond☮ grimaced when he heard that. He was quiet, thinking about it, silent before finally coming back. “So I guess I better get everything situated with the others and buff up, huh?” he asked. “No sense of freaking out further about this and waste time if we can’t pull our shit together.”

<Beth> nods her head and hops up from the table. “Yeah, pretty much. And, the best way to get on Athena’s good side is to show her you can be a competant leader and do what has to be done.”, she says before looking off toward the door. “Speaking of, I should check on my people before they go get themsevles into trouble of some sort. Good Luck.”

☮Remond☮ nodded. “Thank you!” he said and stood up. “I’ll see you around.” he said with a soft smile. Good leader, that was his own goal anyway and keep his friends, his pack, alive and happy. “I need to find them, also where the hell was yevi all day?” he muttered to himself and decided to simply just go wander, but avoid Athena at all costs.