☮Remond☮ was out in a little training yard working on himself mainly to maintain what he already had and not buff himself up. He had a lot on his mind and he wasn’t doing his best as he normally would, occasionally he’d trip or something or sit down and ponder whatever he was thinking about.

Anne is likewise out in the yard going through her daily-now nightly-physical regimen. Though she’s not sure whether she actually needs to maintain her shape anymore, she finds the routine comforting. She watches Remond’s odd breaks in his own routine, but doesn’t comment.

<Storyteller> There are a few people out and about the compound, enough to occasionally be seen passing by. The night is a clear one, moon shining down and making the place surprisingly well lit. Here near the edge a pair of large doberman-looking dogs patrols near the outer fence.

☮Remond☮ stares at the dogs before realining he was probably in somebodies way, so he moved off away from that and was now to the side.

<Sascha> comes walking through, pausing briefly to pet one of the dogs on the head before turning and giving Anne and Remond both a curious gaze. She clasps her hands behind her back and walks a little further about the hedges her, weaving in and out between them with a thoughful expression.e

Anne watches the woman curiously with her good eye, glowing a faint red in the moonlight, but continues her routine.

☮Remond☮ looked up at Anne again and whistled. “Hey.” he slowly walked over. “The orphans gave us a challenge at 2, figure we may as well do it, I just wanted to give you a heads up.” he said, trying to be in a friendly manner, even smiling a bit.

<Sascha> slowly adjusted her path to approach the pair, hands still behind her back as she watches them, observing their behavior.

“You’re the boss, eh, Soldier-boy.” Anne says simply with a shrug.

Lewis decided to head outside since it seemed like a good way to clear his head after all the shit he’d just read. This world they were all thrust into was entirely bizarre and immoral… but on the other hand, he glowed! He was sure that it would be an annoyance later, but at the moment, it was just amusing, along with the pointy ears but that was more of ‘eh’ at this point, because he was tall as hell and fucking glowed! He saw everyone else doing some kind of warm ups but he just sat on the side and just watched, thinking about how bad these setites must be for this lot to dislike them.

☮Remond☮ took a moment before rolling his eyes. “Not exactly, technically yes but I was just telling you, thought it would be better than just throwing you into the fire. God, why can’t you just accept any sort of kind gesture?” he asked, so frustrated with this older woman.

<Sascha> watches Lewis approach as well and gives him a polite nod as she keeps about two arm lengths of space betwen herself and the other two.

Anne stares at him for a few seconds, then her expression softens ever so slightly. “You’re right. Sorry. It’s just,” she looks to the side, staring at something far off in the distance, “(arabic) haven’t had anything offered out of good will for…more than thirty years now.”

☮Remond☮ was very surprised by this and looked around in disbelief but he relaxed a bit and smiled fondly. “(Arabic) I understand, ami, I’m used to getting shot at by a father after saving his daughter fro crossfire. I put others before myself nd I can see how that would be off putting for someone who has seen as much war as you probably have. I am only half your age after all.” he opened up a bit. “(arabic) just don’t be a bitch and I’ll stop being a moody asshole.” he chuckled. He noticed Lewis to the side and nodded. “Hey, Lewis, you doing alright?” he asked and walked over to him.

“Who the fuck even worships egyptian gods anymore?” Lewis mumbled, lost in thought, trying to remember what he knew about Set other than it being an egyptian god. No, not really… He’d have to google it once he was allowed access. Or once he was allowed to fix the ethernet in the place. Wouldn’t be surprised if he had to fix the wiring in the place…

☮Remond☮ whistled and waved his hand. “Lew…” he tried again now standing next to him. “Earth to… god damn you glow a lot…”

<Sascha> looks between them a moment longer before moving on in silence, bright blue eyes ever watchful as she walks along, enjoying the night air.

Lewis jolted as he realized someone was next to him and trying to get his attention. “Sorry, lost in thought, I do that a lot,” he appologized with a sheepish grin. “Yeah, I havn’t quite figured out how it happens, but I do know that it’s caused by the moonlight,” he informed.

☮Remond☮ smiled. “Looks good on ya.” he chuckled and sat down next to him. “So we’re going to do a thing at 2, it requires a fire walk and a game of capture the flag. after learning a few things I think it’s about time we stop sulking and freaking out and start being what we’ve become, the better we are as what we are, the less people will fuck with us and harm us. Or we can just defend ourselves from dracula… hopefully.”

<Storyteller> Off near to the hedge maze the group can see that something is being set up… looks like someone is digging a shallow pit and then filling it with coals.

☮Remond☮ looked concerned. “Looks like fun… but f we do it without anybody prodding us, we’ll get brownie points or something, that’s my hope anyway.”

“Works for me. I suppose no-one would notice few new burn scars.” Anne mutters, then looks around, realizing she heard them speaking from much farther away than she should’ve.

Lewis blinked as two games were brought up and he had a feeling he wasn’t goign to like these ‘games’ at all, but it needed to be done — especially if he wanted to stand toe to toe with any of the older vamps who probably knew many of the skills he saw in the book. “The situation is fucked, but if we don’t buck up we’ll be screwed over in whatever you want to call this… group, thing, by the older ones, based on what I read today,” Lewis sighed. “Right, so… any idea what either of these games entail yet?” he asked.

☮Remond☮ nodded. “I think our wounds heal, not sure about fire wounds though.” he said and rubbed where he had been knocked out with a roc–brick. “Well judgig by those coals and the name fire walk, I think we’ll be having a grand time of walking on those coals. As for capture the flag, its with vampires I can only assume its going to be harder than capture the flag.” he said and tilted his head far to the side a bit before looking normal again. “Fuck I’m hungry, where do we uh… whatever you call it, drink…” he asked and stood up. “Otherwise I’m gonna end up killing someone by the end of the night.”

<Storyteller> As Remond says that any nearby servants happen to make themselves quite scarce, finding indoor tasks to work on somewhere.

☮Remond☮ started making those sad puppy like eyes. “Oh god, really?” he flopped onto his back. “(french) for all the love that is holy on mary’s loving breathe, why?”

“These people don’t have the best morals, but I expected those working for them to be treated a bit better than that,” Lewis blinked. “Makes you wonder who those people tied to the gravestones were,” he murmured to himself.

☮Remond☮ whined and looked over at Lewis. “No kidding.” he said and slowly stood up. “I… I suppose I gotta go do that. Unless he was scared I was going to kill him.” he looked so confused and heartbroken by this. “Or maybe I should ask someone first…”

<Sascha> comes walking back from the other way and pauses, tilting her head to look at them again. “They are used to people sometimes feeding on them, some of them even like it… but an unexperienced hungry vampire might just kill them by accident.”

“Okay… any pro-tips on how to avoid that…?” Lewis asked, since… he didn’t really know how to properly bite — he assumed there was a way — let alone how much this ‘beast’ would affect him durring feeding.

☮Remond☮ jumped and looked at sascha, or shovel lady as he remembered her by. “can I just ask for their consent?” he asked.

<Sascha> nods her head a bit as she looks from one to the other, red hair shining in the moonlight and her gaze is almost unnaturally bright. “You can, but that won’t help your hunger any. The best thing for that is to not wait until you are starving, and well, practice makes perfect. You can also feed on other vampires, many find the experience to be quite enjoyable in fact and often share blood or use it to assist a wounded packmate.”

☮Remond☮ again just frowned. “I’m not feeling intimate with any of my friends yet, and I’d rather keep it that way.” he said. “though I would if needed be. I’ll just, uhm, go find someone who likes it?” he felt so dirty saying that knowing what he was doing

So… on one hand… they could go kill some humans with their inexperience… but on the other… it sounded like the equivalent of making out. “Aw, f*ck, this is gonna be terrible,” he sighed as he saw their opitons.

<Sascha> laughed at that and then gestured up toward the main hall. “Well, for now there are probably some jars or bags of blood. It’s cold but palletable as long as you don’t have any aquired tastes. And you gotta be careful biting some of the ghouls around here, depending on who they belong to. Some people get territorial about that.”

☮Remond☮ blinked. “A jar of blood would be far more okay… I dont wanna fuck up.” he said and started for the main hall and was just very wary of who’s toes he may step on if he did such things maybe he should talk with the humans, he adored people and then he wont have to worry about fucking up in that area.

Lewis blinked. “Why is everything in the world so much more complicated?” he sighed. He watched Remond head off, but he wasn’t particularly hungry at the momement, so he started looking around, to get more acquainted with the building and all the rooms it had. Maybe he’d get lucky and they’d have a piano for him to fiddle with.

<Storyteller> There are a few people moving about in the main hall, one of them carrying a stack of books and another mopping what looks like some blood up off the floor.

☮Remond☮ looked at them slowly walked up to the mopping one. “Hey uhm… could you point me to where like jars or a bag of blood might be?” he asked, he wasn’t so nervous with people though he was still uncomfortable with himself just asking for that so bluntly.

<Storyteller> There is in fact a pair of pianos in one of the rooms just off of the main hall, the room decorated nicely and with several rows of seats as well.

<Storyteller> The guy looks at Remond and then points off down the hall. “Second door on the left. There’s two fridges in there and some crates with wax-sealed clay jars. If it has an X on it, it’s got drugs or something in it.”

☮Remond☮ smiled and nodded. “thanks.” he said as he headed to the room to go get a drink, avoid the x marked ones, got it.

Lewis was a bit curious about the blood, but… he kinda didn’t want to know, so he avoided that, and holy shit they did have them! He walked up to the piano happily, testing how tunned it was, but it could be horribly out of tune and he’d just be happy with the familiar feeling of piano keys.

<Storyteller> The pianos are both tuned, clean, and well maintained it looks like. The room also looks to be set up to enhance the sound of them through acoustics.

<Storyteller> It is as the man said in that room there is a pair of fridges and a couple of crates. There is one gruff looking big guy with a kind of furry features and an underbite that looks Remond over as he comes in.

<Sascha> stands there a moment longer and then chuckles to herself a bit. “Glad I could be of assistance.”, she says to herself and then gives Anne a bit of a nod as she looks over toward where the game perperations are being made.

☮Remond☮ takes on of the things making sure he saw no marked and stared at it funny for a moment, he looked over feelings eyes on him and noticed the fuzzy man. “Good evening.” he said and opened the jar, looing inside and swirled it. In his mind he wa telling himself this was normal, and he oddly believed it without needing to tell himself that, which didnt make him feel better. he’d get over it eventually.

Aw, man, he’d always wanted to play on a piano as well kept as this one obviously was! And the acoustics… Hell of a lot better than the bar. So he sat down and started running through a more peaceful song so he didn’t disturb the workers but still got to play. God, that sounded nice in here….

☮Remond☮ downed the jar and shook his head, before going and grabbing another and downing that as well. He stood there then just stared at the jars looking for where he should put them.

After hearing what the first round sounded like Lewis continued playing some more peaceful songs he’d practiced but never gotten the chance to play down at the bar. He wasn’t being yelled at yet, so he just kept playing, lost in his own world. He tended to get lost in his own thing a lot…

☮Remond☮ sighed and left deciding fuzzy man would just be creepy so he walked off. Deciding he’d go wait around for his group to collect sooner or later.

<Storyteller> The man watches Remond a moment longer with a gruff grunt as his only response before pointing off to an empty crate.

☮Remond☮ of course after just sorta sticking the jars in the crate

<Storyteller> A few people stick their head in curiously as Lewis plays but no one bothers him in there. When he changes songs though he does notice a couple of people sitting off in the chairs, listening to him. In the very back of the room stands Antol, hand resting on the hilt of the sword on his hip.

Lewis notices a couple of people listening, but he was pretty used to that, so he just kept going, playing some other calming songs. A lot of Yiruma that he never really got the chance to play before but liked the songs of enough to practice regularly. He’d just keep doing that until he ran out of songs or someone came up and talked to him.

{Antol} walks up to the other piano in the room and gently starts to play in harmony with Lewis as if it were natural for him to do so. He carefully sits down, mindful of the sword and just plays along without a word.

Lewis looks up as he realizes someone’s playing in harmony, and just grins at the feeling. Definately a great feeling, he loved playing piano with others, so he didn’t even particularly care that it was the same guy who bit him the other night, he just knew music was being made, and it sounded fantastic! “That was pretty great, thanks!” he said, still elated from the feeling.

{Antol} turns around and offers a slight nod. “Had I known you could play so before this, I might have claimed you for my Pack. All of my Pack is musically inclined, and you are free to come play with us anytime.”, he says as he gets up to his feet once more.

“I’ll have to take you up on that offer sometime,” Lewis agreed. “I didn’t get to play with a whole lot of people as a human, but when I did, it was great.” He grinned, obviously a passion for him. He’d probably talk with Adolf Hitler on how great music was and not give two shits durring the conversation.

{Antol} nods once more and makes his way down the three steps to the main floor again. “I have seen you in the library. I will send you a book that details a little more about our specific nature if you like. It may require learning a bit of Latin first, if it is not already known to you however.”

“Alright, I’ll find a book on Latin, then,” Lewis nodded, feeling a bit less intimidated by the male now, though he reminded himself that he was probably as messed up as the rest in some way or another… But not in any significant way just yet, so… He was a’ight for now. “I can’t say I remember a whole lot from college latin,” he admitted. “They have something in the library for that, right?” God, he was screwed if there wasn’t some ‘Latin for Dummies’ somewhere.

{Antol} nods once, his hand resting back on the hilt of his sword. “I am sure there are a few. I will have it sent to you tomorrow. Do not let anyone else have it. They would not understand. There is a magic in the book that would harm one not blessed by our blood.”

Okay, the word ‘blessed’ put him a bit on edge, but he nodded taht he understand. “Ah… what do you mean by cause harm? Like, will they start bleeding from their eyes or something if I read it in the library and they see the book?” he asked, a bit worried at the thought.

{Antol} tilts his head and his black eye flicker with a blue glow. “If they see the symbols inside the pages they will have a riddle put into their minds that they cannot do anything but solve. So they sit there, stupified until they figure it out… the riddle is different for each person so one solving it cannot help another. I have seen vampires that met the dawn still trying to solve that riddle.”

Lewis blinked and shivered a bit at the thought of someone dying because of something like that. “I’ll be careful while reading it, then,” he agreed. God, he didn’t want to think of such a fate.

{Antol} nods his head once more and then quietly leaves the music room, disappearing down a corridor.

“Hey, kid,” Anne calls out to Lewis as she walks into the room a minute later, “you getting ready for that little trial they’ve got going tonight?”

“Not much to prepare for, really. Just gotta see if we make it or break it,” Lewis shrugs, stopping his playing as he turns around to talk to the woman.

“If that’s how you want it,” Anne shrugs as she leans against the doorway, “doubt it’s going to be as clean as you make it sound, though.”

“Uh, I just don’t see what there’s to prepare for other than mental wise. I doubt very many of us can access our powers at this point, so it’s not like there’s anything we can practice,” Lewis shrugged.

“There’s physical regimens to prep for pain.” Anne offers, her good eye glowing red as she stares at Lewis. “Mental ones too if you want to get zen. Can’t teach those in an hour, though. Most folks turn to prayer if things look rough.”

“I just don’t see how any of that will help, I dont’ particularly believe in anything, so… its’ either take the pain and get over it, or crumble,” Lewis replied and once again shrugged. “Is it almost ready?” he asked, just wanting to get it all over with.

<Storyteller> They are dumping lighter fluid all over the coals outside… the smell wafts all the way up to the main hall for a moment on the breeze.

☮Remond☮ wrnkles his nose and just waits for his pack o show up, should be around just about any time, he just hoped they would make it.

“Ah, it seems like it is, I’ll head outside then,” Lewis waved a bit and headed outside. He noticed Remond and walked up to him, waiting beside him. “I don’t remember gasoline having that strong of a stench as a human,” he chuckled.

“Yeah,” Anne nods, “come on, kid. Let’s not keep Soldier-boy waiting.”

<Kitt Bishop> makes her way outside, stretching a little bit and looking around dressed in her white robes which are back to being clean and blood free again. She wrinkles her nose at the smell of the lighter fluid, but comes over curiously to see what is going on.

☮Remond☮ looked up seeing lewis and gave a charming smile. “Me neither but hey at least that means we know we can smell it.” he laughed.

“Really? You two must not’ve blown up any fuel depots, then.” Anne mutter with a nostalgic smile as she follows close behind Lewis. “Can smell that stuff a mile away.”

☮Remond☮ rolled his eyes. “Its not quite a fond memory for me.” he stated simply. “Ane here will be fine, I’m more concerned about you.”

<Storyteller> The ghouls toss a piece of lit paper into the trench and the whole thing goes up in a huge fireball before dying down to a flame.

“I suppose that’s true,” Lewis chuckled. “Phew, that’s strong though,” he said, waving his hand in front of his face to try to waft the smell away. “Don’t even want to think about how that’ll feel in a few minutes.” He looked over as Anne walked up. “Ah, no, the closest I come to lighter fluid is lighting up my Dad’s grill back in highschool,” Lewis admitted. He looked back to Remond as he was addressed. “I’ll either make it or break it, y’know?” he shrugged, trying to keep a good attitude about it.

<Kitt Bishop> leans back away from the fireball and little fangs flash for a moment as she glares at it, but she doesn’t take off running. “That was not cool.”

☮Remond☮ leans back from where he was sitting and just glares at the fire. “(french) stupid fire.”

Lewis jumped as the fireball lept up, surprised by how much that startled him. “Wow, didn’t expect that,” Lewis chuckled a bit nervously. Must be a new vamp thing.

Anne flinches violently as the flames erupt. “Great,” she grumbles darkly, “I needed another burn scar.” She glares at the flames as the desire to flee attempts to overcome her.

☮Remond☮ looked up at Anne. “You were fine with it before.” he pointed out.

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head as she looks at Anne. “Can’t get scars anymore. It heals up back to exactly how you are now.”

“(arabic) Lose an eye to some soviet napalm and tell me how you handle fire.” Anne grouses.

☮Remond☮ chortles. “(arabic) come back to me when you can decide whether your gonna talk big and stick with it or not.”

“It’s times like this that I wish there was a way to speak binary,” Lewis joked to himself as some language was spoken and he had no idea what was said.

<Kitt Bishop> looks between the two of them and takes a couple of steps around, looking at the coals. “So… why are we hanging around a pit of hot coals?”

☮Remond☮ smiled at Lewis. “So would it impress you I know French, English, Arabic, and Universal sign language?

“Well yeah, the most I know is all computer languages, and uh, they’re not very good for speaking to other people to,” Lewis chuckled. “I mean, I know at least 5, but they’re not entire languages for speaking to other people with, so yeah, that’s pretty impressive.”

“(arabic) I’m a mercenary, Soldier-boy. Talking big is a sport,” Anne grins, though the reflections of the fire and her own scars cast it as more of a grimace, “(arabic) still, I’ve never had a reaction like this. Remember what that guy said last night. Apparently our ‘beasts’ don’t like fire.”

“And you should learn some other languages, Kid,” Anne advises Lewis, “easier to kill people before they kill you if you know what they’re saying.”

☮Remond☮ smiled. “Oh, you’re more of a smart guy than I thought. I can barely operate these new phones!” e laughed. He nodded to both of anne’s comments until it was about killing people. “Or just for helping communicate, Sign language is great for that, I can hep you learn it if you need, just in case we need to sneak around.”

“There’s gonna be a trial so we figured we’d get it over with,” Lewis explained to Kitt. “It should start soon, I think,” he shrugged. “Should probably learn sign at least, seems pretty useful for quiet situations at the very least,” Lewis agreed as Remond suggusted that in particular. “I dunno about killing people, but I won’t disagree that knowing another language would be good,” he agreed. Maybe he’d take up spanish if he was bored after he got done with latin.

“Suit yourselves,” Anne grunts, “more not dying for me.”

☮Remond☮ looked at kitt, “I’m hoping the others will show up soon.” he said. He looked at Anne. “You realize if any of the pack dies, you’re more likely to, right?”

<Kitt Bishop> wrinkles her nose and grabs a stick, tossing it into the coals and watching it curl up and then burst into flame before dying down and turning to ash. “Uhm, we are flammable now, and we are gonna walk on that? Fire and sunlight are like the two biggest threats to our existance.”

☮Remond☮ sighs and stares at the fire. “Well… yes.” he stated bluntly. “but we get brownie points for raising our hands to volunteer to do it, they’ll see us as stupid but at least a little more respectable… I hope anyway.”

Lewis shruggs. “I like to think its really hot sand, just gotta get across it and then you’re in the cool water,” he informed.

“Probably. That’s why it was a joke.” Anne gives Remond a sideways stare, “I know a pack-a-day for almost forty years makes it hard to tell, but I am occasionally sarcastic.”

☮Remond☮ looked at Anne and laughed. “Then next time say it in a better tone. besides, frankly you have been an ass to most everyone here, and if I recall joking iwth yevi about soviets and snares like you did in the maze, isn’t a fun joke. So on the same side, joking abut your pack– friends in a group dying, also isn’t a fun joke.”

“Oh, that was no joke,” Anne gives a predatory grin, “I spent five years learning to hunt soviets like rabbits.”

<Kitt Bishop> keeps watching the coals, walking around the whole trench, staring at it. “I get it’s a test of courage, but I am not gonna lie I am not feeling it. Being chased or something is one thing… volentarily burning my feet to nubs is another.”

Lewis sighed as he sensed an arguement coming on and sat down. “Well, you can watch us go first and then see if you feel like it. Seems as sane as just about anything else that goes on around here,” he said and shrugged. “Voleenteering to get hurt to me is better than being forced to. But maybe I enjoy my willpower a bit too much,” he chuckled.

☮Remond☮ blinked. “Okay fine, in which case just stop being a bitch. You can joke about sweet lewis here dying, but I cant point out your lack of bite to your bark? hm.” he playfully rolle dhis eyes, he couldn’t take this woman seriously anymore, she was so wishy washy it hurt, but not as bad as athena, but he still took her seriously after that brick. He looked at Kitt and sighed softly before hanging his head. “Same, and it’s not like any of us are excited, but at the moment I dont see us getting a good name of ‘wardens: defenders of the city’ if we cant buck up and do something stupid for their entertainment.” he looked at Lewis. “and that is a good point, ami.”

“I suppose I’ll get it over with first, then.” Anne mutters, rolling her shoulders for a moment. “Unless one of you kids wants to go first.”

<Storyteller> The Orphans arrive, three of them, all children from about 10 years old to maybe 13. The three of them line up and the older girl finally approaches Remond and looks him up and down. “Well, glad to see you could at least make a showing.”, she says with a hint of a french accent, blonde curls bouncing off her shoulders.

“I didn’t realize it was ready to go,” Lewis admitted, standing up again. Then some people show up and he blinked. Okay, he supposed these were the people who dared them to this challenge.

<Kitt Bishop> looks over at the kids and frowns a bit, moving back and standing over by Lewis as she watches what’s going on.

☮Remond☮ smiled. “I’ll do it first.” he volunteered, simply. What good was a leader putting his people through that if he couldn’t do it first. He looked down at the girl, he blinked and smiled. “(french) why wouldn’t we? We’re new, I doubt we had much of a choice if we wanted to be respected and at least notable.”

<Cleetus> pushes out into the courtyard, slamming the door open unceremoniously and smiling wide. “Hey y’all! What’re we up to out here?” He said loudly, looking around at the others before noticing the coals. “And what’s with that? We havin’ a barbecu or somethin’?”

☮Remond☮ looked at cleetus. “Oh, you didn’t see the sign on the door? Were fire walking… and if we still have feet we’ll capture a flag.” he informed him

“No, it’s a challenge, we’re gonna walk across that and see if we can make it to the other side,” Lewis summarized for Cleetus.

<Storyteller> Elizabeth giggles and then wrinkles her nose when she catches whiff of Cleetus on approach. “Something like that.”, she says before looking back to Remond. “(french) We thought it might do us some good to knock the new big-bad pack around, maybe they wont see us as little orphans anymore.”

<Cleetus> thinks for amoment, knowing he SAW a sign, but pretty sure he didn’t read it. “I guess I’m not a big reader really. But fire walkin’? I always wanted to try that! Can’t be worse than somma the shit in the swamps at least!”

“I still don’t get that game. Capturing flags Don’t remember having to capture any flags in Afghanistan.” Anne mutters, rubbing the back of her neck.

<Storyteller> Elizabeth steps back with the tother two children and they look the Pack over as it stands. “Since you are the ones Challenged, you get to go first.”

☮Remond☮ looked down at this little girl and nodded, trying to have a soft smile. “(french) if it helps any, you terrify me.” he admitted and looked at Anne. “Capture the flag is actually a good practice, training helps but game like that are great training in many skills.” he explained. Then he had to do the fire it seemed, he looked at it and grimaced. “Right now? Just go?”

<Jimmy> “But, there’s only three of us so only three of you get to walk.”, he pipes up.

☮Remond☮ nods slowly. “oay well I’ll go.” he looked at the others, it was up to themselves.

<Storyteller> Elizabeth seems to agree with a nod and bounce of golden curls. “He is right… three on three… you have to pick who will walk against us. If anyone fails, to get across without losing it, you lose a point.”

<Cleetus> stares at the fired, feeling oddly uneasy about it. Looking over the rest of the pack, however, he realized that not all of them were really fit for something like this. “I’ll go too, can;t be that bad… right?”

“Well, I’ve got nothing better to do. Count me in as well.”  Anne says after a cursory glance at the “orphans.”

<@Nox_Aegis> <Kitt Bishop> looks to Remond and shakes her head a bit, grabbing his shoulder. “Wait.”

☮Remond☮ looked at kitt curiously. “Why?” he asked.

<Kitt Bishop> looks to the children then at Cleetus and then Anne and back to Remond. “Let me go. My blood is resistant to fire, like Cleetus. Anne can move fast, so she is a good option too. If you get too hurt, you might not be useful for the capture the flag portion. We might need you more for that game than this one. Fire wounds are hard to heal.”

Lewis could see that he wasn’t gonna walk the coals so he went to go dig up some kind of pan or bucket people could stand in and water as well. May as well try to be useful since he wasn’t going to be walking.

☮Remond☮ blinked and slowly lay his head down. “But…” he pouted. “You know more, I guess.” and stepped back. “Alright.” he said, swallowing a lump in his throat. Now he just felt horrible. He casted them to a fire and he wasn’t even going to deal with it? “Please be careful…”

“Remember what I said about martyr complexes, Soldier-boy.” Anne says giving Remond an even stare. “Best get used to sending people in. You’re not always going to be able to take the bullets.”

☮Remond☮ glared at Anne. He couldn’t help it! It was just him, who he was. Even if he wanted to be cruel he would probably hold back on every hit. “Just get in the fire, Annie.” he grumbled.

<Kitt Bishop> nodded softly in agreement. “So… Cleetus you wanna go first?”

“That’s the spirit, Soldier-boy.” Anne says cheerfully and gives him a clap on the shoulder.

Lewis started coming back with water. “Remond, could you find a third water thing?” he asked, since the guy seemed to need something to do to try to help. He had two, but it’d take time to fill the basins up.

<Cleetus> looked at Kitt, and then back at the fire. “Ah… Yeah I gues I will.” He said, bouncing on his toes a bit to psyche himself up/ “Always wanted to try this when I was alive anyways,” he joked, laughing nervously as he slowly approached the fire.

☮Remond☮ left to go get the water with lewis, and just prayed they would be okay. he wasn’t sure what to pray to exactly but by the gods, he’d carry this water like he was back in syria damn it.

<Cleetus> steps into the fire and begins walking, looking around at the others as he did so. “See? I knew this would be no big deal!” He said, feeling nothing for the first few moments. At about the halfway point he frowned slightly as his feet began to burn, but shrugged and kept walking. “Not even half as bad as wrassling a hungry gator over the remains of a deer you just shot!”

Lewis grinned as Cleetus made it across. “Good job, man,” he said, helping him to one of the pans of cold water, to prevent that burn from getting any worse. “I’m sure the gator was worse,” he agreed with the redneck and got ready to help the next person if they wanted it when they got across.

☮Remond☮ blinked at Cleetus but as much as he was happy he was more concerned with Anne who was going next. Holding the water ready to splash them.

Anne sprints across the patch of fire with preternatural speed. Though she started after Cleetus, she reaches the end at about the same time he does. On reaching the other side she hurries to the basin of water quickly, cursing in Turkish all the while.

☮Remond☮ watched for Kitt now, whimpering slightly holding his water.. ven at this point even if she didnt need it, he was soaking her. It was killing him inside.

Lewis poured some more water into the basins as it seemed that both needed it. “That was pretty fast,” he praised. Lewis was pretty good at cheerleading.

<Cleetus> smiled at Lewis and pat him on the head. “Gators are nasty bastards, but ya gotta respect ’em too. Once mah cousin Joe Bob got his whole leg just bit cclean off!.” He started to regale him with tales of his gator related escapades as he watched the others walk the fire as well.

<Kitt Bishop> looks at the coals a bit apprehensively and then starts off across them, as she does so she starts to burn up, the smell of her cooking flesh filling up everyone’s nostrils and she starts to run but that only seems to make it worse, finally even her robe catching flame as she makes it to the other side, falling to the grass and shrieking, fangs out and snapping in terror as the others try to put her out.

Lewis took the jug he was holding and dumped a bit at a time, dowsing the flames while avoiding the fangs. Jeez, that one didn’t go well at all.

☮Remond☮ splashes the water onto her, and even tears off his shirt in attempts to pat her down if that were not enough, bloody tears threatening to stream down his pretty little face. “(french) I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry!” forcing his group through this, what was he thinking?!

“Okay, damn. Not as bad as Jaji, but still,” Anne grimaces, rinsing out her legs thoroughly, “less than fun.”

<Cleetus> stepped back from Kitt, not wanting to be in the way as the others began to put her out.

<Storyteller> “Well, that’s two points for you.”, says Elizabeth as she nods to the other two and they line up. The little one carrying a doll in her arms going first.

Lewis kept dowsing Kitt until the flames were out and then guided her carefully to a basin where it would help the burn some.

☮Remond☮ watched, standing back and went to get more water just in case a kid got caught on fire… that would also be sad.

<Kitt Bishop> was shaking a little bit as they got the flames out and she went and sat in the water, drwing her knees up to her chest. “Sorry guys.”

☮Remond☮ looked at Kitt and shook his hea.d “No dont be sorry, you were great, thank you. Dont worry.”

“Hey, it’s all good, you made it through, that’s good, right?” Lewis pointed out.

“Ah, don’t sweat it, kid.” Anne tries her hand at a reassuring grin, and fails. “Most folks couldn’t do the same, magic weaknesses or no.”

<Cleetus> steps back up to the pack and nods. “They’re right, most people’d piss there pants before thinkin’ ’bout doing that.”

<Storyteller> Stacy starts out across the coals and then drops her doll and it bursts into flames in front of her. She screams, trying to pick it up as it burns away, then runs back to the starting point, crying. “MOLLY! NO!”

“He’s got a point,” Anne nods towards Cleetus, “took hayalar to step up, especially since Soldier-boy here,” Anne points her thumb over at Remond,”was already offering to go.”

<Kitt Bishop> sniffles a little and looks up at them, nodding. “I think I’ll be propping my feet up and reading for the next few days.”

☮Remond☮ watched the girl and looked worried when she dropped the doll. She stopped to get it back but it was already gone. “Fuck…” he said under his breathe unsure of what to do at this point, now he just felt bad for doing this in the first place.

Anne looks over at the field of coals and tsks as the girl’s doll slips and catches fire.

<Storyteller> Elizabeth stamps her foot but then hugs the other girl, stroking her hair. “I’ll make you a new one. You okay? No burns? Good.”, she says and kisses the top of the girl’s head before nudging Jimmy over that direction.

“Jesus,” Lewis whispered, feeling a bit bad as the poor girl’s doll burned. At the same time it made him wonder why she’d brought it with her, but… well, he supposed she was just a kid.

<Jimmy> growls a bit and pumps himself off before just blurring across the coals so fast that the airflow make it streak fire behind him and suddenly he is on the other side… hopping a bit as his feet are a little burned but otherwise okay.

Lewis went to fetch more water for the last person, leaving Remond to the second guy from the other team who came across.

☮Remond☮ watched, he put his water bucket down for him, if Jimmy wanted it to cool off his feet. He felt awful, still, for kitt, for not doing it himself, for that other little girl and her doll, everything about this sucked.

“Hey, nice showing.” Anne flashes Jimmy a grin.

<Cleetus> raised his eyebrows as the child blurred across the coals. “Damn, that’s one fast kid.” he muttered to himself. watching, he waited to see how the final kid would do.

Lewis came back with more cool water, ready for the last person to come across.

<Storyteller> Elizabeth also seems to move as a blur across the coals, hiking up her dress and bolting straight across with no hesitation. She gets to the other side adn pats at her stockings, quickly trying to put them out even as water was poured on them to stifle the flames. “Well, I suppose that means we are tied.”

As soon as the other girl got across, Lewis started pouring water on them, doing so carefully as to not make the fire worse.

☮Remond☮ smiled and nodded. “So what’s that mean exactly.” he said. “Capturing the flag is a tie breaker?”

<Storyteller> Elizabeth looks at her team, and then at Remond and gives him a slight nod of her head. “Would you be opposed to waiting until tomorrow night to capture the flag, as we have wounded on both sides? We will get the Angels to join us as well, to make the teams more even.”

“Eh, sounds good to me,” Anne says, then looks from the girl to Remond, “what do you say, Soldier-boy?”

☮Remond☮ sighed a breathe of relief. “Of course, that would be preferable and sounds fair.” he said and looked at his team. “We’ll capture the flag tomorrow, but you guys did great tonight.” he looked back at Elizabeth. “So did you guys too.” being a good sport.

<Cleetus> nods, clapping excitedly at the prospect of capture the flag. He almost began bouncing again but winced as his crispy feet hit the ground. “Tomorrow night is capture the flag night? That sounds like a barrel of excitement!”

<Storyteller> Elizabeth nods. “Merci.”, she says and then gathers up the other two to head back inside.

<Kitt Bishop> gets up out of the water, wincing as she puts weight on her burned up feet, the bone showing through in some places. “Resistant to fire my lily white ass.”, she mumbles.

☮Remond☮ “(arabic) Who made you ductus? You’re not the voice of the group.” he said in an almost cheerful manner. he turned his gaze to Cleetus. “I never caught your name by the way.” he said and looked at her. “I can carry you or something to your place of rest.” he offered, feeling like he needed to make it up to her.

“I can get a basin ready inside for each of you if you guys would like,” Lewis said, offering his own help.

Anne rolls her eyes at Remond before turning to stare after the withdrawing orphans. “Damn. Tough bunch of kids here.” Anne grins approvingly. “Well, if that’s all for tonight, I’m sure there’s a piece of ceiling that need staring at.” She takes a few steps back towards the building before, almost as an afterthought, turning to Lewis. “Oh, and thanks for the water, kid. Real thoughtful of you.”

<Kitt Bishop> laughed a little. “No, I will hobble with dignity. I was the one that asked to do it.”, she says and limps forward a few feet toward the main hall. “I will sleep in my room in our hall tonight, I imagine Zaluut may find the burned smell offensive.”

<Kitt Bishop> manages to make it inside and to the Warden’s wing, limping up the stairs and into one of the unclaimed rooms there to rest for the following day.

Lewis looked to Cleetus since no one else responded. “You want a basin for your feet later?” He offered.