<Storyteller> The wing they currently have assigned to The Wardens ajoins the Watchers from the East side and is empty on the other. It has 6 floors, and most of the rooms are still just abandoned and decaying asylum rooms from when the place was forgotten. The two lower floors have been renovated though, and feature a common room that leads into the other wings on either side and even has a few couches and some game tables. The second foor is here the sleeping quarters are and has seperate rooms for the taking. The ritual room is also on this floor but it is fairly blank slate at the moment.

☮Remond☮ after everything was done and he had time to collect his head, he was done being numb which was good but at the same time he was just… angry. How did this happened? what happened to those people back there in the maze?! he knew exactly what happened and it was bothering him more that he didn’t particular care for them up until now. He kicked the side of a building. “(french) What sort of monster am I?”

Lewis was just glad to get away from the weird group circle thing. He didn’t want to think about how he was probably being brainwashed if any of his books were to be followed. He sat down and just thought about what was going on and what had happened for several minutes. People were dead, he had eaten someone — they all did — so they were all some kind of vampire-like creature now, and… he was glowing. While wondering why he was such a monster now was a tempting thought train… on the other hand, he was glowing… Naturally, for the next 10 minutes or so people could see Lewis messing with different lightening and amount of light, observing how his skin reacted… Definately intellectually driven.

☮Remond☮ sighed and stared over at Lewis, took him a moment before he realized he never cared to get names, then again when was a good time to say ‘nice to meet you’ when you’re being tested on how well you’ll survive just to be dragged in a cult. He slowly came over to him, watching him play with his skin. “Almost cute, if things didn’t… suck.” he called. “I remember seeing something like you at a renaissance fair.”,he chuckled but his eyes still burdened, he had left those people to die an it was haunting his every thought. “Remond, by the way, my name.”

Anne works her way through a series of exercise routines throughout the night, marveling that they seemed to be getting easier each time. Which was saying something, considering she was pushing up against her fifth decade.  She spots two of the younger men from last night-she hadn’t caught their names-talking while she was doing laps around the building.

Anne slows her pace as she passes them by, curious as to what they might be talking about.

Lewis looked up as shotgun man decided to introduce himself and smiled friendily. “Yeah, its’ like… what the hell just happened. We’re all dracula now, I guess, being indoctrinated into a vamp cult… but on the other hand, I’m fucking glowing, and I still can’t figure out why! Ah, Lewis, by the way,” he realized that he should introduce himself too halfway through his minor geek out. He notice the woman watching them a bit, but he got kind of focused when he was enthused. “Havn’t really looked in a mirror yet, now that I think about it, there are probably other changes,” he realized. “I dunno, man, that whole thing was too planned out for it to have gone any other way. Well, with the exception of it being different people surviving. The best I can think of doing right now is trying to beat the system. Havn’t figured out what that is yet, though,” he admitted with a shrug. The guy defintely looked haunted by tonight, so Lewis figured the man was proably more human than some of the others in the circle from before.

<Mikov> slips in through the barely open door from the Watcher’s common room. He sits back on his dog-like legs for a moment and looks around… then grins with a flash of sharp teeth as he runs in and jumps up on one of the pool tables.

Remond sat down looking Lewis up and down, listening to him talk. “I’ve seen some shit back in Syria. I was  soldier of peace, you call them here humanitarians, I believe. It was a common hostage move but saw like bullshit.” he rambled. “I just don’t understand why we are–” he paused seeing Mikov jump on one of the pool tables and be generally creepy all around. “Can we help you, your majesty?” he grunted.

<Mikov> is about the size of a toddler, standing maybe three feet tall if he stood straight up. His face is near featureless except for the eyes and slit of a mouth that barely hides a row of shark-like teeth. His front legs/arms end in spindly fingers that grasp one of the pool balls and twirl it around as he looks from one person to another in the room.

☮Remond☮ glared, this little twerp was not about to throw that heavy ass ball at them…

Lewis just looked at the thing weirdly. He hadn’t been paying much attention to it before since there were more terrifying things, but he really couldn’t decide what it was. A fucked up shark cat? Like, one of those hairless ki– well, it had hair on its head… what the fuck was it…? It had fingers… kind of… cat human?

<Mikov> tilts his head a bit as he puts the ball back down again and flashes his sharp smile. “No hurt. Not unless you break rules.”, he says and tilts forward a bit, balancing easily at the edge of the table. “You seem sad. No sad. Happy instead.”

☮Remond☮ blinked then frowned. “(french) fuck off.” he growled and looked away, deciding that the wall and the texture of it was far more interesting. He wasn’t going to argue with shark boy.

Lewis looked over at the woman, and then Remond. Well, the woman seemed okay, Remond was defiantely down, though, and he wasn’t sure how the cat-thingy expected any of them to not be upset. “Does that maze sort of thing happen often?” he asked, since the thing sure acted like it.

<Mikov> flips Remond off with a spindly finger and then looks over at Lewis as he speaks. “No. Not so many. Special this time.”, he says and then sits back again, resting on the pool table.

“Special how…?” Lewis asked, having a pretty bad feeling at this point.

☮Remond☮ looked over slightly as Lewis was set on asking it questions, so he decided to not be a dick and ignore the thing.

<Mikov> growls a little bit and jumps off from the table to prowl about the floor as he watches Lewis. “War. Many died, needed new ones.”

☮Remond☮ tilted his head. “War between who?” he asked and leaned against the wall as he watched it skulk like some sort of cat.

<Mikov> hops up onto the arm of the couch next and walks along the back of it. “Us.”, he hisses. “Us and the dark snakes. Worship dead god.”

Lewis was quiet for a moment as he thought about that. A secret war between these supernatural beings… they proably had factions. “The dark snakes…? They worship a dead god… I don’t suppose there’s a human term for what you’re talking about?” he asked, hoping to have better insight of some sort. The more ignorant he was, the better these people could mentally tug him around and that bugged him more than anything.

Anne, from her position quietly listening in, grins slightly. War. Damn if she couldn’t go for one. That or a cigarette, but war was so much more of a high.

☮Remond☮ rolled his eyes. “I get more understandable answers out of a dying grandmother.” he grumbled. The hell, where did that come from? Now he’s just being an ass, why the fuck would he bring that up, those were people! He cursed himself inside and just looked at Lewis as he asked what most of them wanted to know.

<Mikov> looks over at Lewis and flashes his teeth briefly. “Blech human. Not human. Human weak mind and body. But snakes, Setites they call them. Poison, corrupt.”

Lewis didn’t disagree with Remond as he commented on how the creature was criptic as hell. He wasn’t sure why a dying grandmother was brought into, but hey, they all had a rough 24 hours. “Alright, well, you may as well be saying that the Aflacs and the Burbons are fighting for all the sense it makes to us. You have a book or something on this crap?” he asked, a bit annoyed at how his intellect was basically just insulted. Damn cat thing.

<Mikov> nods his head and paces back and forth on the back of the couch. “Library in central halls. Third floor and fourth floor. Many books.”

☮Remond☮ pondered. “So you drafted humans but put them through a test now we’re here.” he asked. “Guess you don’t need your soldiers to die immediately, still…” he glared at it. “So you’re plan now is to brainwash us…”

Hmm, he’d have to go check that out once he was finished interrogating the thing here. He mentally nodded in agreement with Remond, but he watched for a reaction from the thing as he was so blunt with it.

<Kitt Bishop> makes her way into the room from the adjoining commons, her arm looking like it’s been torn open but it starts to mend itself as she walks along, eventually healing completely. She rubs at it a little bit, then looks about those in the room, eventually settling her eyes on Mikov.

<Mikov> looks between the people present, and hisses at Kitt when she walks in. “No wash brain. But recruit yes. Vampires now. Learn to be such or die trying.”

So… They’d comply or die. Practically brain washing as far as Lewis was concerned…

☮Remond☮ huffed, blowing some of his curly hair from his face. “The hell is that supposed to mean, imp?” he grumbled, he really hates this situation. He glanced at Kitt before looking back at Mikov. “The hell did she do to you?”

<Kitt Bishop> picks up a pool que and points it at Mikov. “Go on you little thing, before I tell your master where you are and what you’re doing.”, she says and keeps her eyes on him.

<Mikov> hisses again and hops away from the end of the stick to land on the floor, glaring as he makes his way to the door and then bolts into the other room. “Bad rabbit.”

☮Remond☮ watched it live and looked at kitt. “I remember you from the maze.” he said. “Thank you.” he gave a friendly smile. “Name’s Remond.”

“Fuck, I want to go to bed and wake up for work in the morning,” Lewis sighed as the thing got in a fight with whomever the other lady was and dashd out, saying something about ‘bad rabbit’. “Lewis,” he introduced, since he figured they were introducing themselves now and he didn’t want to be called ‘glowing tall nerd guy’.

<Kitt Bishop> nodded her head softly as she responded, “Kitt. That thing was Mikov, he’s a szlachta. They are usually not so smart as I understand it, and… well you don’t want to know how they are made.”

Remond blinked. “I kinda do.” he retorted in response and stretched his arms a bit and repositioned his lean on the wall more comfortably.

“Agreed, but what’s a szlachta?” Lewis asked, confused.

<Kitt Bishop> rolled her shoulders a little and popped the joints as she went over and sat on the couch. “Well, they start as either an animal or a human ghoul… which is a living being that drinks vampire blood without being dead first. Then they are fleshcrafted… that’s what the guy did that marked our arms… they can turn you into a lampshade with that crap. Anyway… over time they get turned into a new shape, like him… or those lamprey things. That’s a szlachta. They are still alive and have to drink vampire blood every so often to stay that way.”

☮Remond☮ listened. “ahuh… I take it we’re not talking about ghouls as in chains and goo and a big green sheet, non?”

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head. “No. Vampire blood makes humans and animals stronger, and heal fast for a while till it burns out of their systems… that was what was in the bottles in the farmhouse… vampire blood to make the people that drank it into ghouls.”

Fuck, these people did not give a shit for human life, Lewis was certian of that now. He wanted to vomit as he heard that he’d dranken blood. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d been placing bets in the back,” he sighed, rubbing his face. Whatever these fucking vampires were, he doubted they were friendly.

☮Remond☮ stared then frowned. “I knew trusting the damn bottles was bad.” he hissed. “Wait…” it had just hit him that she was with them in the maze, but went through everything else but why did she know all this shit and was so calm about it. “What the hell is your story here?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods at that too. “That was why we were numbered… for them to place bets on us.”

<Kitt Bishop> looks back at Remond and then leans back on the couch a bit. “Well, I wandered too close to one of their entrances and got snatched up some time ago… The one that made Mikov kept me sort of as a pet I guess you could say… and then due to some things going on in New Orleans, I was brought here but i couldn’t stay as i was so they gave me the chance to go with you all or I’d end up a szlachta.”

☮Remond☮ “Oh fun.” he sighed and looked out the window. “so what’s their plan with us until we’re ‘proven’ which means what exactly?”

Lewis blinked. So it was all just a big game to them. Then he heard what the lady’s story was and he was a bit less wary, but still a bit on edge, trying to take everything in. “Explains the bad blood…” he realized. “Well, think of it as this way, we’re a bunch of dogs, right? So if you want a good dog for your police force, you see which ones can find their way through a tough situation the fastest without dying… And then use them. I presume they turned us into them when they bit us,” Lewis theorized.

<Kitt Bishop> shakes her head softly. “That I am not entirely sure. My knowledge was restricted mostly to what I watched Zaluut doing and what I got out of the imp.”, she says and then smiles a bit at Lewis. “Well, vampires are made when a person dies, and that dead person is fed vampire blood.”

☮Remond☮ just went over to the pool table and rolled the balls around in his palm, thinking. “So we’re just twiddling our thumbs which are stuck in our asses.”

<Storyteller> Yevi slept in Zaluuts’s room. There is a huge bed in here that rests on a marble stand. The room is lavishly decorated and has shelves and shelves of leather bound books.

So it was certian, then. They were vampires. “The thing mentioned that they were being killed, I presume they turned us in the hopes of making good soldiers to replace the ones that’ve been dying,” Lewis summarized. “But for now, yeah, we’re twiddling our thumbs.”

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head a bit. “I believe they want for you all to bind as a pack and learn about your abilities before tossing you at anything… and I know that Zaluut was working on some sort of ritual that the pack is to undergo still.”

☮Remond☮ hummed with frustration before picking up a pool stick. “Welp, may as well get used to this shit. I’d play a get to know each other game, but I guess all these cult rituals will help us with that instead. We just wait.”

“Ritual? That anything like whatever the cult-shit last night was?” Lewis asked, baffled as that word was used as if she were talking about building a bridge or something.

Yevi awoke with a small jolt, having a nightmare of the evening before. When he saw the now familiar room come into view he rubbed his face and sighed out loud. Remembering everything that had taken place was a blur but he remembered everything important, like the fact he was dead. Standing up and stretching he went in search of people and heard a couple of familiar voices echoing down a hallway so he followed it. Seeing three familiar faces he held up a small wave and a weak smile.

☮Remond☮ looked over seeing the russian. “Ah, there you are… now we need to find the redneck, asshole granny and that other girl.” he said and lined up the pool balls. “Are you okay?” he asked.

<Kitt Bishop> nodded her head softly. “Yeah, I think so. He has been working on it for a long time i think, along with the one that made you.”, she says to Lewis.

Anne decides to head in and join the rest. Though she wasn’t too fond of Soldier Boy, it seemed that their little group was beginning to congregate. Besides, she didn’t want to miss any of what the girl was saying. It seemed like the kind of thing that may come in handy later.

“I’m dead” he replied, his words painted with his accent. “Zaluut is the one who made me?” he asked, leaning against a wall and rubbing his head a little more at the fuzzy memories. He did chuckle though at the frenchman’s summation of the groups parts.

Lewis blinked as he struggled to remember what the guy who ‘made’ him looked like. Elf-like… maybe? Oh… was that was Remond was talking about earlier? Shit, he had fucking elf ears? List of things to do: Check out the library and figure out what the hell was going on and check a mirror. He looked up as one of the people from last night came in and chuckled as well at Remond’s list. “You kinda do look bad. Like, I’m glowing, but you look like something ran you over,” Lewis commented.

<Kitt Bishop> looks over at Yevi and nods a little bit, looking him over from her spot on the couch. “Yes, Zaluut is your Sire. You’re called a Tzimisce.”, she says and then looks over to Lewis. “Antol is a Kaisyd, but I don’t know as much about those.”

☮Remond☮ looked over, seeing the older woman and giving her a nod. “Asshole granny isn’t a good name for you. I’m remond.” he introduced to both Yevi ad Anne. “and what the hell am I? Who was tentacles mcnomeansno?”

“Well, I was covered in flesh and I had to eat my way out, chased through a cornfield and made to drink a strangers blood. The only familiar thing is the word for what I am, Tzimisce” He says it with a small hiss. “If I only look like a truck ran me over, I will take it as a complement, cornstalk.” Yevi answered, surveying the three and finally giving his name. “My name is Yevgeni Petrovna Orlov, but I would like to be called Yevi.”

“Anne, if you cared to know, Soldier-boy.” Anne gives Remond an even stare with her good eye before leaning up against a nearby wall and turning to Kitt

<Kitt Bishop> looks thoughful a moment and then speaks up again. “ooooh, shadow people… Lasombra. They are strong and can make you do things by looking at you and then there’s the shadow stuff which is kinda scary. Less so now that I don’t breathe though.”

☮Remond☮ sighed. “If I did’t care I would have shot you when you gave me that damn attitude of yours.” he retorted with an almost scoff that someone could be such a bitch to people who helped saved them.

“Didn’t survive two decades of combat by gettin’ sentimental, Soldier-boy.” Anne responds with a shrug. “Nothin’ personal.”

☮Remond☮ looked back at kitt as she explained he was a shadow person. “Is the molestation and dirty talk necessary when I do anything or…”

“Right, well, we’ve all had a confusing and rough 24 hours,” Lewis said, trying to diffuse the situation a bit. Everyone was stressed and proabbly at least a little bit confused.

☮Remond☮ glared back at Anne again. “I didn’t get killed doing my job of being sentimental and risking my skin for others. Nothing personal, I just think soldiers like you aren’t as tough as they think they are. We were in the same place, and dealt with different but equal shit, you’re not above or below me, wench.”

“Same place, eh?” The corner of Anne’s mouth twitches bemusedly. “Soviets blow up your home too? Kill your family?”

<Zaluut> stands at the doorway, looking in at the group as he answers Remond, “Not really. But our Archbishop can be rather forward at times.” He eyes the group one by one from a distance.

“C’mon guys, let’s not go over who’s had the worst job,” Lewis said, standing up, trying to get the two to focus on something else other than one another when one of the weirdos from last night came in.

☮Remond☮ puffed up his chest a bit and put the pool stick down. “I abandoned my family to go help people, save lives, people like you, people who would have killed me but thought twice.” he ignored the others at this point, nothing personal, his ass. “I was tortured and beaten in Syria, I nearly lost a limb, I came out this pretty too, one eye, so I guess I didn’t slip up as badly as you either.”

Yevi stiffened a little bit at the talk of soviets. “Let them fight it out, they’ll prove who the better soldier is” He answered, leaning his neck to the side in an attempt to crack it. He wasn’t one for macho talk just as long as it wasn’t directed at him, otherwise he’d try to crack their skull for it.

<Kitt Bishop> looks from one to the other and then back over the arm of the couch toward Zaluut with a curious expression.

Anne gives a genuine laugh, though it comes out a dark cackle due to a lifetime of smoking. “A frenchman with some bite. Thought those all died ad Dien Bien Phu!”

Lewis sighed and sat back in his corner by the window, messing with the moonlight and his skin doing weird shit again. Not getting his face punched tonight, not worth it.

<Zaluut> smirks a little bit as he looks over at Yevi, then Kitt. “I could just stick them to each other and make them share skin a while till they sort this out.”

☮Remond☮ twisted his foot to the side a bit, taking a heavy stance like he would swing but he stepped back again and leaned on the pool table. “And here most of the world thought all of you were violent terrorists, sadly to say you’re not helping them rethink that.” he twitched. “I can’t say much on that though, a lot of yoru people are kind to me, so I’ll let your damn attitude slide.”

Lewis looked up at the guy as he went from weirdo to mental asylum escapee. “Verbal disputes end eventually, no need to start sewing people together, dr. frankenstien,” he mumbled, going back to playign with his skin. F*ck all that.

☮Remond☮ looks over seeing zaluut and blinks and smiles weakly. “oh… hey, wait stitching up? what?” he looked at lewis, confused and worried.

When Yevi noticed Zaluut talking he looked to him in the room, mentioning sewing people together and wondering whether he would be able to achieve that someday soon. “(Russian) Goodevening, will I need to sleep in your room every night or are you just friendly to those from the old lands?” He asked his sire, smiling at the small nerd that he felt some sort of odd connection with.

<Zaluut> sighs a little bit and rolls back on his heels. “It would seem my sense of humor is still something that needs work.”, he says to Remond before looking toward yevi again. “(Russian) For a while. Once you are strong enough you will be moved to your own room, but for now you require the strength the old land offers.”

“(Turkish) Nobody seemed to mind terrorism when we were shooting at the Soviets.” Anne scoffs and shakes her head slightly before turning to stare in curiosity at Zaluut.

☮Remond☮ nods slowly. “I think I’m gonna go back to playing pool by myself, thank you.” he said and decided to out himself from this situation for the moment and line up a shot.

Lewis had throughally checked out, unless something was said to him directly, he wasn’t going to notice much sort of his glowing.

Yevi nods to Zaluut and shuffles a little to pick up the spare poolcue lined on the rack. He’d rather not peg everyone out of a conversation with a language barrier this early in their fledgling relationships. “So the nerd glows, Remond is a schoolgirls worst nightmare and Anne?” He asked, hoping that the girl in white had something to say about the old one eye.

<Kitt Bishop> tilts her head and looks at Anne, then shrugs. “Never seen that one.”

☮Remond☮ looked up and smiled as it seemed Yevi was at least trying, which made him feel better. Sure everything sucked but they were going through it together.

<Zaluut> smirks a little and steps inside the room, looking about at the others. “Gangrel, as is the old man. Though different breeds with different abilities. As we call them, City Gangrel are quick and resourceful… Country Gangrel are tough and able to withstand sunlight and fire naturally. Both can change their shape.”

The mention of information got Lewis’ attention. “Change shape into what? Not something like that weird cat thing, right?” he asked, but more of just wanted to be forewarned if that ever did happen. Woman over there turning into a hairless cat thing? Kinda wanted to be warned.

☮Remond☮ looked over to Zaluut. “Old man? The hillbilly? What’s a gangrel exactly?” he asked, a bit more friendly with this guy, but he also didn’t like him very much, he was still creepy but he wasn’t a dick about it so far. “Change shape? So he can be more fuzzy than he is now like that thi– person who grabbed him was?”

<Zaluut> nods his head. “They can see in the dark, grow claws, turn into bats or wolves. The one that Sired the old man is Reese… and that animalistic look comes from giving into the Beast, eventually they look like on the outside what their heart is on the inside.”

Yevi did nothing but listen to this information as the others seem to poke it along for him, he didn’t mean to be so manipulative but he’d rather start the question and the others get the answer for him. Nodding along he was battling with the weird fact that they were all dead, clinically and they all see4med to have some different strain.

☮Remond☮ blinked. “Giving into the beast? What’s the beast?” he asked, after he shot, trying to get the ball in the hole but it bounced off the corner. “I’m better at hacky sack.” he defended himself, even though he was sure nobody cared.

“So just don’t piss anyone off,” Lewis decided and sighed. He was quiet as Remond asked the next question on his list. He stood up to watch the game, finally, and stop pouting in the corner since things seemed to be calm for now and observed the game being conducted at the moment.

“Aspects of the beast, eh?” Anne furrows her brow slightly. “I think I can live with that.”

<Zaluut> raises an eyebrow at that, looking at Remond seriosuly. “Did you not hear it’s call to get out of the ground? That is what drives us all, deep down. Some admittedly less so than others.”

<Kitt Bishop> gets up from the couch and circles around, creeping closer to Zaluut as she eyes the game as well.

☮Remond☮ chortled at Anne’s comment but looked at Zaluut as he looked a little more scary. “erm… you mean the black out hunger and the feasting of innocent people blood?”

“So this ‘beast’ or whatever is so predictable taht you knew any of us who made it out would kill those people,” Lewis realized. These people were beyond insane, he didn’t have a freakin’ word for how crazy this all was.

Yevi took the next shot and chuckled at Remonds comment about being better at hacky sack. “If we find one around I’ll be glad to take you on french.” He joked, listening to the next answer to their next question to come from Zaluut still watching Kitt out of the corner of his eye. “Explains why I almost bit through that persons throat… I do have another though and forgive me if it’s personal but… What’s her attachment to you?” he asked, pointing the cue at Kitt.

<Zaluut> nods once more and then looks to his side as Kitt gets close and he reaches out, running his hand over her hair. “The little rabbit wandered into my garden one day… and I found her pleasent enough company to keep her for a while. Then Michael lost his temper with one of the new recruits and killed them… so I was forced to give up my pet as a replacement recruit to make the numbers even.”

☮Remond☮ smirked at the challenge and nodded before looking at Zaluut creepily look over Kitt like some sort of prized doll, he looked back at his game trying to debate what his next move and angle would be.

<Zaluut> looks to the others, “You will learn to control your Beast in time, leash it. But also work with it, it makes us strong when properly utilized. The games will bring that out and you will see, the best way to learn is by instinct.”

Anne shrugs from her perch on the wall. “Works for me.”

☮Remond☮ listened and pondered, humming for a moment before asking yet another question. “So any other fairytale I should know about? Ghosts real? fairies, unicorns? Lycanthropes?”

Yevi again nodded and waited for Remond to take his next shot while pondering his own. “I don’t a have a big concience” the word rolled in the russians mouth and he smiled, this was a considerable step up to living a very lonely Huckleberry Finn kind of life. Remonds next question was a doozy and he audibly laughed and then realized that he might have a point, and that’s when the laugh faded, looking to Zaluut for answers.

<Kitt Bishop> nodded at Remond as she leaned a little closer to Zaluut, seeming to be happy to have his attention. “I could see ghosts before, not sure now if i still can.”

Lewis was quiet, focusing on the game instead of how once again things were seen as a ‘game’. He chuckled as Remond talked about fairytailes. “I wouldn’t be surprised at this point,” he agreed.

<Zaluut> smiles a little as she looks at Lewis and then back to the others at the table, still stroking Kitt’s hair like one would pet an animal. “Well, the Kaisyd are said to be part faerie, hence the appearence and reaction to the moonlight. And werewolves are quite real, and deadly. Ghosts are an interesting subject, can’t say I have seen much more than that. There are some real magical practitioners in the world as well, though in modern times they have all but died out.”

☮Remond☮ took his shot finally getting a mark for score as he managed to get the correct ball in this time, he just looked mildly disgruntled, he was losing but he was a good sport with this sort of thing. He loved all people, even assholes when they weren’t in his face constantly, or mocking everyone’s every move. He looked at Zaluut with confusion. “You’re kidding me, right?” he looked at Lewis. “Okay so how much are those stories true? Do I touch garlic and die? Church is now hell? Beware the full moon assuming there is a war between vampires and werewolves?”

Lewis wasn’t sure what to make of the escapee, but he didn’t like how close him and the Kitt were, or seemed to be. Not at all. But he silently watched for now. He kind of wanted to just go dig into some books now, but he didn’t want to miss out on information from the horse’s mouth, either.

<Zaluut> shakes his head softly and almost laughs. “It is a little different for each of our bloodlines. The Kaisyd are harmed by cold iron due to their faerie blood… the gangrel show their inner beast in their features… Lasombra… well, they cast no reflection.”

☮Remond☮ paused, he just stared at the man. “N… What?”

<Kitt Bishop> nods softly in agreement. “No reflection. And they don’t show up on cameras either, it goes all fuzzy and static.”

Lewis paused as he heard that his… whatever, was hurt by iron. Iron, really?! Shit was everywhere, how was he going to avoid that… “Lasombra? Is that what Remond is?” he asked, looking at the poor guy as he seemed freaked out. Never being able to see your face again? Okay for some people, but that must be pretty unnerving to hear…

☮Remond☮ again jut stared before deciding to go find a reflective surface somewhere, maybe a window, maybe an actual mirror… he didn’t particularly care.

Yevi gives Kitt another look, still curious about how she seemed to know so very much about their condition.”(Russian) So, what’s our deal then, I assume we’re the same.” He asked, heavily punctuated Russian coming easier, and he didn’t want to discuss his weakness in front of everyone so openly. He was in good spirits as he seemed to be winning against Remond, he just hoped he was a better shot with a gun than a poolcue.

<Storyteller> Remond finds a mirror in one of the remodeled bathrooms… and casts no reflection at all. There is nothing there of him.

<Zaluut> looks over to Yevi as his hand slides up onto Kitt’s shoulder. “(Russian) We require earth from the homeland of our bloodline in order to rest in the day.”

☮Remond☮ waved around, then started checking the mirror, trying to see if it was broken, he picked up soap and moved and tossed it to watch the mirror reflect the soap but he moved his hand. “(french) WHAT THE FUCK!?”

Lewis saw Remond run off and since everyone else seemed to be focused on Zaluut he slowly followed him. “Remond? You oka–?” he started to ask and paused as he saw why he was freaking out. God that was creepy. “Well, uh… You don’t have to worry about bad picture day…” he joked lightly, trying to help the situation a bit.

Yevi nodded and then listened down the hall for the sounds of anguish that came from it, Lewis ran off after him and Yevi smiled a little. Must’ve sucked to not be able to see such a pretty face ever again. “Well, I guess I can deal with that, am I able to purview your library before rest in the morning?” he asked his sire, resisting the temptation to cheat while Remond wasn’t looking at the table.

<Kitt Bishop> turns her head toward the sound and winces slightly then looks between Zaluut, Yevi, and Anne.

Remond punched the mirror, shattering it into small pieces and looked behind it but it was all normal. ButI… eh… I-” about started crying, blood filling in his eyes a bit. “What is this?!” finally it fell down his cheeks. “(french) Lewis, tell me you see it and I’m just blind!”

“Got something on my face, kid?” Anne raises an eyebrow as Kitt looks at her.” She also allows herself an amused half-grin at Remond’s obvious distress. Not so unassailable after all.

<Zaluut> looks down to the other end of the common hall and shakes his head softly. “Yes, feel free to browse anything you find in there so long as you put it back where you found it.”, he says and then after a couple moments of listening he adds, “Be careful pointing out the Lasombra’s trait… and ask not where their shadow goes in the day. Or you may find it quickly at your throat.”

God, the poor guy was falling apart. “Hey, hey, deep breath,” he suggusted softly, using his sleeve to wipe Remond’s face, clean him up a bit. “It’s not there, Remond, I’m sorry,” he said softly, trying to calm the guy down. No idea what he was saying, but he had an idea of what he was upset about.

☮Remond☮ glared and shook his head. “(french) We don’t breathe anymore!” he yelled and looked at the shattered mirror pieces. “(french) when I look into my own eyes the last time, I saw a human, a person, from here I will never see if I’ve become the monster they made me.” he muttered. “(more french) How will I know who I am if I can’t stare myself in the eye when I wash my face from the blood?” he looked at Lewis almost expecting him to understand anything he was saying, his voice meek and pathetic…

“Who pissed in his cornbread?” Anne asks rhetorically with a slight chuckle.

<Cleetus> stumbles down the stairs, holding a bottle of liquor with a distraught face, and a mouthful of liquor that he can’t swallow. “WHY HAS GOD FORSAKEN ME?!” He shouts, spitting out the liquor and attempting to take another swig. “I can’t even drink liquor anymore! What kind of horrible existence is this?!”

“Hey, hey, we’ll get through this. There’s some fucked up shit going on, and we don’t really know what we are anymore, but we’ll figure it out. Okay? But we’re not going to just die in their sick games, otherwise its still just a game,” he pointed out softly, trying to calm Remond down.

<Kitt Bishop> looks over at Cleetus and makes a face as he comes down the stairs.

Yevi smiled a little bit, unaware of the dramatic confrontation of ones own mortality in the bathroom. “Here he comes” He muttered, leaning against the wall while he awaited Remonds return to continue playing. He’d come to terms with it a little after he awoke, he did miss his heartbeat though. “So, Cyclops, how’re you doing with all this?” he asked, curious to gauge her reaction while he waited for the hillbilly to crash the party.

☮Remond☮ looked up at lewis and jolted as he heard the redneck. “(french) I agree, hillbilly.” he muttered before slowly standing taller and wiping his face, he was feeling a little better, no longer distraught and freaked out, he stared at the mirror and slowly peered out. “uhm… I broke the mirror…” he called out to Zaluut. “Do I need to like… pay for that?”

<Zaluut> raises an eyebrow at Cleetus and tilts his head. “Actually, alcohol can still effect you, it just so happens that you have to allow someone else to metabolize it first.”

“(Turkish) Is this guy for real?” Anne gives Remond a queer look at his question.

<Cleetus> stops, liquor pouring from the corners of his mouth. “Wait…. what? Metelboles it? What does that mean? I gotta know!” Practically begging Zalut to tell him how he can once again feel the sweet embrace of alcohol.

<Zaluut> looks toward Remond and shakes his head. “It’s your home, destroy what you please. Most of your clan remove the reflective surfaces from their Havens.”

☮Remond☮ looked at Anne back. “(arabic) Shut the hell up, I’m not in the mood.” and slowly came out back into the main room.

Remond seemed to be better, and Lewis certianly didn’t want to go out and see what state the red neck was in so he stayed in the bathroom and picked up the mirror since a, it was toast and b, didn’t need people bleeding on that and c, he could keep away from the escapee a bit longer.

<Kitt Bishop> looks up at Zaluut, then over to Cleetus to explain in smaller words. “You have to get a person to drink the alcohol and then drink their blood once it’s in the blood. Only way to do it now.”

☮Remond☮ blinked. “Wait, we can’t drink either?” he frowned but then he looked at the redneck, that ust be more troubling for him than anybody else

<Cleetus> looks at Kitt, his eyes going wide and a smile forming on his face. “Dear god think you! I’m not doomed!” He shouted, falling to his knees and throwing his hands in the air triumphantly. After a few moments he stood up, back to his normal self, and looked around “So uhhh… is there anyone around here that I can drink some booze from?”

<Zaluut> shakes his head at both Remond and then Cleetus. “No, no food nor drink save for blood. You will find anything else to be a rather bad experience.”, he says as he tries to keep it to Cleetus’s understanding. “As for where to get blood, you all should be fine for a few days unless you use it up in your experimentations and testing of of your abilities.”

☮Remond☮ huffed at Zaluut. “Use it up?” he asked. Taking a air hockey puck instead and just playing with how it glided about the table.

Lewis finally came out with large and small pieces of glass, he looked around but didn’t see a trash can of any sort so he went to find a safe place to dispose of it all.

<Zaluut> nods once more and goes back to stroking Kitt’s hair as he speaks. “Yes. You can make yourself stronger, or more nimble, or more resistant to blows by concentraing on it. Telling the blood where to go by sheer will rather than with your heart. It is also used to heal any wounds, and for some… to power their supernatural gifts. Like superhuman speed, or fleshcrafting, or thaumaturgy.”

<Cleetus> had been processing everything for a minute or two, looking almost like he was in pain as he though. After awhile, however, a look of rage came over his face. “I gotta wait DAYS to get drunk?!” He shouted, before losing all control of himself. In a fit of redneck fury, he slammed both fists down onto the pool table in the center of the room, causing an audible crack as he damaged it.

☮Remond☮ jumped as suddenly Cleetus threw a tantrum and broke the pool table. “I liked that… that was my first bonding activity with Yevi…” he wasn’t that sad but he was disappointed. “How the hell do we get a new one if we cant fucking leave?”

<Zaluut> steps back with Kitt, and waits to see how the pack handles one of their own with the Beast in control before interfereing.

“He can’t drink,” Anne points a thumb at Cleetus, “you can’t play pool, and I don’t have any cigarettes. Looks like we’re all making sacrifices.”

Lewis got back from cleaning up the mirror and then Cleetus broke the freakin’ table. Fuck. He wasn’t really a carpenter… He could fix computers… and a table couldn’t be that much different right? God, he wished people would stop breaking shit.

The russian scowled as he watched the balls dip to where Cleetus had slammed the table. Throwing down the pool cue in anger to the side of the room, of course he wanted to punch him right in his fat thumb of a head but something in him really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. “I’ll personally see to it you don’t see another drop again if you break anything else I like, Hillbilly.”,he warned, moving to fold his arms and lean heavily on the closest wall.

☮Remond☮ glared at Anne but now was not the time for her bullshit. He backed up realizing that it wasn’t done, and he looked at his plastic hockey puck and tossed it back, that wasn’t going to help.

<Cleetus> is huffing angrily, bouncing up in down at rage. He looks at the pool table after a second, and then back at the table. “God I’m sorry y’all, I live off’a fuckin’ moonshine.” He said, giving the ground a stomp and grinding his boot into the ground.

☮Remond☮ smiled worriedly and slowly approached. “I understand. Look, as soon as we are ‘proven’ or whatever soe shit, I’ll help you get a girl drunk and you can uh… do what you need to do.” he offered.

<Zaluut> nudges Kitt toward the door to the adjoining commons. “Go and see if there is any prepared in the jars there, they’ll be marked.”, he says and looks between the others as she does as she is told. “One thing you all should decide very soon is who will represent you as the leader of your Pack, and who will be the spiritual advisor, or Priest who leads rituals.”

<Cleetus> looked over to Remond, slowly calming down and shaking his head. Taking a seat in the corner, he curled up and began to quietly sob, tears of blood running down his face.

“I’m sure we can figure a way to fix it,” Lewis said, kneeling beside the pool table, examining what, exactly, was broken.

<Kitt Bishop> comes back a few moments later carrying a clay jar with an X marked on top and looks to Zaluut, then takes it over to Cleetus and sets it down beside him. “There, that is cold but it’s got alcohol in it.”

“I will take a look at it but I’ll need tools” he looked to Zaluut expectantly. “Is there a maintenance shed on the grounds? I’ll need some help… you want to help Psotnik? (elf)” He crouched down under the table while making his questions, still giving Kitt the stink eye.

☮Remond☮ continued with his soft smile and wiped his tears from his face with his thumb and moved out of the way so he can have some of the boozed up blood. “Drink up, ami, you need it.”

<Cleetus> looks up at Kitt and continues crying, looking down at the jar and back up at Kitt. “Bless your kind heart, darlin'” he mumbled, picking up the jar and taking a long drink of the alcoholic blood.

Lewis was examining the table, feeling for the crack, and started to slide himself under the table, he was starting to find it. But he didn’t realize that someone was talking to him, but it sounded like it was… “Who, me?” he asked, hitting his head a bit and wincing, but he looked for where Yevi was.

<Zaluut> nods a bit and looks to the boys at the table. “I will have someone fetch you tools and anything else you need to make the repairs if that is what you want. If there are other things you’d like to make this place more at home… we can accomodate that as well and have things brought in.”

☮Remond☮ looked over to Zaluut. “Earlier in the midst of all that, you said we need to pick people for titles? Priests and what not?” he asked, deciding with most of the group here he may as well ask all the questions that needed to be answered.

Lewis bit his tongue as he heard that, and really didn’t wnat to ask that from crazy man, but……. “Could someone get me a laptop or some sort of computer?” he asked from under the table. He’d be able to make it work eventually if they jsut gave him parts or something for him to fiddle with.

“Yes you, elf-boy” Yevi said poking his head under the table to meet Lewis’ kinda happy to see him, before looking over it toward Zaluut. “I would like my possessions, it’s only a small dufflebag.” He requested, going back to helping Lewis feel for the crack under the table while listening to the conversation.

<Zaluut> nods his head to Remond. “Yes, most packs have a Ductus, or leader… and a Priest who acts as both council and leader of Ritae.”, he says before looking down at the pair again. “Computer yes, though it will not be able to access the outside world until you all are Proven. I am sure they have your dufflebag somewhere still and will ask for it to be retrieved.”

☮Remond☮ crossed his arms. “Why? We all cant just think as one, and who the hell here is priest like?” he looked at the others. “what does any of that entail?”

<Cleetus> finishes downing the blood, a smile on his face now that he has at least some alcohol in his system. “Much better. Now what’s all this Jabber about Leaders and Priests and whatnot?”

Lewis tried not to just start crying in relief as he heard that. Fuck, he’d go crazy if he wasn’t able to program. “I think its’ right here…” he said to Yevi, showing him where the crack was. “What’s Ritae?” he pipped up, now invested in the ‘who’s leader and priest in the pack’ conversation. “And yeah, what does taht all mean?”

<Zaluut> looks between them all again as he tries to explain. “Ritae are the rituals we do. Like the one where you all drank the shared blood… that is Vaulderie, it brings us all together and is one of our most important. The Priest is the one responsible for his Pack’s rituals and sometimes in finding spiritual guidence as well. The Ductus is like an alpha wolf, the front member of the Pack.”

<Kitt Bishop> smiles a little at Cleetus and then moves back over to stand by Zaluut as he speaks to the others, listening to him as she watchs the boys under the table.

☮Remond☮ sat on the couch. “So who here has ritual whatevers?” he asked and looked at Zaluut before looking at Yevi. “You have the Russian, you know more he’d do better as our priest, yeah?”

Not Cleetus, the guy was probably good in some instances, but not running the show, the woman he wasn’t too sure on, she wasn’t saying much of anything, Yevi seemed alright but a bit too attached to escapee for his liking. “Remond would be best as the leader or alpha or wahtever,” he said from under the table, messing with the boards for a temporary fix.

<Cleetus> looks up at Zaluut, and then out at the others. “I vote fer the frenchie fer leader. He seemed pretty leader like in that corn maze.” He said, waving the now empty jar in the air. “And I don’t really have a clue what all that priest stuff is.”

<Zaluut> nods his head softly as he looks about the group. “Both Antol and I are the Priests of our respective Packs. But any of you that would be interested in learning we would be willing to teach I am sure.”

“I vote for Remond as leader” he muttered, looking at the crack and muttering something to himmself in russian. He was going to have to use metal brackets from something to fix this. “I will be a priest” He shouts from under the table. “I want to learn” he repeated, being flattered that Remond was behind the idea of him being a priest as well.

“If we have to vote, then they’re not a real leader, then.” Anne retorts. “Certainly not an alpha.”

☮Remond☮ blinked as he was pointed a finger at for being ductus thing. “Erm… well I guess Yevi is the Priest then, he wants to learn I dont see why he can’t.” Priest was a bigger deal to him than a leader, then anne had to open her fucking mouth. “Listen, wench, I’ve had it up to here, why can’t you just sit the fuck down and mind your own damn business, you have been nothing but a bitch to literally everyone here so nobody wants to even hear from you.” he spat.

<Zaluut> turns his head to look at Anne, “It does not have to be a vote, though one usually leads the pack as a leader and not a dictator.”, he says. “You can challange him, but note that the others may tear you apart in the process.”

<Cleetus> frowns at Anne, looking over. “Yeah, well I’d rather him as a leader than one of yer kind.” HE muttered angrily. “Trust him more too.”

“I think that’ll hold for now, just no more pool until we get those tools,” Lewis suggusted once they got the pool table at a decent state. Then he got himself out from under the table. “I think a leader is someone who can keep his head in a situation but keeps an eye out for those they’re in charge of and Remond has shown those traits the most,” he said, explaining his reasoning since Anne didn’t seem to agree, at least that’s what she seemed to imply.

“I never said I should be a leader.” Ane says with a nonchalant shrug. “I’d be terrible at it. But I’d rather follow a drunkard, or even a Russian, than a humanitarian with a martyrdom complex.”

<Zaluut> takes a half a step toward the doorway and then whisprs to Kitt, who prompty leaves the room ahead of him. He then looks to the others and smiles. “Well, I should leave you to this sorting out and dealing of punishment. I will tell the Revenants of your needs and it will be brought during the day tomorrow. Yevi, make sure you are upstairs by sunup.”

☮Remond☮ stood up and got closer to her, grabbing a pool ball. “(arabic) You’re really… really starting to piss me off, you know that?”

“(Russian) I’m coming up soon to look through your library, understood” Yevi answered scrambling up from under the table and nodding to Lewis with a small smile. Picking up the pool cue he had thrown down and put it back on the nearby rack.

“Yevi — is it okay to call you that? — is already applying for pack priest, so he can’t be the leader too. Cleetus doesn’t have very good leadership skills, no offense sir, so I don’t see–” Lewis started to try to reason it out some more when Remond started getting in Anne’s face. He sighed and sat at the wall while yet again the two went at it. He nodded to Yevi as he was nodded to, just planning on waiting it out since logic wasn’t a big factor here, obviously.

<Cleetus> glares at the Afghani woman, “Shut the hell up. At least frenchie here tried to do something about shit back there. You were about as useful as a bump on a fuckin’ log.” He said, before turning to the nerdy elfish boy and losing the angry expression. “Pshaw kid, I ain’t in no hurry to lead no one. Too much work and edumaated shit.”

“Nothing personal.” Anne shrugs again. “Just don’t tend to trust anyone whose first or second priority isn’t saving their own skin. Can’t trust them to lead the rest through safely if they don’t value their own lives. Saw way too many starry-eyed young men forget that not everyone’s got a heart like theirs, and that’s when they stopped coming back.”

☮Remond☮ hissed at her before turning around and putting the ball back, and popping his neck. “I would blush but I dont think I can do that anymore, but I’ll try to be a good leader for you. It’s a leaders job to make sure his followers are happy though I believe it fits more to simply state I’m more of a final judge and everyone here has a say.” he looked back at Anne. “And I’m sorry to say that this is why you’re half blind, sweetheart. I have self preservation,I would be dead otherwise, I just believe everyone is equal and deserves a chance.”

Yevi actually felt the need to get involved this time, it was getting vicious and the two were getting too rambunctious this close to sunrise. “Think it’s time to put the fangs away, everyones had it hard the past two days. Take a good look around this room because we’re all in this together.” He lectured, his words stumbling a little as he tried to remember the english.

Lewis decided to ignore the debate going on and listened to Cleetus talking to him. A bit rough around the edges, but the guy wasn’t the worst person in the world. Didn’t seem like it anyway, but then again maybe that’s because Jack at the bar was kind of similar. “So moonshine? You use to make your own?” he asked, moving over by Cleetus since… he wasn’t getting into the debate.

“If you say so.” Anne shrugs again and closes her good eye. “It’s only our lives in the fire if you’re wrong.”

☮Remond☮ looked at the window before nodding. “Yeah, closing up shop–” he curled his tongue in his mouth, before continuing on, ignoring Anne. “(french) been my job for most of my life, anyway, I think that burden has been with me a while now.” he sighed and smiled at the others. “Lets get some rest, I think we all need it.”

<Cleetus> stood up as the kid approached and nodded. Good kid, seemed innocent and naive, but at least he’s not a bitch like the chick over there. “Hell yeah! I make the best moonshine this side of the Mississippi!” He said, a smile growing on his face as one of his favorite topics was discussed. “I can make you some once I get mah shit, if you wanna try it!”

Yevi nodded to Remond and retired to the library, giving Lewis a little scruff of his hair as if to thank him for the help with the table, plodding back up the stairs and the familiar asylum hallways. Dragging his fingertips over some old deep scratches and musing at the thought that it was still a madhouse even after death, just like them.

☮Remond☮ smiled weakly. “Thank you guys, by the way. Shit sucks but you’re all okay, you know?” he said and started leaving for the bunk room. “See you tomorrow.”

“Oh, no, i’m a serious lightweight. I found that out the hard way, the guys at the bar made fun of me for weeks. I used to play piano at a local bar down from my work… I’m sure it’s good, if I could, I’d recomend it, but, kinda hard to do that now,” he admitted, smiling a bit as it seems taht he was pretty much on most people’s good sides. “Cya Remond,” he waved a bit as it seemed he was heading to sleep as well. “Probably should hit the hay too, cya tomorrow, Cleetus,” he waved, getting up to find someplace to sleep. Felt like a really short night tonight, but hopefully tomorrow would be better.

<Cleetus> laughed as the kid described being a lightweight. “My shit might kill ya then, kid, don’t drink a drop.” He said, giving him a pat on the head before he walked off. “Y’all sleep well!” he said, before deciding he’d take a short walk around the grounds before heading to the bunk room. He was used to living in the great outdoors, so being inside all the time made him a little antsy.