<Storyteller> The library here is actually pretty expansive, and not too shabby. There are a lot of people going in and out this time of the day, and it seems to have a nice, relaxing atmosphere.

“Finally,” Kara mutters as she steps inside, “I was starting to think that every part of this city was going weird.” Somewhat sheepishly, she attempts to locate where any local ghost stories or superstitions might be located.

<Storyteller> Zane had mentioned some old newspaper articles about the Ghost Ship, which would likely be in Periodicals. It seems this area ia actualyl a little busy, and as it is a local legend there is some material on it right out in the open.

Asher had finished his classes for today but he liked to study at the library since a lot of the resources he’d ever need were there. At the moment he was working on a paper in the corner. God, he sucked at writing essays. Why couldn’t he just write an equation and say his theory to the teacher? Oh yeah, that was speech. Next year, dammit.

Kara walks up to the stand containing the information on the local ‘ghost ship.’

<Storyteller> The articles present at the library date as far back as the late 1800s, not all of them local though. Most describe an eerie fog, feelings of dread, mysterious footprints, splashes… and a few are really disturbing talking of people being dragged off into the water.

“Well…” Kara mutters, having poured over the articles, “damn.” The phenomenon listed are too close to what she saw for comfort, and considering she hadn’t known about the local ghost stories beforehand, couldn’t have been some form of subconscious hallucination.

Asher sighed and got up to go pick out an article that wasn’t avaliable online. Because fuck technology, evidently. He walked over to go look at the newspapers when he recognized someone else looking at the articles. “Hey, Kara,” he greeted, walking down the isle she was in to go chat a bit.

<Storyteller> All of the stories also had the timing just about the same… from about the beginning of October to the middle of November are when most of the sightings occur.

“Oh!” Kara spins around at the mention of her name. “Hey, Asher! What brings you here?”

“It has good sources for what I need on essays and crap. I suck at essays but I can usually do okay if I have decent sources,” Asher replied and shrugged. “What about you?”

“Oh, I, er…” Kara looks uncertain for a moment, “I’ve just had a really stressful week. figured I could relax with some light reading.”

Asher raised an eyebrow at her and looked at the shelf she was at. 1800s news articles. “Right… Yeah, I get that sometimes,” he said, deciding to just shrug it off. Evidently there was something she didn’t want to talk about. “If you need a few recomendations, I know of a few good shelfs that tend to have good novels,” he suggusted.

“Oh, that’s alright…” Kara tries, and fails, to smile cheerfully. “I just need something to take my mind off of stuff. What’s your paper on?”

“Supposed to write about an issue in my major, but I’m not good at dumbing things down — teacher complained about that in the past — so I’m using other sources as references to try to explain it better,” Asher explained and shrugged. “English isn’t my best subject, I’m not good at flowery language.”

“Yeah,” Kara says, rubbing the back of her neck, “I was never too good at prose. Luckily, all my degrees required was technical stuff. Never had to take an English course.”

“Yeah, it’s a required course in all degrees, I’m just glad I turned out to be decent at lab reports, otherwise I’d be screwed when I had to record my findings in the future,” Asher chuckled. “Dunno why there’s such a thing as English Majors, though,” he said, making a face.

“I don’t know,” Kara says, chuckling, “I can think of a few more useless degrees. Like philosophy. Or whatever ethics professors in law school majored in.”

Asher chuckled at the thought. “I can think of a few assholes who probably have those degrees. Still can’t get them to explain to me how they plan on getting hired with that, though,” he shrugged. “Anyway, I was gonna take a break soon anyway, so when you’re done here, you want to go get lunch?” he suggusted, since he had some money since sis just got payed.

“Sure.” Kara finally manages a genuinely cheerful smile. “Know anyplace decent around here?”

“A few. Enough to know which ones won’t give you health problems later,” Asher smiled. He kind of wondered why Kara seemed to have something so dire on her mind, but for now he was just glad to distract her from that a bit. Stress wasn’t ever fun.

“Thanks. I’ve been trying to get my diet back on track ever since grad school. That’s a one-way track to hyperglycema.”

“No problem, let me pack up my bag real quick, I’ll meet you at the front,” Asher informed, and went to go put up his stuff until later. He got a good chunk out of his paper done so he wasn’t feeling too bad about it.

“Will do.” Kara heads beck to the front, giving a few books on accessible shelves a cursory examination, though nothing ultimately piques her interest.

Asher packed up his bag and went up to the front and waited for Kara to show up. “So which would you prefer? Cajun, TexMex, Itallian…? That’s about the only 3 good ones I know of so far,” he admitted.

“It’s up to you.” Kara says, shrugging. “I’ve got no real preference as long as the drinks are passable.”

“Alright, I don’t drink much so I really wouldn’t know,” Asher admitted. “But I’ll take my best guess from what I hear,” he informed.

Kara nods, and after checking her handbag to make sure she has everything she came in with, she follows Asher to whichever restaurant he ends up picking.

“So I hear this place isn’t too bad as far as drinks are concerned, but if they are then I appologize in advance. I’d assume Chad is at least good at telling a good drink from a bad one but I could be wrong,” Asher shrugged holding the door open for Kara to the cajun restaurant.

“Danke schön, sir.” Kara says, smiling appreciatively as Asher holds the door open for her. “And I’m sure it’ll be fine. There’s not a business in New Orleans that’d survive Mardi Gras if they served poor spirits.”

Asher thought about that and shrugged. “True,” he agreed, following her inside and once they were seated he ordered. “So how’s that self-guided haunted tour of yours going?” he asked, curious.

Kara blanks for a moment at the question, but manages to recover her composure quickly. “Well enough, I suppose.” She says, shrugging. “Not really a whole lot to talk about.”

“Well, that’s good to hear, I guess. No news is good news, right?” he shrugged.

“H-heh. Yeah.” Kara chuckles with just a hint of nervousness. “No news.”

“Sis says things have been pretty quiet at the hospital, especially since we’re getting so close to halloween. Kinda surprised there havn’t been more shit going on around campus,” Asher chatted.

Kara blinks a few time, trying to follow Asher’s words and push her resurgent anxieties to the back of her mind. “Well, that’s good. We’re starting to get full-up on weird at the lab.”

“Weird? How so?” Asher asked. Maybe this was why she was so… out of it tonight.

“Oh, just the normal crazies for this time of year, to be honest,” Kara says with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders. “Nothing out of the…ordinary…” Kara’s voice dies a little as she utters the last phrase, and she looks intensely introspective for a brief moment before returning her normal slight smile.

“You okay? You seem distracted today,” Asher pointed out, a bit worried at this point at how often her expression went from sad or thinking back to resembling cheerfulness.

“It’s…I guess it’s just been a ling week, is all,” Kara mutters. After a few moments, she retrieves an unlabeled small bottle from a pocket inside her coat, takes a pill from the bottle and downs it before replacing the capsule.

“Alright, fi you say so…” Asher said, a bit worried by what that bottle was but was distracted by their food coming. “So there were a few idiots in class today…” Asher spent most of the rest of lunch chatting about stuff that happened at school, since it sounded like Kara just wanted to forget whatever happened that week. And people on campus could be pretty stupid. “… and there was this other guy who kept dancing on the light posts outside the library and wouldn’t leave until the librarian threatened to call the police,” he chuckled.

Kara listens intently for most of the conversation, eager for the distraction. She drinks a little more alcohol than is probably healthy during the meal, but doesn’t appear to be impaired by it much at all. She grins at the cessation of the anecdote of the dancing library student.

“Ha! Oh, we had a few like him when I was in grad school. A bar near campus used to be a fire station. Every Saint Patrick’s Day, someone would end up using it as a strip pole.”

“Haha, ah, yeah, that’s college,” Asher chuckled. “Always got a few crazy ones. They’re funny as hell to watch, though,” he chuckled. Soon the bill came and while he didn’t pay for all the drinks he did pay for lunch. “That was kind of nice, next time you’re around, give me a ring,” he suggusted.

Kara tries to cover lunch, but Asher beats her to it. She covers her drinks, and leaves a decently-sized tip as well. “Thanks, Asher. It’ll be my treat next time.”

Asher chuckled as Kara tried to cover lunch, but he made it there first, so she suggusted she treat him next time. “Alright, we’ll trade off,” he promised. “Cya later,” he waved, heading back to the library to study some more.

“See ya.” Kara waves as they part waves, and refuses to let the existential dread set in until she makes it back to her apartment.