~Roxy~ stretched and grabbed a leather jacket, short torso, long arms, and chains all along it’s back and arms, mismatched and barely went with her usual attire of babydoll dress and big black boots, but it was getting colder, best she look cold. She headed out the door to go hunt down Kenny, her thoughts wondering about Esmond, mildly worried about him despite her wishing she never met him in the first place.

<Storyteller> Just outside the door to Roxy’s apartment is a medium sized box, all wrapped up in red tissue wrap and tied with a bow on top.

Roxy stared at the box, she blinked and looked around before tapping the side of the box with her foot. “If you’re a dead bird, I swear to the gods that abandoned me…”

<Storyteller> As she taps the box, a little mewling noise comes from inside, followed by scratching.

Roxy frowned and kneeled down, picking up the box. “No live things! No dead things either, just no things in geeral please!” she yelled out at the darkness surrounding her apartment. She carefully opened the box, glaring at whatever lay inside, but headed down the stairs as she did so.

<Storyteller> Inside the box is a little orange tabby kitten, all fluffy and trying to climb out. It mews a little more, crying louder once the box is opened.

Roxy sighed and put the box down and picked up the kitten and held it to her chest for a better grip. “Couldn’t breathe in there?” she asked, and glared at her surroundings. “Really?! Look stalker friend, it’s sweet of you, but no! Leave me alone! I don’t like people following me, or over my shoulder, or leaving shit at my house! Especially things that may eat my birds!” she stomped her foot, huffing slightly and stared down at the kitten. “Let’s get you a proper home, away from me and this cursed life we have.” she grumbled at it, petting it as she walked down the street.

<Storyteller> The kitten purrs and stays close to Roxy’s chest as she carries it along. There is an uneasy feeling about as she leaves though, definately something not quite right this evening.

Roxy continued to pet it, but she kept looking around, not really for stalker friend, just.. paranoia’s sake.