Esmond drove to where the voice specified not only a few minutes after waking up, he hadn’t bothered to pack his new weapon, he’d preferred to learn how to use it before taking it into the field. Arriving he pulled into a nearby carpark and walked the rest of the way and took a seat on the bench, hastily lighting a cigarette. He was 50% sure this could be an ambush of some sort but who knows, ladies loved him.

<Storyteller> A young blonde woman, maybe early twenties or so comes over the wall to land behind the bench and then slowly approaches. She takes a seat by Esmond and wrinkles her nose a bit at the smoke. “I am surprised you can use your sense of smell at all with all the smoking that you do.”, she says as she looks him over. Her blue eyes are piercing, and there is a strange and yet familiar warmth that seems to eminate from deep within her.

“Well, you’d be surprised.” He responded to the new face that had joined him on the bench, there was something familiar about her and she knew about his chain smoking so clearly she had seen him before but you’d only have to be around him for a moment to know that. The warmth was the thing that hinted at who this was and who knew this was in their clans bag of tricks. “I’m going to go with my gut and say that we’ve met before, haven’t we?” he asked.

<Sascha> nods her head softly at that and actually smiles. “You are as smart as i hoped you’d be. Yes, I had to take a new form for now… your boss knows my usual shape and I prefer to keep all my parts intact this time.”, she says without any anger in her voice. “But… I needed to talk to you. I got your number from your partner’s phone that night.”

“I may be as pretty as a torry but definitely not as vapid. It’s a good disguise, but I’ll miss the red hair it really did suit you. So what did you drag me here to talk about, it’s definitely not about the view, everytime we meet something bad happens.” Esmond responded and took a long drag after. It was definitely Sascha, the formal way she spoke confirmed his theory. Memories of Lynn’s anger buzzed loudly in the back of his head but after rubbing shoulders with ventrue for a full week he could use some action.

<Sascha> smiles again, though a little more faintly. “That form… that was what I looked like before my Embrace.”, she says and then shifts gears a bit, nodding thoughtfully. “My mission here involves hunting an Infernalist. And I want your help.”

Esmond simply nods to the newly blonde woman, exhaling off to the side of the two since he knew how she felt about it. “Count me in, I’ve been staring at suits all week and I’m frankly sick of it. Do you wanna start by filling me in with what you know?” Esmond quirked his head a bit at the end of the sentence to accentuate his question. He didn’t see why not, she had helped him out heavily with the setites and it was about time he cleared his debt.

<Sascha> glances off toward the cemetery, eyes scanning over the statues of angels and the long rows of headstones. “I wish it were so cut and dry, but it’s not. I do know they have made a powerful pact here, but it’s exact nature I have yet to determine. It is something you should be aware of though, and careful of. Not to sound cliche but it’s primary weapon will be to tempt you, deceive you, and corrupt you.”

“Good thing I’m a stoic sort, they could shove a vat of blood in my face and I’ll still get the job done.” He replied, finishing off his smoke and stamping on it. “Powerful pact? What do you think they would be dealing for in New Orleans of all places?” he asked, his arms folding as he pondered it all over.’

<Sascha> shrugs her shoulders a little and leans forward, resting her forearms on her knees. “I am not sure. This is a place of Faith, some of the churches here are very old. Whoever did this so blatently…”, she says as she shakes her head. “I know you are about to leave the city, I too have a task that will take me from here for a little while. But I needed you to know the importance of my work. It cannot be allowed to win. It’s corruption will spread.”

“Religious reasons or not I can’t have these shits jaunting around my town while I’m on vacation and so your work is my work and both of those are equally important.”He answered, leaning forward on his own knees to look her in the eye, he was glad he had come strapped for the occasion. “So where do we start first? The churches? I’m sure if we hit each and everyone of them something would turn up” he offered as a course of action.

<Sascha> smirked a little bit, reaching over to run her hand along the side of his face gently, that odd sense of warmth transfering through her fingers and for a moment he feels exactly as if he were alive again, his heart trying to beat of it’s own accord until she pulls her hand back away again. “That might not be such a good idea for you. Religious ideals aside, I can assure you that Faith soes have an effect on us. Though moreso against the Infernal. They will shy away from it, but they will also seek desecrated or perverted sites in their mockery of Faith.”

Esmond didn’t recoil from the light touch and the feeling in his chest was kind of soothing, he liked being around sasha if just for the company she provided. “I can’t think of anything desecrated off the top of my head, I don’t get to see the downtrodden a lot due to my station. But if you have a direction in mind I’ll follow” He replied, quirking up his own smile, partially because of her own and his need to actually get something done for a change.

<Sascha> nodded her head a bit as she looked back off over the graves. “There are a few places, but so far all I have managed to do is frighten idiot children playing with something they don’t understand, or even comprehend as real.”

“I can imagine they’re scared shitless, so at least there’s a preventative measure there, next time they play with ouija board they’ll be checking under their bed for a while.” Esmond joked, patting some loose ash off of his suit pants. “Do you have time tonight to at least start looking for these nuts or do you perhaps just wanna take a short walk so it looks like we’re normal people and call it a night?” he asked.

<Sascha> “Some of them I imagine will turn over rather new, more productive lives once they get out of whatever mental instution they were taken to for evaluation.”, she says and turns back toward him with a more mischevious smile this time. “I have time if you wish to come with me. But I swear if we find more idiots killing cats and calling out shit at random in the dark… you may find the results disturbing. I haven’t harmed any of them, well, not physically.”

Esmond smiled and stood up and offered her a hand. “STrust me if they’re killing cats I won’t be fussed what you do, my aunt’s Moggins was a beautiful creature and I loved him very much.”The ventrue added while he stood, looking down at the new blonde haired Sascha, at least now no one would think that he was cradle snatching when they appeared together.

<Sascha> stood as well, taking the offered hand and looking up at him for a moment before allowing him to take her arm and walk with her out of the graveyard and toward a parking lot across the street. “Your car or mine?”, she asks without looking over at him.

“Yours, I’m starting to grow tired of all this driving I’ve been doing, I may have overdone it.” He answered while walking her out to the parking lot and to her vehicle. “You know to a pair of onlookers, this looks really shady.” He added as they approached her vehicle and he opened the door for her to get in like a gentleman.

<Sascha> actually had a bit of a chuckle at that as she climbed in. “It is pretty shady, though for a good reason. So I am unsure of how really to feel about that.”, she says and leans over to the other side and unlocks his door. Once he is in and she starts to pull from the parking lot, she hits the road and picks up a little speed.

“I would say I’m sorry for Lynn hurting you but she was doing her job” He added to the conversation, Lynn wouldn’t be apologetic and he didn’t wanna add too muh on her behalf. “It sounded pretty messy from the way she described it.” Esmond added to the conversation, moving it along so as not for their encounter to not grow as sexually tense as their previous ones had been.

<Sascha> gives him a sideways glance and smirks a bit. “I’ve had worse. But I am sure if I hadn’t managed to get into our territory when I did that she and the other would have been my demise. I am not angry. Though I am curious as to where she learned Obtenebration at. That was a surprise I was ill-prepared for.”, she says with a calm tone.

“Lynn is a puzzle, wrapped in a riddle, tucked into an Enigma” Esmond did a poor job of quoting churchill but he was sure he was close. “Well, in a weird way I’m glad that you made it out, I wouldn’t want to go head to head with Lynn, I feel like the cowboy visage is just that, a visage” He stated, staring out the window at some passersby heading out for a night of drinking.

<Sascha> nods her head a little at that. “I’d have taken a gunfight anyday to that. Brujah are terribly efficient at combat.”, she says and drives a little ways out though not far from what would be considered town. She pulls up to a rest area and parks the car, turning off the lights. “In a weird way? I do not think it is weird, though I also do not lie to myself if I can avoid it. You should really say what you mean. Yes, our respective ideals do not match, and in most repects we would be considered enemies. But I have orders not to ‘instigate’ anything in the Dead City.”

((——————————————–To Be Continued———————————–))