<Storyteller> The lot of you have been grabbed from a concert, though you all may have had different reasons for being there, you all have pretty much the same experience up to this point. Someone hit you with something that knocked you out, and you woke up, tied up and with a burlap sack tied over your head. Driven out to who knows where and tossed into what looks like a basement together about 30 of you in total. There the sack was removed and you were untied before they left you in the dark damp cellar over the course of the day. At dusk, the door opened and people with guns led you all out and lined you up in front of an old farmhouse. There are a lot of people around, watching… except… a lot of them… don’t really look like people at all, but some feral remains of what might of been people at one time.

☮Remond☮ was worried, scared, even angry. He dared not say a word and did as he was told, best not to make yourself stand out before you get shot. These situations were never light. He watched with his eyes and did his best to stay calm for others sake.

<Yevgeni Orlov> Had spent the day in the dark cellar staring into a dark corner so even the slowly diminishing hues of the sunset were a bit of a burn on the retina, looking out over the lined up procession, he decided he probably didn’t want to be here but the guns would probably have something to say about that. Trying to swallow any panic he might be showing he looked over the others that were standing there with him, noticing a few faces from the concert.

Seraphina just watches them pondering her choice of that darmn concert and don` these people know kidnapping is a fedural crime .

Anne waits patiently, seemingly almost calm considering the circumstances. Her aged scars twisted menacingly as she spends a few moments scowling at the sights around them.

<Cleetus> being a normally loud man, he still muttered slightly, and had been shouting before he saw the guns and feral forms. He shut up entirely for a few seconds any time one of them made eye contact, but still was unhappy about having his moonshine taken, and the headache wasn’t helping either.

Lewis blinked, blinded for several moments as he stepped out of the cellar. He was quiet for now as he realized they were all being observed by some interesting appearing humans. Normally, he’d try to lighten the situation, but at the moment, he had a feeling that was one of the last things he should do at the moment. So he watched the weird beings back, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

<Storyteller> A pale man with short black hair approaches the group and walks slowly up the line, looking the group over for a moment before speaking. “You all are here to play a little game tonight. Out of the thirty present, ten of you will be making it to the next round… which is not good odds so pay attention. The farmhouse there has two exits, the front and back doors. The front door will open and you all be go inside and be allowed to do whatever you want for one hour. After that… we send the”, he points to some horrible little monsters that cannot be real, some of them have wings and lamprey mouths and one looks almost like a child with shark teeth, “ghouls in after you. The back door is on a timer and opens at the same time. I suggest you make haste through the maze beyond. First ten win. Oh, and if you find the little black bottles… well, drinking them will increase your chances considerably.”

<Cleetus> looks up at the very mention of something to drink. Even if it isn’t alcoholic, anything will do at this point. Bouncing anxiously he looks at the small creatures and shrugs. They probably have sharp teeth, but so do gators.

☮Remond☮ glared at the man, but nodded to show he understood but muttered something about a vagina in french. He looked confused at the sound of black bottles helping, the hell was that supposed to mean? Never the less he’d do his best to help himself and these people, damn sicko.

Anne looks around as soon as it’s mentioned that only ten people are getting through the first round. She knows that nothing good’s going to be happening to the losers. She begins sizing up the competition, trying to determine who might be useful to her, and who’s going to get left behind.

Seraphina looks at the house and the open door and back to the creatures with a gulp she  counted the odds of her survival ,her time to get thru the maze

<Yevgeni Orlov> slightly hoped that the bottles might be alcohol because whatever the fuck he was staring in the face right now: The child with claws and the flying lampreys, Should not be looked at sober. They wanted to play a game huh? with those things, what interesting comrades they must make. Yevi stands tall and looks toward the entrance, game on.

Lewis’s head reeled as he looked at the creatures alone. What the hell were those things?! Looked like something out of a nightmare! The man mentioned something about bottles ‘increasing’ their chances. Holy fuck, these people were sick. At the realization that they had an hour to get ready for this shit, he looked around, to quickly get his bearings so he knew where the hell to run to.

<Storyteller> Another man approaches and looks the group over and then starts at one end, pressing each person’s left arm and leaving behind a number, like a brand looking like it is made of scar tissue. The child-like creature follows him closely, sniffing at each person they pass. People yelp and flinch as he brands each one down the line, and when it comes time for all of you, it is a searing, almost burning sensation as he presses his hand to your flesh and leaves behind the mark. He pauses momentarily at s couple of people as he grabs them, looking more intently at some but remains silent. After he is done, the group is placed in front of the front door… and then it opens.

<Cleetus> rushes inside as quickly as possible, looking about almost wildly for one of those bottles. He hoped to hell it was alcoholic, but literally anything would do at this point. He felt naked without a bottle in his hand.

☮Remond☮ was more concerned with the others, when he was branded his number he hissed but didn’t whine, then the door was opened and he didn’t rush, he ushered people ahead but to stay calm before they killed themselves by hurting each other… of course he was unheard. This was easier in a team, but a lone soldier was nothing on his own, Weapons… there must be weapons.

<+Seraphina>  she ,was abit pissed bit if that vile was her ticket out she was going to get out of there quick as possible. even if she had to send another into one of those creatures so be it  .

<Yevgeni Orlov> moved toward the entrance calmly after gasping slightly at the burning sensation on his arm, pain was not uncommon for the Russian. Nodding to the man who seemed to take charge he moved into the arena looking for one of those bottles. Rushing and panicking was only going to get him killed and it seemed that man knew that and he could respect it.

Anne bites her lip as the brand is applied to her. Not the worst burn she’s endured, as her scarred form will testify, but not pleasant. When the time comes to move through the maze, she pushes forward quickly, barreling through those not moving quickly enough.

Seraphina quicly discovered a vile in a pile od disgared prono mage with discuss and hide it form veiw  . annd looked for a object she could use for a weapon.

Lewis winced as he was branded, but avoided looking at the guy with the weird creature — a bit intimidated and afraid of what he’d see in his eyes. Then the doors opened and for now he followed the crowd, staying towards the middle for now since the creatures would certianly come from the back when they did come. He did not need to fall behind.

☮Remond☮ managed his way through the people, he took notice of others but opened some sort of cabinet revealing a shotgun. “That’ll work.” he said and sighed, taking notice people trusting the bottles, guess he’d better take trust in them too for now. “God give me strength.”

<Cleetus> hunts through the room and eventually finds a bottle. He opens it and slams down the contents, shaking his head at the taste. “Woo! That’s some nasty shit!” He shouted when he was finished. Thirst now quenched, he went to find the largest piece of furniture he could move in order to move it in front of the door.

Seraphina is on the hunt again finding it was going to be easyier now as her time of thirst hit her she pulled out that bottle and took a deep breath before chugging the contences down.

<Yevgeni Orlov> picked up the first bottle he saw and sniffed it. Blood? That coppery smell was unmistakably blood. He took a moment to wonder how in the hell they were supposed to use it against those things out there and then looked to the only person in the room holding a weapon and decided to stay close to him for now. It was the smartest option he had while nursing his bottle, watching the redneck drink his without a care in the world. What a weirdo.

Lewis decided it was probably time to deviate from the herd and side tracked, where he found a bottle. He winced at the mysterous contents but held his nose and chugged it down.

Anne picks up a small butcher’s knife. It might have to do. She spots Remond’s weapon, and calls out to him. “You know how to use that thing?”

Seraphina sees a metal bat from under a broken down bed that a hutch was laying on  and curses before trying to free that bat .

<Cleetus> finds a couch nearby and throws his body against it, pushing it towards the door firmly and grinning. “That oughta stop at least those little fuckers!” Looking around, he looked for the heftiest thing he could swing at a small monkey demon.

☮Remond☮ after a moment of searching he finally found a bottle too, he opened it, sniffed it. This was oddly familiar but not at all at the same time. He didn’t go through that training for nothing, perhaps there was something inside? Steroids or something, at this point he didn’t care and just chugged it down, wincing and whimpering slightly as he did so. By the gods that was disgusting, he chucked the bottle down and glared at it and cracked his knuckles and looked up and stared at everyone. “Lets calm down, stop shoving each other, barricade the door with everything we got, lets find some weapons, defend ourselves!” he called out over the crowd, mainly looking at those less stable and not taking action.

<Yevgeni Orlov> winced before drinking his, the taste was salty but strangely there was a sweetness to it and it tasted amazing. It was halloween so maybe it was candy and it was some sick joke made by the line up outside those doors. He quirked his head a little and decided to start looking for a weapon, it was about time and maybe all the good weapons weren’t gone yets, he’d rather not face down monsters with a meat tenderizer.

Lewis didn’t worry about a weapon. For now, he joined the leader-like one in baracading the doors, since that seemed like a good first step to take.

☮Remond☮ looks over at the woman and nodded. “very well, actually.” he stated firmly, stance of a soldier, he wiped his mouth corners of blood from those gross bottles.

“Suit yourself, kid,” Anne scoffs at what she considers to be posturing. “But this doesn’t look to be a soldier’s fight, if you catch on.”

<Cleetus> ends up heading towards the fireplace, taking the decently heavy poker and hefting it in his hand. STopping, he turned and looked around, taking a long moment to think about what else he could do. He felt god damned good after that bottle, and had pushed that couch with the ease of opening a door. Looking about he tried to find another bottle, at least to save for later.

Anne downs the bottle she found, grimacing at the taste, and heads towards the barricade.

☮Remond☮ sighed. “It’s not that I find it a soldiers fight, I know I don’t belong, but people feel safer that way.” he retorted and started trying to help those being left behind as they refused to budge. “Sticking in groups we’ll keep us alive, people!”

<+Seraphina> “hey you people shut the fuck up and listen for once if you want to live do as your told.” she screams at them  , she is getting very pissed off .

“Yes, well thought. More yelling will definitely stop all the yelling.” Anne rolls her eyes at Seraphina’s comment.

<Yevgeni Orlov> came up with nothing and thought for a moment of taking someone elses weapon, but instead knocked the bottle in his hand against something until it smashed, leaving the neck of it cradled in his hand, it would have to do for now. He listened to the yelling and didn’t join in, his accent would probably get drowned out in the crowd anyways.

Remond knew time was ticking, those who couldn’t pull themselves together will find peace soon hopefully. He stood up and started heading for the door, and was ready to hurry out and trying and keep people in a group, so they wouldn’t be taken out one by one. Strength in numbers.

Lewis followed the group, but mostly tried to stick towards a middle, since he knew he wasn’t much of a fighter. Especially not with only a bottle to protect himself with.

Seraphina heads twords the back door as she discovers another bottle hiding it for later . she was getting ready regaurdless if the otherswere not.

<Storyteller> The back door is a huge metal door with some sort of programmed magnetic lock, currently engaged. After what seems like forever though, it snaps open and at the same time a sound can be heard on the other end of the house… scratching and shrieking. A couple of people run forward as soon as the door is open and then there is screaming heard from down the pitch black corridor ahead of them.

<Cleetus> finds another bottle, pops it open, and chugs the contents as fast as he can, once again shaking and shouting at the taste. As soon as he hears the screaming from the other side of the doorway he hesitates, resisting the press of bodies slightly as people rushed towards the door.

☮Remond☮ ushers a few forward, before rushing out himself, looking ahead, gun in hand and ready to go. “Don’t look back!” he tried urging people, knowing his voce lost in the screams, he may as well be yelling at bricks.

Anne grips her scavenged weapon and moves through after the guy with the gun. If she was lucky, whatever was out there’d be too busy killing all the idiots who rushed into the proverbial crosshairs first.

Seraphina is shoved ahead by the mess exiting she now pops that top and comsums that bottle #2

<Storyteller> A set of lights turn on and off again in a strobe type effect in the tunnel after the inital rush… and it is horrific and gory. The walls in this tunnel leading to the maze are lined with razor blades, and fishhooks dangle from the ceiling at eye level… the floor is littered with broken glass from shattered mirrors.

<Yevgeni Orlov> quietly prayed a little in russian while he waited for the door to open, nothing like a disaster to suddenly make you remember all those night time prayers grandma taught you. He waited for the doors to completely open before taking a half-jog out of the door, broken bottle in hand. Keeping the red haired man somewhere in his vision most of the time.

Lewis had been paying attention to the guy with the gun, so when he headed forward, he kept close to the guy with a gun, but hopefully not too close. Once they entered he got a good lok at the maze and resisted the urge to yell or something. Jesus Chris…

<Cleetus> begins moving with the group as well after a very short moment. As soon as he sees the blades and hooks, he moves as close to the center of the corridor as he possibly can, all while ducking as well as he could in hopes to avoid the hooks that had already caught several other around him. The gore was what finally got him panicking though, this was no longer some fuckers pulling a dangerous prank, this was a real life or death situation, and far worse than wrasllin’ a gator.

Remond stared in disbelief but held up his arm as he went forward and kept his head low, even bending his knees as he went forward, barely missing the hooks in his sight. He steered cear of the wall anyway, needing to be able to get to people easily if he could and staying in the middle was easiest for that. “Careful! Watch your eyes!” he called.

Seraphina crotched lower staying away from walls and hanning things as she lookes for a safer away out of this bloodbath .

<Yevgeni Orlov> was smart enough to duck behind people as they moved forward, letting them take the blows first so he knew what was coming, which didn’t stop a razor blade from slitting the side of his cheek but it was reminding him that he had to keep pressing forward, it was the only way out of the hallway from hell.

<Storyteller> Out the other side of the corridor, it opens up into a proper corn maze. The sky is open to the group and they can see people sitting up all around the outsides of the maze to watch them as they emerge. Behind the main group, they can hear the barricade being torn apart.

☮Remond☮ emerged to the corn, he looked at his arm, hissing as he just now noticed the hook. “Better than my eye.” he growled and carefully tried to pul it out how it would have gotten in. He looked around and stood away from the door but had his gun ready, there had to be more shit out here other than just corn, he knew that much.

<Cleetus> slams out into the open, looking over himself and noticing several cuts and hooks caught in his arms. Shrugging, he looked around desperately, instincts telling him to find someone either weak enough to throw under the bus, or strong enough to work with. Spotting the man with the shotgun, he pressed through the bodies towards him. “Hey you! I’m stickin’ with you! We’ll get outta here no problem tagether!”

At first Lewis took in the sight of the people just passively watching them run for their lives… But then he heard the barricade being torn appart and that was a bit more important. So he started looking around the corn field for something — anything — to better his chances at the moment.

Seraphina exited, the door she still had a few cuts on her from the hords shoving ,she now blinked to adjust her vision. she carfully survayed the corn for movement and any other visable signs of danger .

<Yevgeni Orlov> tossed the bottle back and forth as he looked up and saw the onlookers, he could hear the barricade breaking behind them in the tunnel and he grunted a little as someone bumped him running past. Moving toward the red head with the shotgun when he saw him, he spoke for the first time tonight with a heavy russian lilt. “Alright, I’ll follow you but I suggest we get moving soon.” he warned pointing back toward the hallway and the breaking sounds coming from it.

☮Remond☮ nodded and whistled for anybody to notice him who needed to be in a group, he didn’t like anybody going alone in this damn place.

“Drawing attention doesn’t seem like a good idea.” Anne growls lightly as she moves up behind Remond at a low crouch.

☮Remond☮ glared at the woman. “Shut it, if you wanna be a bitch go alone, I’m not leaving behind people to just die.” he hissed at her as he started stepping backward ready to turn around and head off inside the corn.

<Storyteller> A few people coming out scatter and some run right into the corn, ignoring the pathways and then more screaming ensues as she sound of bear traps clamping shut echoes about them. Growling and sick sucking noises come from inside the house now as the things make it through the barricade.

Seraphina taps remond’s shoulder and ducks not knowing the man’s actions now. as she glances to the opened door she had been shoved through.

Lewis didn’t see anything of use so he fell back to beside the guy with the gun since he seemed to be trying to help people. Probably better than what he would’ve done if he were holding the gun. He noticed the person snapping at the guy and just followed him through the corn, using his bottle to poke the ground in front of him  before he ripped a stalk down and started using that to poke instead. He was not loosing a foot.

<Storyteller> One of the people who comes out almost last, a younger looking girl in a white robe starts pulling on the door to the corridor, trying to close it behind the party and cut the monsters off.

<+Seraphina> “some of use help her  ” as she moved to help close the door now.

<Cleetus> grabs Remond and shoves him towards one of the corn paths. “Come on nice guy, no time to help. And don’t go through that there corn, that sound is bear traps, trust me!”

Remond gasped as there was poking and then he was shoved. he cursed in french at the hillbilly and just took note of the other woman who was behind him but he passed her and lead the way, taking note of the scrawny one using a stalk of corn to poke the ground, he kept his hands free to better hold his gun and he hurried forward watching forward assuming the small guy had the ground watched.

<Yevgeni Orlov> followed behind the group, the guy with the gun should have probably been heading up the rear but he was concerned for the girl in white trying to keep the door shut. At least that would buy them a few more moments before the lord of the rings looking fucks came barreling at them. He squeezed the bottle knife in his hand and then wiped some sweat from his palm.

Anne looks back toward the door as the young woman attempts to close it, then turns away with a soft shake of her head. She stays fairly close behind Cleetus and Remond, making sure to only tread where they walked first. Just in case there were traps in wait in their path too.

Lewis noticed that the guy with the gun was following him now and so he started poking wide enough for the people behind him to walk safely, assuming taht if anything came at him the gun man would cover his ass in that reguard.

<Storyteller> The girl gets the door shut and comes barreling out again, red soaking into her robes from the little cuts on her body from the blades and hooks. She looks to the others but doesn’t say anything, her eyes then scanning the edges of the maze where the people are watching as if looking for something before falling in completely with the others.

Seraphina starts to rund after telling the girl to do like wise soon is behind cleetus and the others.

<Storyteller> There is howling and scratching at the metal door, and the maze looms all around them as they begin to seek their way out.

☮Remond☮ looked back counting heads. “I’m tempted to have someone try and hoist me up and peek over to find our way faster but they may shoot our heads if we ‘cheat’.” he grumbled, now seeing if anybody had anything to say while they walked through but his eyes were on everything else.

“They may just shoot us anyway.” Anne says, shrugging. “‘S more sporting if they wait ’till the end.”

<Yevgeni Orlov> watched the girl with intrigue, what a tough son of a bitch, what the hell was she looking for though? turning slightly more to the side as they walked he spoke. “Have you ever hunted rabbits?” He asked, an eyebrow quirking. “With snares I mean?” Yevi clarified his question while he waited for an answer.

Lewis paused carefully, keeping an eye on where he’d last poked. “I’d let you do so but I’m kind of a beanpole,” he pointed out. “Wouldn’t be able to hold you up for very long.”

<Cleetus> looked back at the russian for a moment. “I tried once or twice, easier to just shoot ’em though.” He said back, scanning the corn periodically for any sign of movement.

☮Remond☮ looked at the woman. “Is that a volunteer?” he asked her and chuckled, even in the dire situation at the small one.

“I’ve hunted soviets with snares.” Anne shoots the russian a mirthless grin. “I like to think it was similar.”

Seraphina watched, the corn closely as she moved glanceing back over her shoulder to see if they were comming after them. she could now feel the effects of those black bottles as she moved abit deeper into that maze

<Yevgeni Orlov> listens to the retorts and shakes his head. “So you would know to create a guide so the rabbits walk into the snare? I think we have something waiting for us up ahead.” He cautioned, shooting Anne a look as she talked about hunting soviets with snares.

<Cleetus> Shrugged at the Russian’s comment. “We got Mr. Shotgun here, and we got me, and I ain’t gonna just lie down and die like the fuckers might expect.” He said, waving the fireplace poker slightly to emphasize his point.

<Storyteller> The group can hear the howling and slurping of the creatures as they escape finally and somewhere on the other side of some of the corn on another path… the sound of someone being taken down by them fills their ears.

☮Remond☮ got quiet, holding up a hand to try and shush others still talking, and he just continued pushing forward, thinking about what to do to better their chances and get through.

Seraphina curses and starts moving faster,. she knew that if she didnot get moving faster it was curtians for any others now.

Lewis examined the maze a bit and continued forward, poking as he went along, slowly heading in a direction. The situation was dire, but he still took his time, thinking before he made a move and remembering where he had or hadn’t been yet. He occasionally had a gut feeling that one way was wrong so he’d immidiately change directions. He wasn’t about to start questioning his guts in this kind of situation.

Cleetus fell to the back of the group, figuring he might as well watch their backs. His strong suit wasn’t in all this edumactaded stuff anyway.

☮Remond☮ followed and didn’t question, as much as he would lead, he was far more there for the people and taking care of them than just taking control, plus he didn’t know much about mazes… best to watch his back anyway with his gun.

<Yevgeni Orlov> just followed the group, trying to figure Anne out and pondering the girl in white, he was hoping he hadn’t seen the last of her tonight in the cornfield.

Anne notices Lewis’ change in direction, and following a similar instinct, moves after him, waving for Yevgeni and Remond to follow.

☮Remond☮ looked at the older woman trying to tell him to follow, but he still stuck close to the small male ready to attack anything ready to pop out of them, which he was almost sure would happen, these thing either had a good sense of smell or hearing or both.

<Storyteller> The white robed girl follows but keeps silent, occasionally glancing over her shoulder behind them and pausing to listen every so often.

Lewis started to wonder if he was heading the right way when it seemed that a woman was also guiding them through the maze, but they seemed to be on the same track at the moment, so he just kept doing what he was doing, not letting himself get distracted again as he tried smarting his way through the maze. A bit higher stakes than completing the puzzle book in this case, though.

Seraphina nods to the girl in white and points ahead  as she now shoves cleetus  in his shoulder  as she starts running faster

<Cleetus> picks up the pace, looking over his shoulder and throguh the corn to both sides for those little child sized monkey bastards.

<Storyteller> One of the lamprey things flies straight through the corn and into the middle of your group, and the sound of something on the other side of the path can be heard issuing orders in a high pitch growling voice. “Get them! Get them! Suck out all their guts! All their juices!”

<Cleetus> immediately raises the poker, swinging it downwards towards the nasty little shit’s head. “Watch out y’all! They’re here!” He shouts as he swings the heavy pronged rod.

Lewis paused as there was a flying noise and sounds in front of them. He quickly tried to think of a better way to go, but then realizes at Cleetus’ shout that something was attacking them… Shit, he wasn’t just in the park, flying things were bad right now, Lewis! Duh! He backed off a bit, and grabbed his bottle again, and tried to break it without hurting himself. Hopefully everyone else had a better weapon…

<Storyteller> The creature shrieks as it starts to latch onto Cleetus and he hammers it with all his might, splattering blue-ish black blood all over the place and it falls to the ground, just twitching there as the thing behidn the corn hisses. “oooooooooh! Get them! GET THEM!”, it shrieks.

<Cleetus> spits on the corpse of the monkey and shouts directly into the corn, “Yeah! Come and get it monkeys! There’s always more than that came from!” HE was shouting as adrenaline hit his system in a familiar and fantastic sensation.

“Hah. Showed the Piç.” Anne shoots Cleetus a grin. “You alright?’

☮Remond☮ looked back and grimaced but watched the hillbilly handle it, only for another to sound another alarm practically. “We need to keep going, stop only when they’re on us!”

Seraphina watches now for any other  of those damned flying  suckers on streiods as she now takes a stance bat ready to swing .

<Yevgeni Orlov> ‘s head spins as he looks to the redneck hammering one of the monsters and then to the direction of the voice coming from the corn. His pace picking up to move past the pile of meat that Cleetus has just created, whispering hastily to him. “Move beardy, there’s more than just one.” the russian hisses.

<Cleetus> starts moving with the group, a terrified grin spreading over his face. He may be terrified, but god damn that felt good!

Lewis was more relieved than disgusted when the redneck took care of the creature. Then Remond pointed out that they needed to keep going and he cursed at himself as he tried to remember where he was at. Then he started heading off in a direction at a more hurried pace. He just hoped he wasn’t getting them more lost instead as he tried to gain his bearings again as they were now rushing.

<Storyteller> At last Lewis can see a doorway, a large number hanging above it and one of the men off to the side standing there with a button in his hand. He clicks it as each person goes through, counting down.

Lewis sighed in relief as he saw that. “It’s right there, guys, we made it!” he shouted behind him, making sure everyone heard him before he tried to go through the door himself.

Remond rushed forward ut stopped outside the door and started aiming his gun, waiting for his group to get in before he would let himself in.

Cleetus kept his place in the line, poker dripping blood. He carried it as if he was ready to swing at anything that came at him, no matter how intimidating.

Seraphina shoves cleetus as she points at the door, she hopes she`ll get through it and is safely with the others

<Storyteller> The girl in white wastes no time ducking through the door, only glancing back once it was clicked and she was on the other side.

Anne moves forward, clutching a hand on Remond’s shoulder and gently but firmly pulling him after them so, though he may cover them, he doesn’t get left behind. “Come on, soldier-boy,” she grunts, “no bein’ a hero today. We’re gonna need that gun.”

<Storyteller> On the other side of the door there are several more of these feral-looking people with stun guns and they just watch and have the general area on the other side of the door blocked in once the ten get through.

<Yevgeni Orlov> follows diligently and files through the door and keeping his eyes on the woman in white, he wanted to approach but didn’t think it would be prudent right now but she was interesting him. She seemed to know something the others didn’t so for now he would keep a close eye on her and smiles as he sees the line up, mumbling softly. “I knew this was a rabbit trap…” not noticing he had slipped and was speaking in russian.

<Cleetus> makes his way through the door, moving out of the other’s way and staring at the ones with stun guns intently.

☮Remond☮ hissed as he was pulled through. “A hero is what I do… just where I’m from it’s called my job.” he growled at the woman. He stepped back once they were in and he watched those with stun guns, he still had his gun but he had his finger off the trigger, not wanting to piss them off sooner than he should.

Seraphina following right behind.  move with cleets now

Lewis didn’t move much once he got inside, but he did stick close to his group, as he knew he was probably the last person to be able to take the guys on. “Dunno what you said there, but no sudden movements, huh?” he suggusted softly as he watched them all.

<Storyteller> As the tenth person makes it into the little enclosure, the doors shut on the maze… leaving all others locked out there with those things. The feral men move back as the dark-haired man from the beginning comes forward, looking over those that remain. “Well done. You all will be moving on to the next stage then.”

<Cleetus> stabbed his poker into the ground beside him , looking at the dark haired man and crossing his arms. He knew there wouldn’t be much he could do with the poker when they have stun guns at the ready, so he bided his time and waited for his chance.

☮Remond☮ glared and stepped forward but still had an open stance and kept his finger off the trigger, but whatever the hell happened he was going to fight for the others here, but also trying not to threaten authority here, he just glanced at CLeetus and held out his hand to his arm to simply silently ask him to not get too threatening.

<Yevgeni Orlov> shifted uncomfortably in the group, looking to the redheaded man with the gun, trying to follow his lead on whatever was about to happen next and coughed to clear his throat and spoke. “Stage?” he questioned, looking the speaking man right in the eye.

Lewis stared as the doors just shut behind them. He tried to ignore the twisting feeling in his stomach as he looked forward again and heard that it was only one stage they passed… there were still more to go. He resisted the urge to swear when he heard that.

<Storyteller> The dark-haired man nods and reaches forward, taking Remond’s gun and tossing it aside as he motions for them all to move forward, pointing off toward the other end of the enclosure. “Let’s go.”

Anne stares at the others who made it in apart from Remond’s little cohort, sizing them up. If their kidnappers started as they meant to go on, then there’d be another round of eliminations.

☮Remond☮ let the take it, he grumbled in more french but he followed once he was told to. He just hoped it wasn’t a death trap at this point.

Seraphina moves when cleetus does,she looks about calulation the odds and just what that darkhaired dud’s gig was.

<Cleetus> grabs his poker back out of the ground and followed reluctantly. He frowned as the gun was taking, but stuck close to both Seraphina and Remond.

<Yevgeni Orlov> silently follows, they were obviously going to play another game with them and he wasn’t anticipating that it would be a fun one at all. The russian glances over his group and tightens his grip on his bottle, he hoped they weren’t gonna be pitted against each other, the hick was not a fair fight.

Anne follows, internally debating who she should make a lunge for if things did devolve into a free-for-all.

Lewis slowly followed the redneck and foriegn man who were following the strange guy into the ‘next stage’…

<Kitt Bishop> moves alongside the others and keeps careful watch on their movements, rubbing her arms now and then beneath the white robes.

<Storyteller> The group is showed out to a couple of old vans, and the man points to the backs of them. “Alright, in you go. We need to take a bit of a trip to get home from here.”

☮Remond☮ twitches his lip a bit but eventually gives in and just gets in. “Home?” he finally asked allowed but he doubted he’d get an answer.

<Yevgeni Orlov> moves first into the van, it was very clear that they weren’t getting out of this right now so playing alone was his best option and it beat breaking into someones house and squatting for the night. “Alright, take us ‘home'” the youth spoke in russian sarcastically, hanging his head while sitting in the car.

Seraphina would move with cleetus and remond as theey were herded into the vans.

Lewis followed everyone else into the van and was relieved when someone had the guts to ask the kidnappers where the hell ‘home’ was. ’cause he was pretty sure that they weren’t about to take them all to their homes if they had several foriengers like he thought they did.

<Cleetus> climbed into the back of the same van as Remond reluctantly. He didn’t trust the people around them, of course, but he liked this blonde man so far, and he wasn’t gonna leave him to his doom.

Anne shrugs, and hops in the van as well. Once inside, she roots around in her pockets for something. Upon discovering it’s absence, she scowls and sits back against the interior wall of the van.

<Storyteller> The group is driven out for a long way, it seems like over an hour before they stop again though they can’t tell where they’ve been, but as they are removed from the vans it is clear this place is massive. The buildings are old but in good condition and it seems as though all those people from before have followed here. The ten are nudged forward to the steps of the main building, where a tall and imposing figure of a woman stands, looking down on them from the topmost step. There are a few people to her sides who watch the proceedings carefully.

Lewis tried to watch where they’d been, but he must’ve fallen asleep at some point because the next thing he knows he’s waking up to the car stopping. Shit. “Sorry,” he mumbles to whomever he was sitting next to. He hadn’t drooled, thank god, but it was still embarassing. They were ushered out and soon in front of some more scary as fuck people. He kept his mouth shut and decided to just watch the people just as they were watching all of them.

<Yevgeni Orlov> just walked calmly and waited, he had left his broken bottle in the van, he assumed wasn’t going to be facing anymore of those creatures hopefully. Looking around at all the people that had seemed to follow them here, this mut have been an exciting game so far.

☮Remond☮ stared up at the lady, he kept his head low but stood tall, expecting something to hit his head from behind, that’s usually how they pick them off in Syria that he had seen, before tying up and doing inhumane things.

Seraphina followed remond keeping close to him and cleetus

<Cleetus> was still clutching his fire poker. He knew deep down inside that it would be useless, but it gave him a false sense of security. After all, he had absolutely destroyed that monkey with it.

Anne sticks close to the others. With the immediate threat of death out of the way for the moment, she briefly ponders on what exactly’s going on. She watches the woman above closely, curious as to what kind of show their ‘hosts’ are putting on.

<Storyteller> The people seem to do some talking amongst themselves, and in a few circles it quite nearly comes to blows with growling and hissing among the different members. After a few minutes it dies down, and the man from before walks forward, picking up one of the others that came with your group and holds him up. “Terra, all yours.”, he tosses the guy to a woman in a green dress and she grins, a pair of fangs flashing in her mouth as she bites into the man’s throat, he thrashes for a couple of seconds and then stops fighting. After a few moments, she lets him go and he falls to her feet save for where she holds him by the hair.

☮Remond☮ ‘s eyes widened, it was like something out of a fucking movie! He was already petrified from the damn inhuman creatures from the maze before but it hadn’t caught up to him till he was able to sit and think about it in the van.

“Iblis…” Anne gasps, staring shocked at the gruesome display.

Lewis watched like a deer in headlights as the poor guy was bitten into by the woman… female version of the monsters in front of them, anyway. Lewis resisted the urge to hold the hand of the person next to him, to just reassure himself that they were human…

<Kitt Bishop> speaks up softly amongst the group, hardly more than a whisper. “it doesn’t hurt.”

<Cleetus> dropped the poker, the end sticking into the dirt near his feet. He knew that there was something fucked up going on, but this was far more fucked than he originally thought. Glancing over at Kitt he frowned. “How in the hell would you know?”

<Yevgeni Orlov> wishes he hadn’t dropped that bottle but he doubted that it would do much for him if he was tossed to be another meat bag. “Fuck” he growled in horror, taking a few steps backward before glaring at the man who seemed to be tossing them out like bags of candy. “I don’t care if it hurts… I want to have control” the boy mumbles in russian to the girl in white.

<Storyteller> The woman in green hoists the man up on her shoulder and carts him off toward what looks like a graveyard and one of ten open graves. The dark haired man starts to circle the others, looking at each for a moment and then the faces of those in the crowd gathered around. He grabs Lewis up by the shirt, holding him high up off the ground as if it were nothing at all. Then a voice pipes up from the top steps, “I will take that one.”, it is a flutelike voice, melodic and coems from a man that stands nearly 7 feet tall and looks like an elf dressed in light armor with a sword at his hip. The man holding Lewis obliges, passing him off in that direction. The strange-looking man simply nudges Lewis off toward the graves, pointing mostly with his gaze.

☮Remond☮ glared almost stepping forward to protest against that, but he bit his tongue. He just watched, helplessly.

<Cleetus> kicked over the fire poker next to him, glaring at the elf man as Lewis was given over to him. He’d go out fighting if he had to.

“Fuck no, fuck, fuck, fuck no…” Lewis whispers as some crazy bitch says it doesn’t fucking hurt! That’s the least of his concerns at the moment! Then they were being circled and he tried to keep out of his sight, but the next thing he knew, he was being lifted by his shirt. “Shit, shit shit, shit….” he whispered at this point, terrified, but trying not to be. He looked over as he was… claimed, for lack of a better word. He looked back at the group for one terrified second before he obliged, managing to not shuffle. They’d drag him if he didn’t go willingly, he’d bet, and he had a better chance if he was able to move around than if they were holding him. So he went where the scary elf-man said to go… with his eyes. Weird.

<Storyteller> The dark haired man paces back and forth among the group like a cat, finally he reaches out and yanks up another random person, passing them off… and then he grabs Yevi. Yanking him straight up off his feet in one smooth motion. The man who did the arm markings steps forward and shares a few words with the dark haired man in another language, the little creature by his side giggling from time to time. Finally, he passes Yevi off to the man with a shrug.

<Cleetus> bends down slowly and grabs his poker. Once again clutching it as he watched the man. He knew that he was surrounded, and they would probably take him out before he even got close to hitting someone, but he’d try his best to do so.

<Yevgeni Orlov> watched on in horror as they were handed off to these… vampires. He’d heard tales about them from his grandpa as a kid but Grandpa now looked much less of a liar trying to scare him into going to bed early. Upon being lifted he grunted and then looked to the man and recognised the voice from earlier being the one in the corn, he tried to swing at the man but wasn’t finding any purchase. “Let me down you… whatever the fuck you are” His accent was thick when he was angry.

Seraphina watched them taking each erson was taken one by one she stuck close to cleetus more bow as if she would jump right into his skin if she could

☮Remond☮ started to look more pissed off than scared, he clenched his fist and watched as they took the russian. “Fucking pricks, the hell are you doing with us?” he asked, speaking up, ready to get the shit beat out of him, or worse killed. He was losing patience with this bullshit and it was tearing him apart as he could stand there and do nothing but watch these people get dragged off, sure he knew he was going to end up the same but it still was’t right.

<Storyteller> Zaluut raises an eyebrow at Yevi and speaks up in a clear voice, “(russian) Far from home, are you? I can relate… you are rough around the edges but I can see your potential.”

<Storyteller> Athena looks down at Remond and then takes a couple of steps toward him, the very darkness around them seems to coil around her features as she approaches. “Hmmmm, I like this one. As for what we are doing, we are welcoming you.”

<Yevgeni Orlov> ‘s head quirks a little as he hears unmistakable russian and easily glides back into it himself. “(Russian) Potential? You sound like… You’re going to make me like you or… like that?” he asks, pointing toward the little creature at his side.

☮Remond☮ stepped back a bit as things just felt darker. “One hell of a welcoming, lady.” he grunted, and spat on the ground at her feet. “What are you actually doing you sick fucks.” his french accent leaking through his voice, he was terrified.

<Cleetus> stepped up next to Remond, poker at the ready to swing at the woman. “Now listen here, lady. I don’t like to hit girls, but I won’t hesitate if yer gonna try and fuck with this guy here.” He said, looking her dead in the eyes.

<Storyteller> The dark-haired man nods to someone and they pounce Cleetus from behind… looking for all intents and purposes to be a werewolf, totally covered in fur. He latches on and sinks his teeth in, blood spurting all over Remond as he takes Cleetus down to the ground.

<Cleetus> goes down screaming and flialing, attempting to throw the poker at the woman, but missing horribly as he fell to the ground.

Seraphina a  loud peicing scream emits from her mouth as she sees cleets taken by what beat as she now wouls swing her bat at any that came near her now

<Storyteller> A dark skinned woman appears out of nowhere, seemingly invisible until she attacked, grabs hold of Seraphona and takes her down in much the same manner as Cleetus went.

<+Seraphina> “no you bitch let go of………….. as she goes down hitting and kicking

<Storyteller> Zaluut glances to Mikov and chuckles in amusement before looking back to Yevi. “(russian) We shall have to see how it turns out.”, he says calmly as he starts to take Yevi near the graves where the others are headed.

<Storyteller> Antol grabs Lewis and bites him, quickly draining him like the rest are, ending any thought of fighting almost immediately.

<Yevgeni Orlov> relents the kicking and punching and just slumps, at least he wasn’t going to die and being a vampire would be kind of cool. “(Russian) I guess we’ll just have to see then.” he answered with a bitter tone, looking at Mikov warily.

<Storyteller> Something smallish and fast circles Anne, two more young children cheering the third on from the sidelines. “Get her!”

Lewis sees the graves and tries to look around for a way to fight, when the guy grabs him suddenly. He tries to push away but he’s quickly bitten and he groans as he goes limp. Fuck… Fucking input at work still wasn’t fucking done… wasn’t going to get done now…

<Storyteller> Athena takes one more step forward toward Remond as a series of midnight black tentacles spring up and grab hold of him, wrapping about his legs and working their way up to his waist, squeezing hard enough to cut off the circulation.

☮Remond☮ was about to swing but he was grabbed. He was screaming in french, enough to make a sailor blush a little as he called her a good plenty things, he struggled trying to free himself and kick with all his might.

<Storyteller> Jimmy jumps up from the ground moving in a blur and tackles Anne full on, biting the woman’s shoulder and not letting go. After draining her, the other two children come and help him drag her body toward the graves.

<Storyteller> Athena laughs openly at Remond as she leans in, “Such language from such a pretty mouth.”, she says before she bites into him, using her black tendrils to hold him in place while she feeds.

<Storyteller> One by one everyone gets drained and dragged to the graves, most tossed inside… except for Yevi. When you all awaken, you awaken very hungry. There is literally nothing else except hunger and darkness. Instinct offers the promise of food above you and so you must dig to reach that which you require.

<Storyteller> Yevi seems trapped inside his own skin as he awakens, his body formed into a giant, fleshy chrysalis that squirms as he tries to escape it.

☮Remond☮ started digging, a blindness of hunger blocking all thought, all feeling. he dug at the ground, dirt under his nails, all over his skin, his clothes. He grunted as he snorted to get the itchy dirt out of his nose, he just kept digging.

Two things occured to Lewis as he awoke: one, he was surrounded by dirt, and two, he was hungry. Minor details of ‘how the hell am I breathing’ didn’t occur to him as the hunger really set in and he slowly started chipping at the dirt, grumbling to himself as he was not built for being burried and digging himself out again… Must be an airhole somewhere or something, he wasn’t quite sure how he survived that bite… oh yeah, hungry, food. Right.

<Cleetus> was hungry. Cleetus was very hungry. And Cleetus was going to get something to eat if he had to tear apart a deer and bite into it. He began clawing his way up through the earth at surprising speeds.

<Yevgeni Orlov> struggled against the sticky skin on skin feeling, his chest felt tight and he felt oddly cold even with the flesh surrounding him and he moved to try and get some room to breathe.

As Anne awoke, there was only one feeling present in her mind. Hunger. Emptiness. She hasn’t felt this way in decades. Not since…no. No time for that now. She claws desperately forward, fueled only by predatory instincts.

Seraphina  wakes with a burning hot serving in the pit of her gut she tryed to digg back out only getting duirt in all her open wounds as well her mouth and eyes.

<Storyteller> Cleetus is the first to break the surface, rewarded with something warm when he reaches the top. It doesn’t keep squirming for long as the most pleasent sensation takes him over… like drinking the best he’s ever had misxed with the best sex he’s ever had all rolled into one. It doesn’t stop until it goes cold and still under his grip, only then does he realize it was a person as he sits there covered in their blood.

<Cleetus> immediately goes to vomit, before finding he can’t. Instead he begins beating the ground. “What in the hell did you fuckers do to me?!”

<Sascha> stands nearby holding a shovel in her hands as she looks to Cleetus. “I suggest you move before the others get up and mistake you for a meal.”

<Cleetus> takes a split moment to think before scambling away. He had gone quiet, thinking about just how good it felt to drink that person’s blood. “This is fucked, y’all. Absolutely fucked.”

<Storyteller> Anne is the next one out, immediately finding much the same… something warm and tender atop where she digs until she comes in contact with it and then an absolutel sense of pleasure as she rips the life away from her victim before coming to.

<Storyteller> Followed by Remond, in much the same manner there is a snapping sound as he breaks his victim’s neck he grabs them so hard.

Seraphina still more digging it seamsslow going  as she was not better at this then the other things manual

Anne takes a bit longer to come to her senses, before glancing at the body below her. She gives it a hard stare before moving her eyes to take in the area around her.

<Sascha> gives the chrysalis a cautious nudge with her foot as it writhes about, and watches as each emerges, still holding the shovel in a ready position.

☮Remond☮ drank, his eyes rolling back a bit before he drops them and stares down, shaken, and confused. Quiet and shocked he just stares at what he had done, what had happened, he looked at where he had came from slowly before looking around to the others, his eyes sad, hurt.

<Storyteller> Lewis finally makes it out of the ground and latches on to his victim tied to the headstone at his grave. Lewis’s skin glows in the moonlight and he looks a little different, ears pointed and he looks… taller.

<Yevgeni Orlov> is still struggling in his meat pod, but he’s managed to make a little headway and in his desperation he begins to try and chew his way out, his teeth felt a lot sharper now and he couldn’t think clearly over the hunger that seemed to sizzling in his brain making him crazy.

Lewis finally made it out and his train of thought was broken as he found the source of the smell… And scrambled away. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” He curses, horrified. Did he just eat that poor soul?! He slowly stood up, and stared at his hand for a moment as it seemed that he was glowing. The fuck? Distracted for now, but he was still horrified with himself.

“Heh,” Anna chuckles grimly, “It would seem we’re all iblisler now.”

<+Seraphina> still crawling like a fish worm on a hook.

<Cleetus> looks up at her and frowns. “What in hell are you talking about?” HE says with a grunt, standing up finally.

“Iblisler,” Anne responds with a shrug, “canavar. Monsters, in English.”

☮Remond☮ looks over to the others on his other side slowly, pathetic pout on his face, mouth covered in blood still. he was counting heads, and he glared at the woman who was now mocking that they were monsters now. “You enjoy it…” he shook his head and slowly tried to stand up.

<Sascha> keeps her distance as she looks among them, shifting the shovel from one hand to the other. “Settle down…”, she says with a calm but firm voice.

<Storyteller> Seraphina finally emerges and takes her prey that is tied to her headstone, who shrieks at first as she climbs out at him and then goes quiet.

Seraphina seams to find traction inching her way up now as the smell of blood calles her

Anne’s eye glances at Remond. “Nice to see you again too, Soldier-boy.”

Lewis sat back down again as he felt like his entire body changed and just tried to clean himself up and make himself feel somewhat normal again, even though he knew he was definately a monster now. He ignored the woman as she told them all to ‘calm down’.

☮Remond☮ glared at Anne “back talking whore.” he grumbled in french.

<Cleetus> just kind of stood to the side, still confused about what was going on, and definetly not sure why some woman had just climbed out of that grave and chomped down on a man.

<Yevgeni Orlov> could feel he was getting close and his mouthful of meat was spat down at what he thought was his feet and continued to scratch and chew his way out of the meat sack that he could feel getting weaker and himself getting hungrier as he got closer.

“Ben de başka bir dilde asker-çocuk konuşabilirsiniz.” Anne responds sharply, a slight scowl pulling at her extensive collection facial scars.

Seraphina back away to the side and just lets the uphoria take her licking the blood off her fingures.

☮Remond☮ rolled his eyes, he didn’t care about anything right now, he was coping with what he had done and what the hell was going on. She was taking it rather well, then again something told him perhaps she already was something like this on the inside. He watched as the younger girl crawled out and attacked the poor person, who was soon dead. He almost felt numb to it, he wiped at his mouth with his wrist and looked down at it, softly licking it with his tongue, before trying to get the rest off normally.

<+Seraphina> (french)très bonne année

<Kitt Bishop> climbs out after the rest, seeming oddly calm. She looks at the guy tied to the headstone and tilts her head at him before just sitting back and not moving, looking around herself and then at the others.

<Storyteller> Yevi finally manages to start peeling the thick leathery skin away from himself and crawl out, shedding off his own skin as new skin grows to take it’s place and he jumps on the poor soul tied up nearby to feed himself.

Lewis simply quietly takes everything in and watches everyone. Kind of hopign that he’d wake up in his bed after having gotten drunk instead of going to the damn concert or something.

<Storyteller> Zaluut looks at Kitt as he approaches along with a few of the others, “I warned you that the rabbit came from the Dead City. But this is an interesting reaction.”, he muses as he kneels down and looks at her more closely before standing and viewing the group as a whole. “I don’t think any more are going to mkae it before the sun. Let us go inside.”

<Cleetus> follows after a moment, done with the initial shock of clawing his way out of a grave. “Really though y’all, what the hell did you do?”

Yevi just followed the two after licking his own fingers clean and half chewing through his victims neck in hunger, the only thing that had stopped was when his teeth met the vertebrae. He had a feeling of what he was and decided to let the redneck know. “We’re vampires, redneck, or are the two braincells in your head still figuring that out.

Seraphina followed the group with a sodd feeling inside .

Anne stands and follows the group back in as well, the blank look on her face fading slightly in place of a tinge of derangement.

☮Remond☮ just follows, quiet and looked at the others counting heads still, but sighed as the number didn’t add up. He was still trying to get the blood off his face but ut was just making it smeared and more dirty with, well, dirt.

<Storyteller> The dark haired man nods as she ushers them inside one of the smaller buildings. “We have one last thing to take care of, and we are going to lay down some ground rules.”, he says and then moves with them all further inside. “First off, until you’re Proven, what we say goes. Period. And rule one is that you don’t leave the asylum grounds for any reason without an escort.”

Lewis slowly got up and followed everyone else inside. He was kind of shell shocked at this point, he wasn’t sure what to think, so he was pretty much just quiet as they were starting to go through what he suspected was something of an initiation.

<Cleetus> stops dead in his tracks and glares at the man. “Now why the hell not? I’m a grown ass mother fucking man! I’ll leave these grounds if I damn well want to!” He shouts, crossing his arms and looking at the black haired man.

☮Remond☮ looked at the guy and raised his eyebrows, he wouldn’t fight, not now, he wasn’t concerned about that anymore, he felt numb. He noticed Cleetus and turned to him and shook his head. “Don’t get killed, ami.”

Seraphina even she knew there had to be reason for this but what the hell did she just do?and what did that black bottle do to her? and why did the pick her?

“I’m with the redneck but I think…. I think I understand why” he answered softly, patting the wet spot the blood had created on his chest absently while he listened to the darker haired mans rules.

<Storyteller> The man turns and glances first to Zaluut, then to Cleetus. “Because we will hunt you down and show you the fucking sun you fucking hairy little maggot.”

<Cleetus> looks confused for a moment. “So fucking what? I’ve seen the fucking sun plenty of times!”

☮Remond☮ blinked. “You guys think Ra is satan or…?” he asked, not quite sure why its a problem.

“On the contrary,” Anne mutters more to herself than anyone else, “I think they know the opposite.”

Mhmm, initiation. He’d better recognize who was in charge here, otherwise he was going to be killed pretty quick, and that was obvious by now. he wasn’t sure what was so bad about the sun either, but he had a feeling that it was dangerous to them now… Maybe that anne lady was right, they were vampires now. They ate humans like it was the best thing ever, he looked like fucking Edward Cullin mixed with an elf, and they were being threatened with the sun.

<Storyteller> Michael growls, his features becoming feral as the darkness in the hallway seems to condence around him. “After we’re done we can play another little game then if you like… we call it greeting the sun… and the one who can stay outside the longest without burning to a crisp wins.”

<Cleetus> looks confused again for a moment, and then his face turns almost to pain as he thinks hard about what’s going on. After a moment, clarity dawns on his face and he sits down, hard. “I’m a fucking vampire….”

☮Remond☮ sighs and shakes his head. “Let’s not play games for a little while…” he asked softly, now trying to use his shirt to wipe his face.

Lewis silently handed Remond a portion of his own inner shirt taht was somewhat clean, which he’d used to clean himself up. It was a bit dirty, but it’d still help.

Seraphina looks at cleetus and shakes her head she figured out it was not wise to toy with these monsteres that kidnapped killed and brought them back from dead .

Anne doesn’t seem to mind being covered in blood. In fact, she doesn’t seem to notice.

<Storyteller> Zaluut nudges them all a bit more down the hallway, they only stop once they reach a ritual room. it is nicely decorated with some hanging wreaths of flowers and several knives are mounted on the far wall along with a couple of wooden bowls. Wordlessly he takes each of the group and wipes the mark from their arm, at the same time slashing the skin open. “Think about it and you will bleed.”, he says as he holds a bowl beneath the wound for each person.

<Cleetus> scrambles to his feet and follows, having recently gained at least some clarity on the situation.

Anne gives the man a queer look, then, when no blood comes from the wound, she focuses on causing the wound to bleed slightly.

Seraphina thinks about the blood and it suddenly starts to flow slowly at first till a small pool lay in the bowl now

☮Remond☮ stared and frowned. “(french) what the hell?” he asked, he assumed he would bleed and now he was worried he wouldn’t be if he looked at it long enough.

Yevi takes to it naturally but squeezes the wound instinctually into the bowl, watches as the blood pours effortlessly into the receptacle.

<Cleetus> thinks about what the man said about bleeding, ending up just thinking about bleeding through sheer confusion, and allowing a few drops of blood to flow before fully grasping the concept and alowing himself to bleed fully.

It takes Lewis a moment to realize he wasn’t bleeding when he was supposed to be and then understood what the man was talking about and slowly let it bleed.

<Storyteller> After each of them, except Kitt who they keep off to the side, bleed into the bowl, the dark haired man and Zaluut as well as a few others present do the same, adding their blood to the mix. After that is done, Zaluut holds it and speaks over it in Romanian before passing it to each member of the group. “Drink some of it and pass it to the next.”, he says as he hands the bowl to Yevi.

Yevi drinks and thinks of retching while drinking it but it tastes good, like the blood from the bottles and it all clicks into place for him while he hands the bowl to whomever is closest.

Lewis accepts the bowl and makes a small face but he drinks a bit of it and passes the bowl onto the next person.

☮Remond☮ took the bowl and stared at it, finding it disgusting but somehow natural. He was in neck deep, fighting anything now was pointless. He put his lips to the rim and drank but pulled away and held the bowl to the next person, shaking his head lightly at what he had just did without argument.

Seraphina takes the bowldrinks and passes itt saying not a word and passes it off to the next.

<Cleetus> took the bowl next, drinking almost without thinking. He had by now realized he had already drank blood back in the farmhouse, so why not now? Holding out the bowl to the next person, Cleetus passes it on.

<Storyteller> As the blood finishes it’s rounds, they store the remaining rather than any of them partaking of it. “Alight.”, says Zaluut, “You are free to wander the grounds. You will be trained in the next few days and weeks… don’t get ahead of yourselves… but do experiment, learn to use your new forms.”, he says and then looks at yevi. “(russian) You must come with me, I will explain later but you will not survive sleeping the day if you do not.”

Yevi simply nods and waits to fall at Zaluuts heels, scared of the consequences if he disobeyed.

Seraphina follows hers knowing that if she did not she would be lost.