<Storyteller> The fog that rolls in and blankets the city in the pre-dawn hours has an eerieness to it that permiates everything it touches. It seems to roll with strange eddies and swirls that mimic someone walking through the mist though no one is there, watching it for too long gives one the feeling that somehow, from somewhere… something is looking back.

Kara relishes in the anxious feeling the peculiar weather brings. Unnerving yes, but invigorating for the same time. “Man this city can be creepy sometimes.” Kara mutters to herself while out on one of her jogs. “Almost enough to make a girl homesick.”

<Storyteller> Along the side of the water here the fog is even thicker, making it hard to see far and seeming to dampen everything but the sound of the waves lightly lapping against the shoreline. Then, something else, an unusual sound, like cloth catching in the wind.

Kara stops as she hears that unusual sound, and looks around, trying to locate the source.

<Storyteller> It is impossible to tell exactly where the sound is coming from, given the thickness of the fog. However, it seemed to eminate from the direction of the water, some distance out.

Kara takes a few tentative steps towards the water, straining her eyes as she tries to make out anything in the thick fog.

<Storyteller> Something out there stirs the fog slightly, forming a large, dark shape out on the water. Even obscured as it is, it is huge, and a groaning sound echoes through the mist this time, as of old wood rubbing against itself.

Kara thinks for a moment, but her curiosity gets the better of her. She continues her jog into the direction of the noise, though at a slightly slower pace.

<Storyteller> The trail winds around down between the trees and the water, the overhanging branches like outstretched arms cutting through the mist and the sounds of the lapping water seeming to overtake every other sound aside from her own footfalls.

Kara slows her pace to a walk as she makes her way down the winding path, her sense of general unease growing slightly as she progresses.

<Storyteller> The cloth sound again, along with the sound of several large splashes well off shore. The fog seems to roll inward from the water right at the trail, climbing, clawing along the surface of the water until it gets to land and then sweeping upward like smoke.

Kara walks cautiously up the the edge of the water, peering out in the direction of those splashes.

<Storyteller> From here at the edge of the water, what she can see beneath the fog looks pitch black, the water so utterly dark that nothing can be seen beneath it. The shape in the fog looks moe distinct now though, and the occasional splash seem to be coming from there.

Frowning slightly, Kara withdraws a single penny from her wallet, then prepares to toss it into the water. After a moment’s reflection, she takes a few generous steps back. Just in case.

Then, she tosses the coin in a side-throw, attempting to skip it in the direction of the splashing sounds.

<Storyteller> As soon as the penny hits the water it disappears, not even the sound of it hitting echoes back. The fog recoils a little from the spot as if disturbed somehow, then covers back over it all again.

“O…kay…” Kara takes a few calming breaths. “That’s…probably normal.”

Kara looks for a fallen branch nearby amidst the trees.

<Storyteller> Not too difficult to find a branch laying on the ground, a good long one. Splashing gets closer for a moment and then goes quiet while she is looking.

“Normal,” Kara mutters to herself, “totally normal. I’m not a meteorologist, so I have no authority to say it’s not.”

She wheels back and tosses the branch into the water, close enough that she can see where it lands.

“Float,” she whispers, “please just float.”

<Storyteller> The branch hits the water and disappears as well, slipping under the blackness silently. As she looks closely though she can now see drag marks and footprints in the sand coming up from out of the water.

Acting more in instinct than anything else, Kara reaches into her handbag and tosses the first small object (a small bottle of hand sanitizer) at a point in the air above the drag marks and footprints.

<Storyteller> The bottle lands in the sand at the edge of the water by the footprints, it’s path barely visible in the fog. As her eyes follow the path of the drag marks and footprints… they lead up onto the jogging trail with her, somewhere in the fog behind her.

Filled with a sudden sense of dread, Kara turns around to look at the path behind her.

<Storyteller> The fog is so thick back here that not even the streetlights make a dent in it. The world back down the trail seems grayed out, and all sound save for the lapping of the water erased. The fog back there swirls ominously, as if something move through it and dragged it along like a current in water.

Kara takes a moment to retrieve the object she threw. Then, cursing her own curiosity, she starts to cautiously attempt to follow the odd pattern in the fog.

<Storyteller> The tracks seem to go the other way down the jogging trail, headed towards town. It is not evident what is being dragged, but it leaves a decent mark so it must be heavy.

Kara takes a deep breath, tries (and fails) to tell herself to let this go, and continues after the anomaly. As she does, she continually attempts to peer deeper into the fog, looking for any indicator of what is moving or what is being dragged.

<Storyteller> The tracks go off the trail and start to cut through the grass, still moving in a fairly straight line toward town. Once the tracks hit the pavement of the main road they disappear. The fog starts to lighten up as well though, dawn slowly starting to eat away at it.

“Well,” Kara lets out a low breath,”looks like I’ll be paying the Devil’s Trill a visit sooner rather than later.”

<Storyteller> The fog lightens signifigantly, daylight starting to make the ordinary world take shape from the dark gray thay once covered everything. Birds are tweeting, and the sound of people moving, mowing lawns, cars passing by makes everything normal once again.

“Yeah, okay,” Kara whispers to herself, “this is starting to feel a little too much like home for sanity’s sake.”

Kara heads back to her own place, determined to write down everything she’s heard so she can evaluate just how crazy it all sounds.

After that, a few cups of coffee, and some frantic searches through a few books in her apartment and a few sites online, she heads out towards Zane’s bar.

<Storyteller> It’s about noon when she reaches the Trill, and it’s just opening up. It looks like a pretty divey little biker bar, not too much going on this time of day though there are a couple of people about.

<Storyteller> The front door to the trill looks to be made of metal, something like a solid fire door rather than the standard for the area, and even it has a few dents in it. On the porch outside said door there are definately blood stains in the concrete.

Kara steps in, slightly on-edge considering the look of the place and the clientele. She sits herself at the bar, and smiles hesitantly at the bartender in greeting.

<Storyteller> The bartender looks like a viking in a leather jacket, but he gives Kara a friendly nod as she takes a seat. “Whatcha need, miss?”

“Irish coffee if you have it. White Russian if you don’t.

<Storyteller> He nods with a gutteral bellow of a laugh and turns to start up some coffee. “Sure thing if you don’t mind waiting a few on the coffee. We don’t usually have it up so early.”

“Don’t mind the wait. Even if the Irish bit’s what matters.”

<Storyteller> He nods and goes about his routine of getting things set up while the coffee brews, then as soon as it’s done, makes up her drink. “So, you just that hard up for a drink, or you looking for something in particular?”, he asks as he eyes her carefully.

“I’ve,” Kara bites the corner of her lip, pausing for a moment, “I’ve got a message for a Zane. I, er, didn’t catch his last name.”

<Storyteller> The bartender gives another hearty laugh, “Likely cause he didn’t give it. Gimmie your name and I’ll pass it on that you’re lookin’ for him.”

“Kara. Kara Immelman.” She considers something for a moment before continuing. “And I might want to open a tab the way things’ve been going of late.”

<Storyteller> The bartender takes that in and nods, laughing once more. “Aye, fine by me. If you don’t pay up I can always send Zane out to collect.”

Kara chuckles at that. “Please. I went to grad school. I know not to cross a barkeep.”

<Storyteller> The man nods once more at that, then half leans against the bar. “Look, if you want to catch Zane, come back tonight about 8ish. Saves you both the trouble of looking for each other or playing message tag.”

“Fair enough.” Kara sighs. “Didn’t plan on sleeping today anyway.”

<Storyteller> The bartender gives shake of his head. “Go on home, get some shut-eye. Come back tonight. You look like you could use the rest, fore you start to get sick.”

“I don’t need sleep.” Kara grouses, placing her arms on the bar and laying her head down on her forearms. “I need a drink, and I need this to not be my problem anymore.”

<Storyteller> The man passes her another irish coffee. “Too many of these and you will sleep whether you like it or not. But you are welcome to wait if you want.”

“I can hold my spirits.” Kara perks up as the drink is passed to her. She takes a hearty sip and exhales in satisfaction.

“Good spirits in that one.”

<Storyteller> The day goes by very slowly, though the closer it gets to evening the more people start to pass in and out of the bar. Most of them fairly rough looking but they seem to keep to themselves, the old man does shoo a few away from Kara’s vicinity however. As the sun goes down, the place livens up even more… filling up with people and smoke pretty quickly.

Kara pops a pair of pills after a lull in her drinks, but paces herself out responsibly throughout the day. She takes the opportunity to do some light work, and moves once during the night to get away from the worst of the smoke.

<Zane Calbeni> comes in through the door of the bar with a big, catlike stretch and heads almost immediately over to a round booth in the corner. He looks ever so much like the classic bad boy with the sweet baby face as he slides into his seat and stretches out to relax.

Kara orders her third white Russian for the night, and watches Zane from her side of the bar, convinced he already knows she’s there. After her drink arrives, she heads over to sit herself across from him.

<Zane Calbeni> raises an eyebrow as Kara sits across from him. “Well, wasn’t expecting to see you so soon. What’s up?”, he asks, though he maintains his relaxed posture.

“Well, you said to come to you if I saw any more weird stuff.” Kara shrugs, still visibly tense despite her light intoxication.

<Zane Calbeni> chuckles and nods his head slightly at that. “That I did. And this town is full of weird so might have opened myself up for that one. But go ahead?”

“Well, I thought clouds of fog dragging something out of the gulf might fall pretty firmly under that category.”

<Zane Calbeni> sits up a little bit, leaning forward against the table a bit. “Well, yeah… I’d say that qualifies. Tell me about it?”

“I swear,” Kara mutters, “If I see anything else this week that makes me question one of my degrees…”

“It was before dawn. Batch of wierd-looking fog was rolling towards the strand, making some peculiar sounds. I’d have thought it was a boat, or maybe some trees bending in the wind otherwise. It swallowed up a rock and a branch I tossed in after it, then it passed me and made its way up to the nearest street.”

“It was dragging something too, and left claw marks as it went.”

“Disappeared with the dawn.”

<Zane Calbeni> listens quietly to her, then leans back again in his seat and smiles faintly as he speaks. “That… would be the ghost ship. There’s some urban legends surrounding that here in town, a ghost story that’s been around quite a long time.”

“A ghost ship that crawls up land?” Kara asks, a bit more snarkily than she meant. “That has claws and drags things?”

<Zane Calbeni> raises an eyebrow and shakes his head. “No, the ship sits in the fog in the gulf… those marks are made by the crew that were supposedly thrown overboard during a mutiny. Some people say they can hear the splashes of the crew being tossed over the side.”

Esmond Checked his phone after waking and sighed when he read the name ‘Zane’ on the screen. “Shit, Trill, alright” he muttered to himself, having slept dressed he grabbed his jacket and was out the door in a hurry, driving to the bar in Helga.  When he arrived and locked the BMW to go inside, he found himself severely overdressed as usual. He got some trouble upon entering but nothing a well placed stare couldn’t scare off. Looking around he saw the scruffy Brujah who had texted him sitting with a woman and he made his way over, catching parts of their conversation. “You can’t be serious.” he remarked.
[20:14] <@Nox_Aegis> <Zane Calbeni> glances over at Esmond and scoots over, giving him room to sit. “I am totally serious. It is one of the best ghost stories ever to be told in this old town.”

“I…” Kara looks over Esmond, “I haven’t seen you around the precinct, have I?”

“There’s a reason they’re called stories Zane.” he stated, taking a seat and holding out his hand to Kara. “You might have, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Esmond.”

“Kara. Kara Immelman.” Kara shakes the offered hand, casting a curious look from Zane to Esmond, contrasting the two’s appearance. “I’m with Sundial Forensics.”

Jalen had been walking from bar to bar, as usual, seeing if there was any local knowledge on ghosts. Not a whole lot, he wasn’t sure how Roxy’s stalker problem was going to get fixed. He kind of didn’t want to ask Roxy a favor until he had something he could inform her about, but so far he had nothing. He was at one of the bars he’d long forgotten the name of precisely, but it usually had decent information. He walked in and noticed Esmond and… that one guy. Zack? Zane? Something like that. Now that he thought about it, had any of them actually bothered to go back and inform Zane what they had found? He thought about it for a moment and concluded probably not. He joined in a game of pool with a few mortals he had spoken to occasionally and listened to the current conversation at the table. Something about a ghost ship. Not particularly useful for what he was looking for, but it still peaked his interest. Probably something he’d looked into in the past. Once again no one knew anything about people who knew anything about ghosts, so he decided to listen to the conversation between the two vamps and the mortal while he played. Better than trying to chase shadows all night.

<Zane Calbeni> makes a mocking mouth movement just out of Esmond’s line of sight and then smirks a bit, leaning forward against the table again. “Anyway, so you were saying that you saw one of the crew? Or did you just hear it?”

“I could barely see anything through the fog.” Kara shakes her head. “There was one point where I should have gotten a glimpse of it, but…”

“There was just…nothing there.”

Esmond recognised the name and withdrew his hand after shaking it and drew out a cigarette to light it. Leaning back in his chair and catching a familiar scruffy Gangrel in his peripheral, god he still hadn’t called Roxy after that night. He was still too embarrassed with how he had acted.

<Zane Calbeni> smiles and nods his head knowingly. “Yeah, that’s about how it goes. I think there are some articles at the library if you want to look it up. Stories that are almost the same as what you just told me dating back maybe a hundred years.”

“I don’t care what the tourism industry and “101 Spooky Stories of New Orleans.” Kara pops herself another featureles pill and washes it down with another sip of her drink.

<Storyteller> Jalen notices that one of the pool balls doesn’t match the current set… the number three ball has some writing on it. A signature?

“Whatever they say. I need there to be about 300% less bullshit in my life, or better answers for them.”

After a moment’s thought; Kara amends ;”That, or a spare liver.”

<Zane Calbeni> sighs a bit and leans back again, looking thoughtful. “So you turned that other stuff over to the CDC?”

“Yeah,” Kara nods, “I sent them the base samples, and let them know they should red-line it if they see any cases that match.”

Jalen resisted the urge to chuckle at the mortal’s cynical attitude. Smart for a mortal, but at this point he knew bett– Wait, was that…? He kept an eye on the ball until the game ended and then picked it up out of the pocket it rolled into while setting up for the next game since he was in that round too. Sure he wasn’t too sure about the guy, but he wouldn’t actually take some ghoul’s pool ball, would he…?

“I had it tagged as biohazard, too. Shouldn’t show up that way unless they’re running a match through the database.”

Esmonds eyes flit across the pill as Kara took it and her eyed her carefully. This one was smart, he shifted in his seat after taking a drag of his cigarette, this whole conversation was turning out to be far more interesting than he had predicted. “Hopefully they’ll get an answer. After reading the report, must have been a wild party.” he said offhandedly, paying attention to a potential meal by the bar.

“Pish took eight hours to sort through.” Kara mumbles. “I’m just glad it’s off my desk for now.”

<Storyteller> That does look like the ball described by Jerry, down to the signature of Elvis.

<Zane Calbeni> nodded a bit as he listened, half eyeing Esmond as he did so. “As I said before, let them handle it from here. Not your problem now, no need to lose sleep over it.”

“That’s not up to me anymore,” Kara all but groans, “the spirits help.”

<Zane Calbeni> frowns just a little as he looks at Kara more seriously. “You don’t look like you have slept since we talked last, to be honest.”

Jalen simply put the ball down for now, but kept an eye on it —  that ball was leaving with him tonight, dammit. He listened to the conversation once again, but it didnt’ sound like they were going to continue talking about the ship anymore — more like they were moving on to the topic of the mortal’s health.

“I don’t have time to sleep,” Kara manages between two sips of drink, “everything’s going to hell as far as logic’s concerned. Heck, I drifted off last evening, and when I woke up, my computer was damn near doing it’s *own* searches!”

“Searching on it’s own? Or is that because your face was planted on the keyboard?” he asked, becoming more curious. She was intelligent and with Law enforcement, he would definitely have to keep an eye on this one.

<Zane Calbeni> sighs a bit, shaking his head. “You are going to burn yourself out. And you think seeing ghost fog is bad? Wait till hallucinations kick in.”

“They already have. Unless you’re secretly a puma, Mr. Zane.” Kara mutters through her palms as she rests her face in her hands, trying to rub the fatigue away. “And when I say making it’s own searches, I do mean that. Or maybe I made some searches in my sleep. I don’t even know anymore.”

<Zane Calbeni> chuckles and makes a pawing motion with his hand, “Rawr.”, he chuckles.

“Heh.” Kara chuckles weakly at Zane’s attempt at humor. She looks at Esmond and Zane’s side of the table, and realizes something. “Aren’t either of you drinking anything?”

The ventrue chuckles at Zane and then sits up in his chair, ashing the smoke in his hand. “I would but I’m still on call” He excused, quirking his head toward Zane waiting for an answer.

<Zane Calbeni> thumbs a bit toward the old man behind the bar. “Erik over there has cut me off till I pay up on my tab. Which I’ll do eventually.”

When the human commented on how netiher vamp was drinking Jalen confrimed that she had no clue. Good thing he hadn’t tried to hop on that conversation — he consitered himself pretty bad at lying to mortals, espeically innocent ones.

“Pish,” Kara mutters, “You should. And Mr. Esmond, they have pills for that now.”

Kara pulls one of the featureless pills from earlier out of a small bottle in her coat pocket. “One of these, and the buzz is gone inside thirty minutes. No hangovers either.”

<Zane Calbeni> tilts his head a bit at that, watching her. “That so can’t be good for your system though.”

“The drinking, no. But there’s nothing bad in these.” She waves the pill slightly before offering it to Esmond.

“Call me old fashioned but I don’t trust a lot of pharmaceuticals” Esmond added, ashing his cigarette and waving her hand away, considering his recent history involving them, he didn’t want to touch anything that came in a medical container.

<Zane Calbeni> gives Esmond a catlike smirk as he watches him, leaning back a bit. “Says the guy with two pack a night habit.”

“At least I know these will kill me someday” He retorted, lipping another cigarette as if to prove his point and lighting, still keeping a sly eye on Jalen at the table.

Jalen would give a slight nodd if Esmond and him caught eyes, but he was more of listening than watching the table. Thankfully today was going off without a hitch, sometimes mortals got pissy at him because he won mroe often than them.

“More for me, then.” Kara shrugs and replaces the pill.

<Zane Calbeni> chuckles just a bit more, giving a light shake of his head without losing the relaxed posture. “So then, is that the real reason you are here, Kara? Are you trying to avoid sleeping?”

<Storyteller> The old viking looking guy in a leather jacket behind the bar keeps eyeing Jalen, and on occasion he nods to a few people about the room, namely the big ol’ boys by the doors.

“I’m trying to drink, make some of this someone else’s problem, and maybe get some straight answers.”

<Zane Calbeni> “Like what, exacly? Haven’t you already turned everything over? So it’s not your problem anymore? And if you ask a question perhaps we can answer it?”

“I…” Kara falters for a moment, “I don’t know what I was expecting. You just seem to know a lot more than you let on.”

Mnh, he forgot this was probably a more vampire-heavy bar than he was used to. He’d have a lot more eyes watching him if he made a move for that ball. He wasn’t sure he was actually making much money, either, but hopefully the game lasted long enough for him to watch those watching him and figure out how to pull this off. He was momentarily distracted by the mortal being frustrated by the lack of answers and smiled a bit. He could understand that frustration. Probably why he didn’t like the old farts too much or the political bullshit in general.

The vampires gaze flies around the bar at everything that’s happening going around Jalen, didn’t look like they were taking too kindly to being beaten by someone who just walked in tonight. Especially the bartender. “Just be careful what you ask around the precinct, nothing worse than being labeled a goose chaser.” he said to Kara.

<Zane Calbeni> glances from Esmond to Kara again, not being able to see Jalen from where he is sitting though he does seem to note Erik giving someone the ol’ stink eye. “Well, I can’t attempt to answer what you don’t ask.”

“Oh, no. I have a job to keep, after all.” Kara says before glaring into her drink. “Not every Immelman gets to make their living on shilling the paranormal, Mutti.” She mutters under her breath.

Prooobably time to suck up his pride and loose a few games. Especially if he wanted to try to get out of here peacefully. But not too obviously because that would backfire. Fuck, this was why he didn’t like hanging around vampire bars.

“You should ask your questions while you can, before you start explaining them away to yourself.” He urged to Kara, ashing his cigarette again and taking another long drag and exhaling off to the side.

“If I asked, would I get a straight answer?” Kara asks, eying Zane.

<Zane Calbeni> scoots a little further over around the horseshoe, though not all the way to Kara’s side, just so he can see the main part of the room, finally spotting Jalen. “As straight as I can. Only way to know is to ask.”

Kara leans in as he moves closer to her, and whispers “Then what aren’t you telling me? About what happened last night? About what happened today? I *know* I’m not just going crazy, and I know you’re holding something back.”

<Zane Calbeni> looks at Kara a moment and smiles a little bit, reaching out to ruffle her hair. “Well, as for last night you’ll have to be more specific. But today, that was totally a ghost ship, not kidding. It was even in the news I think.”

<Storyteller> The guys at Jalen’s pool game start taking turns circling him, and though menacing they don’t make an actual move on him. As he starts to lose a bit they seem to back off as well, appearently thinking their intimidation is working.

“Right.” Kara scowls as Zane ruffles her hair. “Well, thank you for enduring my presence, Mr. Zane, but it appears I’ve wasted my time here.”

Kara slips out of the booth and stands up.

<Zane Calbeni> raises an eyebrow as he watches her. “What do you want me to tell you? That swamp gas refracted some light from venus and that’s what you saw?”

“I’m not in the habit of being treated like a child, Mr Zane.”

Kara replies somewhat testily.

Esmond smiles as she gets up to leave, apparently ghost ship was too much of a stretch for the woman. He looked to the group surrounding Jalen and watched as they backed off. He didn’t know whether Jalen was intentionally losing but if he was it was a good play.

<Zane Calbeni> sighs and scoots back a little bit. “I’m sorry. Please, sit back down?”

Jalen noticed them backing off so he did his best to look somewhat nervous, which wasn’t that hard consitering how hard they were watching him made it difficult to figure out when to steal it. At least he’d left most of his stash at home today, so he had enough to at least pay Jerry’s rent if nothing else. He had completely lost track of whatever was going on with the conversation, he just hoped Esmond wasn’t watching him too hard because he doubted the guy would be on his side if he knew what the ball was about.

Kara glares at him for a moment, then closes her eyes and forces herself to relax. She sits down again, but only on the edge of the booth’s seat.

<Zane Calbeni> “So, what about last night do you want to be more specific about? And don’t worry about being candid, Esmond here has heard worse I am sure.”, he says as he keeps an arm’s length from Kara.

“Definitely. Mostly from the blue-collars about late-night callouts. Remind me to tell you about the time one officer swears he saw a giant dinosaur way down in the swamp, I lauighed it off if I hadn’t seen my fair share of spooky shit.” He added, still looking at Jalen’s predicament with slight amusement.

“I’d like to know who’s going to be trying to kill me if I end up doing my job too well, for one.” Kara informs him, dropping her voice as far as she can and still expect she can be heard by Zane.

<Zane Calbeni> looks thoughtful and then sighs, glancing over at Esmond then back to Kara again. “Well…”

“Just don’t poke your nose into anything that seems too… odd… not everything down like that normal. Then bring it to me and we’ll look over it together.” Esmond added in the now low whisper they were using.

“Right. Because that’s an answer.” Kara says, only slightly sulking.

“I promise if the day comes where I can give you a straight answer I will.” He replied, looking to zane, then Jalen and back to her. “The south is an odd place and I’m learning that very quickly.”

<Zane Calbeni> looks between them and sighs, nodding. “See? I’m not the only one telling you that. Not just be being an asshole… It’s just something that there is no ready explaination for.”

Kara blinks as one of the pills she downed before takes effect, and the alcohol begins to wear off. She takes a nervous glance around her, lingering her gaze on Zane and Esmond. The perceptive might notice the hairs on the back of her neck raise, and her breathing speed up slightly.

<Zane Calbeni> eyes Kara for a moment as he notes the change in behaviour, frowning slightly. “You okay?”

Esmond had noticed her breathing speed up a little and looked to zane as he questioned, missing Jalen’s antics entirely as he realized something was going on in front of him.

As the last game finished up, Jalen helped pick up, and hopefully discreetly picked up the elvis #3 ball and slipped it in his long sleeve, which was baggy to begin with so it didn’t look too odd and went for his pocket for what he owed that night, looking annoyed that he ‘had lost’ and put the ball in his pocket, taking out money and putting it on the table. He gave a goodbye to the guy he knew, and chatted a bit, but made his way out shortly after that, since he was out of cash at that point anyway, there was no point for him to stick around. Just needed to get through the door…

<Storyteller> Erik makes a motion with one hand and the two burly guys near the door move to block Jalen’s path. He starts to come around the bar, snatching up a pool que from the table as he does so.

<Zane Calbeni> looks from Kara to Erik and jalen. “Mother fucker. Kara, get under the table. Now.”, he orders and hops around her, landing catlike on the floor. “Erik, let it go, man.”

Kara snaps her attention back to Zane as he speaks to her, startling slightly as she does so. She then turns to look at the brewing trouble, and begins inching toward the back of the room.

Fuck. Jalen looks up at the burly guys, guaging the situation when he heard the guy — Zane… he was pretty sure was his name… — talking to the bartender. He turned slightly, not letting his back face the burly men and looked at the bartender and then Zane, ignoring Esmond because he was hoping to not drag the guy into his little problem. He didn’t look aggressive yet, but no one had swung at him yet.

<Zane Calbeni> glances to the two by the door and then speaks up again, loud enough to be heard clearly. “My buddy Jalen here fights like a dog. I wouldn’t push that if I were you.”, he says, giving Jalen a knowing nod.

The ventrue watched Kara move toward the back of the room and then moved to go help Jalen out of his little predicament, throwing his cigarette into an empty beer bottle on the table he quickly joined Jalen’s side in the square off, preparing to roll up his sleeves incase there was going to be a dust up between him and the two burly guys. “Nice to see you, scruffy” he said under his breath to Jalen.

He wasn’t sure if the bartender was mortal or Zane was hinting at something he wasn’t catching, but the mention of fighting made him tense. “Same to you fancy pants,” he mumbled in reply, hoping the bartender would just drop it. He’d replace it with different one if that bugged the guy so much but he doubted the people would be willing to just let him waltz out with a pool ball worth so much if they knew what they had.

<Storyteller> Erik taps the stick against the side of the pool table a couple of times, then looks back at Zane, then back at Jalen again. “Fine. You tell Jerry he can have the damn thing back. But he still owes me, I don’t forget debts.”

“You need a ride back to the cross after this” He replied quietly, the vampires gaze still moving between the two dudes in front of them and he listened to the bartenders remark. Zane hopefully made sure the mortal got home safely tonight. She was too interesting to die because an angry Brujah needed to take out some anger.

Jalen blinked as the bartender — Erik — decided to let him have it, and then was slightly annoyed as he heard the guy’s reasoning for taking it in the first place. Well, he’d talk with Jerry about this for sure, but hopefully it was all a misunderstanding and he hadn’t just been played like a fiddle. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry,” Jalen reassured. He could walk, besides, it sounded like Esmond had other things on his mind. As soon as the guys finally moved he inched his way out of the bar and started getting the hell out of there before anyone changed their minds.

<Zane Calbeni> nods his head slowly before glancing back to see where Kara had gone, and taking half a step toward her as he allowed his will to extend from him in a wave, drawing attention his way and making him seem more friendly, safe.

<Zane Calbeni> sighs and looks over at Kara after talking to a couple of the other guys and getting them to all calm down and go back to what they were doing.

He looked confused for a moment but let Jalen be on his way, Taking his own leave and ducking through the front door. He’d leave the rest up to Zane and message him later about the aftermath but it was too tense for him to be here right now.

Kara still seems highly on-edge. Zane’s presence calms her down a bit, but doesn’t appear to do too much for the moment.

She remains in the back of the room for a moment, before cautiously edging around the room towards the bar.

She pauses only to make sure her tab for the day is settled, then makes to quickly leave.

<Zane Calbeni> taps his foot lightly, watching Kara but letting her go rather than chasing her. No need to frighten her any further.