<Storyteller> There is another weird items in the lab today, an inhaler that was recovered at the scene of the explosion that had some strange residue that they want double-checked before going anywhere with it.

Kara steps into her lab area, depositing her near empty Styrofoam cup of  in the bin just outside as she does. After pausing to boot up the various machines in her lab, she heads over to the evidence office.

“Kara Immelman.” She yawns, placing her id card on the evidence handler’s table. “Detectives called me in for something?”

<Security> “Yeah, not sure what… little box at your station. They requested you specifically.”

“Of course.” Kara mutters, holding back a groan. “Thanks.” She turns and heads back to her station to check on her package.

<Storyteller> There is a small package there, sure enough. It is marked and in an evidence bag, also has a few standard biohazard warnings stuck on it for good measure.

“Lovely.” Kara sighs. She double-checks to make sure her clean suit is fastened properly, then goes to put on a biohazard mask before proceeding to carefully open the package.

<Storyteller> It is an inhaler, but looks modifed somehow. It has been opened already, as a seperate lab tested it once. Inside it looks clean, but doesn’t mean there isn’t any residue there.

“Well, hello there.” Kara mutters through the air filter, reaching for a small pair of tongs and a swab kit. “Let’s see what you’re hiding, hmm?”

<Storyteller> Kara manages to get a viable sample from what remains near the tube that releases into the mouthpiece. It doesn’t appear to be much, enough for one or two tests maybe.

“Ah, ah, ah. What have we here?” Kara grins to herself as she retrieves a sample of the residue. “Looks like the boys in blue missed something. Don’t worry though.” Kara coos as she places the sample into a small pad. “I’ll give you the attention you deserve.”

<Storyteller> Putting a tiny amount under the microscope reveals that there are blood cells present.

“Blood cells?” Kara’s brow furrows. “In an inhaler? My, someone’s been naughty.”

“Well, let’s see what else is present, hmm?”

<Storyteller> There is something very wrong with the blood Kara is looking at, but she can’t quite put her finger on what is unusual about it.

Kara frowns, recording the antigen type of the blood before moving the blood sample to do a chemical test, checking for any toxins or other deformities.

<Storyteller> Chemical analysis reveals that two drugs are also present, lsd and esctasy.  ((I did those out of ordr, my bad))

Kara jots down a few notes, making sure to highlight the blood anomaly before moving to test a second sample using the remaining refuse from the inhaler.

<Storyteller> Kara manages to replicate the results, using every last scrap of what she could get as samples.

“Oh, this is going to be a fun conversation with the detectives.”

<Storyteller> On the mouthpiece there is definately saliva. This inhaler was used by someone.

“Gotcha.” Kara smirks as she takes the sample, and places it into a tube for DNA recording.

<Storyteller> The machine records the sample into the computer and is set to compare to the database but it will take a couple of days befroe anything comes back.

“Well, that’s that.” Kara grouses as she stretches back in her favoured swivel chair. After a few minutes of making sure all the samples are recorded properly and put into storage, her notes are in order, and the evidence has been placed in a new hazmat bag, she heads to the decontamination room to strip out of her hazmat suit. Then she heads to the coffee machine and the secretary’s desk respectively. “Hey, do you have the number of the detectives who wanted me on this one?”

<Storyteller> The secretary nods and digs out something from her notebook, passing it along to Kara. “That would be it I believe. Detective Finnier.”

“Danke!” Kara responds, chipper with her fresh mug of coffee. She then heads over to the break room, slides herself into a booth near the back, and gives the detective a ring.

<Storyteller> A female voice picks up on the other end. “(ph) Hello? Detective Finnier speaking.”

“Hey, Detective. It’s Kara Immelman. I’ve got the preliminary results from that package you sent me.”

As she talks, Kara untucks a necklace out from under her shirt and begins idly twirling a small crystal dangling from it.

<Storyteller> The voice seems to perk up a little bit, “(ph) Oh? Please let me know what you’ve got.”

“Well, there’s trace amounts of LSD and ecstasy in the inhaler. I’ve got some saliva samples being run through now as well. I’ll fax your office the results when I get them.”

Kara turns away from the phone and takes a sip of coffee before continuing. “I’ve also got something a bit strange.”

<Storyteller> “(ph) I see. Seems an expensive delivery device for drugs already in other forms.”, the voice pauses for a moment. “(ph) Strange?”

“Yeah. I found some blood samples in the inhaler as well. I’ve got the antigen type in the report, but…well, there’s something *wrong* with it.”

<Storyteller> “(ph) Like a genetic thing?”

“I don’t know. It’s not standard stuff, but there’s something off in the blood cells. I can’t tell if it’s a disease, a decay in the sample, or a pre-existing mutation. I can try running the stuff again, but I don’t know I can get you anything more specific. It’s damn distinctive, though. I’m sure I can match to an identical one pretty easily.”

“You know how some prosecutors are getting on DNA stuff, so this might help the DA if this ever comes to trial. If this is a disease, though…” Kara pauses, “well, the CDC’s going to have a fit.”

<Storyteller> The voice on the other side chuckles a bit in agreement. “(ph) Yeah… well, thanks. Give me a call back if you figure it out for sure, or get a hit back on that DNA.”

“Got it. I’ll keep you appraised.” Kara hangs up and sinks back into her chair, her mind trying to run through the results of the blood test again, trying to figure out what had been wrong with it. Eventually, her curiosity gets the better of her, and she suits back up to run the blood through again.

<Storyteller> Kara finds as she starts to put it through again what is wrong, it is degrading… evaporating? Regardless, it is disappearing, as if consuming itself somehow.

<+MichaelM> “Scheisse, scheisse, ficken!”

Kara swears, hurriedly adding a pH stabilizer to the sample before quickly dropping it under a recording device and rapidly pipetting a chemical indicator over it.

<Storyteller> There is no chemical doing this, the blood is somehow doing this to itself. As if it were viral in some fashion. Kara manages to record the last little bit of the sample destroying itself, but it doesn’t catch much.

“No. No, no, no. This isn’t happening. This isn’t a *thing*.”

“Blood doesn’t just *eat itself*!”