Roxy was bouncing around inside of Roadside Cross, holding a carefully wrapped box, white wrapping with red maple leaves all over it topped with a bronze bow.

It had been a quiet couple of days, so Jalen had stuck around the bar more often than not, helping Jerry with stuff if he asked, but mostly just talking with people who came in for the hell of it, because there was no way he was even going to acknowledge that ‘his’ wife or some other important person kept calling him. No way. No how. If he ignored it, they’d presume him dead, right? yeah… He turned around as one of the mortals pointed out a strange female in the bar and he realized it was Roxy. “Hey, it’s been a while,” he greeted, disentangling himself from the conversation for now. “What’s up?”

Roxy grins and walked over to Jalen. “Nothing much, it’s been… scarily quiet. So here!” she handed over the box. “To break the silence!”

Jalen nodded in agreement. “Yeah, very,” he agreed as Roxy pointed out how quiet it’d been. THen she handed him a box. He took it carefully. “What’s the occasion? Just to break how quiet it’s been?” he asked curiously.

Roxy smiled warmly. “You’re my friend, that’s the occasion!” she explained. “Open it!” she bounced. “I worked for a really long time on it, clay is hard to work with, to moldable and fragile unlike cogs and metals.”

Jalen blinked as he was told that she did it because he was her friend, which made him smile a bit as he opened the gift. “I don’t really have anything to give you in return, I suck at art,” Jalen admitted. Writing yeah, but he wasn’t sure when the last time he’d written was or what it’d end up looking like at the end. Putting aside his thoughts for the moment he opened the box to examine the inside.

Inside the very pretty box was another box, looked like gears were cut into the wood. Opening the wooden box revealed it was a little music box, playing a light melody and in the middle instead of a ballerina was a little clay wolf chasing the moon. There was a lot of detail put ingto it, the fur on the wolf was details and dusted with brown here and there nd the moon even had divets and craters and was white dusted with gray. The gears underneath could be seen and to the side was the melody wheel little notches inside plucking the metal to the side making the sweet song.

Jalen stared at the gift, surprised and speechless as he carefully examined it. “I… Thank you Roxy, I don’t think anyone’s given me something like this before, certianly not since the change… Thanks,” he said, looking up at his friend, smiling. He had been a bit worried for a bit there that she had forgotten about him for a bit there, or was taking him for granted, so it was nice to know that he was still acknoweldged and appreciated.

Roxy grinned and swayed side to side. “I still don’t understand why you stay here in Roadside.” she looked around Jerry’s place. “Its musky and old… dingy, could use new paint.”

“It’s cheeper than where I was, it’s a bit more secure, and I find the people here bearable,” Jalen replied. “It is a bit older, but, well, I guess I don’t really dislike that about it,” he said and shrugged.

+emma_n the nosferatu comes in thru the kitchen into where the others are ,not sure what to make of the music .

Roxy looked at the shadows and blinked seeing the nosferatu. “Come, lets get a table, I wanna talk with you anyway.” she said and sat down at a small round table. Well this is new… you’ve been getting Harvey more money, these are little club tables!”

+emma_n looks at them she ponder what this one wants with creepy ol nosferatu

“Jerry, and I guess? I just talk to people that I find relateable,” Jalen admitted and shrugged. He noticed Emma at the kitchen area and gave a friendly wave and looked back at Roxy. “I honestly havn’t been doing much, kinda feels like I’m getting lazy,” he admitted, chuckling.

“You tak, makes people feel welcome and more comfortable, good for business if drunkards have a shoulder to whine on.” she explained. “So… I have problems.” she started bluntly.

+emma_n sshambles over to see that odd box

“I suppose that’s true, that’d explain why I can recognize msot of the people here now,” Jalen shrugged. He looked up as Emma shuffled over. “Hey,” he greeted, letting her look at the box if she wished but kept an eye out. He didn’t mind Emma, in fact, they had some interesting conversations the past few days, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t somewhat possessive of his belongings. “More problems? It doens’t have to do with that ghost tower thing again, does it?” he asked, since that seemed like an overall bad experience for everyone.

<+emma_n> “nice toy you got there .”

Roxy shook her head. “No, well, kinda. So I’ve been stalked b a ghost for a really long time now, and I told Essy– Esmond, he said he would help, but when stalker friend talked to me in the tower, Esmond just called me crazy! So he’s not going to help me anymore with it. I’m scared t sleep alone in my house, I feel watched all the time, but not in the good way.”

“I have a vague idea of this sort of thing, but that may just be human knowledge… However, I’ll help you however I can, Roxy,” Jalen said honeslty. “Didn’t that one lady give you a talisman or some voodoo thingy? Is that working?” he asked.

Roxy shrugged. “Yeah, kinda… some guy came in looked at it then never talked to me again, fuck him.” she growled under her breathe. “But he looked at it funny and its been eating the mice, so I guess it’s working. It hasn’t… come in as far as I know, no cabinets opening or things in my outer vision, or strange messages in my mirror, so…”

+emma_n looks the box over finding it abit odd

Roxy looked at the nosferatu. “that took me days to make, don’t break it, and its not a toy.”

“That’s good… so what did it tell you in the tower? I know that you were scared and that’s about it,” Jalen admitted. He looked up as Emma was still looking at the box but she didn’t seem to be hurting it so he left it alone, pretty sure that she wouldn’t steal it from him.

+emma_n sets it down softly and looks at the man “not worry not brak your things ” and looks at jalen with a who that look

Roxy crossed her arms. “It at first said ‘Don’t worry you can kill him, something something he was useless’ and and then I was like ‘oh god!’ and then he was like ‘don’t worry, I’ll take care if you, hold you and never leave you alone’ and when I went home I found a note that said ‘I will never leave you alone and he keeps calling me a little birdie.” she explained almost without pasue once she got going.

“That is rather intimidating,” Jalen admitted. Jeez, he got shivers just thinking about that. “I don’t really know anyone who’s an expert on this sort of thing, though,” he admitted. He could try doing some research himself and see if anything came up, but who knew how accurate the information he’d be able to find would be.

+emma_n looks at jalen when he metioned tower then backed away  shaking her head no.

Roxy looked at the wall. “I’m just scared to be alone in my house… and I’m still pissed at Esmond!” she hit the wall but waved her hand as it stung a little. “He just… he did the thing! The thing everyone des to anybody who doesn’t think like others do! Who aren’t completely in the line. He just gave me a giant middle finger practically, and I trusted him, I made him a pin! I had forgiven him for leaving me behind with the ghost in the first place!”

“That was a bit out of line, if you’ve been struggling with this for so long and he called it an episode,” Jalen sympathized. “You can stay here if you’d like, or I can stay at your place until we get this all figured out, if you’d like,” he suggusted since Roxy seemed genuinely scared of this ghost stalker thingy.

Roxy sighed. “No, I don’t wanna take you away from here, buggy here needs you along with Harvey.” she deflated. “I can’t leave my place either, that’s my base of operations and I have two little birdies to feed.”

“Kenny stays with his clan, right? Could he stay at your house until this is figured out?” he suggusted. Not that he kenw how much help the guy’d be, but… hey, it could help.

+emma_n looks at roxy  with a gulp even if she had not breath , just the tought of that place gave her the creeps .” i can come  keep you company if you need me ”

Roxy gave Emma a strange look. “Erm, thanks but no thanks.” she said and looked her up and down. “You can keep your crawlies here in Harvey’s, no offense.” she looked back at Jalen and pouted. “What’s kenny gonna do, piss it off more? because he’s good at that.”

Jalen chuckled as Roxy asked what Kenneth would do. “Alright, good point, but someone’s better than no one,” he pointed out. “I don’t know, other than the strange, creepy people we’ve come across, we don’t know anyone who’d know about this…” Jalen realized. He should definately try to figure out what this was… “So this stalker has showed up in front of you and it’s talked to you? Like, was it in your ear or in your head?”

Roxy glared. “In my head, duh, thats why Esmond threw me under like that.” she retorted.

Jalen raised his hands in surrender. “Just asking, sorry. I think I’ll try to see if I can find anything on this sort of thing,” he informed, standing up, and picked up the box as well, planning on storing that in his room safely.

Roxy stood up straight and stretched. “Alright, sorry, I’m just… it was so strange, something in him changed or something, like why is he such a dick? I wanna talk to him, but I can’t stand his face!”

“I have no idea, I can’t say I know the man all too well myself,” Jalen admitted with a shrug. “But if you want me to try to mediate conversation were you to try to talk to me, you have my number,” he offered and then took the box upstairs to put away safely. Then he came back downstairs to see who all was still present.

Roxy nodded and waved. “I’ll talk with you some other time!” she called and headed off. “Bye, Buggy.” she said to Emma, she would eventually warm up to the nosferatu, but right now she was just creeped out and in a very dark place right now.

<Jerry> watched and smiled to Jalen but was busy with work, not available to talk until later.

Jalen noticed Roxy leaving so he waved goodbye to the people he’d been talking to earlier. “I’ll be back later, Jerry,” he waved, heading out the door, heading for the 24/7 library to try some research.

<Jerry> nodded his confirmation and continued making drinks and taking orders.